Are MLM’s evil?


This is part of an ongoing series on network marketing that will hopefully, eventually, cover everything and cover it as fairly as I can. If you missed the beginning seeDoug Wead, Amway Adventure.

So are MLM’s evil?  The short answer to the question is “no.”

People can be evil and their motives can be evil and the way they do things can be evil but MLM’s are not intrinsically, morally wrong in and of themselves. Websites that purport this idea may be good theatre but they are not logical. No major government outlaws MLM’s. The laws that would be needed to do that would have ramifications far beyond the Direct Sales industry and some believe that they would cripple insurance, real estate, car sales and many other industries including a huge number of internet enterprises.

What? But aren’t MLM’s pyramid schemes. No. They do not have infinite payout. A person can earn more than the one who recruits them. And people in the industry are always saying that the biggest earner probably hasn’t yet been recruited. While sometimes luck and circumstances and personality all play a factor in success, and I have seen many fail at a MLM and go onto become very successful in other enterprises, I’ve also seen that rubric proven over and over again throughout the years. Some declare the industry dead and leave it, just as others get in and go right to the top.

But didn’t the British government recently shut down Amway in the U.K.? Yes, but if you will research that story you will see that it was related to the pricing of their products and the promotional system developed by their field to grow their networks. Many other MLM’s operate freely in the U.K.

Are there problems with MLM’s? Sure. Scandals? Yes.

But there are problems and scandals with retailing too. Petland was accused of misrepresenting the origin of their puppies. Burlington Coat Factory was allegedly caught selling fakes.

And there are problems and scandals with manufacturing companies. Chinese toy makers were using deadly lead paint on toys that were marketed to the children of the world. An American peanut manufacturer was overlooking the issue of contaminated peanut butter to keep their profits flowing uninterrupted.

Hey, there are even, occasionally problems and scandals with banks, hedge funds, NBA referees, Olympic ice skating judges, the medical system, the law, the courts, university admissions, and, oh this will be hard to believe, but even with the government of the United States itself. Noooooo.

There are even – get this – problems and scandals with sites that attack MLM’s for being unethical. I don’t know how accurate they are about other things, but sites such as MLM Survivor, Scoop – New Zealand, Glenn Hauman and others have published false stories about me and kept them on the web for years, refusing to correct them.   (See Doug Wead, Amway Adventure.)

Now, there are indeed problems in MLM-land and in future posts I will get into what can go wrong but if you are getting your information from sites that declare that all MLM’s are evil all the time, well, it is sort of like visiting those odd ball sites that insist Barack Obama is not really a U. S. citizen. It may make the angry partisan, person feel good for a moment but it is not going to change reality.

Pronouncing MLM’s as evil and retailing virtuous is kind of like saying that multiplication is bad but addition is okay.

For the next in the series see Glenn Hauman and lies on the internet

And after that there is Amway and the Tools

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Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

119 thoughts on “Are MLM’s evil?

  1. Doug,

    I mostly agree with your post. I will not comment on other MLM’s, because I don’t know enough to have an informed opinion.

    However, there is a huge difference with how the THEORY of Amway works, how it is SHOWN to prospects, and how it is PROMOTED to IBO’s, versus how it is ACTUALLY implemented, especially in regards to the “promotional system” profits. You have implied the tool scam abuse is as rare as the other businesses you mentioned, but the truth is the tool scam is the VAST MAJORITY RULE, NOT THE RARE EXCEPTION.

    How much money did you make from the tools (meetings, tapes, books, voice mail, etc.) versus Amway profits, as an Amway Diamond, and how honest were you when you talked to your prospects, your own people, and large audiences regarding the source of your lifestyle? I realize you were a public speaker before becoming involved in Amway, so your example may not be typical. Are you aware of what the typical Diamond and above split is between Amway and tool profits? I do.

  2. MLM definition in itself is not evil. It’s the ones who misrepresent what one can expect from a MLM and what one must do to make a MLM business work.

    I happen to like a few of the MLM companies out there.

