And the debate? McCain loses to Bush !


A recap of the second Obama – McCain Debate.

Well, on style, they say Obama won.  And on debate points McCain won.  I mean, he did answer the questions.  Obama did a Palin and ignored the questions and just dropped into the nearest workable paragraph of his stump speech.  Smart.  It worked for Palin.  And Tom Brokaw didn’t hold anyone accountable.  But in the end, none of it mattered because McCain’s campaign not only has to beat Obama, it has to beat the looming, specter of George W. Bush, the Jimmy Carter of the Republican Party, and the Bush Depression.  McCain must be apoplexic.  He got beat by Bush once in 2000 and, darn it, he is getting beat by him again and Bush is not even in the race.  This is a corpse that won’t stay buried.

It appears that this election cycle is the first time in modern American history, that the stock market has actually declined for the two years leading up to the vote.  Even in 1992, when, if you remember Bill Clinton beat George H. W. Bush, and it was famously about “the economy stupid,” the market was on a 38% climb from the bottom.  What a gift Bush the younger has given McCain and the Republican brand.  And chances are it will stick for a long time.

There were moments in this debate reminiscent of 1960 where Kennedy acted like he would be tougher on Cuba than Nixon, and Nixon pulled his punches in order to protect an ongoing secret American initiative.   This time, Obama was insisting that he would go anywhere to get Bin Laden, even into the sovereign nation of Pakistan, and McCain was lecturing that “you don’t telegraph your punches.”  The irony is that both Kennedy and Obama looked tougher even though the opposite was more likely.

McCain actually won some points on making news with his program of buying back mortgages from the people directly but he was so understated and low key about it and the media is so shamelessly infatuated with Obama that no one seemed to notice or care.

Senator Obama turned his darkest moment into a plus when he broke the rules of the debate and offered a rebuttal on Pakistan.  Having participated in practice debates and debate prep for a presidential candidate, I can tell you that this was no accident.  He was saving this for a dark moment.  And what could McCain do?  If he complained too loudly, “you’re breaking our rules, you’re cheating, you promised,” it would sound whiny, as if he were afraid of something.  So Obama counterpunched and McCain’s greatest moment, effectively accusing Obama of reckless posturing about an invasion of Pakistan, a nuclear power, passed.  McCain’s counter rebuttal was not nearly as effective as his original point, which according to the rules should have stood unanswered.

The bottom line is that none of it matters.  This election was ruined for the Republican brand from the outset.  The fact that McCain has kept it close is a tribute to his political genius of that of his team.

Well, you say, something may still happen.   Maybe there will be another terrorist event?  Maybe they will find Osama Bin Laden.

Look, something did happen.  Haven’t you heard of the famous “October surprise?”  A reference to the last minute event that can effect a presidential election?  Well, in case you haven’t noticed, it is October and the surprise was the big collapse on Wall Street.  Surprise!  And it has only deepened the public perceptions and affirmed their direction.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

47 thoughts on “And the debate? McCain loses to Bush !

  1. “it has to beat the looming, specter of George W. Bush, the Jimmy Carter of the Republican Party,”

    You know, Doug, there’s nothing more pathetic than a backstabbing friend. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. (Jimmy Carter? I guess Herbert Hoover would have been too obvious.)

    Dear Doug,

    If McCain was smart enough to get the evangelical votes early via W’s daddy style, rather than soley relying on a mavericky Palin pick, then maybe this New Depression gift from W could have been accepted matter of factly & re-gifted for later.

    Although I’m sold on your analysis from previous posts about the importance of the religious vote, there is a vote I believe that is just as important. That is…the fundamental vote…for Free(er) markets & Limit(ed) government.

    It’s so sad to watch how quick Republican leaders like Bush & McCain go head over heels over this $700 billion dollar bailout. Democrats embracing it…I could understand. Their whole philosophy is based on solving as many problems as possible with the power of government. Think of socialism…bring it down a notch…that’s the Democratic platform. But Republican leaders herding us towards such a socialist bill? That’s like Fox promoting universal health care.

    If the Republican party does lose the presidency this year…I would suggest in the years ahead we go back to school. ‘We’…as in Republicans & Democrats & Independents & especially …the Undecided. We can all use some refreshing on Free market economics & the Constitutional limited government.

    There’s a whole side of economics & governance that is seriously being discussed…at the nerdy level of the CATO Institute…but not represented (enough) at the main stream level. Free markets & Limited government are the lost fundamental platform of the Republican party. It is a great loss for the United States of America.

    The bi-partisan landscape is just not the same any more. Too many Republicans think it is enough to simply be the opposite of Democrats by saying Pro-Life, Pro-Business, Pro-War, Anti-Jihad, Anti-Tax, & Anti-Media. Republicans think they are winning because they are beating Democrats when in fact they are pushing the fundamental Democratic platform of increasing government spending & authority. Democrats are not upset b/c they lost a few presidential elections but rather jealous b/c the Republicans stole their agenda.

    It’s Democrats versus…Republicrats. Might as well vote for Sean Masterson.

