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Historian, New York Times Best Selling Author, Doug Wead, Inside Trump's White House

Doug Wead is a historian, news commentator, and New York Times bestselling author. He has been an adviser to two American presidents and served in the White House as special assistant to the president under George H. W. Bush. In 2016, he was a senior adviser to the Rand Paul presidential campaign.

Wead is the author of more than 30 books. His latest book is Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story of His Presidency. Other titles include Game of Thorns, the inside story of the Clinton-Trump election of 2016, The New York Times bestseller, All the Presidents’ Children and The Raising of a President.  In 1988, he co-authored a book with President George H.W. Bush.

President Ronald Reagan On Doug Wead

Doug Wead attended Evangel University (Central Bible College) in Springfield, Missouri from 1964-1966. He is the recipient of numerous honorary degrees. On July 27, 1984 he received an Honorary Doctorate of Education from Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri for his work as a humanitarian. On May 5, 1990, he received an Honorary Doctorate of Laws form Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma for his international humanitarian work. In 1979 he co-founded Mercy Corps, which has distributed more than $2 billion of food and medicine around the world.

Now an independent commentator, writer, and corporate-motivational speaker, Wead has addressed business audiences in coliseums and soccer stadiums in forty countries around the world.

President Trump On Doug Wead

U.S. President Trump, tweets about Doug Wead, and new book, Inside Trump's White House
President Trump Tweeted This Segment From Lou Dobbs

Historian Doug Wead's, Newest Book, on Presidential History, about President Donald Trump, called Inside Trump's White House, The Real Story of His Presidency

Doug Wead

(French translation by Patrice Arnout)

Doug Wead best-seller sur la liste du New York Times est un historien présidentiel. Il a également été conseillé pour deux Présidents Américains et a notamment travaillé à la Maison Blanche en tant que conseiller personnel pour le Président George Herbert Walker Bush.

En 1979, Doug Wead a cofondé “Mercy Corps”, Un association qui a distribué plus des 1,5 milliard de dollars en nourriture et médicaments a travers le monde.

En tant que speaker de motivation et autorité en marketing de réseau, il a parle a des audiences dans des stades ou colisées dans quarante pays. Il a écrit 27 livres. Ses plus récentes œuvres sont : Tous les enfants de Présidents et L’éducation d’un Président.

Om Doug Wead

(Swedish translation by Mats Holmberg)

Doug Wead är en president historiker och New York Times bästsäljande författare.  Han har varit rådgivare för två Amerikanska presidenter och jobbat i Vita Huset som special assistent till presidenten under George Herbert Walker Bush.  1979 var han med och grundade Mercy Corps, som har distribuerat mer än $1.5 miljarder i mat och mediciner runt om i världen.

Som en motivations talare har han talat till företags publik i arenor och fotbolls stadium i fyrtio länder.  Han har skrivit 27 böcker. En av de senaste inkluderar All the Presidents’ Children och The Raising of a President.

Biografi Doug Wead

(Bahasa Indonesia translation by Robert Ankasa)

Doug Wead adalah seorang ahli sejarah di bidang kepresidenan dan salah satu pengarang buku dengan penjualan terbanyak menurut versi New York Times.

Beliau adalah mantan penasehat dua presiden Amerika dan bekerja di Gedung Putih sebagai Asisten Khusus untuk Presiden George Herbert Walker Bush.

Di tahun 1979 beliau mendirikan sebuah organisasi sosial bernama Mercy Corps yang telah mendistribusikan dana sebesar lebih dari 1.5 milyar dollar berupa makanan dan obat-obatan keseluruh dunia.

Sebagai pembicara motivasi beliau telah berbicara dihadapan para profesional dan pelaku bisnis di kolisium dan stadion sepak bola di 40 negara.

Beliau adalah pengarang dari 27 buku. Buku terakhir beliau termasuk All the Presidents’ Children and The Raising of a President.


58 thoughts on “About Doug Wead

  1. Doug Wead is also the best story teller in the world. I became a better speaker just by watching him speak on the Bob Proctor cruise last fall. Doug is a person to learn as much as you can about and emulate. Thank you for doing what you do Doug your life is serving far beyond what you will ever imagine.

