Rand Paul: The only adult in the room.

“Preventative war is like committing suicide out of fear of death.”

-Otto von Bismarck

This Christmas Rand Paul wrote a blog about “Peace on Earth.” The Senator pointed out that Jesus was called “the Prince of Peace,” that he taught, “Blessed are the peacemakers.”  Rand Paul is a lonely voice.  Maybe the only voice of sanity left in America.

Do we really want a war with Russia? A country with a 15% tax rate, who has more religious liberty than America and who faithfully ferries American astronauts to and from the International Space Station because America has no rockets capable of doing so for ourselves?

Do we want to punish them for having the audacity to join the war against ISIS? For wanting to avenge their own citizens, who were shot down in a commercial aircraft?

Hillary Clinton thinks so and wants us to declare a “no fly” zone over Syria, keeping the Russians out. Chris Christie thinks so too and has said he would order any Russian jet violating such a zone to be shot down.

They would go to war against the only other superpower on earth to defend our right to be the sole progenitors of mayhem in the Middle East.  We can bomb and kill our enemies.  No one else.

Ostensibly, Clinton and the Republican neo-Cons want to get rid of Syrian dictator Assad.  And that means supporting “moderate rebels” who are opposed to him in the Syrian civil war.  They warn that Russian air attacks pounding ISIS are spilling over on the so-called Islamic moderates.

The problem is after spending $500 billion the United States could only produce 50 of such “moderate” rebel soldiers to support a pro American government.  The rest, armed by the American taxpayers, went over to the dark side and are supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS, trying to overthrow Assad.  So who are these “moderates” we are afraid that Russian bombs might kill? The 54?

Several years ago, Rand Paul was warning that our tanks and trucks, given over to rebels in Syria were going to fall into the hands of terrorists.  A few months later, almost on queue, terrorists emerged from the chaos of Syria, driving American tanks across the Middle East, draped in the black flags of ISIS.

Is this really about 54 moderate Muslims?

What really drives the Clinton-Neo Con machine is money.  Isn’t it the answer to almost any puzzle?  Big companies make big bucks fighting wars.  It is why they lobbied to leave the billions of dollars of weapons and trucks behind after the War in Iraq.  Just scrap them. The more weapons we give away, the more they can get paid to produce new replacements.  And the best of all is to arm a new enemy which they must then defeat with even more manufactured weapons.

This is the money that drives the wars and this current election. A war with Russia? Imagine the fortunes that could be made?

Senator Rand Paul does not favor the dictator, Bashar Assad of Syria but he does point out that each time we topple a secular dictator we get something worse.  It happened in Libya. It happened in Iraq.  And it will be repeated in Syria again.

This isn’t about Russia, or Assad, or ISIS.  This is about big companies, making money, by waging war. And the national media, dependent on the advertising dollars of those big company conglomerates, will provide the rationale and the popular opinion to make it happen.

Peace on earth.  Good will to men?

Rand Paul is the only adult in the room.




Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

9 thoughts on “Rand Paul: The only adult in the room.

  1. It’s not about companies, it’s about a country. Saudi Arabia wants a gas and oil pipe line to the European markets. Assad said no.

  2. If you believe any sane Republican will vote for this neoconfederate white trash in a post-Charleston America I have some magic beans to sell you.

  3. As you very well know, Goldman Sachs & the Military Industrial Complex have decided long ago that it’s Hitlery turn, to finally preside America’s destruction once & for all.

    Everything else including Donald Trump are noise & distractions. Ted Cruz says half sensible things, such as US needs to get back on gold standard. Then like a muppet says something contradictory & bizarre, such as, Russia must be militarily confronted. Going to war with Russia & back on a gold standard at the same time?!? It’s obvious that no meaningful thought has gone into any of it, and he’s just a muppet. Ben Carson had few good sound-bites scattered among rest of his schizophrenic “message” too, and is clearly noise.

    Rand Paul’s dad was the real deal. Especially in 2007-2008 when he was much younger. Rand Paul is better of the bunch today, but he’s not really like his dad. There are few inconsistencies with Rand Paul too. But they’re nothing, compared to rest of false choices. Donald Trump has intentionally been erected as **THE** distraction, so that Rand Paul gets zero visibility & Hitlery gets crowned.

    A country that had the idiocy to ignore a statesman like Ron Paul when he ran for presidency deserves the fate that will befall it.

  4. I’m not sure shooting down a Russian plane would start WWIII, Putin wants to enjoy being in charge. Turkey suffered some economic reprecussions, but Russia doesn’t have much clout over us economically.

    I think the hope that Russia could be a partner on the war on terror has faded. While they have common enemies with the US in some regards, I think they don’t see any universal mission to beat the jihadist, but only counter those immediately in the way of their march to power. If ISIS abandons its quest to capture Syria’s coastal cities to focus on Iraq, Jordan, or Arabia, I don’t expect any interest in from Putin to stop them and he might even try indirect assistance. Destabilizing those Arabs close to the U.S. would benefit his schemes, especially with oil prices tanking. Apparently Egypt is getting cozey with Putin since Obama got all butt hurt at them for showing his favorite faction, the Muslim Brotherhood, the boot so I figure he’ll assist them against ISIS.

    I don’t think Putin’s short sited goal of helping what ever brute will host his armies or bedevil international security will be good for the U.S. I think part of the issue plaguing the mideast has been the pattern of hands off support for creeps that would back our interest and keep order. They squelched decentralized politics and sedated unrest with appeals to anti judaism and Islamic pride. But its harder for a dictator to control information and populations. Supporting unpopular, theiving tyrants will have less payoff. If we aren’t carefull, more corrupt Muslim tyrannies like Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt could fall to Islamist sects destabilizing trade routes, energy prices, and security.

    Your plead to avoid war with Russia because of low taxes and religious freedom is odd. I’m reminded of the revelation I had a few years ago about the support Putin provided to “libertarians” and conspiracy theorists to funnel Putin’s propaganda to American dissidents. Funny that Info Wars is the replacement for the CPUSA. But I guess fascism is Russia’s new Socialism. I’ll have to look into their taxes and religious freedom, but my impression is that their business climate is corrupt and doesn’t attract much investment, hence the dependence on oil revenue. They don’t seem to care much for press freedom eithier. Maybe you could suggest some places to look to learn about Putin’s Russia.

  5. Regarding the military industrial complex and the march to war, why does everyone think their lobby is so much bigger than all the companies that don’t want war?

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