Glenn Hauman and lies on the internet

Glenn Hauman and lies on the internet.

The internet, like the playground in grade school, is full of bullies and if a teacher is not looking, they will hurt you for no other reason than that they can.

There is the famous story of John Seigenthaler, who woke up one morning to find an entry about himself on an Internet encyclopedia. It claimed possible involvement in the assassination of both John and Robert Kennedy. And the entry stated other bogus “facts” about his life, saying for example, that he had lived in the Soviet Union for 13 years. It was all false.

Seigenthaler was the 78-year-old former publisher of The Tennessean, and he had led a distinguished public career. The story had been on the web for four months before Seigenthaler could get it corrected.

Yancey Hendrieth was not so lucky. His creative film work was hijacked by pornographers who not only allegedly stole his special effects and popular science fiction creations, but apparently stole his name too, claiming on their websites that their hardcore, triple X pornography was directed by Yancey Hendrieth, himself. Yancey, who had no contact or knowledge of his tormentors, went to the FBI to report copyright infringement but his long term struggle with Google was instructive. It didn’t matter if the material was true or not true, he was told, they could not pull the sites that were destroying Yancey’s life. He would have to find another way. His pleas are almost pitiful. (See sources below.) He had to stand by, watching helplessly, as his reputation and his life slipped away from him through no action of his own.

I know the feeling. My tormenter, Glenn Hauman writes a blog with the promising banner, “elevating the discourse.” But it was not very elevating to me and my family to read his false story about my life and now for four years he continues to ignore the facts and proudly proclaims his bogus post about my life.

Glenn Hauman claims that I am a Baptist minister, which is false. He claims that I co-founded a company in France, which is false. That I supplied this company with re-packaged Amway products, which is false. (And rather odd.) He says that an arrest warrant was issued for me in France and that I have never been back to the country since, which is false and a bit of a stretch, since according to Glenn Hauman’s post, all of this happened in 1986 and “this man is the same Doug Wead, who 2 years later, would become a White House Aide to the first President Bush, and spiritual adviser to the second.” Spiritual advisor? Hmmm, that sounds interesting.

Imagine that? Imagine sneaking all of that past the FBI and the CIA and ending up on senior staff as Special Assistant to the President? Imagine sneaking it past the Washington Post, Time, U.S. News and Newsweek and all the other news outlets which continually used me as a source over the years only to be caught by a comic book “guy” who operates a blog, which is “elevating the discourse.”

I have kindly written Glenn Hauman twice since 2005, letting him know the personal damage his false story has done to my career, my children, my wife and her family. (My wife’s family is French.) I have kindly asked him to verify his “facts” and correct his false story. I have directed him how to correct it, to simply call the French Embassy, that I have passports showing entries in and out of France, that the Amway corporation will answer his questions, that the managers of the company in France are still around and can answer him. That I will gladly answer any questions he has.

One of my letters to Mr. Hauman, correcting the story, was written when he was in Italy and for a long time it was posted on his own website as a “comment” but now I can’t find it either. Has he taken that down? He recently came on one of my blogs and invited me onto his website to “present my case.” Is this his motivation? He wants little hits on his posts? Would that be worth destroying a life with false information? Hey, controversy is good. Hurt someone, punch them in the nose and see what happens. You will get some attention.

He said in his comment that I should take my case up with his sources, apparently  Evelyn Pringle who writes for “Scoop New Zealand” and Eric Scheibeler. Well, I have done that. Scheibeler’s book is invoked at the beginning and end of Pringle’s story and appears to be her main source but when I finally tracked down Mr. Scheibeler he denies it all. He points out that my name does not even appear in his book. Not once. And this is “the source”?

So why? Why would someone I have never met want to hurt me and my family? One can understand a mistake. But why would it persist? Could it be my politics or my religion? If so, Glenn Hauman is wasting his hatred. I hardly know what I believe about those things myself. How could he know?