    In Napoleon Hill’s book ” Think and Grow Rich” he writes this:

    “The procedure was this. Just before going to sleep at night, I would shut my eyes, and see, in my imagination, this group of men seated with me around my Council Table. Here I had not only an opportunity to sit among those whom I considered to be great, but I actually dominated the group, by serving as the Chairman.

    I had a very DEFINITE PURPOSE in indulging my imagination through these nightly meetings. My purpose was to rebuild my own character so it would represent a composite of the characters of my imaginary counselors. Realizing, as I did, early in life, that I had to overcome the handicap of birth in an environment of ignorance and superstition, I deliberately assigned myself the task of voluntary rebirth through the method here described.”

    Doug Wead is on my imaginary council. Woudn’t it be cool for Doug Wead to tell us who is on his imaginary coucil?

  2. No matter how many times I hear Doug speak, I am always in awe…and no matter how long he speaks, it feels like five minutes. I am always ready for more. His is a great mind, one filled with hope for the future, and hope for America–AND the rest of the earth.

  3. ´The Out of Town EXPERT With the Briefcase ´´ is the best what happens in my life for more then 15 years ago in Hungary Budapest in the most power full Arena in Eastern Europe ´´Doug Wead´´opened the mind of 30.000 people that have duplicated his visions for the next generations of formal communist countries like Poland, Czech, Romania , Ukraine and finally Millions of people are now leaded and inspired by Doug Wead´´my hero and mentor. Thank you Doug for your care about the future of millions of people around the Globe! Albert Schermacher (friend)

  4. Doug Wead speak to 100,000 in Korea soccer stadium, change my life and many others. Motivate me to more and better work for children for life for believe in myself. His book in chinese sell well and hard to find.

  5. Doug has some interesting subjects on here
    I Will be reading his blog more closely.

  6. You have too many friend requests on Facebook! (lol) Love your blog as usual. Probobly one of the few worth reading.

      1. Mr wead I found my answer. “The contest did not end in Tampa. The war for the soul of America goes on. And the more that the Romney GOP establishment defrauds us, behind the curtain, pulling the levers of power, then the more likely we will be to pull the lever for Gary Johnson, behind the curtain of our voting booth this November”. https://dougwead.wordpress.com/ I am glad I too am voting for Gary Johnson. Have a good weekend

  7. Warm regards from Oklahoma now; you may remember when we visited years ago in DC regarding Texas efforts. I am working on adding your blog feed to a network and hope it helps in some small way to assist in the work we are all engaged in together!

    I love your perspective and depth of understanding that links back to the Reagan years compared to where we are today. It is a story we have lived through together and must be told and mentored properly to the next generation. Thank you for doing so and doing it with great grace and compassion.

    For Life and Liberty,
    Sandra Crosnoe

  8. Mr. Wead,

    Please include some social buttons on your Posts pages. I would love to share your insightful articles with my various social networks. Consider adding “social bookmarks” as a plugin on your WP blog.

    Thank you for your time.
    Zach Stafford

  9. I don’t know how I never heard about you Doug. Your articles are fabulous and I look forward to learning more about your work and story telling. Thank you for supporting the truth! GO RON PAUL 2012!

  10. Is this the same Douglas Wead “hear his voice”? I see and read you doing very well and this is nice to hear. You have to forgive me I think I have the wrong person. I expected to read about someone else. I am sorry but the second we have to “watch what we say” its time to quit. Our Father never changes nor takes away what He gave us. We need to go back and “hear his voice”. Its Jesus ..or nothing.. all the rest is?

  11. Great blog site, Doug! Really like that you have one and to see that you actually respond to people once in awhile. I have watched you on the news defending Ron Paul and really like how you do it. I like how he defends himself, as well. I consider myself Christian, like Dr. Paul, but not “evangelical”. I believe, like Dr. Paul does with people, that God sees us as individuals and He is the ultimate judge and we should be more concerned over our relationship with him than his relationship with others (to answer the people above).