    & Whose to say the Democratic platform doesn’t work. Bill Clinton balanced the budget & gave us surpluses, bailed out Mexico & made a profit, got Rabin to shake hands w/ Arafat for what it’s worth, & graduated w/ an approval rating of 65%. Government intervened & the people liked it. Not bad for an impeached president.

    All I’m saying is that the mainstream debate should be more divisive: are you for increasing government powers or for limiting it? Do you have faith in us as individuals to start businesses & create jobs & make money (no matter the state of the economy) or do you believe that government powers are granted only to the best of us to wisely spend our money & solve all our problems? Can we the people keep our own morals in check or must government check their list twice to find out who’s naughty or nice?

    It is my humble opinion, that America need less W’s & Hoovers & Nixons & more people like the late Senator Wayne Morse…though couldn’t win the presidency…went ahead & did the next best thing: become the enemy by name…to lure the people of the Democratic party…to be more fundamentally …


  3. The only thing more we need, CBSURE, is a link to you blog because you make some compelling points. It is why Ron Paul hit such a chord this year and looks better now, more than ever. I wonder about Ross Perot’s pleas, which evaporated after Clinton balanced the budget. And I wonder if Clinton’s balancing of the budget, as well as the Reagan, Bush, senior boomlets were all part of the “peace dividend.”

  4. cbsure: let me apprise you on a real life lesson.

    The best business people gamble on the future.

    The bailout was such a gamble. It was better than sitting on our thumbs and feeling sorry about ourselves as a country.

    I have no problems with the bailout. It’s to prop up legit business and business people, unlike taking that same money and distributing it to crackheads, welfare moms, and other bottomfeeders.

    Too many conservatives are cheap asses, the kind of idiots who carry with them tip calculators and drive all over town looking for sale items.

    I’m a social conservative but no fiscal conservative, that’s for sure.

  5. “It is why Ron Paul hit such a chord this year and looks better now, more than ever.”

    Right, all those potheads who want to smoke that garbage legally agree with you, Doug.

    How could anyone align with a movement that includes freaks like that?

    A person is judged by he company they keep.

  6. Doug, people that think like you make me laugh.

    Have you read cbsure’s rants on drug using losers on your board named “Smokin’ Weed with Ron Paul”?

    cbsure reasons like a lot of Gen X/Y slackers, that people are victims of their own uncontrollable desires. That’s why they succumb to abusing alcohol and drugs.

    It’s part of the Oprah-ization of America. We’ve allowed ourselves to become a nation of self-help seeking losers.

    I find it to be a disgusting development.

    Sorry, but we all are not f- ups. Some of us always know exactly what to do when the time is right.

    cbsure is on record as saying “self-discipline is over-rated.”

    A person that thinks like this is an idiot. Is this who you hold up as an avatar of sense, Doug?

    The mark of a truly strong and disciplined person is finding out what they can deny from themselves.

    Indulging every desire is a sign of weakness. Indulging in weakness that break laws should be harshly punished, no matter what the cost.

    This lazy self-indulgent attitude that permeates our culture is infinitely more dangerous than spending 700 billion to bailout the private business sector.

    You see, these are the conservative principles I believe are most important. I am sick of people making excuses for their inability to lead clean and decent lives free of addictions and other shortcomings.

    Another laughable aspect of this whole thing is that the holy rollers that post here think their precious leaders like Kenneth Copeland should be able to spend spend spend other people’s money yet they hold their federal government to a different standard.

    This is the hypocrisy of their crusade that I’m all too happy to expose.

  7. “What’s the point of being smart…if you’re not having any fun?”

    These are the words of the Gen X/Y sage cbsure, a product of the FAST, EASY, and FUN culture whose whole realm of expertise and knowledge is boiled down to small handheld devices that do nothing but flatten the brainwaves and cause carpal tunnel issues.

    Again, THIS is what harms America, not 700 billion dollar bailouts.

  8. This is why my blog is among those that truly matter. I am not interested in “going along to get along.”


    Some 10,000 scraggly malcontents and misfits convened upon the St. Paul area last week to stage their own cut rate version of the much grander and official GOP convention being held in Minneapolis. The event was headlined by popular messianic figure and former Presidential candidate, Texas congressman Ron Paul.

    As expected during the one day event, each keynote speaker plowed through the now standard script that appealed directly to the paranoid fears and isolationist yearnings of those in attendance.

    You can be sure that no one speaking at this event wore a $300,000 outfit like Cyndi McCain’s. “Cheap is good” is one of the unspoken mantras of the Losertarian movement. Losertarians as well as their paleo-conservative brethren would prefer a United States that operates like a low rent mom-and-pop store with a “No Furriners!” sign in the window which pulls down their shades and closes at 5 PM.

    A group that is fighting for their right to damage their lungs and brains with marijuana smoke wants America to know that the GOP has lost its way from its “traditional” roots. They are also incensed that the Constitution is not being regarded as sacrosanct. If it wasn’t necessary then in 1789, it’s not necessary now in 2008, they believe. It wasn’t known how many of the convention attendees eschewed electricity or arrived to the event on horses and buggies.