Seigenthaler saw his entry corrected in four months. I am now four years into my ordeal with Glenn Hauman, a person whom I have never met and many years more with Pringle. And the question that keeps coming back is “why?” Who gains? What did the person who vandalized Seigenthaler’s online entry gain? Why did the pornographers want to use Hendrieth’s name? And to the desperate reader, who has googled “internet lies” who is seeking answers to a false rumor spread about them on the internet, why is this happening to you? What did you do wrong? What do they, the people who are spreading this, want?

Someday a psychologist or a good reporter will make a study out of this and they will stumble across this story and others that deal with false stories on the internet and they will figure it all out and give us some profound answers. In the meantime, we will have to accept what our mothers told us in grade school. “There are bullies out there. And they will hurt you. They don’t have to have a good reason. They simply do it because they can.”

Sources for the above story:

The John Seigenthaler story.

And here is the source on Yancy Hendrieth

And on the MLM Watchdog and Evelyn Pringle


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

44 thoughts on “Glenn Hauman and lies on the internet

  1. There is no fancy explanation. Your mother was right. Now answer the tool profit questions I’ve asked you.

    1. This is a very disturbing discussion. In the first place, there is no time limit on truth. If someone lies about you then you should stand up and correct it and Mr. Glenn Hauman and his argument that it should all be forgotten because it was several years ago is wrong.

      Also, Mr. Hauman’s idea that he cannot correct his blog, even if it is untrue, because it would be censorship is not logical. This is the very argument that the negationists and holocaust deniers use. This whole issue is shameful.

  2. Ill tell you the whitehouse runs a tight ship. Dont you think alot of this info would show up on a background investigation. I do love the internet though. I think that jay Leno is actually a martian, and that he has breakfast with Mahmood Akmadinijad (who cares if i spelled his name wrong) Its easy to say anything you want about anyone you want. For instance, Bono from U2 has hair transplants from a group of Chinese slaves he keeps in his basement. Doug you are an honorable man, anyone who says otherwise is jealous of your success.

  3. When I look at the site Glenn Hauman has up it is a real joke. This guy would make the folks at the National Enquirer blush when it comes to journalistic ethics.
    I have been reading your blog for a while now and admire the research you put into your posts.
    Maybe you should change the title of this post to “Glen Hauman lies on the Internet”

  4. Doug,

    It’s absolutely a shame that Glenn Hauman doesn’t have the character to correct his smear tactics. Bloggers should have more humility and be willing to correct the record since it is so obvious that he didn’t check his facts at all.

    If Glenn Hauman isn’t willing to correct his false statements, then he has become just another mindless “Yapping Chihuahua Blogger” of no consequence.

    Glenn Hauman, be a man, step up and correct your lies.

    Doug, I’ve been following your work since 1990 and your wit and wisdom have had a profound and positive effect on my life. No wonder President Ronald Reagan spoke so highly of you.

    On Your Side,
    Glen Woodfin (Spartanburg, SC)

  5. I have known Doug Wead as a man of integrity, consistency and inspiration to thousands around the globe. Doug, do not let one heckler drown out the applause of the crowd. Reacting to slander like this only feeds the ego of the slanderer and distracts from your important mission in life

  6. Writers make mistakes all the time. Sometimes they speak without researching their facts. A source means nothing unless it is accurate. Newspapers in Spain attacked a couple, accusing them of murdering their own daughter. When proven wrong they published a headline “SORRY.” Who apologized to the Denver family destroyed yet later proven innocent of their daughters death?

    But this story is a troubling no brainer. The facts are easily verified. Check Doug Wead’s passport stamps. Did he go to France? YES. Hauman proven wrong.

    Doug, I wouldn’t worry about it though. You have gone public with nothing to hide. That is the right thing to do. Keep it up. Eventually this will turn on him, and he will be seen as someone without merit, or sources to back his info. It will hurt him more than it has hurt you. May it become his annoyance instead of yours. Sad people need to hurt others to feel better about themselves.

  7. Dear Doug:

    I am a college professor teaching psychology as well as a therapist. In my opinion, this is not bullying. It is actually something much more scary!

    First let me say that it is unfortunate that you must endure this type of nonsense attack. I am very sorry. This must be very difficult. I wish I could say that “Anyone with half a brain would not believe this stupidity,” but I can’t. No matter how idiotic people believe what they want to believe.