    That being said, I am not a MLM copywriter. One of the problems I’ve witnessed with MLM sales material is how it targets housewives who get into MLM as a hobby, rather than running it like a business. That’s where a MLM venture fails. It is a business and it needs the commitment a business demands.

    Amway and a few others, like Nature’s Sunshine, implement excellent training programs and rewards that teach their people how to do this. They should not be the subject of MLM watchdog groups. There are plenty of real scams out there that deserve monitoring instead.

  3. It’s not a pyramid, but the levels aren’t infinitely deep either. If you take a MLM to a logical end, there’s nobody left to be a downstream, and the pools can be small, usually limited to people in a certain interest segment. But the more common scenario, for the less reputable ones, are the MLM’s with high startup and inventory costs which poor business people are often lured into buying. They often wind up being unable to offload whatever snakeoil they were sold, and take a net loss on the venture, plus tipping fees. That’s not incompatible with capitalism, but so few are trained anymore to acquire the proper information and thus make poor decisions. MLM’s aren’t inherently evil, but in a climate with very poor government education they can be useful tools for evil people to use (I’m restricting the term here to those who conceal information and thus thwart the capitalist process). I’m a past president of a small business finance group, and at the time we made the decision to not take new members starting new MLM-based businesses because of the high proportion we’d seen start and bust over time, and it was too much for us to winnow the wheat from the chaff for each prospective member. We though it would serve those people best to form mutual-support groups, so they could share productive and defensive strategies.

  4. Bill,

    You nailed it, with your “conceal information” point. I call it lying. With Amway, it isn’t so much the high startup or high inventory costs, it’s the ongoing overhead costs.

  5. The naive and gullible tex2 has yet to learn of the cutthroat nature of the business world where the most savvy and enduring believe that EVERYONE is out to screw them out of their livelihood.

    Unfortunately, the downside of MLMs as I see is that your success or failure depends on how much you are willing to place confidence others.

    One the reasons I have gotten as far as I have in life is that I don’t see my fellow human beings as inherently good. I look at humanity and see people as inherently evil that should be kept at arm’s length as much as possible.

  6. Just like all the Bernie Madoff investors were naive and gullible. You and Bernie are 2 kikes in the same mold. The issue is long term, institutional lying, not being naive or gullible.

    Yes, I see business partners as a team, not with the general intent to screw each other.

    You are a loser in life, kike. Just like Bernie.

  7. Funny that a have-not redneck goon with zero business savvy or skills would pass judgement on others.


    You deserve whatever inevitable failure that awaits you, schmuck.

  8. Madoff’s customers should have known exactly what they were getting into. They knew the risks but all they saw was a potential big pay off down the road. They didn’t play it smart so they got what they deserved. I have no sympathy for any of them.

  9. Funny how a kike doesn’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

    You deserve whatever inevitable rotting in hell that awaits you, schmuck.

    Have fun rotting in hell with Bernie, your fellow kike.

  10. Those who believe “things” are evil may as well dig a hole and stay in there. It’s people who decide what they do with “things”. People who blame “things” probably don’t achieve much because they spend no time taking responsiblity for their own efforts. I have been subsribing to the continuing education system over 7 years, the information on the cd’s and books have helped tremendously with my family and business relationships. I know a percentage goes to those who are on the CD’s, its called business. CD’s dont generate out of thin air, they are made by people who should be paid for their intellectual property. People pay $100 a month to subscribe to Foxtel, how much does that improve the quality of their life? Who cares if the tools cost money??? Nappy companies charge people for nappies, are they evil?

  11. veronica81,

    I don’t know if you’re referring to an Amway “continuing education system”, but the problem with these folks isn’t the money they are making via the tools, it’s the LYING they do by not disclosing most of their profit comes from the tools and not Amway, while most IBO’s are in a net loss position.

    Mr. Kike,

    As I said on another thread:

    That’s easy. There is obviously evil in this world, and good must oppose it. Kikes are evil.