    No one in attendance, even Dr. Paul, could account for the success of the Bush Administration’s US foreign policy that has prevented any attacks on American shores since 9/11/01. That wasn’t part of the discussion that day.

    At promptly 4:20 PM, the convention floor suddenly cleared as a mad dash for the rest rooms was witnessed. That was immediately followed by 30 minute snack break, courtesy of Frito Lay, Drake’s Cakes, and several soft drink vendors.


    Congressman Paul: ” He asked if there was an international conspiracy to overthrow our government. The answer is “Yes”. I think there are 25,000 individuals that have used offices of powers, and they are in our Universities and they are in our Congresses, and they believe in One World Government. And if you believe in One World Goverment, then you are talking about undermining National Sovereignty and you are talking about setting up something that you could well call a Dictatorship – and those plans are there!…”

  10. Lets see 11 comments to Doug’s article on the debate …I thought wow Im going to read some thoughtful discussion of the issues even though the debate lacked that in the questions ( Mr Brokaw) chose . Instead there are 9 rantings by one person …often stooping to name calling …a tactic employed usually by people whose “teleprompter fails” or who speak and write from “talking points ” written by someone else …rather than ” thinking points” spoken from the heart and based on “historical facts and records ” .

    Because its not a canned answer …there will be “gaffs ” . So what ?????
    I would rather hear about a persons core beliefs and solutions to America’s problems ….than a canned speech that cant be delivered when the “teleprompter ” falls behind . Uhhh UHH UHH is not an answer . Rick Warren beat Tom Brokaw 100%.

    To quote Bill OReilly, my friend your rants are “BLOVIATING” . Empty rhetoric ….like we heard from Mr Obama for the entire first hour . He has no record to run on ….and his entire background is very questionable right back to his birth certificate . Thats before you even look at the “unsavory characters ” he surrounds himself with and still does . Ayers, Acorn, Rev Wright , Resko , Raines , Johnson et al

    John McCain won the first hour in my opinion because he believes what he says ….and says what he believes …AND acts upon it ( he can even stand up to his own party if he believes it best for the “folks who elected him ) . He did not communicate his bailout plan agressively enough ( in my opinion) ….whats wrong with a good chunk of that $700-800 billion going DIRECTLY to the homeowner…the banks getting the bailouts are not doing squat for the homeowner . Thats not new money thats conditions on the original money ….

    …John McCain WILL address that “short sightedness ” ….especially for seniors . For many seniors their homes ARE their retirement ….and this “false & planned devaluation of our homes to protect the very people that made the bad loans is WRONG . I dont have a sub prime …I have owned my home 34 years ….and it has been devaluated drastically …and there are no foreclosures or short sales dotting the landscape here . Appraisers have been told to “low ball” or “you’ll be dropped from our list” ( Country wide )… Gm ( GMAC) wants 5 years of no payments and a govt bailout . I would love that too . All I want is my life long equity .Yet they are closing equity lines with perfect pay records …WHY?????

    Lastly, DavidBlack….your attack on Doug was totally off base . I think you misread his comments . I may be wrong but my own interpretation would be “that the press and the radical left ARE ATTEMPTING to paint W Bush as a Jimmy Carter of the Republican Party . And the press is “producing the epic”…after all they tried it with Reagan ….AND FAILED MISERABLY . If you were reading for content …instead of forming your own “egocentric attack” you may have seen a different meaning . I did .

    Please not e I have not used foul language, named called or personally attacked anyone . I have addressed core beliefs , historical record and PERFORMANCE.
    Please try to do the same .

  11. donnaloo: I have Doug’s own words to indict him:

    “But in the end, none of it mattered because McCain’s campaign not only has to beat Obama, it has to beat the looming, specter of George W. Bush, the Jimmy Carter of the Republican Party, and the Bush Depression.”

    It is HE who is labeling his supposed friend George W. Bush as the Jimmy Carter of the GOP. He is NOT suggesting that it’s a press concoction.

    You are supplying Doug with an undeserved benefit of the doubt.

    My dear, I am only following the playbook of both the Democrat party and the GOP as well as the the broadcast media in how I choose to express myself regarding politics.

    Politics is war. It’s not a genteel tea party. I have not used foul language either but I call a spade a spade. I have no interest in making friends on line with anonymous strangers or catering to their tastes or sensibilities.

    Your core beliefs are meaningless if it’s going to ensure defeat. Winning an election and wresting power away from lib Democrat losers like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi is all that matters.

    I am so sick and tried of middle class Joe Sixpacks and their inability to think and act on a grand scale beyond their white picket fences.

    Only small people think small. They are not risk takers and hence, never achieve anything greater than acquiring some measly material goods for their home so they can stand around and brag about it to their neighbors on Saturday morning.

