Is Obama too big too fail? Why is he acting so strangely?

President Barack Obama’s shameless fundraising tours in the midst of a world in chaos have brought immediate comparisons to Ronald Reagan.   Led by his erstwhile advisers, such as Michael Deaver, who understood imagery, Reagan would have been back in the Oval Office, looking presidential and sounding like the statesman he was.  Reagan would likely have brought his government together, State Department, NSA, Pentegon, CIA and taken an assessment of how it could all impact on American economy and lives.  He would likely have given a national address, reassuring the nation and signalling the world how we expect civilized people to act.

On the surface, Obama’s actions are incomprehensible.  There is no explanation.  Obama appears transcendent, not responsible for his own administration and uncaring about the world around him.

It has been the Obama style from the beginning. The economic crisis was the fault of the previous administration.  When his own stimulus program could not produce one of the one million jobs he promised, it was replaced with more of the same and  blame on congress for failing to immediately enact more of what wasn’t working.

The president declared that he had no responsibility for the IRS which was blatantly being used for political purposes, he had nothing to do with the failed Healthcare website and nothing to do with the Veteran’s Administration which was corrupt on his watch. Whatever happened to Harry Truman and his Oval Office motto, “the buck stops here?”

It was not just that the president was not in charge of anything, or seemed to know anything, or should be blamed for anything, it was also when we found out differently he didn’t apologize.  When we learned, for example, that the $678 million , no bid, Healthcare website was awarded to Michelle Obama’s buddy from Princeton, the White House ignored it all.  When a news agency asked about it they were charged with racism.  When the president’s hand picked political lieutenant at the IRS claimed she had lost her emails the president defended her.

Sometimes, these juxtapositions can get downright comical.  Recently, General Motors was fined millions of dollars by the Justice Department for faulty ignition issues when, in fact, at that time, the company was owned and being run by the U.S. government.  Should the Justice Department fine itself?  When Obama ran for re-election he bragged about saving the auto industry?  But he has no responsibility for the company he bought.   The President is too big to fail.

On closer examination, Obama’s recent actions make sense.  He is angling for his post presidential role.  He will either be the Secretary General of the United Nations or else he will be some NGO equivalent.  Thus, he spent the week campaigning for the Democrat Party and ultimately Hillary Clinton whom he will need as an ally if he is to realize his ambition.  Nor would he want to poke the Russians more than necessary.

And the Federal Aviation Administration’s sudden cancellation of all flights to Tel Aviv?  At a cost to Israel of millions of dollars?  At first we were told that the president didn’t get involved in such things.  And given the fact that the president isn’t responsible for the economy, the IRS, his own Healthcare namesake and the Veterans Administration, to name a few departments, then one could almost believe it.    What does he do with all that free time?  But if he is now on track for his post presidency then it makes perfect sense.  The U.N. votes solidly against Israel, with only American on her side.  Obama will need to have some more of these anti-Israel moments to shore up his support from the African and Arab nations who dominate the the U.N. and will dictate the reach of any international role.

There was an awkward scene on CNN last week.  Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg snapped at Wolf Blitzer.  The CNN reporter had asked if the FAA decision represented policy.  Given Obama’s anti Israel record it was a reasonable question.  And it had just been raised by a U.S. Senator.  A testy Bloomberg was outraged at Wolf Blitzer for daring to ask such a thing.  It was another shameful moment.  Bloomberg has taken a lot of heat for his slavish support of Obama, in spite of his record toward Israel.

The irony was that Bloomberg’s very appearance was proof of the politics of the policy. If Tel Aviv was safe, and Bloomberg could fly there, then why was it ordered closed to all American airlines?  And if it wasn’t safe, why was it opened up again after the American people reacted to the FAA’ decision with outrage?

Oh, by the way, as someone who once worked in the White House, I can tell you that no one at the FAA would make such an unprecedented and politically charged decision without the okay of the president of the United States.  Sorry.

It all points to this very likely scenario.  We will have Barrack Obama on the world stage for a very, very long time to come.