  12. Tex2,
    You are out of line. Doug’s blog is not a place to promote racist hate. It’s very inappropriate, and minimizes the effect that your comments would have otherwise made.

  13. chris,

    You are out of line. I am not promoting racist hate, you are unaware of how egotistical morons like Mr. Black have to be “tamed” online.

    If you haven’t read our previous posts with each other, you need to. If you have read them and still have the same opinion, you are WRONG.

  14. I can’t tell if Mr. Black advocates fraud or simply expects it. Some people pervert capitalism to mean victory-at-all-costs and get-away-with-whatever-you-can, but that’s not what Adam Smith was talking about. Madoff’s clients should not have expected fraud, though they certainly should have had their advisors ensure against it. The guy was president of NASDAQ, for Pete’s sake – reputation usually counts for something. His greed, fortunately, was his undoing; his behavior wasn’t scalable (again, the MLM question).

    tex2, all things aside, people aren’t going to look past your rhetoric to your content, and may actively discount your input. Go for the larger goal.

  15. Hi All, I am indeed an Amway IBO, however I subscribe to an independent training system supplied by my line of sponsorship. I do not listen to training cd’s provided by Amway, because I don’t need instructions on how to use shampoo and laundry detergent.. :O) From day one, my upline have advised me that the Diamonds and above receive a percentage from the tools. I had no issue with that because I understand that to be successful, you listen and follow the people who are successful in your chosen field. It’s the best short cut I know. Although I have not produced any cds myself, I have definitely made and am making more than I currently spend. My accountant seems to think I am doing ok. :O) The tools are an investment I make for myself and my family. The knowledge I have gained has enabled me to create an asset that generates enough return for me to work less hours as a HR consultant and spend more time with my baby girl. Yes, even in todays economy. Like any endeavour, I think people should properly research (and I don’t mean “Google”) the vehicle they choose to invest time and money in.

  16. Bill McGonigle: there is a subculture of Americans who live, work, and die in rural areas and by virtue of that self-imposed isolation develop attitudes and views that place them on the freak fringe. Tex2 is one of those people.

    When tex2 writes, it’s hard not to imagine a middle aged man with a permanent four day beard and a big beer belly wearing a John Deere hat and an old Harley Davidson shirt underneath a ratty flannel shirt. The beer belly will droop ridiculously over a Harley belt buckle which is holding up a dirty pair of jeans with grease spots and mustard stains from today’s lunch cart special. On his feet are an equally grimy pair of $40 workboots he purchased at Walmart.

    Of course, you can’t forget the jangling chain of keys that can be heard a half a mile away as he shuffles clumsily toward you.

    Personally, as a Jew, I am not offended by the racial slur that tex2 uses. I have been called worse. Repeating that slur says more about his limited intelligence and only reinforces the subcultural stereotype I’ve been citing repeatedly when responding to his posts.

    I expect fraud, because I have a very low opinion of a majority of the people in this world.

    I hope that clarifies things.

  17. Bill,

    Thanks for the tip. I treat people as they treat others, including me. I also heard, and have commented previously, that at least some of Madoff’s customers thought he was cheating via inside trading, he certainly had the contacts. He was indeed cheating, but it was a Ponzi scheme, and not inside trading.


    How many IBO’s are in your group, and how many of them operate at a net profit? The real question is whether your upline tells you how many times more they make from tools than from Amway. Have they told you that? Please ensure you ask them from ALL sources, books, CD’s, voice mail, web sites, speaking fees, etc.

    Mr. Kike (how’s that Bill, I called him “Mister”?),

    You don’t have a clue where I live, work, what my attitudes are (except towards jerks like YOU), nor am I on any fringe, let alone a freak fringe.

    You don’t have a clue, but that doesn’t stop you from commenting your BS.

    You’re not a Jew, you don’t even believe in God. That makes you, at best, an atheist. Stop trying to associate with good Jewish people and call yourself what you are, an atheist, and one with a bizarro ego.

    I have a very high opinion of a majority of the people of this world, because I’ve met a lot of them through my world-wide travels.

