Israel – Hamas and the Holocaust Revisited

“Israel defends its children with rockets.  Hamas defends its rockets with children.”  – Benjamin Netanyahu

After writing about the recent crisis between Israel and Hamas my post has been receiving comments by persons with revisionist views on the Holocaust.  Rather than answer each one I  thought I would write a separate post to make my own views clear.

Like most people, I share the terrible sorrow over the scenes of dying children in Gaza.  And yet I cannot sanction the continuous , indiscriminate firing of rockets into populated areas of Israel either.  The idea that the death rate is  disproportionate is not much of a moral argument to me.  An enemy in battle has no obligation to equalize the death rate for his opponents.  If a Hamas rocket landed in a crowded street of Tel Aviv would they decrease their rate of fire?

Yes, I hate the sight of dying children.  It is heartbreaking.  So I wonder why has the Hamas – influenced government refused to accept an unconditional cease-fire which would stop that killing?   And why are they openly saying that their latest attack is in retaliation for the Egyptian blockade of their border?  Why are they not sending rockets into Egypt?  And if Egypt, an Islamic nation, who has been persecuting Coptic Christians, is threatened by the Palestinian-Hamas government in Gaza and sees them as terrorists, why are we giving that government U.S. foreign aid?

The idea of some persons commenting on my blogs appears to be that the deaths of children in Gaza is evidence that the Jews are basically bad people.  That even the Holocaust has been invented and/ or distorted for propaganda purposes.

My belief is that the deaths of these children in Gaza are very real consequences to a terrible war gone bad.  But that the deaths during the Holocaust were also very real and the memory of those who suffered at the hands of a corrupt and evil government program is sacred.  The Jews, as a people, cannot be seen outside of this context.

I do not come to my views of the Holocaust casually.  As a youth I read the standard World War II books, mostly written by English and American writers, but this led to books by generals and participants on both sides of the conflict.  By the time Albert Speer’s books were published I had read deeply on the subject including transcripts of Hitler’s table talk, the Goebbels’ diaries and all the personal accounts of secretaries, valets, around the principal figures. And of course I read hundreds of the biographies and autobiographies of that era.

The Nuremberg Trial was fascinating.  I read all of the English versions of books by concentration camp survivors.  And, even now, as new ones are translated and appear, I find them and read them as well.   Very early I devoured all of the carefully researched David Irving books and later the Holocaust revisionist spin offs that followed.  I read excerpts from the Irving trial and the tedious studies of Robert Jan van Pelt.

In my travels I visited battlefields including Kursk, St. Petersburg, Volgograd (Stalingrad).  I visited Auschwitz-Birkenau, Sachsenhausen, Dachau, Buchenwald and some smaller concentration camps in Belgium and France.  In some cases I made return visits, stepping off the cement foundations of the gas chambers to calculate if it were mathematically possible for so many to be shuffled in and out.

In Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine I stopped by the road and visited markers depicting the historical sites of various atrocities.   With the collapse of the Soviet Union came the release of a whole new round of information giving insights and corrections to events.

Yes, there are mistakes in print everywhere.  Just as there are in any other history, including presidential history, which I research as a career. But the Holocaust indeed happened and has been carefully chronicled in spite of Nazi efforts to keep it hidden.  Martin Gilbert’s book, Holocaust, may be the most complete accounting and it can be mind numbing.  Gilbert tracks it all, country by country, city by city, block by block and family by family.  The predictable stories repeat over and over with the denial, right up to the end, until the door is shut behind.

I stubbornly read the stories of survivors because I know that the perpetrators wanted these people to die alone, unknown to the world.  And the victims felt abandoned, so I want to be there with them, along with thousands of other readers, whispering between the pages, “I am here too, with you, we all now know what happened, you are not alone, you are not forgotten and I weep with you over the inhumanity of your captors.”

