Why was James Foley left to die?

Gretchen Carlson is one of the best of the Fox News anchors and she just nailed it with her comment about the gruesome  murder of James Foley by ISIS thugs.  She quoted a State Department spokesman, who explained why we had not negotiated for the release of the journalist. “The United States does not negotiate with terrorists.”

“But isn’t that exactly what we did for Bowe Burgdahl?”  Carlson asked.  Burgdahl was the Islamic sympathizer whose parents were feted at the White House by President Barack Obama when his release was announced.

An article in The Hill says the Pentagon clearly broke the law in the Burgdahl case.  The Associated Press just ran a story on the hypocrisy of the difference between the two hostages.

What many will miss is the deep faith of James Foley and how that factored into this story and American policy.

Keep in mind, ISIS is confronting Christians in Iraq with the following option: convert to Islam or die.  And Christians are being executed in other Islamic countries for no other reason than their faith.

Before Barack Obama, every recent president since Reagan has been active worldwide in helping persecuted and martyred Christians.  When I worked in the White House of George H.W. Bush we regularly helped get Christians out of prisons all over Africa and Asia.  These included missionaries and educators but also journalists and relief workers.  Bill Clinton helped establish the International Religious Freedom Act that worked with the United Nations to stop the slaughter.  Unfortunately what we saw happen to James Foley is only a small vignette of killings of Christians worldwide.  Senator Rand Paul has called for withholding foreign aid to nations who execute Christians just because of their faith.  But he has had only two co-sponsors.  And the Obama administration quickly quashed the idea.

The national media, who once winked at communism, hoping to avoid getting on their killing lists when they took over America, now seem to be courting the Islamic extremists.  Leave us alone.  Don’t hurt us or our families when we travel the world and we will not hurt you.  Here, take our Christians.  For years the media blurred the distinctions between Muslims and Christians in wars in Africa leaving most Americans ignorant of how religion was actually driving the crisis.

On all of these issues moderate Muslims are silent.

Meanwhile, being a Christian and being open about it can get you killed in the Islamic world, and left to die by a politically correct American government who will not ransom you.  James Foley, whose Christian faith was no secret, once described to an audience at Marquette how prayer kept him alive during his captivity by Muammar Gaddafi.

As it turned out surviving Barack Obama’s foreign policy takes more than prayer.



Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

14 thoughts on “Why was James Foley left to die?

  1. I’ve often wondered why we don’t hear of any “mainstream” Muslims crying out to the extremists to stop the killing. Their silence implicates them as having the same agenda. These people are fighting a holy war and we’re trying to counter with a war on terrorism against an enemy that’s almost impossible to find or identify. We need to follow their rules and we need to start fighting a holy war. They won’t stop until they lose a few “innocent” Muslims and start policing themselves. It’s time for the “mainstream’ Muslims to put an end to this barbarism.

    1. This is not true. Muslims have made it clear that they are against the type of extremist behaviour we have seen in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. What is not well reported is that Fatwas have been issued against Muslims joining or supporting ISIS and other extremists.

      1. There is no outcry, no outrage, from them. Meek protests won’t work. They should be rallying in the streets against it. That would get press coverage. Otherwise, yeah, I’d say let’s start our own terrorist style holy war. We’re reaching the point where we can no longer protect our people and remain politically correct.

  2. The Muslim religion has no mechanism for self criticism. I’d expel non-citizens from the USA, starting with the young males first.

    Muslims could intentionally get Ebola, fly to the states before the symptoms are apparent, and contaminate food supplies here. They could infect a hundred thousand Americans and then get some ~O~ dat great Obamacare free medical care.

    1. Hehehehe, says the guy while slurping down extra-glyphosate flavored “milk”-shake. Sitting in the land of pure, uncontaminated food supplies courtesy of MonSatan.

      Would you like any GMO “fries” with that? They’re extra loaded with high fructose corn syrup. Jumbo size is cheaper than small courtesy of a discount.

      Gotta go, gotta go to Iowa. Chevron-Exxon, Monsanto, Halliburton, Goldman Sachs, where art thou? Have all those corn subsidies to track.

  3. British forensic scientists say the Foley video is an obvious fake bogus. That’s why British govt declared anyone who tries to view that video will be declared a TERRORIST, for fear of not letting the secret of bogus hack-job video work leak out.


    Syrians claim Foley died last year in 2013!


    ISIS are John Senile McCain’s buddies. They are on his frequent caller list.


    Current Foley-ISIS commotion is staged for the noble HUMANITARIAN objective of getting World War 3 kick-started. Forward further inquiries to following humble philanthropists: Victoria Chevron Nuland, Hitlery Clinton, John Senile McCain & Lindsey McCain-Graham.

  4. Off topic

    Jesse Benton, son-in-law to my personal hero Dr. Ron Paul, brother-in-law to US Senator Rand Paul, involved in his father-in-law and brother-in-law campaigns, is being attacked by the MSM, and being basically called a felon for bribery, just sugesting, not actually saying it.

    Mr. Wead, please answer, Is he being attacked because he is the weakest point, the biggest liability of future POTUS Rand Paul or these attacks have been made only to insult Ron Paul?