    I hope that clarifies things.

  18. I know that your education at Alex Jones High School was rather limited, but the fact is, you dumb cracker, that being Jewish is a matter of bloodline, not religious affiliation.

  19. Tex2, you are quite a character. Your perception is your reality, I am not going to argue with you or prove you wrong.

    Consider this: a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

    Every country/profession/religion has good people and bad people. Pick the common demoninator: People.

    Back to Doug Wead’s original question; are MLM’s evil?, NO.

    Hope you all have a lovely day. :O)

  20. Mr. Kike,

    Yes, a Jewish bloodline is full of cross-breeding with other nationalities, to the point it is meaningless.


    My perception is based on facts. And the facts are you are refusing to answer some very basic questions that have allowed you and millions of others to be ripped off.

    Nice tapespeak with your quote, but I’m not looking for opinions, just the facts, ma’am.

    Another fact is you are associating yourself with bad people and refuse to admit it.

    Back to Doug Wead’s original question; are MLM’s evil? Yes, the way most Amway LCK “leaders” are ripping folks off via the tool scam:

    Hope you all have a lovely, fact-filled day. 🙂

  21. tex2, the bitter middle class loser who hoped to get rich like without the self-sustaining hard work that’s usually required. Tex2 saw a means to elevate above his meager existence but didn’t have the smarts or the cunning to anticipate potential cheats in the system.

    Caveat Emptor was never burned into his brain.

    He was also foolish enough to trust others.

    What a schmuck.

  22. “Yes, a Jewish bloodline is full of cross-breeding with other nationalities,”

    Do you have proof that’s true in all cases?

    It’s clear to anyone why you failed at MLM.

    You are dumber than a bag of rocks.

  23. Mr. Kike,

    You’re so full of BS it’s a wonder you don’t spontaneously explode.

    I never said it was true in all cases, but I’m sure it’s true in all cases if you go back enough generations.

    I haven’t failed at MLM.

    Hmmm, it’s funny, all this time, and I didn’t know that being a Kike was like a nationality, like being French or Spanish! LOL

  24. “I haven’t failed at MLM.”

    of course you have, otherwise, you wouldn’t be on this blog whining like a baby about allegedly getting “ripped off.”

    You failed and you want to blame others. You are no different than those whining blacks from those uban dung heaps who point fingers when it’s their own fault why so many of their people are in jail.

  25. Wrong again. I will have failed when I quit. If you had a business that didn’t make $1,000,000 the first day, would you consider that a failure?

    Don’t worry about the whining blacks, Barry O is giving them all of our money! 🙂

  26. “If you had a business that didn’t make $1,000,000 the first day, would you consider that a failure?”

    Please don’t try to suggest that’s the league you’re operating in.

  27. Wednesday, January 21, 2009
    Big News From Tex’s Amway Global Blog
    As most readers of Tex’s Amway Global Blog already know, the blog was started and written by yours truly, Dave Robison. I take comments made by “Tex” at other blogs related to Amway Global and Quixtar and add them as individual blog entries at “his” blog.

    “Tex” then responds in the comments section and adds his points. In the beginning, I called it, “surrogate blogging”.

    Today, “Tex” has posted his very first official blog entry. He is now a full-fledged contributor to his own blog. While I will still be the blog administrator and will still make blog entries(and edit them); Tex now has the power to write an entry under his own moniker and publish it to his blog.

    Congratulations, Tex, and welcome to blogging from the inside.

    Labels: Amway, Amway Global, Blogs, Quixtar

    posted by David Robison | 9:23 PM | 0 comments links to this post

  28. You need to read more of Dave’s blog, and you will see me making comments on his blog, and he answers them.

    You’re a kosher kook, Mr. Kike. Just think, a new definition for KKK! LOL

  29. “You need to read more of Dave’s blog, and you will see me making comments on his blog, and he answers them.”

    Yes, we already understand that part.

    “As most readers of Tex’s Amway Global Blog already know, the blog was started and written by yours truly, Dave Robison. I take comments made by “Tex” at other blogs related to Amway Global and Quixtar and add them as individual blog entries at “his” blog.

