Rand Paul: The only adult in the room.

“Preventative war is like committing suicide out of fear of death.” -Otto von Bismarck This Christmas Rand Paul wrote a blog about “Peace on Earth.” The Senator pointed out that Jesus was called “the Prince of Peace,” that he taught, “Blessed are the peacemakers.”  Rand Paul is a lonely voice.  Maybe the only voice ofContinue reading “Rand Paul: The only adult in the room.”

Russia: Land of Opportunity

by Doug Wead What country’s individual tax rate tops out at 13%? Hint.  It isn’t the USA where federal and local taxes in New York are projected to reach a 57% bite.  If you are rich? Move to Florida or Nevada to avoid State Income Tax.  If you wanna be rich?  Move to this newContinue reading “Russia: Land of Opportunity”

Russian scientists close in on Fountain of Youth

Now, this is interesting.  An international group of scientists have embarked on the ultimate quest.   To find the fountain of youth.  Not since Ponce de Leon has the world been this hopeful. This time we should all expect a little more due diligence.The goal of the project is “to extend the period of human youth.” Continue reading “Russian scientists close in on Fountain of Youth”

My visit to Kazan, Russia

Kazan, the capital of Tartarstan, is a city of 1.2 million, four hundred miles east of Moscow.  It was a persistent thorn in Russia’s side until 1552 when the famous Czar, Ivan the Terrible, put this irritant to rest with his massive invasion.  Ivan expertly laid siege to the fortress walls.  The great story isContinue reading “My visit to Kazan, Russia”

The sad state of television journalsim

 Some are saying that American television journalism is dead.  That entertainment has risen in its place.  And while that makes for great viewing, with long legged beauties reading scripts prepared for them by short baldheaded, young men, fresh out of graduate school, it represents all kinds of new dangers. For one, American may be headedContinue reading “The sad state of television journalsim”

My trip to Stalingrad

If you haven’t visited Volgograd you haven’t visited Russia for if Moscow is its headquarters, this is surely its heart.  The name was changed from Stalingrad to Volgograd in 1961 as part of the de-Stalinization program of Nikita Kruschev but the spirit of the heroics of this battle hang over the city.  Everyone here has storiesContinue reading “My trip to Stalingrad”

Russia and Georgia: Ron Paul is right again

This story is a little more complicated than we thought.  And when I got back to the USA and started digesting all that I had seen and heard in Russian and the Ukraine and started looking into our own State Department involvement I was surprised to find Congressman Ron Paul in the middle of it. And IContinue reading “Russia and Georgia: Ron Paul is right again”

My trip to Khabarovsk, Russia

When I checked the internet before my last trip there wasn’t much on Khabarovsk so to help the next earnest traveler, I’ve decided to offer a little travelogue of my own. This is a beautiful city of rolling hills and tree lined avenues with tall, ornate street lamps, each with seven globes.  The Cathedrals areContinue reading “My trip to Khabarovsk, Russia”

Tom Rob Smith pens a thriller !

Book: Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith, 2008, Grand Central, New York.  450 pages. A thriller! Unconventional.  Unpredictable.  I didn’t know how it could possibly end. The plot of this story and the carefully crafted setting in the former Soviet Union is so good that you will race to the finish.  Everything works backward inContinue reading “Tom Rob Smith pens a thriller !”