Below was a controversial “what would Reagan do” moment during the Egyptian crisis and the Arab spring.  On this segment, several years ago, I voiced a lonely position that turned out to be prophetic.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

13 thoughts on “Is Obama too big too fail? Why is he acting so strangely?

  1. Obama is ANTI-Israel? He’s signed off on billions of dollars of aid and trillions of dollars in weapons systems, and you say he is against Israel? Israel is MURDERING BABIES, as I type this, and Obama has done nothing. He hasn’t even spoken out except to say the lunatic-state has, “a right to defend”, itself?
    Seriously, Doug Wead; is this your attempt at satire, or what?

  2. Our country is ill with a fever which we all must diagnose as Communism. It did not catch this fever over night. It began the illness on the day that Congress stepped outside of the restrictions of Article I, Section 8; way before our grandfathers were born.

    Reagan took us no further to the reverse button than did Truman. No President has either desired the less power of Constitutional Governance or been allowed to pursue it; including these “ICONS of Freedom” you and the rest of the Republican Party want to consistently throw into our faces.

    They all have treasured Executive Orders and none ever spoke of Congress not being the law makers which the American People have grown to believe that they are.

    We are now at DEFCON 1. The country is near the brink of full out Communist Rule and yet the “free thinkers” want to blame it all on one person and believe that if they could just reinstall the king which sees “eye to eye”, all will return to normalcy.

    The people of this country probably could have been turned around to see what true freedom is had Truman or even as late as Reagan returned the Crown and the Kingdom back to its rightful owner:


    The people have come to believe that the job description of the office of President includes nation management and that these powers of control have Constitutionally been granted. Look at Anne’s comment. The powers of world management seem so apparent to her even though these powers do not lawfully exist.

    Keep searching for that one person who will endorse your version of freedom, Doug. I am sure he is out there. Anyone who believes that if Paul had become President, the law would return to “The Law” and freedom would once again reign over the amber waves of grain, is a fool. Changing the hearts of the American People to seek the words of true freedom written so long ago is the only solution and if that is impossible; then all is lost no matter who is at the wheel.



    1. Actually, Harry, the US is sick from a different methodology. It’s called,”holocaustianity”. It began before the, “six million were dead at the hands of Hitler”, It began when Theodore Hertzl started using that figure back in the 1880’s, in different parts of the world. After the Jews declared war (economic- divestment and boycott) of German goods and Germany, Hitler took them out of his economy (and either put them into camps or offered them a boatride to Palestine.) Guess which most chose.

      And, since the thirties, the USA has suffered this ailment that shows itself this manner; putting the, “poor, put-upon jew”, ahead of fellow patriots. It included (of course) signing up with the world-bank (the IMF. the FED), and of course, sponsoring the life and livelihood (haha) of all Israelis. It is why we support them, no matter what they do (USS Liberty, 9-11, JFK, etc..) We donate (well, we say we SELL) arms and munitions and other war-machines to them, forgiving the debt before the ink is dry. This horror in Gaza is funded by about twenty-five percent, by the USA.

      Why do we do this? Holocaustianity. Every single man, woman, and child is subject to the lessons (brainwashing) of Holocaust, from their church pulpits to the classroom, to the movies and shows they watch, down to the news they ingest. Just watch the news for thirty-days, and see if you don’t find yourself a believer.And, if you do attend church services, do you not find that you believe Jews better, “chosen”, by your (and their) god, even over yourself?

      The lessons of holocaustianity would be humorous if the final solution was not so dastardly. Do you think Islam a religion of hate and terror? That’s because you were brainwashed. Do you believe Palestine belongs to Israel? That Palestinians are terrorists, down to the youngest (dead) baby? The only way to get past it is to read and watch posts made by those who have grown out of it. Start with a film called, “By Way of Deception”. Follow that up with a book (by disavowed Israeli-Jew, Gilad Atzmon), “The Wandering Who”,,
      And repeat.

      Who knows, in a few months, you may begin to feel like a caring human being, again; just as you were born to be.?

