Micah Buckley: Better than Jim Carrey

Micah Buckley:  Better than Jim Carrey During a visit to Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida a couple of weeks ago, my wife and daughter and I took in a remarkable stage performance of The Imaginary Invalid.  It is a modern, Beth Millis, adaptation of Moliere’s witty parody of the French noble classes.  It uses aContinue reading “Micah Buckley: Better than Jim Carrey”


Inside the McCain campaign: what we didn’t know

Losing presidential campaigns always prompt criticism and “what if’s” but most savvy observers were surprised that Senator John McCain and his creative team kept it as close as they did.   John McCain didn’t come away looking like a loser.  He played a remarkable game with very bad cards.   I mentioned in one of myContinue reading “Inside the McCain campaign: what we didn’t know”