    “Tex” then responds in the comments section and adds his points. In the beginning, I called it, “surrogate blogging”.”

  30. Face it, Dave, the man behind the curtain has been exposed. Your little game is over. “Tex” is a character that you are playing, so stop acting like the little kid who’s been caught but won’t confess.

  31. You need to find the information on Dave’s and other sites about the group that went to Prague last year, paid for by Amway. We are 2 different people, you little kike.

  32. I received an email from David Black that said he had “fixed my ass on Doug Wead’s Blog” I had no idea what he was talking about.

    I always liked Doug Wead’s story of David and Goliath”, although as I repeatedly have said I never cared much for Dex Yager, Doug was a great speaker at Yager rallies.

    But I’m afraid David Black has made a pretty big error in his assumption that I’m posting here as Tex2.

    Here’s my reply to Mr. Black via the email.

    It took me a few minutes to figure out what you were talking about.(I had to google Mr. Wead’s blog and read a few posts)

    But I’m afraid you are wrong.

    I did start the Tex blog. Tex is a real person. Others have met him, including folks at Amway.

    Tex spent many months commentting at a variety of Amway blogs and forums and was banned by many if not all.

    I started the Tex blog to get his comments out on the web for judgement, approval or disaproval. It was announced at many blogs and their authors were and still are well aware of that we are two separate people.

    Your theory that we are one in the same, would greatly disappoint Tex’s wife and kids as well as my wife and kids.

    I’m sorry, but there is no joke. You judge Tex by his own words. You judge mine separately.


  33. Dave Robison: you are a major league bullsh—– and a liar, another crappy comic out there using the internet to play performance art. I don’t know why anyone else isn’t calling you on this sham.

    You think you are some kind of Andy Kaufman who created his own alter ego in Tony Clifton over thirty years ago. The difference is, Andy Kaufman was a genius and you are nothing more than a hack comic from Mobile AL.

    Or maybe you think you’re another “Joe Bob Briggs” or “Super Dave Osborne” or any of those characters that talentless hack Sacha Baron Cohen plays.

    First of all, you even write that the blog was created and written entirely by you. (see my post of 4/6 10:39 PM)

    And if Tex was real, why put his name in quotes in the blog post on your website? (see my post of 4/6 10:39 PM) That also gives it away that he isn’t real.

    “Surrogate blogging” is your own term. Remember that one?

    Tex is your vehicle to be an anti-Semitic jerk, plus to sell this personal beef you have with Amway and Quixtar.

    Dave, you didn’t expect someone to figure you out, because you thought that most people on the internet are dopes who just don’t dig or think too deeply. Guess what, you’ve met your match, pal.

    The fact that you are a “comic” makes you suspect from the outset.

    The only person who could possibly convince me that you are actually telling the truth is Doug Wead himself, who is free to write me at

    There’s got to be a reason why my posts outing your true identity were temporarily placed on “awaiting moderation” yesterday. Then suddenly, the wait was lifted without explanation.

  34. “As most readers of Tex’s Amway Global Blog already know, the blog was started and written by yours truly, Dave Robison.

    Dave, why would you write that if a real person named Tex is the actual author of record?

  35. You need to find the information on Dave’s and other sites about the group that went to Prague last year, paid for by Amway. We are 2 different people, you little kike.

  36. Mr. Kike,

    By the way, why did you use “david_black2” in your email? You accused me of being tex2 on the TVLand site, then use the same idea in your own e-mail.

    I can explain everything. Just go to my site and sign up for a time to make a conference call, you little kike. Unless you need your lawyer wife of 30 years who used to be in the IDF to hold your hand, you little kike coward.