    They dance to the tune of whatever person or organization that tells them what they want to hear which soothes their paranoid fears. They aren’t smart enough to think skeptically or critically of those who present them with The Answer. Ron Paul preaches small government and they lap it up unthinkingly. Kenneth Copeland trades salvation for dollars and they can’t fork over their money fast enough They are among the countless legions of lemmings that inhabit this nation, They can’t lead, they can’t think. They just look for something to plug into to make themselves feel better.

    Because “feeling better” is all that matters. A moment’s discomfort or pain is an anathema to them. Give them a panacea, no matter how ridiculous, and it’s gobbled up without haste.

    So what if your home is devalued? My family just lost seven fugures with AIG’s demise. Am I going to whine about Wall Street? No way. I align myself with people who have the best chance of winning. Big Business will always be the realm of winners. They took risks and lost. So what? Money comes and goes.

    Life is all about risk. Everything is a risk. You could walk out on the street tomorrow and be hit by a bus and die. That’s life. No one owes you anything, not even simple courtesy.

    If you want something, you have to grab it, no matter who or what you have to step on to get it.

    That’s called survival at all cost. Read Machiavelli’s The Prince instead of that book of Hebrew folk tales for a change. You” learn.

  12. “My family just lost seven fugures with AIG’s demise.”

    EDIT: figures (a typo)

    “You” learn.”

    EDIT: You’ll

    “McCain must be apoplexic (sic).”

    Doug, you really need to hire an editor. That’s the second one in two days I’ve caught. Really, you couldn’t count on your loyal holy roller brigade to help you in that department..

    The word is APOPLECTIC.

    My advice is to buy an Apple with a superior browser called Safari, which automatically flags misspellings as you type.

    Why anyone would still use IE is just a mystery to me.

  13. Dear Doug,

    Thank you for the nudge…I will after re-hab. Your ‘Tremendous Jones’ anecdote ignited my reading addiction. So much to learn w/ so little time.

    God bless you & Mr. Jones.

  14. Dear DB,

    Thank you for being the only person on Earth that would use their valuable time to search through previous comments to quote me. B/c of your flattery…I have only good things to say about you.

    I would quote you in return but I admittingly am not smart enough to figure out how the rest of you copy & paste here at WordPress. (& Yes…I’m too lazy to type your words again.) Instead, my gift to you is this: a friendly reminder that the meaning of the word ‘conservative’ is actually…ambiguous. It is dependent on the goal you want to achieve. In America’s case, it is (or was) limited government. But to the rest of the world American conservatism is ‘liberal’ b/c the metric standard of ‘conservatism’ is being dependent of goverment authority. So if you were a foreigner, you would say American Democrats are ‘conservative’ & the Republicans are ‘liberal’…& the same foreigner would see our ‘neo-cons’ as being ‘paleo-cons’ & Ron Paul as being the ‘neo-con’. It is a good thing to keep in mind in case you might worry that someone would quote you as a ‘Democrat’.

    However, if I understand your plan for the human race correctly…we should be strong & disciplined…by finding out what to deny ourselves…but not to indulge in every desire…especially not those that are deemed unlawful at the moment…while getting whatever we want…no matter what the costs…

    Somehow I feel ‘conservative’ is not the word you are looking for.

    Are you sure you don’t mean…


  15. Dear Government,

    If you are reading this, I want to be on record for saying:

    “Please help us. I think David Black is some kind of anarchist.”

  16. Dear donnaloo,

    I appreciate seeing Palin vicariously through your reporting. Palin deserves to be seen from a positive point of view.

    On the other hand, I wish you could see the importance of DB the same way you see Sarah. If all of DB’s circumlocution leads him to vote Republican, & considering how close the election race is, I think Sarah & company would be quick to see the importance of DB’s vote…to counter-balance the hard-core Democratic vote.

    & Seriously, how many bloggers do you know that can non-chalantly brush off a 7-figure loss AND volunteer his time to spell check our blogs?

    So please….next time…be nice to our Human Spell Checker.



  17. cbsure:

    Personally, I could care less how the rest of the world defines conservatism. I am an American and only the American viewpoint interests me. I am not some one world collectivist like the lib Democrats.

    I assure you, I am NOT an anti-authoritarian, either, so I can’t possibly be an anarchist. I respect authority, that is, the proper authority, the kind of authority that keeps low rent criminal vermin from urban dungheaps i.e. crackheads and other drug users, muggers, rapists, etc., away from law abiding citizens who deserve a crime free environment.

    I am supportive of the kind of authority that uses the criminal justice system to put this vermin away in jail for long sentences.

    In fact, I would put MORE police on the streets in most urban neighborhoods and sweep them clean of these miscreants robbing, raping, looting, and selling illegal drugs.

    As a Republican, I will be voting Republican, because i despise Democrats.

    ” Seriously, how many bloggers do you know that can non-chalantly brush off a 7-figure loss AND volunteer his time to spell check our blogs?”

    Money comes and goes, my friend. I’m not like 95% of the rest of America who would use such an event as an excuse to join the whining and “oh poor is me!” chorus about the economy.

    You see, besides despising Democrats, I also despise populists.

  18. ” I am an American and only the American viewpoint interests me.”

    I should add that Israeli viewpoints do as well at times, but not always.

