How a GOP conspiracy continues to cheat Ron Paul

(Here is a note in a bottle, thrown out onto the ocean, from someone inside the conspiracy. I hope it is found.)

So, if the Ron Paul Movement has struck a chord, then why did he not do better in the race for the GOP nomination?

1.) Well, because it is a movement that has just started and it takes some a little bit longer to catch on than others.

2.) Because some already had a favorite going into the debates and were not listening to any of the others anyway.

3.) Because most didn’t watch the debates at all.

4.) And finally, ah hem, because there is an establishment conspiracy to keep Ron Paul’s campaign from embarrassing the Republican Party.

Oh yeah, I know, conspiracy theories are not allowed and conspiracies do not actually exist. Although, if that were true the word itself would not exist and you would not know what I am talking about. In fact we all conspire and have conspired since the first grade and some of the conspiracies become known, like the tobacco industry fudging its figures on cancer or the recent expose of the KGB planting false scientific information in the west about a so called “nuclear winter.”

No, I am not suggesting that a bunch of 80 year old Knights of Malta met at a secret location in Manhattan and voted to bring down Ron Paul to fulfill some 1500 year old promise to a French King. Or even that the Masons did it. Or even that the GOP drafted a secret memo. What I am saying is that he has been the subject of numerous meetings of GOP establishment figures and they have exchanged ideas and techniques for keeping him and his minions at bay. I know because I was accidentally and spontaneously in the middle of just such a conversation.

Last week I appeared on a number of television programs and ended up in “the green room” with a couple of GOP luminaries. One of the party’s most famous and powerful Senators and a former governor who came within a hair of becoming the vice president. You can guess which television network it was. We each had a book to promote.

Anyway, somehow they got into a discussion of Ron Paul and how his supporters had the nerve, the gall, the cheek to show up at “their” respective Republican State Conventions and practically take over. Each man described to the other how through parliamentary maneuver and outright theft they had recently blocked the Paulistas from embarrassing the GOP by winning “their” delegates to the national convention. They passed these stories back and forth with great gusto and laughter and genuine appreciation for the political skill of the other.

“Well,” I interrupted, “Why was all that necessary in the first place? Who are these people? Why are their ideas so popular? And why block them? Shouldn’t the party welcome such activists into the process? Is the party so insecure that it has to cheat to protect itself? And what will the people who got cheated think about the GOP? Is this a lost opportunity? Maybe the GOP got cheated?”

You would have thought I was questioning the Virgin Birth. They turned on “the green room idiot” and patronizingly explained to me how the nomination belonged to McCain now and good soldiers had to rally around the standard bearer.

“Yes, yes,” I said, “But anyone active enough to show up at a State Convention knows that too. So what is driving their activism? If they can’t win, why are they still fighting? Could they be true believers?”

There was an embarrassing silence in the green room.

“Well,” cough, cough, the Senator ventured kindly, “They have tapped into a strain of libertarianism that has been underrepresented in recent years.”

And then the two giants, men I both admire, ignored me, “ the green room idiot,” and turned to each other to exchange hilarious Ron Paul stories about how he had wandered off the range voting his own way time and again, seemingly oblivious to the inherent needs of the Party. It’s called voting your conscience or even voting on principle instead of “Party.” It is a quaint constitutional notion, quite old fashioned.

There is no question that Ron Paul is seen by the GOP as “the crazy uncle in the attic.” But now that he has escaped and is out and about and is talking publicly almost anyone who hears him thinks that he is right and the rest of the GOP are the crazy ones, or at least the wrong ones.

I had one more question for my distinguished friends. “If Ron Paul is such a fringe figure and we are the mainstream of Republican political thought, then why is his book on the New York Times bestseller list, and ours not?”

Hmmm, now that was a thought for the conspirators to take home. Can’t the GOP get into those bookstores and stop the sales? Or maybe rewrite the rules about who gets on the list and who doesn’t? Or is this bestseller business only a Liberal Democrat-New York Times conspiracy devised to embarrass the Republican Party? Or maybe Victor Hugo is right about the force of an “idea whose time is come.”

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Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

97 thoughts on “How a GOP conspiracy continues to cheat Ron Paul

  1. Doug,
    What you have written hear is precisly what many people have come to believe: That the party does not belong at all to the members but to the elitists within the party. There have been many accusation of voter fraud and manipulation of the results.,
    it is amazing that, despite the media attempt to keep Dr. Paul off the air and the party big wigs attempts to control the process, the masses who have supported Ron Paul (who has garnered over a million votes are still there and still attending the conventions, believing they can change the process.
    Sooner or later, they may be right. There is probably a very good reason that Dr.Pauls book is entitled “The Revolution, a Manifesto.”
    BTW, seems it is on the bestseller lists on the Wall Street Journal and Amazon as well as the Times. must be hitting a cord with someone.

  2. Doug…by 2012, this country will look back at 2008 in disgust that they actually believed, once again, the likes of either McCain, Obama or Clinton. The promises made by all three of those candidates are all based upon the wrong assumptions facing this country and its people. None of them have addressed any of the issues that will surface during the next 4 years, especially concerning the terminal life span of the Fiat Monetary System. As that system continues to reach its maximum possible lifespan more and more people will begin to ask questions, the same questions that Dr. Paul has been raising for years, then they will, hopefully, finally see that their faith has been misplaced and their government is a major part of the problem.

  3. Doug, you may not have heard, but the same conspiracy happened again last Saturday at the Georgia Republican Convention where the rules were voted for approval on Friday without a quorum present, but the schedule showed the vote for Saturday.

    The rules made it impossible to challenge from the floor the slate of nominees to the National convention. It was an all-or-nothing proposition. We tried to suspend the rules, but we didn’t have enough votes.

    Also, our State GOP chair compared McCain to Jesus in her speech on Saturday. I guess it’s not enough to have a leader who is just a man. Like all traditional empires past our American leaders must now be portrayed as gods or demi-gods.

  4. I did not vote for Ron Paul in my state’s primary, but I agree with some of his positions. As an independent voter, I’ve studied the positions of candidates from both parties, and I’m angry at how our political system does not allow more views to be heard. Isn’t that how a democracy is supposed to work?

  5. I’m sorry you experience that Mr. Wead. The truth is, I rarely share anymore that I’m a Paul supporter. I have many “conservative” friends, and the typical reaction is one of disbelief or surprise when I mention it to friends. Those close enough to me to share their actual thoughts are mostly dismissive and consider my viewpoint to be “wacky”. Those that I didn’t know so well…..the looks on their faces were enough to suggest I was being considered a nut job…

    Now I just keep it to myself….and know that our country is headed into uncharted territory…forgetful of our root ideals in government that made us so successful. I can only hope that I’m the one that’s wrong….but deep down I doubt that is the case.

    We all know what is going on in our system of “free elections”…it’s no secret to both sides…the republic is lost.

  6. I wish you’d just come out and name these people. I”m sure a lot of folks would like to send them some “disruptive” e-mail

  7. Thanks for this information. I wish I could say it was shocking. Everywhere I look I see nothing but Ron Paul signs here in TX. The people here are proud to speak up for him because he is the only one running for president that truly represents the Constitution that in turn truly represents the people. We (Ron Paul supporters) do not think he will lose unless the people let him down in ways he has never let them down as a ten termed congressman. He will be written in come November by many of the masses regardless of the media blackout or the blocks from the debates.

    The March on Washington will ring loud and clear and even then it will not surprise me to see the mainstream media water it down. Lie about actual numbers as they have about his other huge gatherings of supporters. I have seen people walk in with another candidates T shirt on, to hear him speak, and walk out with a Ron Paul T shirt on. That’s how powerful and true his words are. Thus the reason why they will never allow a full sentence to be uttered from his lips on the mainstream media nor will they allow any substantial questions on health to be asked of an actual doctor, or taxes, or our monetary system, in the debates coming from a man who has written entire books on the subject. No, they will only ask the kooky sounding questions to try their best to portray him as everything he is not.

    His voting record speaks for itself folks. Don’t believe me-look it up and compare it to the puppet candidates for yourself. He Never ever raised taxes. He has the answers that people care about (close the borders, stop the war, end over taxation, restore our rights and more importantly he will not allow our constitution to stay eroded to the pathetic state it is in right now.

    Do not ever shy of speaking about the true patriots in our country today like Ron Paul. He is our only true voice in this Presidential race and when we become silent we get whatever we deserve from that silence. Our children deserve better then the future they face right now from the inactions/silence of the prior generations to stop a government bent on perpetual endless wars, while seizing all rights to the pursuit of liberty. Will we let them down or will we vote for the only man who can help us also restore the future for them? Without Ron Paul the NAU (North American Union melding the US, with Canada, and Mexico into one country) will occur. Obama, Clinton, and McCain are all for the NAU. Not Ron Paul. If that happens forget arfuing about Republicans and Democrats because there will no more USA as we knew it. No more US Constitution. No more US dollar. No more middle class. It can’t get any more serious then this folks. Ron Paul is the only one with a different agenda in this race and that agenda is actually FOR the people and not power and enslavement to throw us into a global government. Sound crazy? Look it up. See what is written in the tex of legislation in the Patriot Acts, Homeland Security Acts, Presidential directives. Look into the truth behind NAFTA, CAFTA and the WTO. Right now they can trump US laws at a whim. Is that ok with you? Look at what the EU has done to Europes’ Middle class. They are gone. Drowing into two classes. Elite and poor. I know I have family there and what the press reveals compared to real life is very much like what we get for news here. All Lies. Forget so-called free trade. We have already outsourced our most precious of commodities…our rights and liberties in the name of so-called protection. The Texas Trans Corridor is stealing massive tracts of land right now. To help them usher in the NAU.

    All of these disaterous events would be reversed under a Ron Paul presidency. Think about it. Look it up. See the truth for yourself. Then get busy and tell everyone you know about Ron Paul! We DO have a REAL choice in this race, but no it’s not one of the media darlings who will keep this country on the same path of self destruction. “We the people” have to stand for the man who stands for us! The only label we need to be concerned about is “American”. Because any other label we hold onto right now will divide us and divided we fall.