    When I was in my very early teens I would hide out in the library after school until I knew the coast was clear. I was hiding from the bullies who would torment me on the way home from school. Most of the time I escaped them. Sometimes they caught up with me. Why did these kids – only a year or two older – delight in pushing me to the ground and kicking me? I guess it made them feel better about themselves. Hurt people hurt people. They did not feel good about themselves unless they could prove superiority over someone else. I look back and see
    that they had no social skills and no family life. It is really rather sad. Although the same may be said about your tormentors, I do not know. I do not know them and I don’t waste my time reading that sort of nonsense.

    After reading what some of these people have written, I think this is different from my tormentors. I belive this is a war of ideology. Unfortunately you have been thrown in simply because of your past association with the enemy. (Sound a little like McCarthism? Watch out. It is rampant — on both sides) I have a friend who met then Governor George W. Bush while he was campaigning in Florida. He has the picture of the two of them together in his office and was even pictured next to him in Newsweek or Time. He is a Republican. I think he may have Rush Limbaugh tatooed somewhere on his body! Almost
    daily I get emails from him passing on some silly story about how the Obamas will not celebrate Christmas because they are Muslim. He really
    believes this stuff. He hates everything that is not Republican. We as a country have become very devided, Doug. People today see things very concretely. If President Obama says it, it must be good and right. If President Bush says or said it, it must be wrong and evil. The President continues to spread this division. (He still hides behind, “I’m not Bush.”) I believe that you
    are a victim of an idealistic bully who sees anyone who was ever connected to a any Bush as evil. Just as my friend believes these stories about the President, some will believe anything that confirms how evil the Bushes are. These are the people who believe in a Bush Conspiracy.

    Is it a left wing political attack? I doubt it. (I doubt the left wing would waste its time with comic book writers, who probably got beaten up a
    few times on the way home, too!) They hate you because they hate President Bush. They hated the war because they hated President Bush. They want decisions to be simple like that. No thinking involved. I have never seen a hatered
    so intense or irrational. Yet it is in style. It is vouge. It is cool.

    The ability to think was somehow lost during the last election. So many only saw black and white. Many Americans have no ability to see that George W. Bush could have done anything well or good. To them he is nothing but a liar and a war monger. Although he will not be a popular President in history, I don’t think that account is true. They cannot see, on the other hand, that Barack Obama could make a mistake or do anything wrong. This, too is not correct. It is
    very sad, because neither is totally true.

    Although it is terrible that you have to go through this, it is more scary that this is the way we pick our leaders these days. Scary, huh?

  8. I’m not sure what constitutes slander and how the courts handle it. You hear of people sued for defamation of character and slander. Is the internet out of reach of the courts? Couldn’t Yancey Hendrieth use the courts? It’s probably too costly and would take years I’m sure.

    In your case, Doug, people who really know you and have known you for years can testify to your character and integrity. Hauman makes himself out to look like a fool and in those wise words of Mr. T, Doug, “pity the fool.”

  9. Most people will judge you by your accomplishments, not what some random knucklehead says.

    Folks who achieve prominence in the public eye always seem to attract some kind of odd attention. I suspect it’s the same dysfunction that has led to much worse for some, so there’s probably literature on it. I don’t want to sound paranoid, but this much odd attention from a stranger would lead me to have the person checked out, at least. Who knows what can set them off – you can’t assume rational behavior.

  10. People that gain even the slightest fame/respect from one group will always gain rumors/hate from another. Unfortunate as it is, this is the way our universe operates. Try to forgive them and move on, there is really no other peaceful way out of it.

  11. Kerry,

    What you say is very interesting and I suppose I am doomed to be attacked by both sides because I like many things about both Bush and Obama and disagree with many things as well.

    Actually, long before the tapes, I became estranged by George W. Bush because of an editorial I wrote in USA TODAY, suggesting that his war with Iraq was more about avenging his father and responding to Saddam Hussein’s earlier attempt to have his father assassinated. And while I have great respect and love for his father and felt there should have been an appropriate response to Saddam Hussein, I did not believe it worthy of the deaths of so many innocent people. All of this was prior to the tapes. When Bush was very popular and my opinion vilified.