    I only want to hear from the Zionists who want to fight Islamo-fascists, not make peace with them.

    Why attempt to make peace with Islamo-fascists? They’ll only lie and break a truce anyway.

  19. cbsure…

    Sarah ….from the crowd I witnessed “in person” …no press in between us …and the handful of radical demonstrators we witnessed out side …the crowd defended Sarah in every instance . And they were NOT all Republicans . I agree with you I’ll take the votes “gratefully” from every person and viewpoint . Sarah was actually introduced by a very high up person in NOW ( at first I was not excited about that ) …who is personally voting McCain /Palin ( part of the Hillary for McCain crowd ) . But as you say a vote is a vote and we need them all. I accept .

    What we dont need is the long standing Republican tendency to “shoot ourselves in the foot ” looking for THE perfect candidate that agrees with “us” on every single point . The in fighting amoungst “believers ” needs to be put aside …We are “ONE NATION…..UNDER GOD…INDIVISIBLE ” It’s time to “vote our core values” and to vote as one voice . United We Will Stand ….Divided We Will Fall .

    Sarah ignites a true Americana in “her” listeners on par with the Reagan Reach. An attack (which she handled with calm, with a smile and with a perfect comeback ) at the rally I attended sent 15,000 people to their feet yelling “USA” “USA” ….

    Her position on drilling ….got a strong “Drill Baby Drill” .

    Her comments on the economy ; and the need to send reformers to Washington
    ( McCain/Palin) who are not “afraid to go after the status quo ” who carry with them the “mandate” of the people to “cut spending and not raise taxes” was met with a HUGE “wave” . (We were in a tennis stadium) . They both have the track record that supports that position . She did not have a “teleprompter” . She spoke to her audience from her “core beliefs” …AND THEY IDENTIFIED WITH HER .

    The young people behind me , male & female college students , were wondering outloud “what movie star or rock star the Republicans were going to use” They couldn’t believe the numbers on a Saturday afternoon …..that predicted rain …could be this large . Reminder the venue got changed from Orange County ( very Republican ) to Carson (very independently mixed in every measurable way ) .

    The “star” was Sarah ….thats who they all came to see and hear . People were seeking the real Sarah and they got her . No splicing the speech , no nasty or perky
    news reporter to twist Sarah’s words into what they want to believe .

    The job we ALL have now is to get “that McCain/Palin ” out to the public . On my street alone …in leftist California …two Obama signs went up …..and instantly 8-10 McCain /Palin signs went up . I have six to get out today .

    As to your question for DB ..”How many do we know that lost 7 figures and can spell check all our blogs” …. NONE. How about 9 rants for one article …NONE

    But thank you DB for your vote .

  20. donnaloo: Your post reads like one rambling and incoherent run-on sentence with no clear breaks. The use of quotation marks where they aren’t needed is just one aspect of your compositional ineptitude.

    Blogging unfortunately has given license to too many bad writers to reveal their shortcomings on a global scale.

    Really, people should have to pass a competency test before being allowed to blog or to post to blogs.

  21. Dear Human Spell Checker,

    R U Nuck’n Futs? How does anything get done without the approval of the populist?

    You can’t win a war? Can’t revive the economy? Can’t EVEN get elected?

    Plus, a crime-free environment qualifies as a populist utopia. (Question: so why do you hate yourself?)

    How we decide to achieve our utopia…well…

    There’s the debate.

    Unfortunately, unless we’re ‘native’ americans, we all came from the rest of the world…which is infected w/ the ‘populist’ virus…of government dependence. The founding fathers of this nation chose to go against our ‘populist’ nature. Even separated religion from the foundation of this government.

    This government was an experiment to go against the grain. & Guess what? Not everyone was on board…like Alexander Hamilton…who wanted to be the next British Empire…if Gordon Wood’s research is any good (Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different?)

    You don’t have to care about the rest of the world & what they think. But only in America can someone be driven by ‘populist’ ideas & believe themselves to be ‘anti-populist’.

    So can the people of this nation uphold the values that our Founders wrote down for us?

    Stayed tuned for…

    America: The Greatest Show on Earth.

  22. cbsure wrote:

    “Plus, a crime-free environment qualifies as a populist utopia.”

    Nonsense. It’s simply a goal to achieve the maximum efficiency in order and discipline within a society. Eradicate the criminal vermin of the streets and society becomes safe for decent human beings.

    ” (Question: so why do you hate yourself?)”

    I didn’t know kids like you qualify to practice armchair junk science!

    “So can the people of this nation uphold the values that our Founders wrote down for us?”

    if they truly could be able, then there would be no need for criminal laws, because truly intelligent people know already what is right from wrong. They don’t need laws to tell them.

    Laws are created to protect people like me from stupid people. Wasting the Founding Father’s virtues on them is casting pearls before swine.

    For a representative republic like ours to truly work requires an highly educated populace.

    That’s not happening in America right now.