  8. Doug,

    Brilliant piece. Probably my favorite so far. “An idea whose time has come.” I have encountered such a wide spectrum of Paul supporters and as I’ve stated many times- I would have supported him second to Huckabee.

    My uncle is the VP of sales for a multinational well known company- he supported Paul. My cousin is a young American U business graduate- he supported Paul. My friend from church who is an economics professor supported Paul. The clerk at the local Thorntons gas station- is a very educated supporter of Paul. A very liberal colleague of mine is a Paul supporter.

    A pro life libertarian will be very tough force in future elections.

    These establishment republicans are on the hot seat, and they deserve it for their complacency and their manipulation over the last several years.

  9. I must admit that this is the first article I’ve read about Ron Paul that actually was worth reading. I disagree with Ron Paul supporters about many things, but I must admit that the “Republican” Party has made a considerable effort to make sure that he doesn’t end up on television or in radio.

  10. The battle to regain the conservative heart and soul of the Republican Party continues. Today, the FBI was mailed the first of many letters to come, requesting a formal investigation into the unethical and illegal practices of a faction of the Missouri Republican Party that have disenfranchised so many properly elected delegates by challenging them without basis. The letter was written by a former private investigator. Additional letters will be sent by conservative Republican voters to various State and Federal agencies requesting an investigation into the matter. Jared Craighead, Executive Director of the Missouri GOP will also receive his letter tomorrow, alerting him to the formal investigation.

    The letter is from a conservative voter who supported a Republican presidential candidate that is no longer in the presidential race, a stark indication that anyone who supported a Republican presidential candidate other than John McCain before the primary is at risk of being unseated at the Republican State Convention in Branson, Missouri on May 31. A full recording of one credentials hearing in Jefferson City on May 5, can be found here, where Craighead confirms this in his own words: (begin at 3:35).

    Chillingly, this means that any Republicans who voted for Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Fred Thompson, or any other presidential candidate besides McCain in the February 5 preferential primary may be literally under the microscope, that is, except for Party leaders. Case in point: Doug Russell, Chairman of the Missouri GOP was in the hearing room when challenged delegates and alternates were being interrogated and did not stop the process, although according to FEC records, Russell donated $2,300 to Mitt Romney’s campaign and remains unchallenged.

    Conservative and Christian Conservative leaders are outraged at the apparent ‘takeover’ of the Republican Party by its current leadership:

    Additional libel, slander and civil rights lawsuits will soon be filed.

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  12. The answer is simple here, people. The GOP thankfully has neither the time nor the use for libertarian crackpots like Ron Paul. I could NEVER vote for anyone who would support legalizing recreational drugs, who thinks global warming is a real threat, or would abandon military support for America’s only true friend in the Middle East.

    I thought you evangelicals were down with Israel based on biblical prophecy?

    I’d like to also remind you people that the GOP lost its conservative heart ten years ago when its Senate members failed to rally enough votes to impeach Bill Clinton.

    I readily recall paleo-con bigot Patrick J. Buchanan’s statement from 1992 that there was a fight for the “heart and soul” of the GOP, meaning that his isolationalist anti-Semitic wing of the party was being shoved aside in favor of the more aggressively imperialist PNAC crowd, of which I can say I am in full support of.

    So this caterwauling about the GOP’s demise is very old news.

  13. Doug, thank you for sharing the green room conversation. I feature a video documenting the media bias against Ron Paul, . I am one for protocol. The party can be renewed by the Ron Paul Revolutionaries. The Republican party is tired and losing principle daily. Compare our Country Club elite with Ronald Reagan’s The New Republican Party speech –

  14. Your PNAC stance of being terrified of our government doing their constitutional JOB and this is to protect OUR country and not invade, take over, and be on the borders of over 150 areas in the world, while our borders are WIDE open in a so-called war against terrorist no less is not surprising.

    If there were thieves and murderers in your neighborhood would you want the police to only patrol areas all around you? Giver us all a break please. The Constitution clearly states the limits, roles and power of our government. Read it. Learn it because it is slated for total decimation soon unless idiots like you do not wake up and see how these groups like the PNAC are hell bent on destroying America and make us the hated enemies of the entire world at the same time.

    Concern for Israel? That’s a rich one…wow we never hear about our ally Israel enough do we? Let me ask you something…just how is America supposed to aid know continue to send them several million dollars every DAY…provide arms, fight their fights etc if we are bankrupt? How can we aid Israel if we are not even the United States of America anymore? If the PNAC get their ultimate wish to meld us with Mexico and Canada, you can personally tell Israel sorry the free ride is over because we need help ourselves now. Do you think the influx of millions of more immigrants will strengthen our economy? Add more jobs, lesson the burden on healthcare? Lord get your head out of the sand. In TX we are INVADED already. Our Schools over run, hospitals full giving free healthcare to them while denying Texans without insurance help, taxed to the nth degree to take care of people NOT contributing to OUR country, instead sending money back to their own country to which they hold allegiances to.

    For the record Ron Paul says his foreign policy would benefit Israel.

    In a statement released Wednesday to JTA, the Paul campaign cast those beliefs in a pro-Israel light. It reads, in part:

    “I do believe that our current policies toward Israel are doing more harm than good to those we profess to support. Our foreign military aid to Israel is actually more like corporate welfare to the U.S. military industrial complex, as Israel is forced to purchase only U.S. products with the assistance.”

    Paul said, “We have adopted a foreign policy that has left Israel surrounded by militaristic nations while undermining Israel’s sovereignty by demanding that its foreign and defense policies be essentially pre-approved in Washington.”

    He adds later, “The United States should take care of its own sovereignty while at the same time respecting the sovereignty of nations like Israel. That is the best way to preserve security and prosperity for all.”

    Here’s the link to his words.

    Yea what a “crazy” notion for our country to take care of it OWN sovereignty??

    But please keep listening to the PNAC and holding them in unjustified high esteem. They are after all the great groups of nuts who planned the invasion of Iraq way before 9/11 and in 1991 when Clinton didn’t go for it they made sure they had key players in powerful positions to pull it off next time around. Yes this group of wonderfully clinically insane nuts brought us documented statements like this-it would take a catastrophe on the level of Pearl Harbor to get the people to allow them to go into pre-emptive war. I paraphrased but you get the jest right?

    Do you have children Mr. Black? Grandchildren of a draft age? Think we have enough to continue to supply fresh bodies for yet another war while still in Afghanistan and Iraq? I have family fighting in this pre-orchestrated and planned PNAC war and they may die for oil and global dominance due to a nut case group that has gained way too much power in this country. Great legacy to pass down to their children they will leave behind isn’t it? Daddy died for oil, Daddy died for a permanent base to be built in Iraq. Just “what” did their Daddy really die for Mr. Black? WHAT???

    You can take you war mongering, death and destruction causing hate group of the PNAC and shove them in your nether regions. We have all had ENOUGH of the anti-American, anti-Constitution, Pro war, pro world dominance, PNAC.

    You do not need to write a book, the PNAC already has plenty of documentation to reveal their plans for the destruction of the US. It was enough the first time around to stomach it all coming from them.

    Is this all “germane” to the topic enough for ya?

  15. Davidblack2 if you are so gung ho for the dangerous, war hungry, and quite insane PNAC there is more concern for your mindset then Ron Paul’s.

    Ron Paul’s stance on global warming is limited ONLY to the power the Constitution gives him as a congressman to address that issue. I know it’s shocking for a PNAC avid fan to get it that some people actually abide by our Constitution and do not seek to circumvent our laws, ignore them, and abolish them for their own self serving and quite profitable purposes, but Ron Paul has never voted against the limits of what the Constitution holds him to.

    In case you hadn’t noticed we lost the so-called war on drugs decades ago. Look into the now deceased Pulitzer prize winning author Gary Webb’s book on the CIA and drug running to see just why we can’t seem to get a so-called grip on the drug problem.

    Anytime this country declares a war on “anything” we can be sure to see much more of it.

    War on poverty…more poverty
    war on education-more illiteracy
    war on drugs-more drugs

    war on terror?

    Well here is where your precious war mongering PNAC comes in eh? Endless wars for profit. Who cares if they are baseless, without just cause, and preempted right? Who cares about the hundreds of thousands who are dead and left in a toxic depleted uranium war land. Who care sabout the thousands of more deaths of American soldiers right? Iran, Syria, or North Korea…hum who will the PNAC target next for the trumped of lies of next new boogie man terrorists?
    Ever think we may just not have the next boogie man to fight if we didn’t stop arming them, training them, and providing them with the nuclear capabilities, biological warfare, and means to become our next boogie man? But NAH don’t go there, you may just start to think for yourself and go against all the brainwashing the war mongering and torturing, constitutional abolishing PNAC wants to make you think.

    FYI-Here’s Paul’s reasons for ending the sham war on drugs…. in HIS words. Careful now because if he starts to make too much sense you may just have a melt down.

    Oct 30, 2001 Ron Paul -Connecting the obvious dots of the war on drugs and the war on terror.

    I would like to draw an analogy between the drug war and the war against terrorism. In the last 30 years, we have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on a failed war on drugs. This war has been used as an excuse to attack our liberties and privacy. It has been an excuse to undermine our financial privacy while promoting illegal searches and seizures with many innocent people losing their lives and property. Seizure and forfeiture have harmed a great number of innocent American citizens.

    Another result of this unwise war has been the corruption of many law enforcement officials. It is well known that with the profit incentives so high, we are not even able to keep drugs out of our armed prisons. Making our whole society a prison would not bring success to this floundering war on drugs. Sinister motives of the profiteers and gangsters, along with prevailing public ignorance, keep this futile war going. Illegal and artificially high priced drugs drive the underworld to produce, sell and profit from this social depravity. Failure to recognize that drug addiction, like alcoholism, is a disease rather than a crime, encourage the drug warriors in efforts that have not and will not ever work. We learned the hard way about alcohol prohibition and crime, but we have not yet seriously considered it in the ongoing drug war.

    For the rest here’s the link

  16. For the record Ron Paul’s stance on Global Warming is limited ONLY to his powers within the Constitution too. I know, damn why can’t this guy be bought by lobbyists like a majority of our sell out elected reps are?