    If what you say it true, then the irony is that the writer, Evelyn Pringle, whose story was carried by Scoop New Zealand, MLM Survivor, Media Transparency, Glenn Hauman and others, was angry because she associated me with Bush and yet in 2008 she ended up angrily opposing Barack Obama and supporting John McCain for president. What wasted energy? Hate for nothing.

  12. Doug,

    Kerry is making a mountain out of a molehill, that’s his job as a shrink. Again, your mother was right. Now answer the Amway tool profit question.

  13. It is easier for some people to hate people they don’t know and to lie about them. If they don’t know you, they think you aren’t human and don’t count. Or sometimes they are so quick to make a point that they don’t care about the truth. What I can’t understand is why they wouldn’t correct it. That truly amazes me. That shows deep anger. but probably at someone close who they can’t talk to so they strike out at others

  14. phippscm,

    Or maybe they were dropped on their head as a child. Bottom line, they aren’t worth the time to address, unlike the Amway tool scam. If Doug is really concerned, he should hire an attack dog lawyer and threaten them with a lawsuit, with all the fancy legal language and letterhead.

  15. He who steals my purse steals nothing. He who steals my name… And this guy is stealing your name. Those of us who have known you for decades and are aware of your integrity and intelligence, and how much you help others not just here in the U.S., but all across the world…we would like nothing more than for this misguided soul to own up to his own integrity and take this garbage off the web. Mr. Glenn Haumann? What do you say? It is fair.

  16. historioso5,

    Can I have your purse? Just kidding.

    Doug should do as I said above if he wants to fix this issue, hire an attack dog lawyer.

    If Glen is aware of this discussion, he is smiling and laughing, making all of you jump through hoops, cussing and discussing the issue ad infinitum. You are his puppet, he is pulling your strings. It’s like wrestling with a pig. You get mud all over yourself and the pig enjoys it. I’m still trying to figure out whether Doug really wants this issue to go away, or if he is looking for sympathy and attention.

  17. I just followed the link that Glenn posted ot his website.

    Glenn, what does this mean: ” As for me, well, y’know, I’ve got this anti-censorship thing, so I’m not going to take the article down outright, but I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and striking out the entire thing.”

    What are you striking, everything still is up on your website. Its right there in the sidebar.

    Or are you talking about Doug’s and your own wiki entry? Your entries history shows some resent edits, and strikes, is that the anti-censorship you mention?
    Doug’s entry also has edits, etc, but he does not claim anit-censorship!

  18. Hey tex2,

    Get over it. I am an ex-Amway distributor. I bought tools. It was my own free will decison. I don’t care if anybody profited from it. How people spend their money is their own concern. When the time was right for me, I stopped buying tools, and eventually I dropped out of the business. I’m not bitter and I suggest you try to live the same way. If you feel slighted, I suggest you try forgiveness. Distributors are not lemings being duped by big powerful Amway fat cats, they are grown ups making grown up decisions. You should try moving on. Really. Seriously dude, give it a rest.

  19. Glenn,

    It is interesting to know you were merely passing along information originating from another source. It looks to me Doug should go after the ORIGINAL source much more than you. However, Doug has a proven attraction for the dramatic scenario which draws attention to the most important person in his life, himself. What say you, Doug? Are you going to go after the REAL source of the inaccurate information, or continue “tilting at windmills”, ala Don Quixote?


    You need to educate yourself about scams. You need to educate yourself about what has been going on in the UK the past couple of years. You need to get a clue.

  20. to tex2
    It’s not enough to simply read a comment, but to actually process the information. What part of “I don’t care if people profited from (tool sales)” do you not understand?

    We are all being scammed by a laundy list of items including social security and the 2 party system. If Doug gives you the answer that you are looking for, how will that change anything? Again, let me reiterate that I won’t “get a clue” about an issue that has absolutely no meaning to me. That would be a complete waste of my time. All I can reccomend to you is to forgive. Forgiveness is for you, not the wrongdoer, it will bring you peace.

