What made Obama president? His absent father.

Here it is, the timeless formula for great leaders. Good or bad. Thomas Jefferson or Adolf Hitler. But you are not going to like it. Most great figures in history were “mama’s boys” with an absent father. But here is the key. It was not good enough to be absent. The prisons of the worldContinue reading “What made Obama president? His absent father.”

Ron Paul to Obama: Quit ordering Israel around!

In a statement released after the president’s speech, Thursday, May 19, 2011, Congressman Ron Paul took Barack Obama to task. “Unlike this president, I do not believe it is our place to dictate how Israel runs her affairs.” Ron Paul’s statement, released immediately after the speech, reflected the congressman’s long held views against American leadersContinue reading “Ron Paul to Obama: Quit ordering Israel around!”

Why Obama picked the Steelers?

Duhhhh. President Barack Obama rooted for the Pittsburgh Steelers in last night’s Super Bowl.  Now, let’s see, Pennsylvania has 21 electoral votes, Arizona has 10.  Arizona has voted Republican in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections.  Pennsylvania has voted Democratic in 5 of the last 6.  Arizona, John McCain’s home state, was one ofContinue reading “Why Obama picked the Steelers?”

Inside the McCain campaign: what we didn’t know

Losing presidential campaigns always prompt criticism and “what if’s” but most savvy observers were surprised that Senator John McCain and his creative team kept it as close as they did.   John McCain didn’t come away looking like a loser.  He played a remarkable game with very bad cards.   I mentioned in one of myContinue reading “Inside the McCain campaign: what we didn’t know”

A Fox within a Fox continued

(To understand this post you may want to read an earlier installment.) https://dougwead.wordpress.com/2008/09/30/a-fox-within-a-fox/ Okay folks, here is an example of what I am talking about.  Tuesday all of the news shows were trumpeting a new battleground poll showing Senator Barack Obama pulling ahead of Senator John McCain in the presidential race in the key fiveContinue reading “A Fox within a Fox continued”

And the debate? McCain loses to Bush !

  A recap of the second Obama – McCain Debate. Well, on style, they say Obama won.  And on debate points McCain won.  I mean, he did answer the questions.  Obama did a Palin and ignored the questions and just dropped into the nearest workable paragraph of his stump speech.  Smart.  It worked for Palin. Continue reading “And the debate? McCain loses to Bush !”

A Fox within a Fox

“Talent hits a target that no one else can hit.  Genius hits a target that no one else can see.” – Arthur Schopenhauer Here it is folks, the last big, untouched, television market. Everyone knows the success story of how FOX NEWS was launched and made an effort to include conservative opinion and thinking inContinue reading “A Fox within a Fox”

John McCain Warns of a Depression !

John McCain warns of an economic depression ! Okay, this is pretty incredible.  But in 1991 I interviewed Senator John McCain (it is one of the perks of being a student of history and a writer of books) and there he was, on the record, declaring that we were headed to a depression, not recession, depression,Continue reading “John McCain Warns of a Depression !”

McCain’s Big Gamble: How it could work? How it could fail?

McCain’s big Gamble.  How it could work?  How it could fail? Several years ago John McCain must have locked himself in his Senate office bathroom and looked in the mirror and said, “Look pal, you are a moderate conservative in an ultra conservative party and if you run a traditional campaign you are going toContinue reading “McCain’s Big Gamble: How it could work? How it could fail?”

Can McCain still win with a crashing stock market?

Can McCain win in spite of the stock market crash? Presidential elections are as complicated and nuanced as the stock market so trying to tie the two together is sometimes elusive.  There is so much data and so many variables that one can almost prove any bias.  There is one thing clear.  Most markets areContinue reading “Can McCain still win with a crashing stock market?”