It would be a mistake for us to turn away from the faces of the dying children in Gaza.  But it is also a shame for us to pretend that the Holocaust didn’t happen.



Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

35 thoughts on “Israel – Hamas and the Holocaust Revisited

    1. Seriously? Accurate clarification- of what?
      NO, “holocaust revisionist”, of which plenty are jews, have ever said the imprisonment of jews and others, by Hitler, did not happen. We have a problem with the MANY lies (and most of them so crazy, even a child wouldn’t believe them!) of the first tellers and of every repeater since.

      Besides, we ARE talking about Gaza and all of Palestine, including that which jews STOLE from Palestinians (Geneva Convention[s], does NOT allow any aggressor to take over the land of those they best in battle.) What on earth does THIS imprisonment of Palestinians have to do with the holocaust? What Palestinians injured or killed jews in WWII? NOT ONE.
      In fact, of the very few Palestinians who did fight in WWII, each did fight on the side of the Allies.

      So, Doug Wead; why did you feel it necessary to include the holocaust (hollow-cause) of Jews in this topic? Was it to PROVE that what Jews NOW do to Palestinian is as bad (and worse, i think) as what is said was done to them? Was that your point? If so, you could have been a lot clearer.
      Please stop using the holocaust as justification of Jews murdering Palestinians. It is despicable,and I thought you were smarter than this.

    2. I would like to see how you would act if someone come into your community with guns and weapons telling you that another group of people gave you the right to your land (they did not have the right to give away) forced you and your family to leave your homes of which you have the deed and your parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on have lived for 1500 years. Rape, abuse and murder innocent people. Then after all of that in 1947, again in 1967 kill more of your people and steal even more land. And again continue to illegally occupy, arrest, abuse and kill your family and children. What would you do? These people have protested peacefully for years. Let’s put things into proportion. Of course you do not want to talk about the number of people Israel has MURDERED.

      Hamas did NOT take those three Israeli kids. They always admit to their deeds. Israel did not want a Unity government. And in May 2014 when the US and EU agreed to work with the Unity government which was a VICTORY for the Palestinians and which would force Israel into coming to a Peace Agreement, ALL OF A SUDDEN 3 poor Israeli kids go missing. I have no doubt that that ISRAEL killed those three Israeli kids to create an excuse to go into Palestine and provoke the people by arresting 600 people and finally burning a child alive! Only then, did Hamas realize they HAD to fight back with cheap fireworks (hardly rockets at all). Israel STARTED this. Israel did not want to come to Peace Agreement with a Hamas or a Unity government because they would have to compromise. They want everything. They want all of Jerusalem. So when things were not going their way they again, like in 2008 wanted to punish the mass of innocent Palestinians.

      God is watching and will punish Israel for what they are doing. Israel Zionists actions since 1947 are abominations…it is not Judaism. And the Orthodox Jews and anyone who is a child of God all know that what Israeli Zionists have been doing is Satanic. And God will punish the people Israel…I have no doubt.

      1. THANK YOU, TASHA!
        The fools who go along with the hasbara-tools (and participate in the lies of the criminal-state) are complicit in WAR-CRIMES. And, this time, Palestine will not allow it to pass, unchecked.
        I realize the (idiotic) USA will veto any charges against these war-criminals, but this makes Barack Obama and all of Congress war-criminals, too. Each one needs to be held accountable. The WORLD need to force an END to all of this and i am not ONLY talking about the incursions into Gaza.
        Gaza IS the longest-running and largest PRISON-CAMP the world has seen. What Israelis do to Palestinians (inside of and outside of) in Gaza Is despicable and worse than ANYTHING that has been said of HItler. Yet the world has not only allowed it to continue, but has funded it and armed the mass-murdering lunatic-state, to boot.
        I don’t know how many times we have to tell Obama (and all before him), NOT IN OUR NAME! But I know it has to end, one way or another. If this ends with Obama (and Cameron and Harper, et al..) in prison, SO BE IT.