  17. Excelletn post.

    I have noticed a theme with those who write positively about Ron Paul–a sense of logic.

    His supporters are the minority with a sense of logic.

    The GOP will fail (eventually) for the same reason they are able to block out Paul–that reason is that if they saw things clearly they would agree with him. But political ignorance spills over into historical ignorace, so they misunderstand the forces behind us Paul supporters, that they cannot be quelched by a few clever tactics.

  18. Dear Truther–

    First of all, I know a anti-Semite when I read one and you are one, that’s clear.

    Secondly, in my experience, the only people that are against the war on illegal drugs are users themselves.

    I know for a fact that a lot of libertarians are pothead losers.

    The liberal junk science view is that alcoholism and drug abuse are diseases. In reality, they are grave degenerate behaviors that should be regarded in the harshest possible terms. It’s the same thing with homosexuality.

    No amount is too little in keeping clean and decent Americans safe from behavioral degenerates like that.

    That’s how a real conservative thinks. You are NOT a conservative. Libertartians can never be conservatives, please understand that.

    The fact that you believe in the NAU discredits your whole post. You truthers have never met a conspiracy you didn’t like, have you?

    ‘War on education”? That’s a new one. I guess if I let you blather on, you’d figure out a way to include the Bilderbergs and the Rothschilds, too. How about the Carlyle Group? The Tri-Lats?

    How’s that tinfoil hat fitting these days? A little too tight, from the way it sounds here.

    By the way, the word is GIST, not JEST, sparky.

  19. I like that you speak your conscience here. Ron Paul is very bright (I mean, come on, he’s a doctor and a successful politician) so anyone who thinks he’s crazy needs to give him a second look. I’m not a Republican, but I’m looking for more centrist politics to emerge out of these eight years of doom, so I like some of the things Ron Paul says. Good post.

    Cartoons here:

  20. Let me see if I get this right Mr. Black. You can’t handle addressing the actual “issues” you hear from me so you decide to tell me I am an anti-Semite? Wanna tell me the race of my husbands next? What my religion is? Good grief. Spoken like a true pro PNAC guy. Pat yourself on the back for pulling out the race card when you cannot handle it. Doesn’t wash here, but hey if it made you feel better good for you.

    Then you proceed to tell me I am a Liberal. Then you proceed to tell me I believe in global warming and incline that I am a drug head? LMAO

    Want “my” real opinion of global warming or are you just satisfied with telling me what my views are? Look up global “cooling” scams for what I think of the newer version of global “warming” scams. Same scam different decade. It’s all hogwash, just like peak oil scams. But it’s a great way to bring in the carbon tax for yet another way to tax us to death isn’t it?

    Your words brought in Carlyle groups, Bilderbergs etc. Are those groups of concern and great interest to you Mr. Black? I do not recall bringing them up at all. Do share what you know.

    You paint with a broad brush Mr. Black….you state-ALL people against the war on drugs are potheads? LOL Lordy.

    I didn’t give “my” opinion on the war on drugs except for saying it caused more of a problem for us with drugs. Are you saying that the war on drugs is being won? Lol Reality check please. Didn’t share my personal stance, just set the record straight for your efforts to put words into Ron Paul’s mouth too.

    Want to know what “my” opinion really is on drugs now? I hate drugs. Prescription and street drugs. I don’t even take an aspirin. No prescription drugs or street drugs will ever be found in my home either. We have more children being drugged in this era, on experimental drugs never tested before on children, then any other era of our time. The Mainstream medical entity has become the number one killer of American’s over all diseases and conditions. Yet we spend more money on healthcare then any other developed nation. What is wrong with this picture? Why? Prescription drug deaths-even when taking them AS directed, medical errors, neglect, operating on the wrong body part, and drugging millions of American’s into oblivion for profit and a future lifetime patient.

    Is that enough of “my” real opinion on drugs for ya Mr. Black. Have a hey day with that. I have studied medicine for well over a decade now and I am currently working on becoming a doctor. . Here’s more about me to have a hey day with. My son was vaccine injured to the point of an autistic label. Thousands of dollars later, and near bankruptcy, he was NO better under mainstream care of so-called experts. They wanted us to look for an institution for him and drug him to throw him completely out of his mind. I refused. Hit the research. Called doctors all over the world and family members who are in the medical field to help with research and answers to heal our son. We found answers and he is NO longer autistic. Our son healed No thanks to mainstream medicine but in SPITE of them. THAT is why I found Ron Paul. Ron Paul believes in freedom of medical choice. What a freaking novel idea for a so-called free society? A society that can choose what risk they are willing to take, what therapy they want, and whom they choose to treat their maladies.

    What did my government do when my child was vaccine injured? They gave blanket protection to the drug companies and threw all lawsuits to the worthless compensation fund that is run BY doctors, and for doctors and the drug companies. Insurance companies stopped paying the thousands of medical bills just as soon as the diagnosis was a vaccine injury. Nice, they eagerly pay FOR the vaccines, but as soon as the child is injured BY the vaccines, next to natural disasters and acts by GOD, they will NOT pay for vaccine injuries. Hummm. There’s your next conspiracy Mr. Black. Call me a liar about my sons injury now please. While you’re at it feel free to pick up the thousands of dollars in medical bills for his so-called non-existent vaccine induced brain injuries anytime you like. In the fury after 9/11 Bush then sealed the evidence revealed in thousands of cases of vaccine injuries so the public could no longer use the FOIA to access what we already lived through in real vaccine injuries in our home. This further bankrupted families who lost it all trying to keep money for representation because they then had the expense of duplicating evidence they could have used for free. You did know the Homeland security acts and the Patriot Acts have serious threatening language in them in which IF a national disaster is declared we face forced experimental vaccines and NO quarantine is offered. Children like my son who was already SERIOUSLY injured are not protected with exemptions from these forced vaccines. What about liability on the drug companies? Oh yea…The drug companies making the disaster provided vaccines (Remember Chiron?) get off scott free from any deaths, disabilities. or lifetime maladies stemming from those forced vaccines. I am NOT ok with that. Are you Mr. Black? I Could care less who else chooses (of their own free will) to get a vaccine during such a declared national emergency, but you bet your ass I have a serious issue if one vaccine is forced against my wishes on my children and my sons proven contraindications to vaccines are recklessly ignored and denied to be free from it. Before you jumped to your silly ass conclusions again…NO we never sued when we could have in the good ole days because the price of a gag order was not worth it. My son’s suffering is not for sale to be silenced at any price. That was the price families had to pay in order to get a dime from drug companies for their vaccine injured child-that was before this administration stepped in to give unprecedented blanket protection to the drug companies. With evidence sealed, and gag orders placed on those who have won their vaccine injury cases…it’s no big shocker they still claim vaccines are so safe and children like mine are so-called “rare” cases. You think that’s a conspiracy too Mr. Black? Live a day in my sons life when he was going through hell before you utter another word on just what you think my opinions are.

    Are you a doctor like Ron Paul is Mr. Black? Do you know more about drugs not being a disease then a doctor like Ron Paul? Please do enlighten us.

    For someone having the gonads to call me an anti-Semite then to say homosexuals should be treated like drug offenders in the harshest terms is really the pot calling the kettle black. You do realize there are chemicals in our water supply today that are making fish asexual and bisexual right Mr. Black? You do realize many of these dangerous hormone changing chemicals are found in the human blood supply too…right Mr. Black? Interesting how your politics makes you hate what you have no clue about. Nonetheless, science is catching up with reasons other then so-called “choice” for being homosexual. Look it up if you can handle it. Then again why bother-if you do not agree you will probably label the scientist as “liberals” and mark it all down to nonsense. Make a note here for yourself to realize I did not take a stance on homosexuals for my own opinion. Just in case you got a little type happy and wanted to try to speak my mind for me again.

    Then you go onto to declare this-thinking the fact that I believe the NAU discredits my “whole” post? You wish! Earth to Mr. Black-it’s not “my” theory, my suggestion, or something I personally ran in the streets to investigate. Look on You Tube. See the actual footage of the press dare to let out information about it. What if YOU are wrong about the NAU Mr. Black….does the PNAC mean more to you then the sovereignty of your own country? You ok with exchanging the American dollar for the Amero? You Ok with losing the American Constitution? You ok with no boarders at all and the flood of more burden into our already taxed country? It seems so since you chant the mantras perfectly of your puppet masters with their hand up your hind side. Who believes in “what” conspiracy here Mr. Black? The PNAC were proven liars…no WMD. NO real threat from Iraq nor one real connection to the attacks on 9/11. Follow the money to their members and you will see the only people who have benefited from these wars of lies. Seems you need the tin foil because any shred of truth before you threatens the hateful, harsh, war mongering world you want to stay in. This all from the same people who want us to believe we have to stay in a war where the citizens themselves do not want us?

    Who’s the fake conservative here? Lol Besides that I never said what my political preference was-did I? Guess you can’t help yourself but to attack the person while using your words, and not theirs, to avoid the issues they brought to the table. It’s none of your damned business, but For the record I “was” a registered republican and I was stupid enough to vote for Bush in a no choice election. I was waving that flag like everyone else…believing the lies. Now, I could give a frogs fat ass about all the political parties today. If the path they lead on us ends up in the SAME place they are no different. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it. How many democrats voted against the Homeland Security acts, Patriot Acts? Pahlease…a majority voted for whatever was put before them regardless of political party and with Bush aiding all their agendas to a majority of democrats as well. Wow, different sides? Give me a break. A majority decried they didn’t have enough time to read the 500 plus pages of the Homeland Security acts? Really, the truth can be found in just how “many” came out against it “after” they realized what they signed. Where was Ron Paul on that? Yes, voting records matter Mr. Black. Irregardless if people want to recognize them as evidence of possible behavior of someone after they gain office or not. They matter and they speak volumes of what people will really do if elected again and to the highest office in our country no less. Just so you can stop yourself from speaking for me again-Here’s a label you can attach to me with a shred of honesty-AMERICAN. All I care about is being AMERICAN. Remember that Mr. Black? Remember what it meant to be American?