    “It is better to light just one candle, than it is to curse the darkness” read a simple sign on the outside of my instructors door at the Marine Institute. I always remembered it. I was pleased to hear about the good you were doing through “Mercy Corps” around the world. This is much better to hear about than our legacy in Afghanistan and Iraq and about most politicians who just serve themselves. I’d like to go help build houses for the orphans in Belarus one day, just because they need so much help, and its one way to serve people who can’t pay you back. My grandmother used to say: “The service we render to others is really just our rent for our room on earth” and its one of my favorite quotes.

    Thanks for helping Dr. Paul and for having his back, Doug. I believe in what you guys are doing and I hope he can win the Presidency because I’d be honored to live in an America with a vision like his. All the best, my friend!

    Chris C.

  12. Hi Doug,
    I have an idea for an ad(s) for the Ron Paul campaign.

    But first, here is a little bit about who I am. I am a life long (61 years old) independent conservative. I have always voted for a Republican for president since Richard Nixon. I have many books in my library about all of the presidents. During my life time, Reagan is my favorite. I have a collection of 256 books about him.

    I first heard of Ron Paul in 2007 and became a strong supporter. He is the first person to so move me, that I actually put a Ron Paul bumper sticker on my car, a sign in my yard, and sent in a donation. I am well aware of his positions having read such books as: “The
    Creature From Jekyll Island.”

    I have enjoyed many of Dr. Paul’s ads. But as you know, the media and both political parties are trying to show Ron Paul to be someone who is out of touch with America, and is unelectable. This can be over come by giving the American people a different view of who Ron Paul really is. Here is my idea for an ad(s).

    Show a picture on half of the TV screen of one of our former presidents or well know leaders. Then on the other side show a powerful quote from them, it could be read by someone or show the person actually say the quote. Then show a close up on a split screen of the person and Ron Paul side by side. This links the two together and gives instant credibility to Dr. Paul.

    Example of quotes:

    “Preventive war was an invention of Hitler. Frankly, I would not even
    listen to anyone seriously that came and talked about such a thing.”
    Dwight D. Eisenhower

    “Don’t let anybody make you think that God chose America to be a policeman of the world”
    Dr. Martin Luther King

    “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    Benjamin Franklin

    “An economy hampered by restrictive tax rates will never produce enough revenue to balance our budget.” . John F. Kennedy

    As you well know, there are hundreds of quotes out there like this. Imagine seeing Dr. Paul standing next to each one of these men and many more like them. The ads could be very short, just 15 to 20 seconds. Let the American people see these over and over again. The impact would greatly change the perception of who Dr. Paul really is.

    At the end of the ad, you would here Dr. Paul say these words:

    I am Ron Paul and this has ALWAYS BEEN MY MESSAGE!

  13. Dear Doug,

    My name Anthony Mckeon ,
    I’m an Irish man living in Australia, I’ve released a” Ron Paul 2012″ Campaign song on youtube, which I believe to have endearing qualities about it and a serious catchy chorus. It would be great, if you like the song, to endorse it.
    In the past I’ve collaborated with Damien Dempsey, who’s work with U2, Sinead O’Conner and Massive Attack.
    Youtube: anthony mckeon, Ron Paul
    or the link

    I look forward to your reply
    best wishes Anthony,
    the revolution is wishing you well

  14. Hi, again, Doug.
    I have been trying to get something done in regard to the complete and utter blackout of Ron Paul by the MSM. So, I have posted an idea.blog on my blogsite: annebeck58.wordpress.com/ and would love if you’d either re-post or take it from there.
    The basic idea is this: not ONLY DO we boycott (or blackout) the news-programs, but we boycott their sponsors. I’ve compiled a short list of advertisers and sponsors from each news outlet’s site, and have suggested folk boycott them and let them know we are doing this– and why we’re doing it.
    A quick email, stating: “I will be boycotting your products in return for your support of the main-steam media, due to the inane blackout of Ron Paul, presidential candidate. You can change this by advising (such and such news outlet) *FOXNews* they must begin to cover Ron Paul, for fairness and transparency.”

    I honestly do not think it will take more than that. And, once these sponsors see that they will be hit in the pocketbook, I do believe things will change. If not, the boycott will remain in force. And, WE must adhere to this blackout and boycott.