  1. You need to acquaint yourself on the facts of the Zionist holocaustic industry, as well as of the “holocaust” itself. There was but one true historical holocaust, that of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. The Jews crucified Him once, and are beginning the second of their persecutions in the person of his Church. I’m sure that hobnobbing with the Mighty of this world has given you the impression that you are among the enlightened, but I’m afraid this bull shows you to be well entrenched in naivete. Please, do your homework instead of repeating this soft pedaled version of salient Zionist talking points.

  2. For decades the only response to requests for proof, or even evidence, of the holocaust has bee a charge of anti-semite against the requester, as if the Israeli’s are semites in the first place. They are not. Requests for proof, or evidence, is still waiting a response. There has been considerable fraud discovered in many claims in the “official” narrative. But, simply put, If Israel really wants to end the bloodshed, all it has to do is stop invading surrounding countries to steal land and resources.

  3. Forget it doug I’ve followed you throughout the Ron Paul years and loved your analysis but this is pure unadulterated Zionist bullshit. Hamas was a Mossad creation and a tool for this very purpose…genocide. Rockets which IF landed would knock a few slates off a population carrowing in bunkers. The Israeli population is the most brainwashed, and therefore psycopathic on the planet, it has to be for the Zionist fascists to literally get away with murder. The fucking Zionist US government are so complicit it’s staggering yet the prestitute media paints the usual biased propaganda. Your bought and paid for elite..did they promise you a bunk under Denver airport for you and your family. The dollar is about to tank, the warmongers are pushing for Russia with the same reckless stupidity which created Iraq and Afghanistan, and you got the message. Good bye

  4. Okay, Doug Wead, as a person who has paid a lot of attention to the horrors the Palestinian people deal with, every day of their lives, I want to explain a few things, and will start it with one question. It is the same question (well, let’s call it the damand it is..)
    Let’s go back and start first with the trial after WWII. Have you really read all of it? If so, did you not find it odd that one person testified (for all Jews) and was quoted and had his words repeated, again and again, in others’ testimonials? How about that all of the tales told on the stand, by this man, have been investigated and refuted by scientists (including medical doctors), proving that 12 people could not have been, “incinerated per hour”, even if the Germans had the best technology known to man- today? Why did the one surrviving, “gas chamber”, not have a chimney attached to it? Why did the door to this chamber (room) have a window in it and why would the door open outward? Guess who’s revised the figures of the, “holocaust”? Jews. And, these revisionists have been hounded and actually beaten, by Jews and non-jews,for speaking the truth. Yet, the offical number dead (jews) has been lowered to under 200 thousand, from six-million.., again, by Jews. The Nuremberg trials have been torn apart for the sham it was, Yet some people still go on about it as if every word was fact. It was not.

    In regard to Gaza, today:
    If there are so many qassams, called, “rockets”, “missiles”, “bombs”,etc.., coming out of Gaza and into the stolen land of, “israel”; if there are SO many, “rockets raining down onto the head of Israelis”, where IS the proof? Show me one photo or one short video-clip of even ONE of these qassams (which, when there were such things, are home-made soup-can kiddie rockets that had no war-head, and injured NOBODY.) Where is the PROOF?
    Understand this: Israel has THOUSANDS of cameras, both video and still, trained on Gaza, day and night, every single day. Yet, there is no proof of these qassams even existing! Not ONE person, in Israel (visiting or residing there) has been able to give a first-hand account of this taking place. HOW is this so? Honestly!!

    This, Doug Wead, is what is called, “hasbara”. Remember, the motto of the IDF is, “By deceotion shall you make war”. Do you think they don’t lie to the entire word about, “Hamas being a terrorist-organization”? They DO.
    In fact, when the Hamas leader ran for president (in a democratic election; more democratic than anything in israel), the US news and US White-house championed the efford. Hamas was not expected to win, except that the Americans poured money into the campaign, and what do you know? They *unexpectely and incredibly* won. The day that the Palestinians had a new HAMAS president, the word began to trickle-out that, “they are terrorists”, It is another lie, and obviously so, from israel. Yet so many Americans just accept this lie as truth. HOW is this? Are we not a society that requires proof of such assertions? We are, except for when Israel is concerned, and then all they say is taken at face value; a country who’s military goes by, “by deception.. WAR”.