      1. Anne

        I read your comment three times and can only assume that you thought I was disagreeing with your statement. I was only commenting on how so many in this country believe in the President as being the all mighty rule maker when lawfully it is so far from the truth.

        Constitutionally, the President has almost a meaningless job unless Congress declares war on an aggressor against the U.S.A.. Then and only then is the President the almighty power while we are participating in the two years of war which again is in the control of Congress.

        The Pontius Pilate act of 1941, which was rushed into unlawfulness quicker than the Chicken Little Act of 2001, changed the way war production was conducted outside of our borders. It changed it much to the worse.

        The Constitution clearly puts the war powers into the hands of the people. The design was that only when we have been victims of aggression, our elected representatives choose to have our children carry our wealth into another land and kill the people there, is when we participate in war while following the constructs of our great Republic. Replacing our representation if they choose to prolong a war is the power the people possess in order to control the war machine lawfully.

        De-funding a war by Congress is appeared on by many idiots as Congress not supporting the troops. Our Congress even uses the power of de-funding as a tool of pork bill passing. De-funding a war is meant to be the tool of forcing a President into bringing our troops home and ending a war while returning the President to a relatively empty job.

        In 1941, the American people were allowed to wash their hands of the continuous murder to follow.

        It seems as if we are always going to the aide of the Jewish culture. The problem with the aiding of other countries is that our war machine was never intended to be used for anything other than to protect our borders from a hostile invasion. It’s what the voice of freedom torch carrying countries do. Thomas Jefferson said it best: “Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.”

        Sure, even though it would have been murder in every definition of the word, had I the chance to travel back to 1930 and put a bullet in Hitler’s head, I would do it.


        The fact is that Hitler did not extinguish the lives of 6,000,000 Jews (and let’s be real, Jews were not the only people he managed to eliminate) by himself. The people that were under his thumb may not have all agreed with the destruction of human decency but obviously not enough of them attempted to stop the actions. The willing participants outnumbered the unwilling, period.

        As is presently happening in the destruction of this country, too many are willing to sit back and watch. This brings me to the 6,000,000.

        The number one reason that the ovens were constructed was because the total expense of annihilation was far less by using gas than it was by using bullets. Personally, if I were a Jew in 1930s Germany, I would have proudly worn approximately 15 of those bullets while clawing my way through as many eyeballs, testicles and whatever else I could have gotten my hands on. The fact that 6,000,000 got in line for low cost crowd control astounds me and I for one am tired of hearing about it as the constant battle cry of beginning new wars.

        Fifteen bullets times 6,000,000 would have put an extreme toll on the Nazi war machine.

        What concerns me more is that the bulk of “We the People” sit back and care only that we have our weekly gladiator arenas and the worshiping of fame through singing and dancing competitions more than we are attracted to the oppression which allows us to be complacent in our own backyard. Extremely few Americans (and I find the thick of this detest within the Republican “TEA Party”) can’t see past our borders as if the other lands are even occupied by human beings. The proof of it is right in front of us on a daily basis and yet the coldness of the “Land of the Free” is simply appalling.

        America has raped the rest of the world for its riches so that we can hold our head high as superior beings but at the same time the lining up of the victims continues. In none of these lands do the people stand up for their rights, they only sit in their squalor and complain that it is our fault.

        Israel needs to defend Israel; Palestine needs to fight for their own version of freedom. Both sides need to weigh out the giving up their children for as long as their children dying remains secondary. Which side is on the right, will usually prevail in the long run. Good almost always triumphs for the patient.

        Learn and teach the real Constitution and there is still hope for our future.

        STAY FREE
        IF YOU CAN


      2. Exactly, Harry.
        However, regarding putting a bullrt in Hitler’s head, I’d say, no. For Jews did call for economic war on Gernamy, and taking them out of Germany’s economy (even by placing them in camps) was all he could do. Yes, some Jews went off to Palestine (this was a deal brokered by the Brits,with Hitler), but some decided to take their chances in Germany. The whole holoaust story is just that; a story. Prpbablu the worst thing for Hitler was that he was used as the boogeyman against the, “poor, put-upon Jew”. And even in death, he is as big a bad guy for Christians (crazy) as he was for anyone during WWII.

