Megyn Kelly for president!

Dateline January 28, 2016 Megyn Kelly, a former attorney, now Fox News journalist, conducted herself with grace and grit this week. GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, made her the target of his wrath promising he would not participate in the GOP Fox News Debate if she were one of the moderators.  Fox News stuck by herContinue reading “Megyn Kelly for president!”

Rand Paul Now Leads Liberty Movement

It has only been a little more than a month since Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster on the floor of the U.S. Senate.  But it is looking more and more like a defining moment in American politics.  It may be a defining moment in American history. . The dramatic sight of Rand Paul standing all alone, in the well ofContinue reading “Rand Paul Now Leads Liberty Movement”

All Eyes on Nebraska

All eyes are on Grand Island, Nebraska today.  Will it be a Soviet style fraud?  Or will it be a real convention?  Today’s event will be telling.   It will provide clues on what to expect at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next month. This is clear, what happens in Nebraska cannot be blamed onContinue reading “All Eyes on Nebraska”

Another media lie about Ron Paul

Throughout this presidential election cycle the national media has been the subject of widespread ridicule for systematically ignoring the Ron Paul candidacy.   Well, they have finally found their legs.  They have a story that their corporate executives will let them publish.  Ron Paul, they say, is a hypocrite because he has long proclaimed that heContinue reading “Another media lie about Ron Paul”

The Great Hudsonville Cover up

Ron Paul supporters are used to getting shortchanged. For example, in one debate, Ron Paul was given 89 seconds in one hour, even though he had just finished close in the Iowa Caucuses and had come in second in the New Hampshire primary. In the network’s own polling he was beating all other contenders includingContinue reading “The Great Hudsonville Cover up”

How Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes changed the world

“Talent is hitting a target that no one else can hit. Genius is hitting a target that no one else can see.” – Arthur Schopenhauer Perhaps no other persons have had a bigger impact on American society and politics in our lifetime than Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes. Murdoch is the swashbuckling, Australian turned American,Continue reading “How Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes changed the world”

It’s official, Jon Stewart Wins the Iowa Straw Poll

Jon Stewart’s now viral analysis of the media exclusion of Ron Paul is an example of how comic’s make us laugh by stating the truth.  This was definitely a “look mom, the Emperor has no clothes” moment for America.   The emperor in this case being the national media in general and “fair and balanced” Fox News ChannelContinue reading “It’s official, Jon Stewart Wins the Iowa Straw Poll”

Women are from Venus, men are pigs

      It hasn’t been easy being a man lately.  Men have been doing some pretty creepy things.  When I walk the dog, women and children give me dirty looks.  I dare not smile, or say a friendly, “hello.”       Last October a story broke that Green Bay Packer legend,Brett Favre, had sent a cell phone pictureContinue reading “Women are from Venus, men are pigs”

Obama flip flops?

Yesterday I found myself being quoted on the front page of  The New York Post.  It was a Jennifer Fermino piece all about President Obama’s footwear.  He was apparently caught wearing flip flops at a restaurant in Hawaii.  The Post story was all about presidential footwear and it was intriguing enough that NBC picked itContinue reading “Obama flip flops?”