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Inside Trump’s White House

The Real Story Of His Presidency

  • President Donald J. Trump, attends the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO

    Donald Trump's Winning Foreign Policy

    December 6, 2019 by

           When Trump demanded that NATO nations pay their delinquent dues, token amounts of money that they had agreed to pay to provide for their own defense, the American national media erupted. He was trying to weaken NATO, they claimed. He was a Russian spy. The media insisted this with a straight face.  … Read more

  • President Donald Trump, with First Lady Melania, and son Barron Trump, stand with hands over their hearts, for the national anthem, on Easter

    In The White House With Barron & The Trump Grandchildren

    December 4, 2019 by

    “That last night of the inauguration celebration we were all together,” Don Jr. remembers. “The White House staff created a table full of kids’ food in the State Dining Room, and, as you know, the kids always get the good stuff. Everybody likes kids’ food. Soon the adults were in there chowing down on hamburgers… Read more

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