    Another thing; this, “war”, in Gaza is far from being a war. It is a massacre. It is mass-murder. It is even genocide (though the isrealis now call it, “self-genocide”- amazing!) The PEOPLE of Gaza; men, women, children, are NOT making war on Israel. The vast majority are hiding in corners, trying to save their families and themselves. WHO is firing-back at IDF (or as I call them, ITF; Israeli TERRORIST force)? Almost nobody. Yes, as few youngs menthrow rocks and/or have acquired other weapons.. and I do believe a couple dozen soldiers were killed. Some people don’t agree with me and think Israel has made this up, too. Given their track-record, it is possible. But, back to the youngsters who have been accused of (or actually have) fighting back,I want to ask you: IF a people invaded YOUR land, encroached on your property, targeted and murdered your mother, father, siblings, and even your children; WHAT WOULD you DO? And, would it be just, or would it be wrong to do so? I am very much anti-violence and anti-war, but, this seige, blockade, continued attack upon Gaza, by the people who suddenty said it was, “their land because their god gave it to them”, has borne a small group of young men who cannot sit idly by and allow what Israel does (IN MY NAME, too) to happen.
    Should they, really?

    When I say Israel IS targeting young women, this latest attack is on those of childbearing age, as well as those who are already mothers, I am not pulling this out of thin air. For, one Israeli military leader came out and said as much; “We should murder ALL of the women of Gaza so they can no longer give birth to snakes”. This, Doug Wead, is what you and the government of the USA are supporting. This American cannot.

    Kowing this, and certainly you do; HOW do you even go along with the lunatic-state of israel? My heart breaks for each and every person in Gaza. They are STUCK in an open-air prison; a concentration-camp, the likes of which Hitler would not have even dreamed up. And you think this is okay? It is not because they elected Hamas because this has been done to Palestinians for almost seventy years! The majority of Palestinians are refugees, and have never even seen Palestine. Some are just on the border of Palestine, but are not allowed in to meet their families, because the USA (and rest of the West) goes along with the terror perpetrated and perpetuated against an innocent civilian population.

    Please do read this, and after reading this, explain why you’re still okay with it. For I have a young friend in Gaza. She is a school teacher. She was married in September of last year, and she is pregnant with her first child. I worry terribly for her because, given what israel has stated, they ARE targeting WOMEN in Gaza. I would love to give my lovely young friend your explanation, as this, “israel, right or wrong”, ideology is surely something she has heard before. Israel-supporters are a dime a dozen. Gaza, and all of Palestine, need more Westerners to wake up to the truth, today.

    Too many Americans suffer from Holocaustianity and I believe you fall into this group, Doug. I find this sad, but not too terribly surprising.