  21. I’d blame Fox News, especially Chris Wallace and Wendell Goller who laughed at Ron Paul during the debates on Fox News. My jaw dropped at the absolute disprespect.

    I’m not so sure about Fox News these days…

    When will World Net Daily have their own cable channel???

    I agree with Paul on most issues, far more than I can say for McCain.

    I also agree that we need to redeploy the troops ONLY if they get redeployed to our

  22. I paraphrased but you get the jest (sic) right?

    “You ok with no boarders (sic) at all ”

    I can’t imagine how I’m supposed to take you seriously if you can’t even spell simple words. Then you tell me to go to a website devoted to silly kids posting their skateboarding videos to find credible support for your wacko conspiracy theories? You’re a joke.

    You are a perfect follower of anyone that seems like a savior to cure your problems that you can’t solve on your own, whether they be mortal or supernatural. All you libertarian nutjobs that I’ve exchanged posts with all play from the same script. You repeat the same talking points. You’re no different from the evangelicals in that regard. Get a mind of your own and move out of Texas if it’s so bad there. No one said you have to stay there, or even here in America if you don’t like it.

    I detest the neediness that so many Americans express. Too many Americans think that the politicians and government are supposed to look after them. As long as they invest in national defense interests and allow a climate for smart and savvy people like me to make as much money as possible, I’m satisfied.

  23. There was a time when the idea that the world being a sphere was a conspiracy theory. I think it’s blatantly obvious that both parties undermine the chances of candidates who have America’s interests in mind, rather than the party’s, and the media goes along for the ride. Kucinich, Ron Paul, and the American people have been cheated. Even though I’m no conservative, I’d much rather give my vote to a Ron Paul than a Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, because he’s talking about things that really matter.

  24. I will be attending the Texas GOP convention next month to support Dr. Paul. Hopefully, our commitment will grow enough in the long run to vote candidates like Paul into office and save our country.

  25. Shocking-more attacks on semantics, grammer or whatever the excuse is of the day, and not one real issue addressed………again. You are becoming more work then it’s worth. Attacking You tube is just like people who attack information on the internet when the laws and legislation of our government are right there in black and white (ALSO on the internet for the ill-informed like yourself)to see the truth for themselves. Have you even read The Patriot Acts, Homeland Security Acts, or seen the plethora of unfathomable rights infringing presidential directives? Did you know about BARDA? I have. If not…do as Ron Paul told idiotic Rudy to do…do your homework- so you will at least sound like you know what the hell you are talking about. Better yet….PROVE me wrong.

    You couldn’t help it. Like a person suffering from an OCD disorder. You had to tell me how I live and what I think again. You think you know who I have so-called mooched off of and what you think I have done right? Good grief. Just how conservative are YOU when you promote the PNAC that is all for a much larger government while driving our country to serious debt with China, while destroying the value of our dollar, while strengthening the trade of OTHER countries? Do you know me? Lol I Have never taken a handout in my life. If you KNEW Ron Paul’s true stances you would be choking right now to realize he is also of the SAME thinking the people need to have far less dependence on the government and far more personal responsibility. I could not agree more. There just may be hope for you yet.

    Again, oh ye who thinks knows it all and denies what he can’t handle…

    What if the NAU happens?

    Was it worth it to sell the sovereignty of your own country out for the PNAC?

    You’re a pathetic excuse for a so-called “American” much less the professed conservative pride you act like you are on some high horse with. Look in the mirror bub. The GOP has lost it’s way…REALLY lost it’s way. You are a perfect example of just how lost they really are.

    Hell no I am not leaving a country that I have paid taxes in, contributed to, and invested in. A country my family IS fighting for right now. How about yours? Any real sacrifices in these wars of lies you so fervently promote? Nor will I abandon the Constitution that keeps the checks and balances in this country. Betray it all you want- you sell out. If we leave and become cowards and abandon ship then we are no different then the people who flood here to the US from oppression in other countries. Not one damn thing changes for the betterment of the people if they do not stay and stand against the tyranny. No doubt this is all extremely foreign to someone who needs a sell out think tank to think for them. Again, read your Constitution. If you want a shred of a second glance to come to your own posts…actually address all the issues that you continue to run from like a scared pathetic wimp.

    BTW you are not worth the time for spell check or proper grammar. Deal with it. Blame it on the pathetic state of our education system…oop’s then again, that would strengthen my broached issue of a failed war on education….can’t have that now can we? Lol Check those stats on educational rankings in the world before you mouth off again and please do share the place the US is in education in the world.


    By scorpi2000 – May 17th, 2008 at 5:55 pm EDT

    I love this big ship we all are sailing in.
    The big ship called America.
    Best ship in the World.
    But those republican guys, who have been at the helm for the past 8 years, have steered us all in the wrong direction.
    Half of the passengers saw the storm in front of us years ago, while the other half just blindly trusted their lead.
    They kept telling everybody theres gold just beyond the horizon, dont worry trust us.
    Everyone that tried to say somthing got labeled a traitor, and accused of hating the great ship America.
    The other ships warned them not to go in this direction years ago too, they got told the same thing.
    Weve lost over 4000 good men, and are runnig low on rashions.
    Its going to take forever to get us back into calm waters.
    I think its time to make them walk the plank, so we can turn this ship around, before we all go down.
    Its time for liberals to take the helm.

    OBAMA 08

    by scorpi2000 May 17, 2008 at 12:25 am


    By scorpi2000 – Mar 7th, 2008 at 11:29 pm EST

    The manipulation of the facts or the intentional distortion of someones words has traditionaly been used by certain groups to discredit, discriminate, and demonize people, groups and even countries to gather support of the masses to follow the ideas or plans that the honest facts dont support. This is how slavery was justified for many years, and the salem witch trails. This is also how the sale of ciggarets was able to continue, even after it was well known the distruction they caused.

    And this is how George Bush gathered the support of the American people to support his vision of invading Iraq.

    Senator Clinton is using some of the same twisting and maniplulation of the facts that lead this country into an unjust war and created disrespect for the United States around the world. They used these tacticts to try to discredit your wife, twisting her words to make it seem that shes anti American. Also, as the news stations spread these distortions, they become accomplists in the misleading of a great country.

    The media likes the mud slinging and negative back and forth , actualy instagating the fight to keep it going like children on the play ground at school excited to see a fight, taunting the ones involved. hey man you gonna let him talk about you like that and get away with it. You must be scarred. Your a punk. dont let him say that about your mama, kick his but .

    If any parent saw their children acting this way, they would break up the fight and tell these children about their bad behavior. Wouldnt they say grow up, what youre doing is a sign of imaturity. Would they say your just as wrong for instagating the fight. there’s a better way of settling your differences.

    Is this a sreet brawl, gang fight, or a debate between two inteligent adults, mature enough to lead our country.

    We dont need any more of this type of politics in the White House its already done enough damage.


    Be like the Parent who is pointing out how childish and imature this behavior is.





  28. “Shocking-more attacks on semantics, grammer (sic) …”

    You’re right, I shouldn’t avoid the real issues, so I’ll start with the apparent failure of our public schools to educate our children properly, with you being a prime example.

    Which is why I support vouchers for private schools.

    “Blame it on the pathetic state of our education system…oop’s then again, that would strengthen my broached issue of a failed war on education…”

    It’s always someone else’s fault with you, isn’t it? You couldn’t get proper health care because it’s the system’s fault. You can’t spell because it’s the system’s fault.

    You sound like those members of the American black underclass who won’t take responsibility for their own failures.

    You are also no different from these fundamentalist evangelicals who cling to a book or a piece of paper without thinking for themselves. Blind and mindless robots just born to follow someone or something.

  29. “Weve lost over 4000 good men, and are runnig low on rashions (sic).”


    “Your (sic) a punk.”

    I’d like people to know that I’m not singling out simple typos. I do know the difference between typos and clear ignorance of the English language. I should know, I’m a writer, among other things.

    SCORPI2000, in order for this democracy to work, its participants must be educated. You’re a perfect useful idiot for Barack Hussein Obama, aka Martin Luther Kennedy. He’s going to take of you and your needs, right?

    Maybe he can teach you to spell, too!

    A majority of this board is comprised of whining about what the government isn’t doing for you.

    Here’s a tip for you people … let the government take care of its own business and you take care of yours. Our government has much larger issues to deal with on a global scale than having to worry about Joe Sixpack in Texas and his inability to pay for his own healthcare.

  30. Now this is a prime example of the type of personality that would start a world war.
    invade a country or enslave his little brother to make a buck.
    o da spelin of yo naim dont chain wat cum fro yo brane.

    Oh, the spelling of your name wont change whats coming from your brain.

    see ya dont wanna be ya DB2

  31. This blog in my opinion is mere conjecture.

    The reason Ron Paul and his movement failed is the same reason Mike Gravel, Lenden LaRouche and Rudy Giuliani failed this year.

    They had an agenda and people didn’t buy it! Plain and simple.

    Why can’t Paul supporters accept this?

    You guys raised over 20 million, had a blimp, had signs all over America, got on the Leno show, Colbert show, the view and tons of other shows and even meet the press!

    There was no shortage of Paul coverage. He got more coverage than someone like him usually gets.

    He didn’t lose because of lack of coverage. Like all the others who lost, he lost because no one bought is crap.

    It’s time to get over it.

    Paul’s losing isn’t unique or special. It’s just like anyone else in political history who loses. People lose because they fail to get the votes of a majority.

  32. If anyone has been cheating, it has been Ron Paul supporters; abusing rules to take over conventions and steal more delegates than Ron Paul ever earned.

    Case in point: Ron Paul earned a tiny 4% of the vote in Missouri, compared to 33% for John McCain, 32% for Huckabee, and 29% for Romney, yet his supporters were able to cheat and misrepresent their way to stealing almost a third of the delgates to the state convention.

    Delegates Ron Paul clearly did not earn from the voters. And they have been pulling similar tactics in other states.

    I know, my caucus voted overwhelmingly for John McCain, with a handful of Romney supporters and two Ron Paul supporters. These two supporters tried very hard to misrepresent themselves into being delegates. It was only after evading the issue for several minutes and an accusation from one of the other caucus goers that they admitted to being Ron Paul supporters.

