Exclusive Excerpt – Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story Of His Presidency

As a candidate, Trump’s frequent refrain was “America First.” We should take care of our own problems, he said, before meddling in the business of other nations. But the words “America First” were also a reminder that other countries were competing for our attention and our resources. One reason Trump had entered politics was hisContinue reading “Exclusive Excerpt – Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story Of His Presidency”

I Interviewed The Trump Family For Two Years And THIS Is What I Found

Like others, I have enjoyed reading the titillating, racy stories that have issued forth from bestselling books about the Trump White House. At times I felt nagging pangs of doubt, wondering why the stories always have come from anonymous sources. Doesn’t anyone ever go on record nowadays? And why were so many stories later denied by theirContinue reading “I Interviewed The Trump Family For Two Years And THIS Is What I Found”

Trump Asserts Obama Committed Treasonous Act By Spying On His 2016 Campaign

President Trump describes how the Russian Collusion allegations began and offers a surprising name of a major person behind it. Not Christopher Steele, not James Comey, not Peter Strozk.        “The interesting thing out of all of this is that we caught them spying on the election. They were spying on my campaign.Continue reading “Trump Asserts Obama Committed Treasonous Act By Spying On His 2016 Campaign”

Why Donald Trump Is Right To Pull Out Of Syria

Donald Trump is right. America is not the policeman of the world. As ugly and painful as American’s pull out from Syria may be, at some point our endless adventures have to stop. Trump is one of the few presidents gutsy enough to keep a campaign promise and he is our best hope to closeContinue reading “Why Donald Trump Is Right To Pull Out Of Syria”

What President Barack Obama Said To President-Elect Donald Trump About North Korea

From the pages of Inside Trump’s White House President-elect Donald Trump’s first conversation with President Barack Obama was about the threat of war with North Korea but the most important details of that conversation and Trump’s conclusion have never been told. Here is the president telling them in his own words:       “RightContinue reading “What President Barack Obama Said To President-Elect Donald Trump About North Korea”

Inside Trump’s White House

Now Available For Pre-Order Inside Trump’s White House:​The Real Story of His Presidency Includes Extensive Material from Exclusive Interviews, Stories Never Before Reported New York Times bestselling author Doug Wead offers a history of the Trump White House with the President and his staff talking openly and on the record. Inside Trump’s White House: TheContinue reading “Inside Trump’s White House”

Dexter Yager: The World’s Greatest Networker!

Dexter Yager died on January 6, 2019. He was 79 years old. Some of you have emailed, asking me to write about Dex but his passing hit me pretty hard and it is difficult to capture his extraordinary life in a few words. Dexter was the world’s greatest networker and one of its greatest dreamers.Continue reading “Dexter Yager: The World’s Greatest Networker!”

Jared Kushner for Chief of Staff

Jared Kushner would have been the best chief of staff.        By the time this piece is posted we should already know who President Trump’s choice  will be for his new chief of staff. If we don’t here is a thought that intrigues me. The rumored possibility that it will be the president’sContinue reading “Jared Kushner for Chief of Staff”

George H.W. Bush – His Rank in History?

Last night, President George H.W. Bush died. In a hundred years George H.W. Bush will be ranked among America’s greatest presidents. Maybe in the top five, with Washington, Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and, yes, his predecessor, Ronald Reagan. It will be said that Lincoln saved the union but Reagan and Bush saved mankind. It isContinue reading “George H.W. Bush – His Rank in History?”

What Ever Happened to Russian Collusion?

It had been the hot story for two years. Donald Trump had conspired with the Russians to steal the 2016 presidential election. He had snatched it right out of the jaws of Hillary Clinton. Trump was called a traitor. The national media insisted, night after night, with billions of dollars of television time, that the conspiracyContinue reading “What Ever Happened to Russian Collusion?”