“Security” at the RNC

Doug Wead’s photo visit to the Republican National Convention

My first RNC was at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1964.  I was eighteen years old.  Barry Goldwater was the nominee.  I talked my way into the lobby of the Mark Hopkins Hotel and drank Gold water out of a punch bowl.  It was exciting.  I shared the experience with Barry Goldwater, Jr. and his son backstage at the Ron Paul Rally in Tampa.

But nothing will ever compare to this 2012 convention.  Let’s call it the “Brownshirt Convention.”  The nominee, Mitt Romney, was apparently concerned lest there be a public demonstration.  The downtown was like a concentration camp with barriers and fences keeping people in and others out.  Armed guards outnumbered the people on the deserted streets.


The Brownshirts raced around Tampa in little golf cart vehicles while RNC delegates walked in the heat. No taxis were allowed inside the inner perimeter. Troops of Brownshirted Guards patrolled the deserted streets of Tampa

Herman Cain stuck on one side of the fence.
My taxi had to keep circling, trying to find a place where I could be dropped off. Then I would have to walk for ten blocks in Tampa – August heat to get to my hotel

In addition to the Brownshirts there were regular police which on most corners outnumbered civilians five to one.


Ron Paul signs were confiscated as soon as they were spotted. Not one was allowed on the floor of the RNC or on the streets of Tampa inside the perimeter. “If you do this again,” a policeman told a delegate who had opened a fan shaped sign, “You will be escorted from the floor and detained.”
The first day, fence barricades went up, one layer and then another, each with checkpoints. By the end their were dogs at each of the checkpoints.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

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    1. Nonsense. There was no security ballyhoo of this sort in Nazi Germany. Remember, Hitler toured the country in an open Mercedes.

  1. It makes me mad and sick to see such corruption. All the more reason why Ron Paul looks like such a treasure. Thanks to all Liberty loving Patriots with dignity, we will stand with the Freedom movement and fight the cabal at the RNC and others

    1. Just as bad, or even worse is Mitt’s newest plot to remove Gary Johnson and the entire Libertarian party from most state’s ballots. Should we be surprised that Republicans are working with Mitt to accomplish this? No. Definitely not.

      Soon enough, Mitt will be going after those who may vote for him, though they don’t really like him. Remind you of anyone in history? It does, ME. In fact, 1940 Italy, as well as USSR and China come to mind.
      It’s despicable.
      (and no, i won’t be voting Johnson, but this is the worst we’ve seen in American history, out of any party)

      1. I know that, as of right now, the charges of kidnapping delegates is taking precedence. Also at the forefront is the write-in-Ron campaign. It’s an attempt to allow for any and all write-ins, and is being spearheaded by L4RP, as well as Dr K research. The plan is to amass a certain number of delegates, per-state, to sign on to a lawsuit to allow any and all write-ins, and to ensure they are counted.
        I need to go and check out what’s happening via #ElectionFraudRemedy, but I think it’s more of a first-things, first, sort of issue.
        There will be time to go ahead with the RICO case, but my understanding right now is, let’d go ahead with something that may actually create change in the next couple of months.

      2. Oh, excuse me; I said, “a certain number of delegates…”. when I should have said, a certain number of registered voters.
        The last I heard, early this morning, was that we only needed five voters, per state, but this may be changed. When I know, if it’s changed or not, I’ll write something up.

    1. Haha. They had to show papers so often, the papers were dangling from a rope around their necks. And, yet; for certain folk (those with Ron Paul buttons, hats, shirts..), the papers were not enough.
      I hate that Dr Paul used the REP Party as a vehicle, as it leaves us having to deal with these same people. They think, when I say I cannot go along with despicable Mitt, it’s a matter of pride. It is not pride, it’s only a matter of knowing right from wrong, and all that Mitt does is wrong.
      I cannot stand up for liars and theives, and Mitt falls under both of these titles.. so not a thing to do with swallowing pride. I can only do what I feel is right. Were I to go out and tell people how to register and vote, I would also be telling them about writing-in sanity. And, the TRP (Texas Rep Party) won’t have that!
      When I told them about my problem(s) with Mitt, they told me I should leave the party. I almost did. Then I realized that the term I hold (as precinct chair) is 2 years long, and this selection process only continues for 2 months of this.
      So, I shall sit out Mitt’s selection. But, I will work within the party and will possibly be the dissenting voice, afterward. I know we have others in this party, in Austin (for sure), who will also dissent, so it won’t be like I’ll be the only, “NO vote”, in “their party”.

      I hope we get a lot accomplished, but it will take talking with a lot of people who just don’t listen. That’s never fun.

    1. I agree, Chiefe. When I see the tools going off regarding, “how much cash”, Doug Wead was paid for his job, it really bothers me.
      Honestly, 8k a month (if this is accurate) is not a lot of cash for such a position. Added to that is the number of bridges Doug (and all of us) burned by not going with the flow, and financially? this was no great windfall for Mr Wead.

  2. It’s chilling, but what can a person do, other than to write-in Dr. Paul? There might not be enough writer-inners to win, (and I hear that some states don’t even honor write-ins), but at least I will be able to sleep at night knowing that I Have Done The Rignt Thing.

      1. Feh! “God” has _NEVER_ been “in control.” The fundamental mistake that has caused all of the pain and suffering has been the idea that “God” is even _SUPPOSED_ to be “in control.”

        The Right Anwer is Free Will. Free Will has ALWAYS been the Right Answer, but the control freaks are terrified of Free Will, because Free Will is unpredictable – that’s where New stuff comes from!