      1. Thanks, Bob,
        I simply cannot sit by, particularly when someone who has the eyes and ears of a good number of people, repeats the lies (hasbara) of Israel, especially that of Bibi (the nutjob) Netanyahu.
        Has Doug Wead never seen the embarassing, 29 Ovations video of Bibi before America’s Congress? Bibi received a RECORD 29 standing ovations by OUR Congress and OUR White-house. The speech was all about how Israel is great and deservedly receives money and munitions with which they bomb Gaza (and Egypt, Lebanon, and even Americans) and threaten Iran. It was not a speech to say how much he appreciated the monies. No, it was more along the lines of. “And if you don’t keep at it, you can be replaced, too.”
        Here’s the thing: Each and every congressperson signs a pledge (though they now write their own paragraph) to state they will always and ever support the (lunatic) state of (occupied Palestine), “israel”. If this is not despicable enough; the Jewish lobbies are given huge amounts of cash donations from the US Congress (not personal donations, but from our tax-dollars) and these Israeli lobbies purchase their congressmen. It is a despicable, anti-American, cycle and one that Congress does not care to break.
        From what I understand, Ron Paul was the last (and only, for a long time) representative in D.C. to NOT sign such a thing. When Dr Paul said the lobbyists skipped going to his office, he was talking (mostly) of the Jewish lobby, as this is the group that gets the most. Now, look at what happened to Dr Paul’s campaign, just as it was gaining steam. Who do you think took it down? IT was those who choose our choices for us; the Jewish/Israeli lobbies. Heck, Jesse Benton, with that idiot Rand; a nasty pair of zionists, were chosen to run his campaign, and this is who finally put the knife in the good doctor’s back. (I was not surprised.)

        This is why I know Doug Wead should know all of this. Now I want him to say that he does. Certainly, there are many Americans who are aware, but we have a difficult time getting anyone with a voice to say much of anything.

        And this silence is deadly.

  5. BTW; This is what Israel did in Gaza, yesterday – in ONE HOUR:

    And you are still okay with it all?
    You cannot say you’re bothered by the blood and death of civilians (INNOCENTS) in Gaza, and all of Palestine, yet be stuck on the side of these murderers, Doug Wead. One does not jive with the next.

    1. annebeck58 — This video of bombing Gaza indiscriminately is soooo disturbing. Shows Israel leveling a housing block to the ground in one hour (regardless who lives there — Palestinian families with women and children, terrorists, Hamas — makes no difference, just kill’em all?)!

      But instead of an outrage from the USA, Netanyahu orders our Gov NEVER to questions his actions AGAIN!

      Shows who is in command of our foreign policy — a Foreigner, not an American!

      P.S. Don’t forget Doug is in DC — and to make a living there he must kiss Jew ass nonstop…or else!

  6. AIPAC Zionists attack Orthodox Jews for their support of Palestinians

    Young American Jews protesting against Zionism treated like dirt by Zionist lobby. Spit upon, threats of physical violence & even killing.

    Groundbreaking documentary interviewing former Israeli Defence Forces soldiers Avichai Sharon & Noam Chayut: “Breaking the silence”, whistle-blower scandal: Describing systematic criminal plots of militant Zionist Israeli occupation.

    Shministim are Israeli high school students conscientious objector group, refusing to join IDF to commit war crimes in Palestine. Among them are Raz Bar-David Varon, Netta Mishly, Yuval Ophir-Auron, Sahar Vardi, Jonathan Ben-Artzi and Omer Goldman. In fact, Omer Goldman is daughter of a former Mossad chief. Israeli government detained & threw them inside jail, for refusal to murder Palestinian civilians.

    Israeli citizen Maya Wind was born in a secular Jewish family in Jerusalem. She refused to enter in mandatory IDF service due to Israel’s war crimes against Palestine – both in West Bank and Gaza. She was illegally detained by the fascist government for several weeks and thrown inside a military prison.

    Gerald Kaufmann is a Jewish British Member of Parliament. He was brought up as a Zionist in an Orthodox Jewish family. In a British parliament speech, he strongly denounces fascist war criminal Israeli government and all their lies.

    For more than 50 years, Joseph Abileah, an Austrian born Israeli Jew violinist from Haifa, worked for reconciliation between Arabs & Jews. An ordinary man made extraordinary by his unwavering commitment to nonviolent social change, he shows what is possible when antagonists in conflicts are not regarded as inhuman monsters but as potentially good people who are held hostage to a world view & political structure that have made brutal actions almost unbearable. This life of an Israeli pacifist is also a study of an alternative history of Israel, one that reflects the tensions between spiritual & political Zionism.