    Had they succeeded they would have made up 2/3 of our precincts delegates when our precinct went overwhelmingly, in both caucus and primary votes, for John McCain.

    The fact remains that prior to McCain clinching the nomination, Ron Paul garnered a pittance of the Republican vote. The only way he has been able to get anything close to a respectable percentage is in states that are voting after John McCain clinched the nomination resulting in most people staying home.

    Ron Paul supporters are the only ones who are cheating as the two links above prove. Republicans are only trying to keep them from stealing delegates they didnt earn.

  33. Hi there Scorpio,
    People who cannot handle the truth are not interested in facts. As you astutely noted they will discriminate, distort, go on the personal attack, and do whatever necessary to get the people to stop talking about the real issues before us. The sad reality to me is that no one wants any of these things to be untrue more then those who do know what the issues are. Who would want such horrible things to be a reality for the country they live in? The NAU really is a huge threat to all Americans. It really does mean no more America for us all.

    If it was a conspiracy then there would not have been 14 states passing resolutions to oppose the North American Union and the NAFTA super highway. In 2007 there were 50 sponsors of Rep. Goode’s bill against it. The actions of those 14 states, Rep Goode, and his 50 sponsors, are in verifiable public records. There’s much more to the NAU. But a serious issue I see with these people who attack the messenger to divert the attention from the issue is that they refuse to do the work to wake up. They refuse to educate themselves on the issues and see for themselves the verifiable facts before them. I am done educating those who will never believe until they get off their tails and see for themselves. Few people I know will believe what they did not want to believe if it came from someone who tried to make them see something before they could handle the truth. Time is well spent elsewhere on others who do not know, those want to know and more importantly those will act to try and change things after they learn these issues.

    For the people who do not know these issues and the ones who are just hearing of them. They matter. They matter a great deal. They are worth the efforts to educate them on all the issues. If they become informed on these issues too then we can all finally pull together and become the powerful force that “we the people” can be for the betterment of all people. These labels that are being thrown out are meant to categorize , control, and silence people. By all means they have to shut the “truthers” down. I can think of many worse things to be called then a“truther” what about you?

    Then end goal is to make people stop sharing what they themselves cannot handle hearing. Our silence thus far is what got us into these serious dilemmas. We can no longer afford to be silent and I applaud you for using “your words” in “your way” to share your thoughts on how you have witnessed these same issues disappear with these smear tactics intended to divert from the facts. It’s a shame and a disgrace to me that the North American Union was only briefly covered on a majority of the national news. With the exception of Lou Dobb’s not much fanfare around this very serious issue. Not near enough for the majority of our people to get the entire ramification of what the NAU and the TTC all really entails.

    After seeing the blatant blackout on Ron Paul, the purposeful attacks by the media, Debate moderators throwing him ridiculous set up questions, and the betrayal of others in his own party, nothing surprises me anymore. Nonetheless, it’s no excuse to not do a thing. To just quit and think our efforts won’t matter Because they do matter. Every voice matters greatly. Every action accumulates. We all have to get out there and learn all we can. We already know the news is hand fed to us, watered down, and we could speculate it to be scripted right from the White House. I call it the clones news these days. Because it’s the same exact story, same scripted words, with the same people interviewed on every channel. The important issues get the small bylines while the garbage about Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie take front page. But the information IS out there if we care enough to look. If we follow the legislation we will see what is really before us. Want to trump the media…just what the legislation. There is our truth for what the plans really are. They will not build it if they do not plan to use it.

    The internet evens the playing field in the control of information and here again Ron Paul has that issue covered too. He says hands off our internet. Good for him and yet another reason to vote for him. Blogs like this allow true freedom of speech. We cannot be shouted over in a blog, our microphones cannot be turned off, the interview isn’t cancelled because we upset the powers to be in what we said we would talk about in the pre-interview. It drives those insane who wish to make the truth just go away. Because they cannot stop the facts and the truth from revealing themselves online. More reason to do all we can to preserve the internet and the freedoms we have in it today. But again, for those who do not know these serious issues. The lurkers who read it all and never dare comment…they will see what the mainstream media and our own government does not want them to see and one can only hope they will care enough to join us and fight to gain back our Constitutional rights. Fight to reverse the legislation that has slotted us to face many atrocities at the hands of our own government. Together we can elect the man who will not be bought by special interest, who has PROVEN he will stand by what he says and do what he says he will do as already revealed in his voting record as a ten termed US congressman. That to me is still shocking and quite the oxymoron when I think of any politician with the honorable attributes of Ron Paul. I looked for his skeletons hard too because he really seemed just way too good to be true. He is consistent, reliable, for the Constitution, for freedom, against this war, against over taxation, and his voting record reveals this. No he is not for all the government handouts either. But unlike many who have commented how they want to stop all dependence on the government and they want to just cut all dependent people off…let them starve, forget help…Ron Paul approaches this issue in a humanely way. A way we would all hope our loved ones would be treated if in that situation. He would wean people back to self dependence. No harsh cold turkey. No one thrown in the streets. Did you know he delivered over 4000 babies and never once took a Medicare payment or government check? Many people confused that with thinking he turned patients away and was one of those doctors who did not accept Medicare patients. Not true. He never turned a patient away because of money or Medicare. Instead he helped many patients for free who could not pay , or he took a huge cut in pay to help those in need make payments within their means. What a shocking thing for a doctor today to ever do…to actually put the health of the people they have in their care before money? As I stated before I am in the process of becoming a doctor myself. I do not plan to become rich. My priority is to help people heal and that right there is the major issue with healthcare these days. Ron Paul is a great inspiration to me. He gives me hope that we can be in the field of helping people with health and do the right thing to First do No Harm. How many families have been greatly harmed from losing all they ever worked for due to over priced healthcare bills? I will be able to sleep at night knowing I did not make a patient decide between their healthcare and food on the table. That is why he can sleep at night too. Yes we all want people to become self reliant to ease the burden on others who have been carrying their load. But there are right ways and wrongs ways to approach these issues and the outcome of how they are addressed is a great contrast depending on the approach.

    It is one thing to hold true to a core value if it has a real benefit to you, your family, your community or your country. But to go to great lengths to attack the messenger because they can’t handle the message does not mean the message is not true and if denying the reality before them causes great harm to those in their lives, and their country, then it really does a great a disservice to all our people in this country. It does beg the question how do they sleep at night?

    You were all over it in your accurate observation of the mockery the news and edutainment shows have turned into. Indeed they want a big fight. No real facts. The louder the better. At any cost they are making sure the issue turns away from what this country is really facing and into what they said to each other for the headlines the next day. As you saw from my posts above it is easy to be lured into such a trap. To allow ourselves to be sucked into mindless nonsense and lose the message. I appreciate your post for bringing me out of it and back to the issues. These issues matter and this is an unprecedented time in our country. The decisions made by this administration, and our elected representatives, will greatly alter all our futures if we do not inform ourselves and get involved to address them now.

    I gave the other person I was talking with in here ample opportunity to just address the issues all to no avail. That was time I did not have to waste and it’s a shame it appears to have been wasted on him. But I do hope my efforts to help others see what Ron Paul has to offer did reach those who do care about the issues and I hope even more that they will independently seek more information on their own. Not just take my word for it. See the information and facts for themselves. I thank the writer of this article for his willingness to at recognize Ron Paul. Much less go the distance to reveal what many of his supporters have already realized in sharing even more roadblocks set before him. That’s ok. Each roadblock brings about more determination to see him to a victory.

  34. I honestly believe that Ron Paul is onto something and the powers that be are willing to do everything in their considerable power to stop him from going any further. All you have to do is take a look at what his issues are to see why certain people want him silenced.

  35. tx4ronpaul, your words were not in vain, I heard them. and as you debate issues with personalities like that one, it clearly shows, without the topic, what we are dealing with .
    So let everyone be open and honest so the American people can see for themselves.
    You can tell alot about ones character thru their communication.

    Oh, I can tell your a realist with a good heart.



  36. Thanks Scopio,
    Your voice matters. I hope you look seriously into these issues and Ron Paul as a choice for your vote. I saw where your support leans toward Obama. While this country is due for a serious change I pray you look at his voting record for your answers in the direction he would lead us. As recent as April 2008 in an interview with ABC news Obama denied the existence of the NAU. In spite of the resolutions passed in those 14 states and Rep Goodes opposition with his 50 sponsors. Obama has access to public records that the rest of us also have access to as well to see those 14 states and the 50 representatives on record in opposition to the NAU and NAFTA super highway. Obama is against NAFTA and one would have thought he would have joined in the opposition of this. Instead he denies it and that does not address it or act to stop it.

    Our representatives will not introduce and vote on resolutions in opposition for a non-existent issue. It is noted in many places that Obama is a member of the CFR. Council of Foreign relations and he denies this too but has acknowledged speaking before them. We need people who will take us off this path we are on and save the US, restore our rights, and our Constitution. It is said that all current presidential candidates but Ron Paul are members of the CFR. The world is ready for a woman president and an African American president. But the US cannot take another president regardless of race or sex that will keep us on this path to self destruction. Clinton and McCain will offer no different direction as well.

    Obama has publicly supported he would not take pre-emptive strikes off the table with Iran. Which means more bloodshed and another war started. Like Clinton Obama has been consistent with continuing the funding of the wars. His votes do not match his words of being opposed to the war and wanting it to end.

    Ron Paul wants all US military troops to protect the US and not be spread thin invading other countries, inserting permanent Military bases in foreign countries, or controlling other countries. He would end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan immediately and not just bring troops home from those regions but bring troops from over 150 bases across the world home to protect us. That alone would save the US billions and bring funds to the US where it is greatly needed due to serious war debt to China right now and our tanking economy. It would also be using our military as they were intended…to defend the US. That is what our constitution limits our government to have the authority to do. To protect OUR country and not get into nation building and invasion of other countries without just cause or without being attacked first. Few American’s would sit well with foreign troops in their streets, huge foreign military bases in their cities, and being controlled by a foreign government.