  23. Dear Friend,

    If your charge against the people of this nation is that we are not smart enough…then finally…we agree on something. Nothing wrong w/ asking ourselves to be a little smarter than we are already. But if all your smarts make you complacent about what’s going on in America then how does that qualify as ‘truly intelligent’?

    What goes up in the market must come down…oh well. The Iraq Invasion is taking too long…what a shame. Tons of people could lose their jobs & their poorly designed homes…aw shucks…better build that wall around my house I always wanted…

    Let’s not lie to ourselves. The politicians of this nation not only represent the poor, the bad, & the ugly…they are especially looking for the support of the rich, the respected, & the beautiful! The course of this nation will always appease society’s ‘best’. It is true now as it was true then that the power does not lie w/ the lower half of society. The Constitution Convention was a room full of bright & wealthy & respected people of that time. They weren’t gardeners, janitors & the horse manure sweeper. I don’t know where to draw the line of the upper / middle / lower class. But I do know this…if the important elected officials of this nation are not having serious Constitutional, Intellectual, Utopian debates…it is a reflection of the intellectual demand of the powerful people they represent.

    Why is Matt Damon’s opinion of Palin even registering on the Richter scale? Is it b/c the people have noticed that the rich & powerful & highly educated are always putting on mini-skirts & pom-poms…rooting for their party like some kind of horse race…putting in their money like some kind of stock? If our elected officials or candidates are not having intellectual debates on mainstream TV, it is b/c the upper class aren’t pushing them to. & Then they complain that the people are not smart enough to bring them the Federalist Papers? the Cato’s Letters? the Calvin & Hobbes?

    The powers of government have grown beyond what the Constitution intended for…President Washington said farewell while warning about the danger of an overgrown military & today we have 700 military bases in over 300 countries…the Iraq War is costing $562 billion plus over 4K dead plus over 30K injured…the $700 billion bailout will be borrowed from other countries…at the end of 2007, 44% of our Federal debt is already being owed to foreigners investors…one of them is China to whom we owe over $500 billion…Plus we have a trade deficit…& you probably could care less…b/c the Dow Jones jumps up more than 900 points. Your utopia has arrived.

    Assuming you are the intelligent old man w/ a gazillion dollars you claim to be (& not the sexy au-pair using your boss’s identity)…believe it or not…I have a lot of respect for your accomplishment & I wish you all the best. But if all you got to say is that the people are not smart enough to deserve the greatness of this nation…then all I can say to you is…


  24. “But if all your smarts make you complacent about what’s going on in America then how does that qualify as ‘truly intelligent’?”

    I see, so one is only intelligent if they keep pumping their fist in the air in a perpetual state of indignation.

    Sorry, I observe circumstances, accept what they are, and adapt accordingly.

    That’s called pragmaticism. That’s called survival. Those that can’t adapt will perish.

    “Why is Matt Damon’s opinion of Palin even registering on the Richter scale?”

    Oh please, no one but silly pop culture obsessed kids even know or care about anything about Matt Damon. He’s a bobblehead just like them.

    Stop attaching so much importance to how your generation thinks and acts. When you grow up and run the world, then you’ll have earned the right to assert some control or authority. Until then, you are little pieces of excrement and nothing more. Just because you exist doesn’t mean anyone has to listen to you or respect you. Do something that merits being listened to or respected. Earn your stripes. Respect is not an entitlement.

    “The powers of government have grown beyond what the Constitution intended for…”

    blah blah blah … grow up and develop some original talking points instead of repeating the what those loser paleo-cons and Losertarians keep saying.

    Those who are invested in surviving know how to adapt. The Constitution has to adapt to the needs of the times.

    Stop treating it like it’s biblical scripture. It’s all you evangelical idiots that elevate documents to sacrosanct status. It’s silly and stupid.

    The “greatness” of this nation is based solely on one’s ability to work the system to personal advantage. If you can’t, then too bad for you. Wallow in your own ineptitude and perish for all I care. I am not your keeper.

    It’s every man for himself. I learned that principle a long time ago.

  25. Dear DB ….

    Really intelligent people , whom are grounded in facts ,and can do something besides “spell check others” do not have to make personal attacks to make a point .
    If you want anyone to hear your point you might try leaving the “attacks” out . Although I have seen too many points you make that are worth agreeing with …except your voting for McCain /Palin . But I rather suspect you may be voting “against ” Barack Obama . Thank you McCain /Palin will graciously accept your vote .

    Since we are on Doug Weads Blog I would assume you either know him or have seen him on TV ….or perhaps at a lecture . I have seen many . He calmly ( and factually ) answers a question . He faces sarcasm with like of Matt Liar and Perky Little Katie …smiles and states his fact . He never ruffles …he never name calls . That DB is the sign of intelligence . One who is comfortable with the facts as he knows them .

    I would personally like to read more of DW than DB .

    By the way , academia in this country is part of the problem . Radical leftist professor that use the “bully pulpit ” tactic over students . Is that the intelligence you refer to .

    How about the two professors ( secular progressives ) defending Obama on O’Reilly last night . They made utter “fools” of themselves . O’Reilly ate ’em alive . He isnt even a McCain fan . He does want “fair & balanced ” …in my opinion almost to a fault lately . But he still does lean to “fair”.