    His Jewish grand-niece Rae Abileah is of Israeli descent & American citizen. She was beaten & manhandled by fascist thugs in US Congress, causing her brutal injuries requiring hospitalization. She had come to protest appearance of war criminal Netanyahu in US Congress.

    Avraham “Avi” Shailm is respected & renowned Jewish historian, & ARDENT HATER of militancy of Zionism.

    In younger years he served in IDF & was statist Zionist. Serving in IDF opened his eyes. He realized murderous lies Zionism projects. He deeply regrets what IDF has come to represent as malignant cancer on the planet.

    Ilan Pappe is a secular Jewish and anti-Zionist historian born in Israel.

    Pappe has spent lifetime in historical research proving that ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is NOT something that happened spontaneously (ad-hoc). Rather, it was a well devised criminal plot of Zionists.

    Norman Finkelstein son of Holocaust survivors, American Jewish professor is a lifelong anti-Zionist. Finkestein says American and Global Zionism is the biggest hypocrisy in the world, and have created a “Holocaust Industry” to further Israeli and Zionist financial interests.

    Gilad Atzmon is an Israeli born Jewish musician/author who is ardent HATER of Zionism and has totally given up on the State of Israel as it exists today. Not surprisingly, Atzmon has been ceremoniously declared an “Anti-Semetic!” by worldwide Zionist lobby.

    Jewish Rabbi staunchly opposed to Zionism talks in detail about his torture at the hands of fascist Zionist cult in Israel:

    Miko Peled grew up in a prominent Zionist family. His grandfather signed Israel’s declaration of independence, his father served with IDF. Peled is a staunch anti-Zionist opponent of fascist lying of Israeli government and its illegal occupation & apartheid of Palestinians.

    One of the most famous Israeli citizen opponent of Israeli government fascism is Uri Avnery. He is a former Zionist. For long period of his later life, he’s a staunch anti-Zionist. He was even member of Irgun once. In his young days, he was a member of early incarnation of IDF, participated in war against Egypt as member of Israeli military. He is himself a secular Jew. After experiencing negative effects of official Zionist policies, he had a big change of heart & dedicated his life for achieving peace with Palestine.

    It is hard to find a bigger “former Zionist” name, with so much anti-Zionist work.

    Following are 3 parts of landmark Hebrew documentary called “Uri Avnery Warrior for Peace”.

    1. It is obvious that Mr. Weed is a zionist christian, the plague of the US. He’s also a supporter of Runt Paul, who is nothing like his father Ron. Reports are they don’t get along. This is one reason why.

    2. Thanks, Cheife.
      I hope some of this will get through. But, I think the scenes from Gaza, today, may have bigger effect.
      We have not seen many, “self-hating jews”, in today’s israel. Thankfully, many of them have left (occupied Palestine), israel.

      I was lucky enough to spend time with Gilad Atzmon, in Austin, and hope to see him again, this Fall. Last time, I tried to video him, but had my camera settings set-up for a different style video, and have no sound… Next time, I’ll get it… Then maybe I’ll get some video & audio of him and others, during dinner. That’s when the best stuff came out, IMO.

  7. Doug Wead. one more short video (clip), today:

    Alan Hart, GB, “Netanyahu has (essentially) told Obama to go to hell.” Bibi has done so to all of the West…
    Why? Because the Jewish/Israeli lobbies have a stranglehold on OUR (our?) Congress; that is why.

  8. I am glad to see that some of the commenters here are knowledgeable about Israel and the zionist control of our government. What happened to you, Doug?? I used to admire you during the Ron Paul campaign, but now you have turned totally zionist – as if we didn’t already have enough zionists in our government, to the detriment of our nation. Shame on you – I thought you were a patriot!

    For the rest of you, if you really want to know what is really going on, please educate yourselves. The following links are a good start:

    We have too many 5th columnists and not enough patriots!