    The mainstream media will highlight the pre-selected candidates every time. Those who get the most coverage and positive attention have revealed themselves to be sell outs of our country and candidates who will keep us on the same path. Therefore it is not such a bad barometer to see who is not getting national coverage to see who the real threat for real change in our country is. Thus far as this article clearly depicts…Ron Paul has faced nothing but media black outs, blocks from debates, and attempts to silence his entire campaign. If he was no threat to the current agenda they would give him ample coverage and just watch him do himself in. They know when he speaks the people listen because he is the only one addressing the issues that affects us and issues we want real changes in. Read his numerous speeches on the House floor. See his voting record. Look him up on You Tube and hear him speak in person. It will forever change how you look at a political candidate.

    I wish you well in your political endeavors and I really hope you look into Ron Paul for the future of our country.

  37. Bergmanusa, it’s not over until November. If McCain had the delegates and the nomination in the bag as the press continues to erroneously declare there would be no issue about delegates. He doesn’t because there is a big difference between bound and unbound delegates. The prior candidates who dropped out of the race do not own their delegates’ votes either. When you reference that you believe Paul has had his fair share of media coverage it appears you didn’t see the actual coverage. It is one thing to be interviewed with questions that cover the candidates’ stances and platform. Quite another to be interviewed with set up questions, and slanderous remarks meant to demean the candidate, and then go further to not even allow the candidate to answer fully or in some cases answer at all.

    For proof of this you only need to watch the debates (that is the ones he was allowed in), and see the media interviews yourself on You Tube. Sean Hannity didn’t even try to hide his extreme bias and loathing of Dr. Paul. When Ron Paul won the fox news covered debate Hannity flipped a gasket and Fox news refused to give grand coverage of their own winner and still gave coverage to the losers as if they did a thing. MSNBC did the same thing after their debate. De ja Vu.

    The debates have been timed and Ron Paul received a fraction of the time and questions as the chosen candidates. He still won debates with those odds and they still labeled him as a so-called third tier candidate. Yes, the proof is out there of continued media bias and blatant fraud of the political process where he is concerned. But as I said before it does not deter his supporters it only makes them more determined to win against those odds.

  38. American Elephant,

    The only cheating taking place at the national conventions is by the McCain group who cannot handle it when they see they are losing to Ron Paul. The Party chair called an illegal recess demanded by the McCain camp. Then the McCain camp was instructing their people to walk out. They are the ones who walked out, and illegally circumvented the vote not leaving enough people for a quorum. That chair needs to be voted out for so many serious violations. They are to follow the rules of the convention and NOT do as the McCain camp wants. At any rate. It was the McCain camp who wanted it all to stop when they saw they were losing serious ground. Did you read your own link you shared? good grief. It’s bad enough that these conventions have been stacked with McCain shills. But to throw this out is a joke. And YES Paul supporters have taken to the conventions because they get it that if he has a chance we need to get involved on local levels.

    It’s crap like this that reveals why we have to get involved at all levels and this type of behavior just makes his supporters more avid to up their own personal involvement.

  39. Thank you for this piece. It is true that the GOP leadership has lost its way and the base actually likes our “quaint” ideas. Our movement has moved past this election, into the realm of simple righteousness. Join with us, if for one day, – July 12th – DC

    …not to be missed

  40. My support for Obama does not mean I’m against Ron Paul.
    The situation were in today is a manifestaion that took many years.
    I think Obama is the first step in a direction away from the status quo. In the direction that may open doors for people like Ron Paul.
    This change of direction, with so many people of diverse cultures coming together. is just the beginning. If Ron Paul could have made it this far thru the jungle of oppression
    I would probably be voting for him.
    Dont give up I think Our destinations are the same.
    A change of this magnitude is going to take an effort from everyone trying to get to a better place. (PEACE AND PROSPERITY FOR AMERICA)






    I think the media is owned and or controLled by the same group that wants to stay in power. The will or wants of the majority of the American people are secondary to the goal of the controlling elite. The media is a tool they use to convince the public to support thier agenda. Example: All tv and radio stations are owned by someone. Who ever that is has control over the content and views of its comentators. Who ever controls the flow of information also controls what most people believe. So for example: Bush was trying to get every one to support him in his efforts to invade Iraq and many people were against it including the U.N. and many other countries. Anyone that protested his desicion were demonized, accussed of being anti American, unpatiotic, and publicly portrayed by the media as the vilian. If I remember correctly some comentators were even fired for voicing thier opinion against going to war. Many of the politicians who actualy disagreed with going to war, were afraid they would be portrayed as being unamerican if they voted against it. Afraid that the media would demonize them and destroy thier political carriers.

    I also remember when Bush was running for office and the media said he was loosing, he said he had some friends in the media, made a phone call, and before my eyes the media changed thier position.




  42. Scorpio,
    You pose valid questions about the media. The focus I would like to see is the people realize they have a lot of power in what they choose to watch, the sponsors they select to buy from, and the way in which they contribute to the power and control the media giants have gained.

    These media outlets need sponsors to continue to gain wealth that in turn translates into more power to control more information. Less money means less power and less investors. If we stop buying from their sponsors we hit them where it hurts most. Stop watching their programs and stop contributing to helping them show a larger viewership and that translates into less sponsors and investors for them. It does matter that when you disagree with the content of a media outlet to contact their sponsors first and let “them” know you will not buy their products because of the media outlet they chose to advertise in. Your efforts will have a far greater impact verses contacting the newspaper, magazine, or TV and radio show first. But those efforts matter too. If they get nothing but negative feedback for content not approved by the masses they will get it eventually that it will translate into serious losses financially.

    Just as the big oil companies were allowed to gobble up the smaller ones while keeping the same names of the companies they devoured, the same monopoly enabling capabilities have been give to these giants in the media ownership circles since approx 1995. Since then we no longer have a vast array of many owners, independent views or real journalism outside of the net. When we have the giants taking over the competition, keeping the same names so the public is no wiser, it is deception at its worse. But the change in content of those media outlets reveals itself that serious changes have taken place and the ownership has shifted elsewhere. The people will recognize the clones news of the giant that bought them every time because it is the same news all over. No individualism. No real independent journalism. The same thing. Same message same social conditioning to get the people to all believe the same things. .

    Fox news was a blip on the radar a few elections ago. Now look at them.

    I agree it is important to see who owns what to understand what information reaches the masses, what information is blocked, and why it is presented the way it is. It’s no secret that Fox news is basically the mouthpiece for the Bush administration. But, when Clinton was in office CNN was touted as being an acronym for the Clinton News Network.

    When we have no real difference in the end goal of popular candidates the media will reflect their bias and shift information control when the next pre-selected candidate gains power.

    You are correct in the fact that many journalists have faced ruined careers because they refused to ignore real news and they refused to be used to steer the people astray. There is a movie all about Fox news and in it they interview former employees who reveal the harassment they faced, threats, and total control of all content of work presented to the public. I see those few rare journalists as the true heroes in journalism today. The sad reality is that they lose the power to reach the masses when their careers have been ruined. They need our support to show other journalists that the people will support and back them against all odds, lest we wish to never be able to believe another thing we see or read on TV and in newspapers.

    Here is one link that highlights 20 of those ever disappearing journalist who tried to do the right thing for the people and just report the news instead of helping special interest “create” and invent it.

    Twenty leading journalists, including winners of several Emmys and a Pulitzer, have described being prevented by corporate media ownership from reporting riveting stories on major cover-ups.

  43. tx4ronpaul, you are one deep individual .
    You need to be heard.
    I flip around to alot of news stations to see who’s projecting what perspectives.
    I’ve recently seen a shift in perspectives.
    What your saying is happening as we communicate.
    The people are being heard.
    This democratic campaign has exsposed alot.
    The questions of media bias are poping up everywhere.
    People are no longer afraid to question them.
    Now they are questioning themselves.


  44. The only cheating taking place at the national conventions is by the McCain group who cannot handle it when they see they are losing to Ron Paul.

    As I said, Ron Paul got only 4% of the vote in Missouri, yet his supporters were able to weasel their way to stealing nearly a third of the delegates. And I provided the evidence to prove it.

    McCain is not losing to Ron Paul. Ron Paul LOST, past tense, to John McCain, Mitt Romney, and even Mike Huckabee beat him by more than 2 million votes. The ONLY candidates Ron Paul has managed to get more votes than are the ones who dropped out of the race long ago.

    It takes some serious disconnection from reality to consider this beating anyone, and to consider turning 4% support from actual voters into 33% of the delegates anything but cheating and theft. No wonder Ron Paul and his supporters have the reputation they do.

  45. American Elephant:
    Your words are just as misleading as the link you shared.

    “His supporters were able to WEASEL their way into STEALING nearly a third of the delegates.”

    Here’s what the article said-
    Last month Paul forces READ the party rule book in Missouri and elected about a third of the delegates to the state convention that will pick the delegates to the national convention.

    Translation for weasel and steal: Pauls’ supporters READ the rules.

    How dare they have a good well organized group who READS the rules and follows them to their advantage. The nerve!

    Then the article says:

    Last weekend in Nevada they drove through a rules change in the state party convention that halted the approval of pre-approved slates of convention delegates as a means to eventually substitute their own supporters to travel to St. Paul and boost Paul’s delegate totals for platform and other struggles this fall.

    Notice how this writer of this article is quite misleading and not shocking -bias. Give me a break…they DROVE through a rules change. They do this all the time and when it is to the advantage of the preferred puppets no one makes a peep. Again, RP supporters out maneuvered McCain’s and they did it by the book. The same cannot be said for all these Mc “insaners” who took their bat and went home and forfeited the whole game.

    The article then says:
    Taken by surprise the convention organizers and the McCain camp, which for instance had no supply of campaign signs to compete with the blizzard of Paul signs, eventually adjourned the convention in chaos without electing any delegates.

    Taken by surprise? They showed up in mass numbers because Paul has supporters who will show up for him. This article reflects huge RP support and McCain’s support was outnumbered. No big shocker there since a majority of conservatives can’t stand McINsane.

    Then the article reads:
    Using sophisticated communications techniques on the Nevada convention floor in Reno, Paul supporters transmitted mass text messaging to maneuver and direct their troops. When Paul appeared to speak, the ovation was thunderous.