    I learned different principles …Find a Need and Fill It …. A hand up …instead of a hand out ….a private sector that outdoes any government program in “giving ” . Check with the Mississippians who went thru Katrina .

    Everyman for himself got us into this financial mess ….too many to name .

  26. MY own spell check ….
    “Although I have seen too many points …”

    Should have been I have not seen too many points …”

    I am sure you’ll find more . Spare us the detail .


  27. “Really intelligent people , whom are grounded in facts ,and can do something besides “spell check others” do not have to make personal attacks to make a point .”

    Oh please, grow some thicker skin, for crying out loud. Some of you people think that you automatically deserve respect or consideration simply because you exist. Where I come from, such entitlements must be earned. You are nothing to me until you prove yourself otherwise. You’ll get nothing from me for free, either. You meet me halfway or nothing at all.

    I grew up on the streets of New York where you had to fight with your fists or your words to survive. I remember schwartze scumbags coming into our neighborhood to try and beat us up for our pocket money. And why did they do this? Because we were Jews. Blacks hate Jews. Just ask Jesse Jerkson why he hates Jews. Just ask Louis Farrahkan the same question.

    I spent three years in Israel witnessing innocent Israeli women and children die from Arab rocket fire. I had relatives die in the Holocaust. I had friends die at the WTC on 9/11. I have no time for social grace when death lurks everywhere.

    “That DB is the sign of intelligence”


  28. By the way, donnaloo:

    I was raised in a household where nothing less than perfection was tolerated. That way of life is part of the reason why Jews have excelled at everything they have tried.

    The other part is superior intelligence. I know plenty of people who are brilliant but completely incapable of getting along with anyone but those of their own level of thinking.

    Give me a talented a-hole over a benevolent saint any day.

  29. Here’s another thing for you to chomp on, donnaloo:

    A mark of intelligence is how a person expresses themselves via the written word. It means that you don’t write in sentence fragments. It means that you carefully use punctuation properly. Above all, it means that you care enough to spell properly.

    A person slips here and there. That’s inevitable. But some of you act as if you have no regard for rules and standards regarding the English language.

    That’s right, I have more respect for language than I do most people.

    Nothing screams knuckle dragging dolt more than an adult articulating like a below grade level middle schooler.

    I was taught that if you are a sloppy writer, you are a sloppy thinker.

    If you are a sloppy thinker, then how can anything you write be taken seriously?

    If you aren’t at least trying to operate at your very best at all times, then I have no use for you.

  30. Dear Government,

    I want to be on record for saying,

    “David Black demands that the Constitution should be amended (which I understand is perfectly legal) BUT concurrently demands we stop treating the Constitution like some kind of biblical scripture (which to my understanding we never did…b/c otherwise our Bill of Rights & other Amendments…would be heresy).”

  31. Dear God,

    This is why I must repudiate your ideas of using ANY human being to beat up the Jews for their pocket money…b/c you create individuals like David Black to have an irreparable ire & ignorance & superciliousness &…

    What’s that?

    With him around we will appreciate the importance of Learning?

    There you go again, God…always trying to show me the Light.

    We’ll have to talk more about this later.

    Yours Truly,


  32. “demands we stop treating the Constitution like some kind of biblical scripture (which to my understanding we never did…b/c otherwise our Bill of Rights & other Amendments…would be heresy).”

    Oh please, cbsure, are you that clueless? Apparently so.

    Have you been reading the paleo-con and Losertarian whining on this website for the last few months regarding all this recent government activity that is un-Constitutional?

    How about we start with the whining about Kenneth Copeland’s treatment?

    “b/c you create individuals like David Black to have an irreparable ire & ignorance & superciliousness &…’

    Hypocritical talk coming from someone who thinks “self-discipline is overrated.”

    This is the reason why kids should be “seen and not heard.” Certainly anyone that uses Netspeak should be ridiculed and disrespected.

    Just like people who type messages backwards.

    And is it really THAT difficult to type out the word ‘because’?

    Didn’t you know that Netspeak is right down there with black hip hop thug ebonics? That’s right, how does it feel to be on the same level of language as ignorant dope smoking thugs who say AXE for ASK and drop consonants from the ends of words?

    The sad part of it is, you can go to most any school in this nation and hear decent white kids imitating this guttural patois.

    As for you cbsure, you are proof that our public school system in the United States is a failure. You are no different from those acne scarred and ADD riddled sh–heads who don’t can’t cogently speak, act, or think. All they know is how to work their thumbs over a brain wave flattening video game and send pointless messages to one another via small and overpriced electronic devices.

  33. ,BD RAED

    :SNOITSEUQ (2)




  34. Dear Steve Jobs,

    David Black thinks your small electronic devices are overpriced.

    Please bring your prices down for his approval.

    Thanks in advance,


  35. Yo! Hip Hop Thugs! Wat’s up?

    Guess who’s in da house? Dat’s rite…it’s DB!