    Mr. Benton has being attacked since for ever by many supporters of Ron Paul, so having enemy fire coming from the other side must be a new thing for him. You, dear Mr. Wead, defended him once saying that the brokered convention strategy was all his doing. I kind of respected Benton for the achieving 185 floor votes in the convention of shame held in Tampa (http://www.thegreenpapers.com/P12/R). Is Jesse Benton a crook?

    I always thought that we, the Ron Paul lovers, did wrong believing that we actually had any possibility of winning the nomination, given the fact the the vast majority of the Republican Party voters have been mentally conditioned to support only those candidates who like to bomb defenseless people in other continents. It is certainly very difficult to fight the collective, trans-generational brainwashing the change conservatism as a political movement whose most important tenet is that the United States of America was founded to transform the whole world into a maximum security prison, and the purpose of that nation is to be its jailer, and be as cruel as possible. Ron Paul has played a major role in awakening people into the economic reality of America and has persuaded thousands that the militarism is wrong, that it solves not one problem and that it begets more problems, which each time seem to be more ugly, messy and costly. Is it possible that all the good done by Ron Paul could be destroyed by means of slurring?

    What now?

  5. Hey, why not? He got paid $73,000 to do it. Who does it hurt besides himself (for being illegal and getting caught)? Anyone that votes for a politician because another politician recommends him is an idiot.

  6. That would be John Tate & Dmitri Kesari – corrupt crooks who along with Benton intentionally debauched Ron Paul campaign like termites.

    Which subject BTW has no relevance to this blog post. Hopefully Doug blogs a dedicated new post about this. He had already given interview on this topic in Tampa outside convention center & somewhere else & gave measured responses when faced with point blank question: Whether Jesse Benton is a traitor or a good guy?

    Now that dirty laundry about the Jesse Benton scumbag is known to the entire world (something all dedicated Ron Paul supporters had figured out by summer of 2012), it might help if Doug writes an expose post about it.

    1. Well now, Doug is reduced to supporting Zionist slaughter of Palestinians or repeating Fox News talking points about ISIS. When in fact, it is very easy to see the foreign policy problem is far bigger than just MonsantObama or his golf schedule.

      Which is not to say that the current puppet occupier in White House is not a criminal. But focusing only on him, when there is a monster CIA – military industrial complex – Federal Reserve nexus wreaking havoc, taking us to World War cheapens the narrative.

  7. Detailed documentation proving ISIS = CIA paid mercenaries with American tax dollars wreaking havoc in Libya, Syria, Iraq. The Al Nusra front in Syria who are John Zionist McCain’s buddies, same as Al Qaeda in Iraq.

  8. “On all of these issues moderate Muslims are silent.”

    You are aware that even Hamas and al Qaeda have spoken out about the extreme actions of ISIS, aren’t you? And let us be clear about this; moderate Muslims are quite outspoken about the problems that they see. It is not their fault the American media does not cover their true feelings on the subject because it is trying to set up the American voter to support yet another military intervention.

    Let us note that all of these problems were caused by previous intervention. The best way to handle them is to stop meddling in local affairs and stop the aid to ALL Middle Eastern nations. If American Jews want to support Israel they should be free to send their money to whatever charity or military organization they choose. If Turkish-Americans, Egyptian-Americans, Ukrainian-Americans or Palestinian-Americans want to support foreign activities than let them use their own money, not that of the taxpayer.

  9. I doubt the Foley beheading video was true.
    I’ll make my case. War is gory. No, not glory, gory, as in full of gore. That means that warriors don’t really care about how to kill an enemy. That is the job of the strategists. Seems to be the case that regular people all around the world, specially Americans, are too sensitive with blood spills and that creates a chance for psychological manipulation. Either a true or a false beheading with props, or with computer doctoring of the videos, perhaps a bit of each, can create a video-weapon. The purpose behind this manipulation of the watchers psyche is not to show off how evil are the so called “terrorists”, but to shutdown the reasoning capabilities of the targets, which are superseded by strong emotions like: thirst of vengeance, extreme indignation, and the need to “do something”. It is simply a taunt to drag American soldiers to die once more in Mesopotamia. For any zealous evangelical christian, dying between the Tigris and Euphrates must be an attractive and romantic idea. Yet, completely worthless!

    For christians should die because of their faith in Christ, not because of their faith in their country or because of their faith in the superiority of their military power. Waging war unto the infidels is what those who follow the Coran do, not what those who follow the New Testament do, who have been commanded not to resist evil, and to love god above all things and to love one another as Christ loved us.

    But I digress. Those americans citizenss, or brittish citizens stupid enough to go where the action is and join one or other side of the war know what risk they are taking. Perhaps before going to war they should have take some training in martial arts, weaponry use, tactics and strategy, and what to do if you got caught and are reduced as a prisoner. Maybe one should try to escape before getting executed. And thus giving some morale to friends.

    One has to be brave until the bitter end, and never become a weapon against your own. If you collaborate, well… No posthumous condecoration for you!

    Honor and medals, that’s the insulting reward warriors receive. Not peace, not justice, just junk and lies.

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