  21. joeydacat,

    What part of “You need to get a clue” do you not understand? If you don’t care that others are being scammed, fine. I do.

    Actually, I don’t expect much of an answer from Doug, which simply puts one more nail in the tool scam coffin. You know, the one you don’t care about?

    If Jesus ignored people doing the wrong things, so would I. He didn’t, and I won’t either. You have no idea what you’re talking about. I suggest you read the Bible again.

  22. tex2,
    Within the confines of the comments posted to this one article, you made mention of the “scam” 4 times counting the “honorable man” comment. In my opinion, I think it’s getting to be a bit much. Doug reads these comments and saw your first one. Implying that he’s not honorable because he doesn’t address you is not necessary.

    Sometimes posts here can come across as scathing when the intention is not so. To that I appologize if I came across too harshly. I will restate why I don’t care and move on. I’ve addressed this issue beyond its worth already. People have free will and the ability to choose. One cannot be scammed if they simply say no. No one forces anyone to depart with their money except the mob, armed robbers, and the government. No MLM fits in any of these categories and no one buys anything against their own choice. Have you never been sold hard on a product that you didn’t need or want but bought it anyway? (I think America did just that in the last election) I pointed out that I do have first hand knowledge as a former distributor, that I bought tools, that it was my free will, and it is the same for all others who do. This is my opinion. I am entitled to it. I believe it to be an educated one and you are free to disagree.

    Matthew 18
    21Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?”
    22Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.

  23. joeydacat,

    I don’t care what your opinion is. I hope I didn’t IMPLY Doug is not honorable, I now have FOUR data points on this thread alone that PROVE he is not honorable.

    You are free to have your opinion on the tool scam, but recent history is proving me to be right. What do you know about Amway coming within a whisker of getting booted out of the UK, joeydacat?

    You made one of the most common mistakes many Christians make – taking a small part of a story out of context, and applying it to another situation that is not appropriate.

    An accurate tool scam analogy would be Jesus turning over the tables in the temple (it’s called righteous indignation), or telling the woman who was going to be stoned, to “Go, and sin no more.” Many people remember the part of “he who has not sinned cast the first stone”, but neglect to realize Jesus told the woman to stop sinning. In fact, there were probably other women stoned before and after this incident, but the goal of the Jewish leaders wasn’t so much to punish the woman, but to trap Jesus. As he usually did, he didn’t choose door #1 or door #2 being offered, he chose the unseen door #3 alternative, thoroughly embarrassing those trying to trick Him. There is MUCH more involved in following Christ than cuddly, warm, feel-good phrases. Jesus also said to turn the other cheek, but ONLY once. Thankfully, He doesn’t expect Christians to be door mats.

    You are misinterpreting the Peter story. Peter was looking for an Old Testament idea, a specific number. Jesus gave him a New Testament answer, which wasn’t intended to be a specific number, but that your forgiveness should not be limited. However, this does NOT mean you should allow the same people to repeatedly walk over you, and you meekly accept the victim role. Your thinking would cause a woman to “forgive” a rapist who visited her every night.

  24. I meant for you to forgive your wrongdoers (I’m assuming you feel wronged), in this context it is correct. I don’t see the situation the way you do (obviously) and don’t agree that your cause is some holy war. It is obvious that you choose to ignore my argument and instead continue to only concentrate on your opinion. I truely hope that you can find peace, even if your version of justice is never met. Thank you for the dialog.

  25. You don’t get it, do you? I’m still “turning over the tables in temple”, we haven’t reached the time for forgiveness yet. It’s not a “holy war”, it’s stopping a scam. I just listened to a tape by Bill Britt made in 2000, and he said he is buying a $52 million 737, and lost $50 on another investment. That’s a LOT of soap! Except it was mostly from the tool costs that keep an IBO from being at a net profit until they are at about the Platinum level. So you’re right, I definitely don’t see the situation the way you do. Your statements are ill-considered and wrong, so I haven’t ignored them, I have said they are dead WRONG. I have peace, and you have a distorted view of reality. My “version” of justice is getting closer every day, whether you respond to my points or not.