    He kindly axe you pleez…stop smoking dope.

    Don’t make him axe again…u got dat?

    B’cuz the decent wite kids think u dare role models…

    So u got’z 2 b more responsible.

    U got dat?


    Later, my brothers & sisters.


  36. That was a rather poor G rated impression of blacks. You forgot to insert insert “f—” or “motherf—–” every other word.

    Why should Jobs reduce his prices? He knows dopey and illiterate gadget freaks like you will buy anything with twinkling lights.






  38. A Jew can never be a terrorist. Jews have operated out of self defense for thousands of years. Judaism is not a vicious and vile medieval cult that reduces women to virtual slavery and and forces other people to accept their god or die. Jews don’t fly jets into skyscrapers in the name of their god. Jews don’t kidnap people and behead them on national TV. Jews don’t teach their kids that certain non-Jews descend from pigs. Jews don’t sit on their hands while other Jews kill indiscriminately around the glob in the name of their god.

    Sorry, pal, if you are going to level Judaism to the same plane as that evil and murdering culture called islam, then perhaps you are one of those ignorant knuckle dragging crackers from down South who’ll vote for a loser like Ron Paul and not for a least a semi-conservative candidate with a chance like John McCain.

    You see, I’m a ABAD voter (anyone but a democrat). All I’m concerned with is a Republican victory with house and senate majorities.

  39. (This land is YOUR land…This land is MY land…)

    Dear DB!

    Let me be the first to say…CONGRATULATIONS! You TOO could not find a single difference…which is why you had to hide behind the great people of Judaism. To repeat, I was asking about ‘your mind’ which usually means…as an individual. (Unless, of course, you mis-understood the question? It’s hard reading backwards…I know.) It is hard to find the difference…until you look at your ‘actions’…you choose to express your ire online…& ‘they’ choose to express it…well, you know the rest.

    It’s important to note the word ‘terrorist’ should also bring to mind…the LTTE, PKK, Chechen separatists, Kashmir separatists, Iraqi rebels…the enemies of Medinat Yisra’el are not alone.

    But since you brought up such an important topic…let me be the first to admit…I am not smart enough to find the peace between Israel & the Arab world…let alone get them to shake hands. But I do have FAITH in the people of Judaism & Islam…that they will eventually find a way. Maybe not in your life time, old man, but maybe…in your great-great-great grandkids’.

    For example…

    What is the difference between a terrorist & the British colonial separatists? That’s right…WE WON! & So did Israel! Smaller than New Jersey & kicked the Arabs right in the nuts! Who’s NOT impressed?!

    & You bet the British hated our guts! They even tried again! Unless, of course, you don’t believe in the War of 1812. & WE WON AGAIN! That’s like rubbing our asses in their faces!

    Fast forward 100 years later…America & ‘Great’ Britain are allies in the first (of a trilogy?) World War.

    [I see the blinking light which means my rebuttal time is almost up…So let me close with this…]

    If Ghandi was born earlier…the birth of America & Israel may have turned out a little differently…& thier citizens would all look like Slim Jims. But what’s done is done…cest la vie…live & learn.

    I’ll bet you your gazillion dollars to my gazillion euros that in about 200 years the Jews & Muslims will be shaking hands on the streets…without the aid of a President & the future Blu-ray recorders. I have a lot of faith because of (2) possible scenarios:

    1. Jews ARE some of the smartest & hardest working people on Earth. & The Muslims will come around to see that in time…as soon as they get over the fact that you kicked them in the nuts (plus/minus 200 years). Anyone who is smart & hard-working is valuable to any nation.

    2. Jews & Muslims will realize they DO have much in common with each other than anyone else in the world…more than the Atheists, or the Chinese, or dare I say…Christians? Maybe the two will find themselves allied against a common enemy. (This scenario suits you best because you seem like you could be a fan of WWIII.)

    May the next time we meet…it will be just as fun…for the both of us. Because it would be a shame…if the pleasure was all mine.

    “Just because you exist doesn’t mean anyone has to listen to you or respect you.”—David Black






  40. I did find differences, you clueless fool, they just weren’t the differences you wanted to hear. My differences didn’t comport to your silly idealism.

    I accept the world for the foul and festering sty that it is. I don’t see it for the good that may result from people holding hands and singing “we shall overcome” like a bunch of silly hippies from the 1960s

    The are many Zionists like me that would rather perish than make peace with islamo-fascist vermin. I think the same way of so-called moderate muslims who do nothing to stop the extremism within their own culture. They are too cowardly to mount a counter-jihad. Muslims are cowards, that’s the truth, even those that suicide bomb and murder hostages.

    Since I know considerably more about the situation with my people than you, an ill-informed redneck cracker, I’ll tell you that the Muslim world will never stop until Israel is destroyed and all those that support her are destroyed.

    So get that through your thick stupid inbred head.

    I have answered questions before on my own blog and on other blogs, so I don’t know where you are getting this nonsense that I never answer questions.

    I’ll rarely resist the opportunity to bash islam for its inferiority and murdering tradition.

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