        That Jews in Israel are doing to Palestinians what they say was done to them in Germany, and have done so since 1948, but the worst since 1967, is absolutely despicable. That Americans and the American government is ever on the side of this horrible aggressor is mind-blowing.

        Today I woke up to a post of last night in Israel.. Young Israelis (and Americans doing their, “homeland tour”), singing, “Gaza is a graveyard.. There is not school in Gaza; all the children are dead”, to the tune of, “ole-ole-ole-ole-ole”.. It is the most sickening site I’ve seen since the lunatics took over Gaza and all of Palestine.
        And ANY American goes with this? Any so-called Christian is for this? What a disgusting and disappointing world this is.

        Hitler’s fault was in not handling the, “Jewish problem”, better. Nothing more.
        (Btw; I put, “six million Jews”, in quotes because I know it is a lie.)

  3. Isra-hell war criminal murderers can jump into the Mediterranean Sea. They have got nothing to do with American Constitution or American people. Nobody here gives a crap if those war criminal’s airport is closed.

    Is MonsantObama too big to jail? That depends on whether David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Zbiginew Brzizenski etc. are all too big to jail.

  4. Doug — nice observation what Obamination may do (UN Secretary…one shudders) and his wife’s complicity in his machinations.

    But then you go and kiss Israel’s ass (I guess you have to, to stay in business) and ruin it all…LOL!

    Here is some food for thought:

    Another win for the Good Guys — Real Americans!!!

    *Federal judge rules DC ban on handguns unconstitutional* !!!

    “There is no longer any basis on which this Court
    can conclude that the District of Columbia’s total ban on the public
    carrying of ready-to-use handguns outside the home is constitutional
    under any level of scrutiny…” !!!!!!

    Another slap on the face to Obama’s unconstitutional Exec Orders aimed at destroying the 2nd Amendment and the US Constitution.

    And a bigger slap on the face of Liberal scumbags trying to do the same!

    The tide is turning — let’s keep it going — next, go after NY’s PRINCE
    OF DARKNESS Gov Andrew Cuamo and the nutcase Bloomberg’s anti-American agenda!

    “New York governor Andrew Cuomo berates conservatives — including pro-lifers, Second Amendment supporters, and gay-marriage opponents — as people who “have no place in the state of New York.” But Cuomo has a long history of behaving like a schoolyard bully…”

    And Micheal Bloomberg — the absolute, definitive, unquestionably the utter prize-winning scum of the earth!


    These scumbag professional politician-whores willfully broke the Law of the Land, and keep on breaking it, after swearing to uphold the US Constitution — this makes them American traitors!

    Lawsuits MUST be filed to put them in Jail for Life (and all such creatures that have, and still behave, as Traitors to Our Nation)!

  5. Reclaiming America — best article ever!

    A MUST READ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    “For any American who is worried about this country, who feels our core values slipping away…. Everywhere you look, something has gone wrong… the things we care about most are under attack as never before. President Barack Obama, his axis in Congress and his media elite are gnawing at the country’s foundations intent on replacing our hallowed national character with their tyrannical political culture….”

    1. Just wonderfully written, precise, poignant and apodictic — share above article with all you can!!!
      “Obama’s promise of the “most transparent administration in history” has morphed into “the most lawless administration in history.”

      “Our nation’s founding fathers carefully crafted a Bill of Rights—an articulation of personal liberties woven into the entire fabric of our free society. When any of those freedoms are threatened anywhere, they must be defended and protected everywhere.”

      “We must stop President Barack Obama’s ongoing war on our freedom—his threat to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” We can succeed by working to organize as never before to elect a U.S. House of Representatives and a U.S. Senate majority that will fight for our freedom and trump the Obama agenda.
      Standing together with family, friends, co-workers, colleagues and neighbors at the polls in November, we can and must reclaim the America our Founders and generations of patriots have fought to preserve.”

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