  37. P.S., Doug has never met me, and probably has never met Dave. He may have some log files showing the postings from Dave coming from a different location than my postings, but it is quite easy to select an alternate server to use, so that doesn’t conclusively prove anything, either. LOL

    The “moderating” you experienced yesterday was probably a temporary glitch, but then your conspiracy theory wouldn’t make sense, would it? LOL

  38. Mr. Kike,

    Here’s another idea: See if you can get Dave and me to call in at the same time, and talk with us for a bit to get used to our voices. Then, as a result of researching our web sites or other web sites we post on, ask us a question that has to be answered in real time, by the appropriate voice. There is little chance 2 different people should be able to answer obscure questions.

    The only weakness with this approach is if Dave/Tex can use 2 different voices. Remember, Dave is a ventriloquist. LOL

    Do that and you will find yourself to be wrong, you little piece of crappy slime. On the other hand, you may come away even more confused than you are already. LOL

  39. Mr. Kike,

    Just one more thang (that’s hillbilly talk for “thing”). When “we” get together, “we” have to sing, and it has to be in Japanese! LOL

  40. I neglected to mention the above technique could be used, by asking us to say the same thing, or different things, at the same time. For example, we could each state, “David Black is a filthy kike” individually, then together. At some point, you’ll have an epiphany!!! LOL

  41. David Black, I have been around several blogs and I will confirm that “tex” and Dave are two very seperate people. Dave is from a differetnt part of the country. “tex” is AKA Scott E. Johnson from Plano Texas. “tex” feels it is his right to go around wrecking people blogs with his idiocy. Seems as though tossing a racial slur is a part of his act as well. I guess it’s not surprising coming from a 51 year old white male from Texas.

  42. Nope, sorry tex. You are an idiot and using racial slurs just confirms my belief that you are uneducated and a poor exuse for a human being.

  43. First, Mr Wead, my apologies, that your blog is getting hijacked over this controversy. Feel free to stop by my blog and hijack it for your own purposes any time.

    Mr. Black; “Tex” is in quotes because it’s not his real name. I respect the man’s privacy. I have been commenting and posting and blogging on the Internet for years and years, my name and comments are out there to be searched for.

    Your quotes saying I admit I started the Tex blog are true. I did start it–using comments made by Tex at other blogs. if you had made yourself aware of the Blogging Community surrounding the episode that created the Tex Blog, then you would have found out, the blog came about to give a banned blog commenter a place to store his thoughts. I offered it to Tex for many months, and he did comment at it. Hence, I was his “surrogate blogger”.

    Later I gave him posting privelages and he took advantage of it. he writes the entries now. I still edit comments and take care of the side bar and links.

    In case you want further proof.

    This post shows an obscured photo of Tex, but it should make it certain by looking at my photos, that we are not the same. You are barking up the wrong tree. Tex is a good foot and half taller than me, and about 300 folks saw us together. I’m no Andy Kaufman; but thanks again for the compliment.

    Mr. Wead, thanks again for the opportunity to maybe set Mr. Black straight. Worth a shot.


  44. Dave,

    I’m sure Doug appreciates the increased traffic. He is fond of attracting attention through controversial and provocative statements of his own.

    I like the way, … You, yes, YOU had that guy sit down on the couch as a diversion. Good planning, but then I’m…you’re a comedian and ventriloquist, so details are right up your alley, right? LOL

    I like the singing Japanese idea better. Come on Mr. Kike, let’s do it! LOL



    There’s a LOT of funny things about you, such as your cluelessness.

  45. 1formeribo,

    The “Amway Adventure” thread is being moderated, so I’ll respond to you here:

    Read the following links, because you have no concept what you’re talking about:

    I already explained why I call David Black a kike. Go back and read it.

    Jesus was also about calling a spade a spade. He was a man’s man. Some current Christians have gone overboard with the only “love and foregiveness” BS, like you did.

    You are probably too stupid to be a liar.

  46. To David Black or Mr. Wead, tex is a classic internet troll. He has been banned on dozens of blogs for insulting others and hijacking the threads for his own purpose.

    David Robison tells the truth. He and tex are seperate. You see, tex is too stupid to write and manage his own blog, which is why Mr. Robison had to do it for him.

    tex’s record speaks for itself. In Amway for more than a dozen years. No downline or volume outside of self consumption to speak of, yet he believes the business works. You know tex, at some point most people stop believing in the tooth fairy or the great pumpkin.