  26. “an honorable man answers questions”, so why do you choose not to answer the question of free will? If you will do so, then and only then will this conversation have any meaning.

    It is you, my friend, that has the distorted view of reality.
    In your extremely overstated comparison of the tool scam being like a woman repeatedly getting raped, it would only be comparable if the rapist only “raped” the woman after she freely paid him to rape her in the first place. All she has to do to stop the “rape” is to quit paying him. (hint, this would not be rape…it’s called choice…always getting back to that free will thing that you so conveniently have ignored for every one of my posts.)

    “you made one of the most common mistakes many Christians make- taking a small part of a story out of context and applying it to a situation that is not appropriate” Uh, you mean like comparing your cause to that of Jesus overturning tables in God’s house? God’s house is not being defiled here, this is about business and laws of men. Jesus didn’t get involved in such trivial things. I’m surprised that as a Christian you would make such a comparison.

    My other problem with you has been that you are accusing Doug of not being honorable when he is not personally responsible for anything you are talking about. Even if he were, your fight should not be with him but with the courts only. Trying to win the war of public opinion on his blog does zero for your cause, rightous or not.

  27. Which question of free will? Do you believe a business opportunity should be allowed to be severely misrepresented to prospects?

    I didn’t pay to get financially raped, I paid to get training and motivation, so I could succeed in an Amway business, not result in most upline profit to come from the tool profits, and keeping most IBOs below Platinum to operate at a net loss.

    Ever hear of an analogy? You asked me to forgive while the tables were still being turned over, or the rape was in progress.

    All I did was ask Doug a couple of simple questions; how much he made from tools, and if he is aware how much the typical emerald and above makes from tools. If he took the money, he’s responsible. I can discuss this issue anywhere I choose, you’re not the one with authority to take away my First Amendment rights, and the “war of public opinion” is much better fought on blogs than in the court system, which is typically secretive and extremely slow.

  28. Speaking of not answering questions, you haven’t answered very many of mine, you just cherry pick the ones you want and leave the others alone. I suggest you go back and READ, then respond, rather than react.

  29. Let’s see:

    “Kerrylittle” is projecting his own fears of bullying on Hauman.

    “joeydacat” ays:

    Within the confines of the comments posted to this one article, you made mention of the ‘scam’ 4 times counting the ‘honorable man’ comment. In my opinion, I think it’s getting to be a bit much. Doug reads these comments and saw your first one. Implying that he’s not honorable because he doesn’t address you is not necessary.”

    But, you know, Wead is still attacking Glenn Hauman for one blog post *four years* ago in which Glenn quoted a source (which he identified), and Wead pretty much says flat out that Glenn’s not honourable – and that’s *not* “getting to be a bit much”?

    Incidentally, you are doing an excellent job of not actually replying to anything that tex2 writes, and then attempting to demonise him for sticking to his point.

    Personally, having been interacting with Hauman for some years (though we have not met personally), i tend to prefer him as a human being over anyone involved in politics – especially a fundamentalist neocon, which Wead appears to be.

    A couple of things i found following up on tex2’s comments:
    “UK threatens to ban Amway”:
    “United Kingdom taking Amway to court”:
    “Judge Dismisses Amway UK Lawsuit – A United Kingdom judge has dismissed government claims against Amway operations there, saying major reforms last year fixed company faults that favored selling training materials over products and misrepresented earnings.” {In other words, if they hadn’t cleaned up their act under threat of shutdown, it would have happened}:
    “Amway denies operating as a closed system in the UK

    “On December 1, I wrote about Amway’s defense of its conduct in the United Kingdom. John Hutton, Britain’s Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise, and Regulatory Reform is attempting to shut down the company’s operations there, charging that Amway is essentially an endless chain scheme.

    “The government has demonstrated that only 10% of Amway’s multi-level marketing Independent Business Owners turn a profit, while only 6% ever actually sell a product to someone outside of the organization.”:

    Have a nice life.

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