Why Obama picked the Steelers?

Duhhhh. President Barack Obama rooted for the Pittsburgh Steelers in last night’s Super Bowl.  Now, let’s see, Pennsylvania has 21 electoral votes, Arizona has 10.  Arizona has voted Republican in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections.  Pennsylvania has voted Democratic in 5 of the last 6.  Arizona, John McCain’s home state, was one ofContinue reading “Why Obama picked the Steelers?”


Ron Paul: The Little Engine That Could

  While the national print media dismisses him and television ignores him, Ron Paul continues to chug on down the track seemingly oblivious to what everyone else expects him to do.   Returns now in from the Pennsylvania Republican Primary show that Ron Paul, virtually unknown except by word of mouth, actually won 15.9 percent ofContinue reading “Ron Paul: The Little Engine That Could”