    “Sophisticated communications techniques?” LMAO. How about calling it what it is. A cheap device a majority of kids use today. It’s called texting. But it sounds like a dark secret weapon used by RP camps in this pathetic article. This article is a perfect example of blatant media bias.

    When was it a crime to be a well organized group who reads the rules and garners massive support for those efforts? If this would have happened for McInsane his camp would have received accolades from the press for going the distance for him. But McInsane doesn’t have supporters willing to make their own signs, use their own dime and time. Thus the reason why he has spent a fortune to the tune he is facing a lawsuit over financing in his campaign. He has to buy his support, get free coverage, and hope the media continues to cover his screwed up past of betraying his own troops.

    I would HOPE McCain would have a a much larger showing then he got. The reality is-these puppet pre-selected candidates have had polls running to shift public opinion on them YEARS before the election. They have had massive media coverage and massive media cover up of their screw ups and scandals. So yea, when it’s all handed to them on a silver platter they should have a good showing.

    That is why Paul supporters do not sit at home and hope a candidate who has massive odds stacked against him will somehow miraculously do better. When he isn’t even placed on the polls for selection…yep no one can choose him can they? When he isn’t placed on the ballots he isn’t going to be selected either is he? When the media lies and says he dropped out…people who believe it are going to move on. Tell me one other media darling candidate that has faced a shred of this crap they have thrown at Ron Paul? More importantly if he is no threat why all the efforts? Good grief.

    The bottom line is that nothing is sealed until September. Even then McInsane hurts the GOP and unless he CHEATS he will not win. Then again seeing how Diebold is STILL set in a majority of voting districts for delegates…it could just be a landslide for the new nut Presidential hopeful. Will you decry cheating them? Nah…. doesn’t matter if it’s the guy you want right?

    Just be careful of what you ask for because you just might get it.

    At any rate I did not say Paul was going to win the whole thing. I was talking about that one instance. With these odds it would take an act of God to pull it off for RP. Bush and Huckabee seem to think they have that market cornered already.

  46. Thinking of voting for McCain?

    McCain’s YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare

    Why Won’t McCain Sign the GI Bill?

    John McCain’s Lobbyist Friends

    John McCain vs. John McCain

    McCain has lost touch with reality.

    Vietnam Veterans Against McCain


    Coulter: I’ll campaign for Hillary if McCain is the nominee

    Tom DeLay: John McCain Has Done the Most to Hurt the GOP

    Limbaugh Rails Against McCain

    Ron Paul exposes John McCain

    January 31, 2008: Terry Jeffrey Defends Ron Paul over McCain

    The Haunting of McCain: Starring Ron Paul

    Giuliani Admits Ron Paul Won All The Debates

    Ron Paul wins the Debate Fox says no.

    Ron Paul Wins 1st GOP Debate

    Ron Paul wins ANOTHER debate

    Ron Paul wins 13 weeks in a row

    John McCain v Ron Paul : A War with a Background

    CNN polls show people want RON PAUL

    Ron Paul supporters swamp Florida straw poll

    Part 2 Ron Paul wins Alabama Republican Straw Poll with 81%

    ‘Long Shot’ Beats McCain in Nevada, Romney in Louisiana.

    Paul vs McCain the Movie

    Ron Paul enters top tier… McCain vanishes.

    Fox news has excluded Ron Paul from the New Hampshire debate


    Ron Paul EXCLUDED from january 6th candidate forum

    Ron Paul Missing from Ballot in Rockland County, NY

    Ron Paul – Now The Boston Globe Changed Their Story

    New Hampshire ‘Diebold Voting Machines’ Hacked

    Ron Paul Does Not Exist (WA state phone poll) 02-08-

    Ron Paul Missing from Ballot in Rockland County, NY

    Tyranny at the Texas Straw Poll Ron Paul

    Ron Paul Straw Poll Corruption St. Petersberg

    McCain Wins Nomination?

    ABC News Lies about Ron Paul dropping out of the race…ul-to-dro.html

    CBNS News Excludes Ron Paul from Candidate profile
    CBS News runs a series on the Evening News, but they’re leaving out the candidate whose raised the most money this quarter:

    Ron Paul Signs not allowed in Florida

    Security trying to take our Ron Paul signs away at Marlins ball game

    Ron Paul – Supporter Forced To Remove Campaign Sign Orlando Fl

    ABC CAUGHT censoring Ron Paul support to favor Mitt Romney!!

    CNN Censorship of Ron Paul support (video proof)

    MySpace Censoring Ron Paul Supporters *WATCH IN FULL SCREEN*

    Texas Local Gov’t Forcefully Overthrows Paul Delegates!

    Texas Straw Poll – Ron Paul Delegates Turned Away

    Springfield IL Ron Paul sign ordinance media coverage

    CNN Reports Ron paul Drops Out

    Paul says he’s still in the race: No John McCain endorsement

    Barry Goldwater endorses Ron Paul, the TRUE conservative!

    Pat Buchanan supports Ron Paul not John Mccain

    RON PAUL’s endorsements grow…

    Is it really surprising at all how the puppet candidates gain support? And they say Ron Paul supporters, cheat, lie, etc? Give me a break

    They are not quitting.

    They are becoming delegates

    They have started a Ron Paul Write In Revolution

    They are more determined

    March in Washington

    Have you looked at Ron Paul to see why he could ever garner such loyalty in his supporters against so many odds?

    The question remains….will the people allow the media to pick another sell out President for them…”again” or will they select the right man for the job?

    Here’s a new headline this week…

    McCain Defends ‘Enron Loophole’

    Yea McCain will be a far stretch from what we’ve already endured.. Looks like Rove will be replaced by Gramm. Get ready for higher electricity and gas. More war, NAU etc.

  47. Just mention the word “conspiracy” and every redneck kook emerges from their parents’ basement spouting the same old discredited nonsense.

    This proves yet again that the Ron Paul campaign is the home of America’s freak fringe. It’s the same people that listen to Coast ot Coast on late night radio, look for black helicopters, and are suspicious of the Skull and Bones society, among other paranoid delusions. They are America’s running joke.

  48. Mr. Black
    It’s sad to see that you are just another antagonists. You don’t know where your country is headed and you do not know the destruction of the groups you support. I highly suspect you will have no remorse for the actions of the man you support for president should he win and inevitably continue us on this path of destruction we are on. I do have remorse for voting for Bush. For the millions who have died from his war of lies. For the rights we have lost in the name of so-called protection and for the Constitution that has been incrementally dismantled by a man I helped to put into office.

    You can stay in your fish bowl while your country is sold to the highest bidder to be recognizable no more. Or you can realize we sometimes get no second chance. The NAU is a reality that only the people can change. They have not taken nuclear first strike attacks off the table with Iran.

    You have not answered one question of substance. Like what sacrifices have you made for all these wars the leaders/groups you hail have started? In return you only attack. Do you know what you stand for or is anything worth standing for to you? I feel sorry for you. To go through life in chosen ignorance is no excuse for betraying your own country and our future generations who are depending on our generations to straighten out this mess they will inherit. They used to call them cowards and traitors. I am sure there are plenty of names today that are much more politically correct. Doesn’t matter, the only name that matters is American. Because all other names and labels will only divide us. Only you can decide when you can handle the world as it really is. Hopefully if you wake up you will care enough to help reverse the damages for the people in your lives that will have to deal with the aftermath caused from the silence and inaction of people like you who would rather attack then act.

    Coast to Coast? Is that something you watch? I’ve heard it and I can’t stand Joyce O’Rielly. She’s an antagonists like you. Wants to rile everyone else to run in the streets like nuts while she collects funds from vets and doesn’t help them. No, sorry she’s not someone I would care to promote and I associate that broadcast with her veterans sell out show. But if that’s your preference have at it.

    In the meantime, there are many of us who do care about this country. We do care about what we are leaving our kids and grandkids. We do not have time to watch those shows or the lies from a controlled cloned mainstream media. Someone has to act. I can see you will not be first in line. You’ll be too busy attacking those of us who are. Do me a favor will ya? Just step aside if you’re not going to help. That’s the least you can do.

    This will be my last correspondence in here. Lot’s of work to do. I wish all people health and wellness. Please inform yourselves. These issues really matter.

  49. Right, Truther from TX, don’t let anyone here interfere with your pursuit of being a “doctor.”

    I can have rational discussions with people who aren’t conspiracy kooks, so that would exclude you and your illiterate friend scorpi2000

    “Coast to Coast” is a nationally syndicated show that used to be hosted by Art Bell and is now hosted by George Noury. Its topics cover all manner of conspiracy theories about UFOs, shadow governments, the NAU, etc, so it would be right up your alley. I’m sure it reaches TX, even in the back road dung heap where you live.

    I’m seen enough death and destruction in Israel and America caused by Islamo-fascists to know what this country needs to primarily focus on. You’ve got a silly candidate who’s more concerned about losers having the freedom to smoke pot than offering a plan on how to destroy Islamo-fascism before it destroys us.

  50. davidblack2 is an obvious troll. Reading through all these posts I’ve noticed he attacks more then offers any advice. His advice he does offer is not very helpful anyways, so it seems that if he has kept his impolite opinions to himself then all would be good I guess. Its just easier to ignore people who troll on the internet.

    Oh and this article is a good one. I love when people see a bigger picture instead of the little things that you see right before you. Kudos!!

  51. Right, a “troll” would also have his own blog. Have you read my blog, sparky? Probably not. If you had, you would have learned that I have little patience with many people, especially with the freak fringe that follows a failure like Ron Paul.

    You want advice? Go talk to your minister or hire a lawyer.

    Excuse me for seeing the world for what it is, not for what I hope it could be like.

  52. vhanwolfe,
    You hit the nail on the head: “davidblack2 is an obvious troll”. It’s not necessary to read his blog to learn that he has little patience with many people, as he self admits. As a matter of fact, he clearly has a dripping hate for most people. (the exception: Those who agree with his limited view of the world gained through reading mainstream news). We can feel sorry for him though and hope someday that his little indoctrinated brain is opened up to take in something besides the pablum that the newspapers feed him. Hey Black David, if you’re there – the NAU is a real endeavor. As a matter of fact, the concept is actually well understated. Look beyond the NAU to see the OAS – the Organization of States, which 35 independent countries have ratified. Yes, it’s unfortunately very real – but hey, you can either call me a name too. Or you can bother yourself to do the research – hint: you won’t find this information in a newspaper. Now, I must put my tinfoil hat back on and go off to my next conspiracy theory.

