Bombshell: Charlie Marsh’s forgotten daughter

Today I received a bombshell.  Charlie Marsh, the networking – MLM  legend who is credited by some as the grandfather of system building, the upline to Dexter Yager, may have had a daughter out of wedlock.  And she is seeking reconciliation with the family she never knew.

Here is the post:  How the Amway Tool Business Began.

And here below is the comment she made on this blog post.

“Charlie Marsh had a daughter prior to his marriage with Elsie I am that daughter and was kept a secret due to he never married my Mother but he did acknowledge me as his daughter. My maiden name is Marsh Sad story but true. Also sad that I tried to contact him through Amway many times with no return calls or contact. Amyway strives to be a Christian based company but yet I was never provided for growing up by my Father Charlie Marsh. I have tried to get into contact with him Elsie refused that and now I have not been able to reach any of the children they had together which would be my half siblings. I apologize for using this blog for this purpose but I have had no success in reaching any Marsh Family. I would love for someone to contact me that knew Charlie Marsh I would love to obtain pictures and information. Thanks Dena Marsh”

If true, it is a story that has been told many times about titans of business, entertainment and power. When I began researching the family history of President Warren G. Harding I was soon contacted by members of the family who were lobbying my work.  They were especially concerned about what I might write concerning the story of Nan Britton who had an ongoing affair with the president and gave birth to Elizabeth Ann Blaesing.  I chose to write about the story and actually spoke with the daughter, Elizabeth Ann before she died.  I tried to get her to come forward and tell her story again but she had suffered too deeply at the hands of the presidents’ agents and defenders.

When word got out that I was writing a book for Simon and Schuster on children of presidents I was soon lobbied by the family of President Warren G. Harding.   They wanted to make sure I did not include the story of Nan Briton and her daughter, Elizabeth Ann Blaesing, the alleged illegitimate daughter of the president.  I promised to be careful and accurate but the story was too compelling to deny.

There is a moment in my book, All the Presidents’ Children, when Nan is visiting with the president in the private, upstairs quarters of the White House.  She calls him over to the window to look out on Lafayette Park.  There he would see their daughter, sitting quietly on a park bench where her mother, Nan Britton, had told her to wait.  The president refused.  “You don’t even want to see your own daughter?” she asked.

While Harding paid money for the child’s upbringing while he was a alive he made no provision afterward and the Harding family reacted viciously toward the former lover and unwed mother of the president.

Let us hope that this child of networking legend, Charlie Marsh, has a better reception.

Read also: “Jim Dornan, Amway legend passes.”

Doug Wead on Fox News last week.  Talks about “Angry Presidents.”




Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

7 thoughts on “Bombshell: Charlie Marsh’s forgotten daughter

  1. As you read my comment you will find that I have been turned away by Elsie Marsh stating rude comment about my Mother’s relationship with my Father she refused me from speaking with him. I tried sparing her of the truth but she knew about me. I met my Aunt Sally Mulkey who is my Father’s sister. My Grandmother knew me and died wanting to see me.

    It is sad that I read online of my Father’s Death and even sadder is that his sister posted on the online Obit that she found out of her own brothers death online and none of my Fathers Marsh relatives were told by Elsie of his death.

    Years ago with the technology of the internet I started to contact my Father after finding out where to start after meeting with my Fathers sister Sally Mulkey in Ocala Fla. She brought pictures of me & I brought the same pictures to share, ironic yes and no.I was told by Sally to be aware that I might be turned away as she was also over the years.

    My Father after he married Elsie went on with his career and own Family leaving my Mother and I to survive on our own which we did. My Mother was a hard worker who raised me to be hard working and to always do the right thing. I was successful in what ever I did so seeking out my Father was never monetary however I was cheated out of knowing him and being apart of his life. To live in the wealth he did and provide for their children is all well and good but how did he live with himself hiding me and cheating me from knowing my siblings. I was raised an only child. I was born August 30 1953 and named by my Father Dena Lynn Marsh.

    I have found there to be other secrets within the Family and its sad that Money is the root of all evil and Greed is its foundation.

    I think at this point I will be writing a book so if someone wants to assist in this happening to do so with me I would love to discuss. I no longer want to be kept a secret but to offer to others who have lived this same story there is hope. Dena Lynn Marsh

    1. My name is Jim Preisendorfer and I am the nephew of Charles Marsh. I was working on my family’s genealogy and came across a blog entitled “Bombshell: Charlie Marsh’s forgotten daughter”. I believe your story as I remember my uncle bringing back, I believe, a woman from Korea when he was in the army and left her high and dry in New York. Was that woman your mother? Sorry if this brings up old wounds. Yes there are other secrets in the family. Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Who cares…?!?!?????

    Now, for some climatic news, that actually matter THIS YEAR:

    Obama will prove once again that he is a megalomaniac, someone so far removed from reality that his narcissistic nature compels him to act as King and Ruler of America (even though the 2014 elections send a CLEAR MESSAGE to him, that the American People don’t trust you, and don’t want your type of dictatorial government ANY MORE), once again by ABUSING the Executive Order (which he keeps on doing) by ignoring the Legislative Body of Congress again, and Lawlessly signing an Executive Order that gives Amnesty to millions of Criminal Invaders in the USA (the PC term for these lawbreakers being “illegal immigrants”) instead of having them deported from our nation as the American people demand!

