For 24 years, Doug Wead has been researching and writing about the families of the American presidents. All the Presidents’ Children, the first of two books about the first families, was an instant New York Times bestseller. The second, The Raising of a President was the first book written on the subject of the presidents’ parents.

Doug Wead’s list of the top 10 Presidents of the United States

Presidential History Blog

Trish Regan interviews Doug Wead

Historian, Doug Wead says President Trump’s State of the Union speech is one of the greatest in history. Wead says it invoked emotion and compares the techniques used in Trump’s speech to those of Lincoln, FDR and Washington..

President Obama, like many other presidents, was abandoned by his father and yet he processed it differently than many would, “choosing greatness over bitterness.”

Doug Wead is interviewed by Shannon Bream on Fox News

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