    Let me know what you think. If you think it’s a go, please just re-post!

  15. Hey Doug, you look to be suffering from a serious copper deficiency. I’m serious. This could lead to aneurysms. Please look into Dr. Joel Wallach and his work (no affiliation). Could be beneficial to you and Ron Paul, so that you are with us for a long, long time. Cheers, Paul

    1. Well we found a way to get rid of him, nobody has posted since Apr 29th, including #2, that’s almost 2 weeks.

  16. I have been elected a MN state delegate, and as a Ron Paul supporter, I want to know how I can help the cause at the convention. Please reply.

  17. Mr. Wead, I am trying to launch an e-mail, call, fax camlajgn to the rnc, regarding their abuses and undermining if their own rules, including those discussed here in thjs article. I am requesting all my contacts and associates, no matter the camdidate they support to email rnc chairman and cochair between now and monday evening, calling til you get through tuesday thrkugh friday, then faxing friday through the next week, to tell the rnc, we expect our children to dollow the rules, or at the next possible (post-convention) proper moment to change the rules, but never in midgame, just to get your way, that is selfish mean and wrong, so just what the hades are you doing? Follow the rules. Show responsibility.

  18. Pingback: MLM Attorney
  19. Doug, Is Romney a member of the Council on Foreign Relations? This group is the architect of our foreign policy and Geo. HW Bush Sr’s “new world order.” Every president except Reagan since Wilson has either been a member or those surrounding him have been members of this semi-secret elite group. This is why regardless who is elected, the policy never changes. It would be good to hear from you on this critical issue. Thanks

  20. Mitt Romney, Presidential Candidate, Selected topics relating to the Presidential Campaign of Mitt Romney.
    Canadian Free press reports Romney’s Business connections with elitist organizations, including Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission.

    See where their money came from. Remember his famous quote – “Corporations are people my friend” – No surprise to see who’s behind the Romney Campaign. Top Contributors include, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, JP Morgan… this list goes on. http://parkromney.com/?view=mittromney&sid=1325177148alt

  21. Mr Wead. I am an anti war anti corruption driven person who has contributed to RP and I have a youtube site jeffersonianalliance and aligzanduh (2 channels – 1 anti imperialism, 1 Jeffersonian RP focused entirely) – I have given 1600 to RP – and YOU GUYS NEED TO TELL US WHY RON PAUL HAS SCHEDULED NO MORE “Teach Ins” at the Colleges. This is critical to arousing people – and was half the campaign. Why has this stopped ? What do we mount the banner of the Liberty Movement around now – in this 1 party state we live in. HEEEELP! There is no new material posted on youtube for over a week!

  22. Just tonight on FRENCH24 TV they said romney won and will be the nominee in Tampa. This is a lie and so saying Paul is out of money Ron Paul will never run out of money, he has all the money we have. Where are these lies coming from?

  23. Hey Doug…was such a cool feeling to see you on the boob tube now and then stumping for our boy Ron…you would hang out at my fathers house out in western Kansas(Great Bend)..back in the late 70’s early 80’s…you would speak at the AG church I attended from time to time and I thought you were so unusual mixing politics with religion..but I loved it…as I went on to be an activist myself within the C.C. and then in 2007 I “found” Dr. Paul…second only to my conversion to Christ …did the lights really go on ….Thank you so much for being so eloquent for such a good man and cause!….The founders new of the liberty in Christ and they attempted to bring it to civil government….RP really understands that…oh how I wish evangelicals could “get that”…we/they could have swept RP into office….the neo cons have done a better “sales” job…but we are turning the light on little by little…Power ON Brother!

    Matthew..now in… Los Angeles

  24. Here out in the heartland of the US, many of us staunch Ron Paul for President supporters, (delegates to state GOP conventions..etc.) are daily becoming more confused, wondering if Dr. Paul is seriously still in the Presidential Campaign mode for US President.

    His son comes out publicly supporting ‘Obama Lite’ Mitt Romney, further adding to the confusion. Many on the Web are saying part of the problem is Jesse Benton, and his private agendas, that are not aimed at getting Dr. Paul into the White House.

