Coming Monday, who is the GOP establishment?

Today I received a remarkable email from a very powerful friend with much influence. A public figure you have seen on television. Here’s what he wrote me…. So Doug at Christmas Time I sat with my Congressman from —————- and he said we’re already talking about a brokered convention with Ryan coming out as  the […]

Exposing the corrupt reasons why “the establishment” fears Trump and Sanders?

Why does the GOP establishment fear Donald Trump? And the Democratic establishment fear Bernie Sanders? Money.   Both political parties depend on large donations from banks and corporations. So too do candidates running for office. What do the banks and corporations get in return? Money right back at ya. Big money. Directly and indirectly. Money through the […]

Strange bedfellows: Why Trump and Cruz need each other now

Today the airwaves are full of false reports from experts telling us how the Republican National Convention might become open and might nominate a new name. Karl Rove claims that this might happen. Respected pundits speculate about it.  But it simply will never happen and let me explain why. To put another name into play […]

How Trump Wins?

What does Donald Trump need to do to nail down the Republican Nomination? The last thing one would expect. Money. The last remaining, major piece in the Trump campaign is a successful, powerful, independent Super Political Action Committee to answer the bombardment which is only beginning.  And that requires money. No matter how rich Mr. Trump may […]

Why the GOP Establishment still thinks they can take out Donald Trump

Yes, I know. It’s getting late. He is way ahead. Even if he should not get all of the delegates he needs – and he will – there are many options, many deals he can make to win the others. Not to worry. Just start thinking about the general right? Wrong. There is a reason […]

Not so fast: Trump may still need Rubio to win.

3-14-2016 Anything may happen but as of this moment Donald Trump is headed to victory in Florida tomorrow night and that will go a long way in clinching his position as the Republican nominee for president. It will crush Senator Marco Rubio who will have been beaten in his own home state. But not so […]

Where will the Libertarians go? Trump? Cruz? Rubio? Kasich?

My inbox is full of Libertarians who like Donald Trump? Worse. Some like Bernie Sanders. What gives? First Donald Trump. Yes, I know, he is a billionaire who has worked the system for years. He openly admits to giving money to politicians to grease the skids. He says he approves of torture because it works. He would “knock […]

How the establishment will now try to steal the nomination from Donald Trump

Warning to the Trumpets. It ain’t over. It is just beginning. Below are a list of tactics that Establishment Republicans may use to block the nomination of Donald Trump.  Yes, I know. If they succeed they will not win the White House but many in the establishment will make just as much money under a Democrat […]

Coming this Monday, “how the establishment will steal the nomination from Donald Trump”

On Monday I will publish a point by point account of how the Republican establishment will now try to steal the nomination from Donald Trump. It will be completely documented with stories and videos showing the process from the precinct level to the State level and onto the convention floor itself in Cleveland. It will be […]

Rubio’s blunder is Trump’s gain in Iowa

  Doug Wead In the closing hours before the Iowa Caucus Senator Marco Rubio has made a significant blunder. It may be crippling his last minute Iowa surge just as it is getting off the ground.  So far, Donald Trump is the big beneficiary. Here’s the story. On January 10, 2016 Senator Rubio brashly announced in […]