    1. Another good one:

      Many posts, per day, and a pretty lively thread, too. The only negative *for some people* is that comments might take a few hours to post, as the site is run by one person (Mark Glenn of RT/ PressTV infamy) and he is a very busy man. Comments are not immediately posted because ADL and other zidiots like sending him death-threats.
      It is the same threat all who go against them, publicly, receive.
      meh., the derps.

  9. Ronald Reagan’s cabinet Asst. Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts calls out Zionist war criminals.

    Israel is not subject to criticism. Only Jew-haters, anti-semites, and people who want to gas Jews and boil them in oil criticize Israel. Israel is above criticism, because Israelis are God’s Chosen People and despite being God’s Chosen People suffered the Holocaust.

    Israel is always the aggressor but always takes the role of the victim. Palestinian women and children are all subhumans–”snakes” as one Israeli politician put it–who sneak into Israel through secret tunnels (whose existence is akin to Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction) wearing suicide bomb belts and blow up innocent Israelis along with themselves while Israelis sit in cafes peacefully discussing philosophical issues and the latest news. To stop this slaughter of innocent Israelis, Israel has to blow up Palestinian hospitals, schools, and civilian homes and apartment blocks.

    These unmistakable war crimes, these crimes against humanity are all ignored by the great moral arbiters of the world–the Governments of the West who are shaking their fingers not at Israel but their fists at Russia.


    BTW, here is a sharp snippet from the big Glenn Greenwald link posted earlier:

    If you landed on earth from another planet this week, knowing nothing other than the most common use of the word “terrorism,” which side do you think would most frequently be referred to as “terrorists”?

    In American media discourse, when Palestinians overwhelmingly kill soldiers (95% of the Israeli death toll) who are part of an army that is blockading, occupying, invading, and indiscriminately bombing them and killing their children by the hundreds, that is “terrorism”; when Israelis use massive, brutal force against a trapped civilian population, overwhelmingly killing innocent men, women and children (at least 75% of the Palestinian death toll), with clear intentions to kill civilians (see point 3), that is noble “self-defense.” That demonstrates how skewed U.S. discourse is in favor of Israel, as well as the purely manipulative, propagandistic nature of the term “terrorists.”

  10. Doug — what has Palestine got to do with the Holocaust?

    Methinks you guilty of an anachronism…..

    1. Here;s one very important issue on this topic:
      Hamas is quite expressive. When and if Hamas captures (abducts is the wrong word when talking about military) a soldier, Hamas always says so, to the point of being bragadotious.. Hamas has said, in this case, they HAVE NO SOLDIER. And, given that immediately after this soldier was, “abducted”, IOF BOMBED the last spot where he was seen, and given we (mostly) ALL know about the, “Hannibal Directive”, I would say Hamas does not have the soldier. The Hannibal Directive states such: IF and when a soldier in the IOF is taken, it is okay for other iOF to NOT take his life into account when taking-out those who did the abduction. In other words, the IOF will kill their own to, “spare him being taken hostage by Hamas *or any foe*.” IF Hamas had any soldier, some Palestinians are lying dead next to this very soldier..
      So, no. I do not believe Hamas has any soldier, unless it is a different soldier we’re talking about. So far, Hamas has not been talking about a captured soldier, at least not the one that’s the topic of this statement.
      But, the phone-call is (supposedly) a lie, according to US State Dept..

      And, when were we last able to actually TRUST our own government? I’d say, not since I was in kindergarten, when JFK was murdered with the cooperation of CIA and MOSSAD (and of course, Bush Sr and Johnson.)
      We have not had a president who’d done right by America since. Yes, Carter MAY have wanted to help fix America, but look at how he was treated. Anyone who goes against the, “best wishes of Israel”, is a lame-duck from the get-go. Carter has been able to do a lot more since leaving office than he had done while in office. Same holds true for– pretty much nobody, since the rest of them totally fell in line, lockstep with the lunatic-state.
      == just like the (ZIO)nazis they are.