    The establishment GOP will pay lip-service ONLY (such as Boehner who has talked about a federal lawsuit for months, but done nothing about it so far, and never will, being a neo-Con, so only interested in keeping his job) and Mitch McConnell, who will most likely lead the Senate starting next year, has made clear that he is not willing to hold up government funding to settle scores with the president on immigration. “We’ll not be shutting the government down or threatening to default on the national debt,” McConnell twice told reporters Thursday.

    These two American traitors (Boehner and McConnell) are what’s wrong with the establishment Republican Party! Hopefully there is a special Hell for them — reserved for those who “speak in movie theaters, and abuse children…” (quote from the Firefly show…LOL!).

    The Patriot (The US Constitutionalist) Judge Napolitano GIVES THE ONLY OPTION to stop Obama’s lawlessness — IMPEACHMENT!

    Read the article and watch the short video — and, MAKE IT VIRAL:

  3. Unfortunately the Neocon Repubs will DO NOTHING to stop this latest of Obama’s lawlessness — the defacto Amnesty of lawbreaking Latinos that have invaded our Nation illegally!

    The above article shows the only measures they’ll take will be symbolic only!

    As such, it exposes these Neocons as disconnected to the will of We The People, as Obama is!

    Here’s a look at the Neocons leading options:

    1) Do nothing …for now (their proven option, what Neocons do best to retain their power — NOTHING!)

    2) Use the budget process (which the #1 ruling Neocon now — Mitch McConnell — is against). Which again means DO NOTHING!

    3) Go to court adding This Unconstitutional Amnesty By Obama to the original lawsuit (House Republicans filed a lawsuit Friday against the president for failing to enforce part of the Affordable Care Act). But legal experts say such lawsuits are typically rejected by the courts — so another worthless symbolic act only —- achieving NOTHING!

    4) Pass an immigration bill that pleases Obama, thus knuckling under his rule and proving once more that the Neocons are interested only in preserving their jobs (by compromising and playing ball with The Enemy of USA) and CARE NAUGHT ABOUT THE JOB THEY WERE HIRED TO DO — Protect the American People from Obama’s Lawless Government!

    We need to send an Uncompromising Message to these Neocons — we elected you only to counter Obama (not because you are one of US)! And if you fail doing this — we will NEVER vote for your likes again!

    Old-guard Mitch McConnell has stated that the young Tea Party members in the House are PUNKS (who do not know how to govern, so it is his goal to destroy the Tea Party)! What this Establishment Neocon fails to see is that WE DO NOT WANT TO BE GOVERNED! Our Constitution guarantees US that we tell the Government what to do — NOT THE OPPOSITE!

    Therefore, We The People, need to send this Uncompromising Message to the Neocons — We have awaken, you MUST listen to the Tea Party and their Goal to save our nation from this Big Brother Gov! Failing to do so, Neocons, will result in US meting out your just punishment as traitors to our Republic! Adjoining prison cells for you and Obama will be our goal if you fail US!

    IMPEACHING Obama is the ONLY WAY TO STOP THIS Criminal in Office!

    Call the Dems bluff — start Impeachment proceedings now — The American People are ALL FOR getting rid of this wannabe Dictator, Barrack Hussein!

  4. Further proof Why Obama MUST be Impeached — this President basically gave a green light for the brodahs to riot after his speech on Ferguson!

    And his veiled incitement worked — they rioted, torched, sacked and robbed businesses in Ferguson, courtesy of Obama’s permission to do so! And the Police stood by watching and doing nothing to stop these animals!

    Here is Obama’s exact transcript of what he said:

    Logically dissecting the salient points from the tripe Obama said that night:

    1) “The fact is in too many parts of this country a deep distrust exists between law enforcement and communities of color. Some of this is the result of the legacy of racial discrimination in this country.” —
    — While Obama is supposedly asking for calmness, he is fueling the fire by trumpeting of a “legacy of racial discrimination in this country” (that’s a pure example of racial demagoguery employed by what is supposed to be a US President, in order to incite riots, not ameliorate an explosive situation).

    2) “That means working with law enforcement officials to make sure their ranks are representative of the communities they serve”—
    — So, according to Obama, we need Chinese Cops in China Towns, Black Cops in ghettos, Jewish cops in Jewish neighborhoods, etc. How racist is that…!?! And what an inflammatory of a statement by a supposed US President!

    3) “…there are issues in which the law too often feels as if it is being applied in a discriminatory fashion.” —
    — You got that right Obama — when a white 95 year-old WW2 veteran gets killed by black cops …Mum’s the word! But when a black robber gets killed — you got no problem making him a martyr (like you did with drug-dealing Trevon), just because they are black. Further proof that you are a RACIST, that hates whites (as such, you are unfit to be in the Oval office)!

    4) “…to those in Ferguson, there are ways of channeling your concerns constructively, and there are ways of channeling your concerns destructively.” —
    — now Obama spits it out. Giving them two options — and his brodahs naturally took option number two!
    Reading between the lines — Obama actually gives these animals the option to riot!

    Time to IMPEACH Obama — his transgressions against the American People are in the thousands, and now he even incites race riots to further destroy our Nation!

    1. p.s. What the media failed to state during all this months of incitement — the black “kid” was 6′ 5″ tall and weighed about 300 lbs!

      A kid… are you kidding us…,try a gorilla!

  5. Dena Marsh, my name is Jim Preisendorfer and I am the nephew of your father, Charles Marsh. I was working on my family’s genealogy and came across a blog entitled “Bombshell: Charlie Marsh’s forgotten daughter”. I believe your story as I remember my uncle bringing back, I believe, a woman from Korea when he was in the army and left her high and dry in New York. Was that woman your mother? Sorry if this brings up old wounds.

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