    Can you PLEASE clear up the growing confusion, for Ron Paul for President supporters, that still want to get working on his campaign, to get him into the White House….
    Many of us are NOT satisfied with only working on the the RP Paul movement.

    Does Ron Paul personally know what is truly going on with the day to day operations of his campaign, and the direction Jesse Benton and others are taking it ?????

    Thank You,
    Bill Fiegel
    staunch Ron Paul for President supporter…

    Never Ever give up !!!
    Failure is not an option !!!

  25. Why I stopped trusting Jesse Benton and I no longer trust Doug Weed.

    Remember a few months ago when Jesse Benton told us it was over and referenced the AP delegate numbers to support his claim? The same AP delegate numbers that we all knew at the time were bogus? Jesse Benton knowing mislead us by referencing those nonsensical numbers. Now we have Doug Weed doing the same thing by claiming it all hinged on Nebraska.

    The fact that Doug Weed wrote in article telling Ron Paul supporters that it all ends in Nebraska, should provide a clue to his real motives.
    Doug Weed already knew, when he wrote that article, that Ron Paul already had enough delegates to be nominated regardless of what happened in Nebraska.
    Why would Doug Weed knowingly mislead Ron Paul supporters pretending Nebraska was key? I WOULD LOVE for Mr Weed to respond to this accusation.

  26. So Doug said Nebraska counted, it doesn’t. We already have enough delegates. Doug also was first on the bandwagon to say Ron Paul dropped out.

  27. Hello, Doug! First of all, I know America’s youth culture doesn’t deal well with age or sadness. I am both old and sad! I have witnessed acres of fertilizer in life and in politics. Tonight, days later, I am still in shock.. Dr. Paul was to me (as you, Doug, have been characterized as commenting:) a “good ship in a sea of garbage”. My story is no doubt one of many millions RPers: I first received ridiculously conflicting emails from Jesse Benton. “Get on board” and “Dr. Paul dropped out; Forget it. – it is over.” Subsequent research reported that Mr. Benton now has an attractive new home and two businesses. More research reported that a Mr. Olson, Olsen, (sp) an international elections fixer-upper approached Jesse, cunningly aware that Ron Paul’s one “weakness” was his family. We, who gave all that was allowed, 1600 or 2000 – contributors, supporters, state delegates and national delegates,are now victimized for landing on a grass roots massacre list. We continue to rear up like a Texas horse sensing a snake over the premeditated criminal theft of the nomination from Dr. Paul, by GOP/Romneyites. I am not a paid writer or relative and have nothing to lose other than I should be taking bath right now.(o: I am a reader of your blog and am thankful you gave us a place to spout.: If all we gave was intercepted and re-routed to the Jesse Benton Retirement Plan. I can only conclude that while Obama and Romney were Dr. Paul’s most adamant and well-heeled adversaries, Jesse Benton and Rand Paul were his shakiest allies. I believe Carol Paul (Mrs. Ronald Ernest) when she said Dr. Paul and she knew only one half-hour before the broadcast that Rand was going to endorse Romney. (As events unfolded, it was clear that Rand was left waiting at the church.) No one knows the inside of his head, but it is universally accepted that one doesn’t jump into a nest of rattlesnakes and expect them to give ear to one’s list of sensible/God-fearing agendas. Didn’t Rand figure it out from his Dad’s magnificent work of thirty years that integrity and purity of purpose have no meaning once the inmates gain fulll control of the asylum?.Since these same criminals have called the shots for one hundred years, other options still live on and none of these are found in the three-,,( scratch that), ONE-ring political circus. You saw Sanunu, you saw the teleprompter,and the GOP rules, swimming and twisting like jellyfish in the tank..

    Stay tough! Soldier on, Paulers! Thank you, thank you, Doug Wead! I know all is not easy for you when you take a stand. Take heart. At least the nuts who write hate mail can’t spell. Stay with the Paulers liberty movement and your writing and speaking goals. Our struggle is not over. God bless you!

  28. Pls send me a book related to Amway business..i meat to u, when you come in india, 2002 or 03.

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