  53. Same here man. The world has made me into a bitter person as well. Though at the same time I still try to be patient with others as I would hope they would be patient with me and my short comings. Just because someone says something on the internet doesn’t mean you haver to go and say some mean things because your more of the problem then than the solution.

    I read your blog before I posted to see who you are, and what kind of person, yadda yadda yadda. I was shocked that you didn’t seem like a troll, you just act like one. No hate, just throwing out what I see, and hope there is consideration for it.

    All we are doing is throwing around opinions like they mean something. I for one have been a Republican ever since I learned about politics, and am very surprised to find a guy like Dr. Paul running for President.

    This article for one should make you aware that he isn’t going away as much as you may want, nor is the movement, nor is the millions of people who are, have, and will be awakened to the message.

  54. I don’t see myself as an agent for solving problems.

    Assigning people to stereotypes like “troll” is OK for you but I have no use for it.

    My opinions mean something to me. That’s why I say them. I dare anyone to refute them and I will doggedly defend them.

    Ron Paul’s campaign is a sham, calculated to assuage the fears and frustrations of a narrow freak fringe who don’ fit into the mainstream political parties. His message is pie-in-the-sky nonsense that sounds good to certain bohunks from red states, especially from the southern US.

    Ron Paul is not any different from any dopey idealistic liberal who thinks America can tax itself into prosperity and take care of the poor and disenfranchised with that tax revenue.

  55. Of course your opinions mean something to you, but it ends there. You just don’t understand Ron Paul thats why you say these things (all hate filled, who would have figured), and don’t offer anything but just that. Its like a kid crying, and saying how bad something is, yet doesn’t offer any ideas of what would be better, or in this case who would be a better choice.

    Ron paul stands for one thing, the constitution (which amounts to many things like FREEDOM, something we don’t really have). He sees how our foreign policy is causing us more harm than good and wants to stop it (the only candidate who would). He sees how the 60% of prisoners that are imprisoned for inviolate drug crimes, and sees that instead of imprisioning them we could help them. He also sees how the war on drugs (a war that could have won, but it seems the government [CIA] doesn’t seem to be doing a good job) is a war on freedom to have liufe under your control, and not others.

    You argue that he isn’t mainstream, which you say it like its a bad thing. Wow he doesn’t follow corruption and isn’t manipulated like most the country? Sounds like my kind of man. Especially since most the people in the US are not as intelligent, who reely on government to make their own dicesions, and who hardly know history at all.

    With your smear against homosexuals in the beginning, you sound like a manipulated person as well. I love to hear something new, instead of what people have been ofrce feed to believe, and spew it out like the truth. You sound hateful, and ignorant, so I can only inform you of this, and that these truths are out there, lets learn to love each other more then hate. Maybe if we all pull together the world will be a better place. Instead of giving up and living the rest of your life as a follower.

    Oh and those “nut jobs” “truther” or whatever you have so much unneeded hate for, at least they question life, and are not stupid enough to believe everything they see. Especially when things just don’t add up. But hey lets call them names, and act like a child.

    Good for you man, way to be a bigger man.

  56. One last thing, on the whole typo and misspelling thing. Let it go. Do you understand what people are saying? Thats the point. We all make mistakes, we are all not perfect.

  57. “You just don’t understand Ron Paul thats why you say these things”

    Right, pandering to Joe Sixpack populists and catering to their woes is such a complex intellectual process (rolls eyes)

    I have yet to have one populist dolt explain what freedom they have lost since the Patriot Act.

    The only people that have to worry about the breadth of the Patriot Act are criminals or towelheads.

    Which one are you, sparky?

    Sorry, I want ALL illegal drug users jailed and kept away from decent and law abiding folk who don’t involve themselves in such degenerate activity.

    Help them? What a are you smoking, pal? The only way to deal with criminal scum is to convict them and force them into hard labor jail sentences, not these country club sentences where they do more drugs, watch TV, lift weights, and bugger each other.

    And speaking of degenerate activity, that’s exactly how I feel about homosexuality.

    You see, this is how true conservatives think. True conservatives believe in harsh punishments for criminal scum, like those who live in urban dung heaps and clog our judicial system.

    You Ron Paul nutjobs aren’t conservatives, but libs too cowardly to call themselves libs. You want people to be allowed to smoke pot. Only a lib loser would want people to be allowed to smoke pot.

    Let’s learn to love each other?

    You MUST be smoking something!

    I love my own flesh and blood, that’s it.

    Anything else on your mind? How do you know Ron Paul isn’t corrupted?

    Let me tell you something, pal. EVERY pol, even your Blessed St. Paul, is beholden to some interests, otherwise, they wouldn’t have a chance to get elected.

    THAT’S reality. Accept it.

  58. You are so funny. Pointing fingers saying who is what and all. I’m not even talking about conservatives.

    heres something that just got stumbled that you should look at :

    You accuse me of doing drugs? You truly are a hater. Instead of wanting to help people you would rather they suffer more. Wow, is the world so harsh to you that you have to be such a dolt yourself?

    You even said it yourself that the GOP lost its way a long time ago. & the freedoms I’m talking about (Paul too) are freedoms to keep your hard earned money (no income tax, death tax), freedom to privacy, freedom to do whatever the I choose as long as it doesn’t harm others or impose on their freedoms. Do you honestly think your free? Well be happy your as free as your are I guess, but I want true freedom, not this bullshit.

    I know Ron Paul isn’t corrupt because of his voting record, how the neocons treat him, how everyone knows he his special interest is freedom granted by the constitution.

    So I gather from your conjector that corruption is ok as it gets you what you want. Sounds like something a follower would say. I don’t know about you, but I lead my own path, ask my own questions, and live by truth, courage, and love.

    I just wonder where are your morals at? Also, when something goes against your morals, do you just drop them so life continues smoothly as planned?

    Also why do you say I’m a conservative? Thats not a classical Republican. There are not many classical republicans anymore, and Ron Paul is one.

    If you throw anymore attacking words, you have failed to keep your cool, and must be a child who has no reason to debate over. Go back to school, and maybe open your eyes wider to what you’ve been manipulated by.

    Oh and the whole “I’m conceded” thing. Makes me really think I’m wasting my time.

  59. I could care less what John Stossel thinks about the illegal drug situation.

    The GOP lost its way when its Senate members failed to impeach that hillbilly scumbag Bill Clinton.

    “Oh and the whole “I’m conceded” thing. Makes me really think I’m wasting my time.”


    You must be the poster child for illiteracy in America. Now I guess you’ll tell me the misspelling was intentional.

    There are typos and then there is outright ignorance of the English language.

    “Instead of wanting to help people you would rather they suffer more.”

    I offer no help and ask for none in return.

  60. lol (sic)?

    There’s no losing when confronted by an idiot who uses silly netspeak terms and doesn’t know the difference between CONCEDED and CONCEITED.

    You must be a public school graduate. Get a real education, punk.

  61. Pingback:
  62. I think the best thing to do with black David is to ignore him. The man cannot be for real, no one who can figure out how to get on a word press blog can possible be that naive or redneck. Professional button pusher.

    The Ron Paul agenda is the only thing I have run across that makes sense in many years. Anyone will attract crackpots, but that does diminish that person’s ability to step back and look at what has happened and pinpoint some of the “how’s” of the situation. Anyone who does not believe education is under attack just never saw passable education. What we have now is terrifying in terms of mind control potential and undermining one unspoken premise of original American democracy–which is that voter should be able to read and to weigh what they read/hear and always, always ask cui bono and who’s in control.
    Anyone who thinks that it is all ok does not remember when people took some responsibility for even riding a bicycle–no one padded all corners and required–required!–helmets for an awful long time. We used to have to understand “get stupid, get hurt” etc etc.
    So, I just don’t think BD can be for real, with that vocabulary and the unthought out, unresponsive statements. I think he is just playing with people. Really, it has been well known for 20 years that the war on drugs doen’t benefit anyone and costs a whole lot of money. And keeps people distracted from solutions and from what’s going on.

  63. Oh, Black David, “netspeak” terms have a use. Several. Nothing silly about them. But you have to have the patience and experience to figure out what the use is.


  64. “The Ron Paul agenda is the only thing I have run across that makes sense in many years.”

    You were just talking about being “redneck or naive”?

    Passable education is in private schools. I suggest you investigate them and forget about public education.

    Losertarians hate laws, rules and regulations. They were the ones in school earning the demerits and being sent to the principal’s office. They grow up and become anti-authoritarian malcontents instead of being supportive of order and discipline.

    Intelligent people like me understand this. I know that society need rules and regulations because the dirty little secret about mankind is that overall, they aren’t sufficiently intelligent enough to police themselves effectively. Too many exist in that middle to lower left side of the IQ bell curve.

    Basically, laws are in place to protect people like me from the rest of society’s mistakes and foul ups.

    I already know what is right and what is wrong behavior. That’s more important than obsessing over liberty.

  65. Thank you, Doug Wead. I always read your articles and see you are a true Constitution and Ron Paul supporter.

    I’m sorry you have to endure comments by bitter haters like David Black. He is threatened by us and has to lash back out of fear.

    The way Ron Paul was cheated (blatant vote count fraud, leaving him off ballots), marginalized, ridiculed and ignored in the election and the primaries was outrageous and illegal.

    They got “their” way for now (electing a globalist/socialist/multi-national/charismatic elite for their NWO agenda), but we must all stay strong and help Ron Paul get the message out. We threaten them and they know we are a force to be reckoned with.

  66. Oh blakmira, you are a gullible sap!

    Haven’t you figured out that some people adopt certain political positions to pander to constituencies from which they are able to profit in some way down the road?

    Only a brain damaged pothead would think Ron Paul was cheated. If he had been cheated, how is it that no lawsuits were filed that are now before a court being adjudicated?

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