Why was James Foley left to die?

Gretchen Carlson is one of the best of the Fox News anchors and she just nailed it with her comment about the gruesome  murder of James Foley by ISIS thugs.  She quoted a State Department spokesman, who explained why we had not negotiated for the release of the journalist. “The United States does not negotiateContinue reading “Why was James Foley left to die?”


Steve Doocy, the most talented man on television

  Or should I say Brian Kilmeade?    If he doesn’t soon get his own magazine “S” and he doesn’t rule an empire to rival Oprah Winfrey sometime within the next ten years, then there is surely no justice in the world, for Steve Doocy of the hit morning show Fox and Friends is handsContinue reading “Steve Doocy, the most talented man on television”