      I don’t know when this will end, but if it is up to the American people, we’ll drop the genocidal-state , like, yesterday..

      1. Americans were loved everywhere you traveled in the Free World in the 1960′ and 1970′ — from personal experience. Even in 1984 in West Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Italy, Spain (not France) — saying I’m an American was a positive.

        Then it all changed until we became the most hated people in the 21st Century!


        Because as the decades passed, the US Government became an unilateral arm for ever increasing military support of the Terrorist State of Israel — AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) kept on growing until these Zionists got to determine who got elected for political office in the US. And thus the snowball effect of our downfall started.

        Unless we, Real Americans, put a stop to AIPAC, it’s only going to get worse for US!
        Remember the 1972 Olympic in Munich, Germany?

        Arab terrorists killed a few Israeli athletes (in protest of the State of Israel killing thousand of Palestinians).

        No Arab terrorists killed any American athletes back then! Why? Because at that time we were not their enemy — only the Nazi State of Israel was.

        This despicable act of killing innocent Israeli athletes, gave a big media putsch to the Israeli Lobby in USA, until they now get to have the final word which American gets elected, and which one does not (owning the mainstream media for decades is a nearly insurmountable advantage, since they get to brainwash generations).

        So, in 1972 no Muslim Nuts attacked US! Neither in the 1980’s — when we were helping them to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.

        It all started AFTERWARDS — in the 1990’s, when AIPAC had clearly taken control of our Gov and UNILATERALLY started supporting Israel’s policy of Scorched Earth to expand their Territory, and we did everything they told us to do! How shameful is that!

        This is the POLICY that created Muslim terrorists, not just going after Israel, but FOR THE FIRST TIME going after Americans, and the USA!

        And the more we support The New Nazis, the Terrorist State of Israel, and their daily genocidal atrocities — the more Muslim terrorists will be created against US!

        The solution is easy — cut off ALL Foreign Aid (starting with Israel)!

        End AIPAC — as a foreign subsidized entity that is working against USA!

        Warn the Muslim World that once we’ve cut off the poison that is Israel, if they ever harm a single American — we’ll turn them into a wasteland!

      2. This was a very good post.
        Well thought out and argued.
        Now I would like to hear any of these pro-israel idiots come back with anything to discount any of it.
        Arabs still do not (mostly) hate us. They are disgusted, and rightly so, with our government. Palestinians are upset with Arabs who surround them and refuse to fight for Palestine or for themselves, against the lunatic state. One thing Palestinians do see is how this is progressing, throughout ALL of the Arab world, and not only in Palestine (nearly completely stolen by, “israel”.)
        What most Palestinians see is that it will not stop when Palestine is obliterated. Israel has moveable borders, by design, and when Palestine is all under their complete control, the others are next.
        Lebanon has to know this. Egypt may know it but believe they can prevent more of their land taken (ha.) Jordan has already lost land.
        Turkey seems to be bipolar.
        NONE of them are helping Palestinians. And they will pay for it, not by the hand of Palestinians but by the hand of those they are trusting at this point. It is really stupid for any Arab to trust any Zid in israel.


        LOL — have we lost our Nation to AIPAC…since they have ALL the MONETARY POWER to DO SO!

  11. Get educated on the most powerful and the most pernicious anti-American Lobby in USA — AIPAC, the ones that get most of our congressmen and senators elected…who then have to have to follow this American Israeli Political Action Committee dictates (Zionists, Inc… in short) or else NEVER get reelected!

    The few that refuse to follow AIPAC are the Tea Party and Libertarians — thus, the media gets to destroy them.

  12. Just for fun:

    Next James Bond movie will feature a new super villain: “Obama, the Man with the Golden Pen”….


    What’s the difference between Simba and Obama?

    Simba is an African lion, Obama is a lyin’ African….

  13. Mitch — great post!

    For your perusal, here is the most definitive and conclusive exposé on the illegitimate State of Israel:

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