  47. 1formeribo,

    You are a loser. You don’t care about people being tool scammed, you would rather turn the discussion into a personal discussion. You are a COMPLETE LOSER.

    The reason Dave started “my” blog is explained by him, above. I have said on MANY occasions I didn’t want my own blog, and listed the numerous reasons.

    I now write my own blog, so it has NOTHING to do with intelligence, you dipshit.

    I know the tool scam MUST be stopped before Amway will grow again in the U.S. You’re too stupid to understand simple math.

  48. tex/Scott Johnson, the “tools scam” is a concern. Your comments on this blog is not stopping or helping to stop the tools scam.

    Your continued insults and racial slurs are a disgrace and your profile should be banned here, as it has on many many other blogs.

    Perhaps you are now writing your own blog posts, but from what I can see, the IQ level required to write those kinds of articles can be learned in pre-school.

  49. 1formeribo,

    The tool scam is a “concern?” It’s a LOT more than a mere “concern.” I guess if you saw someone who got both arms blown off, you would be “concerned”, wouldn’t you? A scam is a scam, not a “concern”, you jerk.

    Every time I raise awareness regarding the tool scam anywhere helps stop the tool scam. I have tried reaching out to others to get the effort more organized, but stupid, emotional jerks like you derail it, every time.

    Doug already went on record about your so-called “insults and racial slurs”, see page 4 of this site. You are so stupid you probably can’t even count to 4, can you, dipshit?

    I try to keep the IQ level low enough for dimwits like you to understand them. Besides, the tool scam isn’t complicated, even a caveman can understand it.

  50. tex, you are the only one being emotional here. Do you need your mama to wipe your nose?

    The tool scam is old news. It’s been exposed for over a dozen years now and nothing has been done to stop them. There’s plenty of information and blogs that are easily accessible to information seekers.

    Your inccessant bickering and tossing of insults and racial slurs makes you look like a jackass and does nothing to help expose your tool scam.

  51. Defense against what? Unsubstantiated accusations? You expect me to prove a negative? No dice, jerk-off.

  52. Ah yes, the lack of any argument or defense, and the losing debator must resort to personal attacks.

  53. Ah yes, the lack of any argument or defense, and the losing debator, 1formeribo, must resort to empty attacks.

  54. I’m through here tex. I have exposed you as a liar, hypocrite and racist. Keep on talking to yourself.

  55. 1formeribo,

    You will be forgotten quickly, because your lack of substance is exceeded only by your stupidity.

  56. Hey Mr. Black, this was posted at MY blog,

    Hi, I’m Robin Luymes, Manager of Advertising/PR/Sponsorships for Amway Global. I also was in Prague, also as a panelist from the corporate side along with the Prague Five IBO bloggers. Dave is not Tex. Dave has longer hair, but Tex has more hair. Dave smokes, Tex doesn’t. Both are somewhat Southern, but then again, I’m in Michigan so just about everyone is south of us. Tex is taller. Than me. Dave is shorter. Than both of us.

    I toured “the castle” with Dave and three of the other bloggers. Tex went to the Jewish quarter, I think of Prague with Dino, I think. Dave and the other bloggers and I also went to a puppet shop. Tex did go out to dinner with all of us. I can’t remember what Tex ate, but Dave had a pig’s knee. Really …

  57. Dave’s (Black) not here, man. He hasn’t even posted for several days.

    I think I ordered goulash, a traditional Hungarian dish. It was delicious.

    Mr. Kike has accused others on at least 2 other occasions, on this blog alone, of similar misrepresentation with very slim evidence. I vote for nutcase, how ’bout you?

  58. 1formeribo is a decent guy. 1formeribo is a racist and a miserable failure both in Amway and in life, just look at his name!!! LOL

  59. Thanks for catching my error, I meant:

    tex said: Dave is a decent guy

    Tex: 1formeribo is a racist and a miserable failure.


