Dexter Yager: The World’s Greatest Networker!

Dexter Yager died on January 6, 2019. He was 79 years old. Some of you have emailed, asking me to write about Dex but his passing hit me pretty hard and it is difficult to capture his extraordinary life in a few words. Dexter was the world’s greatest networker and one of its greatest dreamers.Continue reading “Dexter Yager: The World’s Greatest Networker!”

Jared Kushner for Chief of Staff

Jared Kushner would have been the best chief of staff.        By the time this piece is posted we should already know who President Trump’s choice  will be for his new chief of staff. If we don’t here is a thought that intrigues me. The rumored possibility that it will be the president’sContinue reading “Jared Kushner for Chief of Staff”

George H.W. Bush – His Rank in History?

Last night, President George H.W. Bush died. In a hundred years George H.W. Bush will be ranked among America’s greatest presidents. Maybe in the top five, with Washington, Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and, yes, his predecessor, Ronald Reagan. It will be said that Lincoln saved the union but Reagan and Bush saved mankind. It isContinue reading “George H.W. Bush – His Rank in History?”

What Ever Happened to Russian Collusion?

It had been the hot story for two years. Donald Trump had conspired with the Russians to steal the 2016 presidential election. He had snatched it right out of the jaws of Hillary Clinton. Trump was called a traitor. The national media insisted, night after night, with billions of dollars of television time, that the conspiracyContinue reading “What Ever Happened to Russian Collusion?”

Author of Op-Ed is the Idiot, Not Trump.

I’m sorry, but the person who wrote the anonymous op-ed for The New York Times is the idiot — not Donald Trump. Obviously, the system for vetting such a piece broke down and is leaving “The Gray Lady” exposed. It all fails over the ridiculous assertion that “there were early whispers within the cabinet ofContinue reading “Author of Op-Ed is the Idiot, Not Trump.”

Thanks Obama, You Got Us Trump and He Got Us Jobs and Got Rid of ISIS Too!

With Barak Obama trying to get us to return his team to power, it might be well to remember the story of ISIS. When Barack Obama was president, he sought to defuse Islamic extremism by offering friendship. Obama berated Christians in a speech, reminding them that they had committed crimes during the Crusades of theContinue reading “Thanks Obama, You Got Us Trump and He Got Us Jobs and Got Rid of ISIS Too!”

John McCain, The Maverick. He used his setbacks as stepping stones.

. “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it’s time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain. . He was called, “the Maverick.” He was finally a man of the west, who carved out his own career that often defied any political party orthodoxy. . When you think of Senator John McCain youContinue reading “John McCain, The Maverick. He used his setbacks as stepping stones.”

Fake History Creates Fake Scale of Trump Opposition

Donald Trump and Theresa May had a good laugh about “fake news” at their press conference last July 13, 2018. They might just as well have added a discussion about “fake history.” All of the American television networks, including the normally objective, Fox News Channel, were busy reporting on the “unprecedented” protests against Trump’s visitContinue reading “Fake History Creates Fake Scale of Trump Opposition”

Melanie Trump: America’s Greatest First Lady? And a Great Mother!

We may be witnessing the unfolding story of one of America’s greatest first ladies, Melania Trump. And on this mother’s day, an example of a dedicated mother who puts her child ahead of other justifiably, demanding, distractions. Melanie has been first lady for almost two years and she continues to quietly and gracefully move throughContinue reading “Melanie Trump: America’s Greatest First Lady? And a Great Mother!”

The National Media Told Us That Trump Was Ruining Our Relationships with European Leaders. It Turns Out…

French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit. Then Agela Merkel. What’s going on here? Who is trying to charm whom? I thought the Europeans didn’t like us. That’s what our own news media contends. The answer is that President Trump is in the process of renegotiating. And so are these world leaders. Look, it’s all about money.Continue reading “The National Media Told Us That Trump Was Ruining Our Relationships with European Leaders. It Turns Out…”