Can McCain still win with a losing economy?

Can McCain still win with a losing economy? Today the stock market dropped 500 points in the biggest loss since 9-11.  And things are only getting better in Iraq.  It all spells trouble for the John McCain Campaign which has been living on miracles for two years now.  After all, Senator McCain once glibly offeredContinue reading “Can McCain still win with a losing economy?”

Why was Charles Gibson chosen to interview Sarah Palin?

Why was Charles Gibson chosen to interview Sarah Palin? This morning, a blurry picture is emerging over why the McCain team choose Charles Gibson as the journalist to interview Mrs. Palin.  It was apparently decided at the very top (which means Rick Davis and a handful of others) and it was a process of elimination. WhileContinue reading “Why was Charles Gibson chosen to interview Sarah Palin?”

The History of the evangelical vote in presidential elections

What is the history of the crucial Evangelical Christian vote and where is it likely to go in the upcoming showdown between John McCain and Barack Obama?   The chart below, prepared by a team I put together for NEWSMAX and appearing in their current issue, offers the most comprehensive and accurate account of theContinue reading “The History of the evangelical vote in presidential elections”

Has Sarah Palin spoken in tongues?

Has Sarah Palin Spoken in Tongues?   Last night a CNN reporter asked that question of Palin’s former pastor.  Because of my work as religious liaison in past presidential campaigns, I have been inundated with calls from the media asking about Sarah Palin’s church, the Assemblies of God, their doctrine and what this will mean. Continue reading “Has Sarah Palin spoken in tongues?”

The attacks on Bristol Palin

 Presidential Campaigns: When the children become the issue. The media’s cruel attacks on Bristol Palin, the seventeen year old daughter of vice presidential nominee, Governor Sarah Palin, are nothing new.   The young Palin is single and apparently pregnant and some in the media are self righteously, outraged.  After all, isn’t Governor Palin an evangelical Christian? Continue reading “The attacks on Bristol Palin”

The smear against MSNBC: They did not give credentials to protestors

Television viewers watching the Republican National Convention were probably puzzled over how demonstrators protesting John McCain could have broken into such a tightly controlled event.  After all, this is the world of post 9-11. Rumors soon spread that it was the work of MSNBC.  Some on conservative talk radio spread the word.  The only problem? Continue reading “The smear against MSNBC: They did not give credentials to protestors”

Sarah Palin Soars ! Liberal attacks backfire.

Tonight, Alaska governor Sarah Palin addressed the Republican National Convention and knocked a home run. It wasn’t just her speech, which was good and had memorable lines (but was also, no doubt, written by talented McCain staffers,) it was her grit, her spirit and her gutsy delivery after a week of outrageous attacks on herContinue reading “Sarah Palin Soars ! Liberal attacks backfire.”

What is Sarah Palin’s religion and why does it matter?

What is Sarah Palin’s Religion? She is Assemblies of God. Ted Boatsman, the former Alaskan District Superintendent for the Assemblies of God, was her junior high pastor at Wasilla Assemblies of God Church. Later she attended Juneau Christian Center whose pastor is pastor is Mike Rose.  Now, she is attending a more acceptable “Bible Church.”Continue reading “What is Sarah Palin’s religion and why does it matter?”

Why John McCain picked Sarah Palin?

So now it’s official, Senator John McCain has picked Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate.  How did it happen and why? If you will re-read my post of March 5, 2008, you will see how clear the process really was. The choice is much more limited than it may have at first appeared.  IfContinue reading “Why John McCain picked Sarah Palin?”

Obama’s Convention Fails

In my humble opinion, the Democratic National Convention was a political disaster, a wasted opportunity to present Obama and his case for the presidency.  And I have been very impressed with Obama, he is a superb politician, even a great one, and he and McCain are two amazing pros, duking it out, but that said, this DNCContinue reading “Obama’s Convention Fails”