  60. tex, you are a loser. 16 years in Amway has gotten you where? All it has gotten you is a reason to be a troll on someone’s blog. LOL

  61. 1formeribo, you are a loser. All your years in life has gotten you where? All it has gotten you is a reason to be a troll on someone’s blog. LOL

  62. David Black “Funny that a have-not redneck goon with zero business experience would pass judgement on others (refering to tex)”

    LOL – that is some funny material. I couldn’t possibly agree more!

  63. And here’s my response, which is much better: Funny how a kike doesn’t have a clue what you’re talking about. LOL LOL LOL

  64. LOL – tex doesn’t even make sense. tex is a dumb country hick from “tex”-ass. tex probably dates his cousins, as David Black had mentioned. LOL

  65. LOL – 1formeribo doesn’t even make sense. 1formeribo is a dumb country hick from Mars. 1formeribo probably dates his cousins, as David Black had mentioned. LOL

  66. Nope, I call you 1currentloser, 1currentquitter, 1currentjerk.

    It’s about 69 degrees F and sunny, with a gentle breeze out of the southeast.

  67. Which one are you tex?

    SCOTT E JOHNSON Born Oct 1961 Get More Information Record Created: 03/2002
    2813 MEADOWBROOK DR Satellite Photo & Map Check for Email Address Google
    PLANO, TX 75075 (972) 596-7667 Confirm Current Phone & Address
    Complete Report on SCOTT E JOHNSON

    SCOTT E JOHNSON Born Feb 1959 Get More Information Record Created: 03/2006
    3241 PORTSIDE LN Satellite Photo & Map Check for Email Address Google
    PLANO, TX 75023 (972) 208-1452 Confirm Current Phone & Address
    Complete Report on SCOTT E JOHNSON

    SCOTT E JOHNSON Born Feb 1959 Get More Information Record Created: 03/2006
    3241 PORTSIDE LN Satellite Photo & Map Check for Email Address Google
    PLANO, TX 75023 (972) 618-3674 Confirm Current Phone & Address
    Complete Report on SCOTT E JOHNSON

  68. I’m not from mars. —- I know, you’re from Mars.

    Steers and queers come from Plano Texas and you’re not a steer. —- And you’re all hat, no cattle. LOL

  69. tex, you got no hat, no cattle, and no class.

    All you do is bend over for buddies. A true queer hillbilly from texas. LOL

  70. 1currentjerk, you got no hat, no cattle, and no class.

    All you do is bend over for buddies. A true queer hillbilly from Mars. LOL

  71. Doug,
    Enjoying your posts and looking forward to the future ones. A few important corrections re the UK – Amway was not shutdown by the government. The DTI (now BERR) did petition to close Amway and it went to court where Amway won the case. When the DTI indicated they were going to pursue the case Amway (not the DTI) suspended all sponsoring for 60 days. At the request of field leaders the sponsoring moratorium was extended until the case was finally over. Amway otherwise operated fully supporting existing distributors. Contrary to the predictions of folk who believe Amway is a pyramid, even with no sponsoring for 18 months numerous folk continued to qualify at Platinum and above.

    Secondly, the case was not primarily about product pricing. BERR did claim the products were overpriced but Amway dropped pricing on only a dozen or so of over 450 products. The case was in fact remarkably similar to FTC vs Amway, with the problem being excessive income claims by distributors and Amway failing to monitor the field.

    Third, while Amway did “suspend” the field BSM organisations, the case wasn’t about “tools” and the court explicitly noted this in the judgement.

    BERR vs Amway court documents are available on Amway Wiki

    It’s since been confirmed that much of the BERR case was actually driven by petitioning by well known anti-Amway and anti-mlm critics. I believe that one of those critics, David Brear, may be the original source of the incorrect stories regarding yourself and Amway France.

  72. I’m pretty sure Amway UK hasn’t been “shut down”, although there has been a massive schism in which the Yager organisation or a big chunk of it has been sacked by the corporation…

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