    1. Well, they used to say, “would you rather be hanged or shot?” These days, it’s more like, would you rather be flayed alive or boiled in oil?
      So far, I’m still a writer-inner, unless somebody can convince me that there’s a more effective way to vote NO on both of the Obamas!

  3. Word from Charlotte this week is that the city is walled off and does not reflect the beautiful city of which its residents are proud.

    Free indeed.

  4. Doug has obviously never been to a major sporting event or large music festival. The comparisons Nazi’s and concentration camps make light of the holocaust and are offensive to those of us with family members who died in it.

    1. I cannot speak for Doug Wead though I have been to both large concerts and sports events. None compared to the “security” at the RNC this year.

      If you cannot see that America is quickly becomming like Nazi Germany, then you are willfully blind.

      I will use your own logic against you.

      You still don’t get it do you? Hitler and the Nazi’s exercised THEIR LIBERTY to exercise THEIR RIGHTS to exclude Jews and slaughter them for the greater good of Germany.

      The United Stated hasen’t gotten that far yet. But we have laws now that allow for the arrest and indefinate detention of American citizens without warrent on the accusation of being affiliated with a terror group.

      American citizens can now be executed without trial for being a suspected terrorist.

      How long will it be before absolute power corrupts absolutely?

      Obama said in his signing statement on NDAA that HIS administration would not invoke that law. But it is certain, knowing human nature and the curruption of government that someone will. Romney supports the NDAA and Patriot Act. Will it be him?

      One of the most chilling things I find is our voice falling on deaf ears.

      1. JIM = tex2 (previously banned here).

        Best to ignore this creature — replying to it DIRECTLY only feeds the Troll….

    2. Jim: my wife is from the high mountains of Colombia and never even heard of the holocaust until she randomly flipped the TV to a PBS documentary that happened to display bulldozers pushing naked, emaciated, dead bodies into a hole. She actually thought it was some kind of horror movie. My wife’s knowledge of the Nazis, Jews, and WWII was literally ZERO. Her English at that time was also minimal so I simply explained that this is what some PEOPLE did to other PEOPLE back in the 1940’s.

      In fact, this is exactly how I’ve always seen it: people commiting acts of violence to other people. Seeing it as “this group did this to that group” only leads to more violence. This is a challenging perspective and it’s certain to be nearly impossible for someone with your particular background and attitude.

      When I see bodies being pushed into holes I don’t see “Nazis killing Jews”. What I see is PEOPLE brutally violating other PEOPLE. This is how I see ALL representations of war whether I’m looking at an Ancient Egyptian wall carving or some WWI trench warfare battle. This is also how I see the U.S.’s invasions of Iraq and so many other countries through the years. And I’m ashamed to be a PERSON in a country that brutally violates other PEOPLE.

      What I find offensive is how the holocaust is quantified by stating, “The Nazis killed millions of Jews.” In truth, the Nazis killed many other “kinds” of people, too. They also had no use for the elderly and the handicapped. It was how the Nazis THOUGHT of and viewed other groups that was at the core of their actions. This is the problem with ALL groups – they’re subject to harboring thoughts and views towards other groups that can ultimately lead to violence.

      As I read Doug’s blog and view the photos I’m reminded of the horror that lies in wait in the heart of people.

      1. We Must VOTE to END THE POLICE STATE. ” A Government of the People, by the People and For the People.” The only reason the Government(Elitists Banksters) have gotten away with all their crimes is that we have been asleep and ignorant, They know it, and have taken ground. We are in a battle of ideas. Good vs Evil, Light vs darkness, Freedom vs Control. Man is innately corrupt and “power Corrupts and Absolute power corrupts absolutley”. What goes on in Government is the responsibility of the People. If we want things to change we have to get the word out, educate others and get involved on every level. Everyone has a voice and a vote until OBAMA declares Martial law or Military takeover. George Soros has been buying up the Gun Manufacturers, guns and Ammo, so we cannot fight back if we go to war. Get all the Ammo you can, Stock up on Food and Medicine, plan to protect your family, Get connected with many patriots on the internet and stay AWAKE.

    3. So Jim: Until six million people are actually rounded up and gassed, we can’t use any Nazi analogies? We all have to keep our mouths shut until then I suppose. Maybe that’s what the Jews were thinking too since most of them didn’t put up much of a struggle. Concentration camps and death camps aren’t the same thing, either. Concentration camps were invented during the Civil War and were used on both sides of the conflict. Jim you are an ignoramus and a demagogue. I’ve got (now dead) Jewish relatives who survived the holocaust one of whom went on to help lead the early Israeli defense forces. But if I hadn’t, I would have no less right or inclination to say the things I have said. FYI sporting events and concerts weren’t always like this either, nor do they have anywhere near the impact on the future of this country. Also, the Republican Party, especially on the national level, is only a private organization on paper. We have a two party monopoly that got there by disenfranchising voters (remember women and blacks?), murdering fellow citizens (ever heard of the Civil War? I’ve got ancestors who fought in it so I can talk about it. Maybe you do too.), breaching contracts (remember the holocaust we carried out against the Indians?), fraud (President Hayes, President Kennedy), corruption (why do two private parties control who gets into the debate?), and buying votes (everything from the Homestead Act to food stamps). In the end, none of this matters. The GOP will collapse under its own weight and lock-steppers like you will be clueless about how it happened. Then you will be the one grumbling about how your vote doesn’t matter to the powers that be. Have a nice day troll.

      1. Nice attempt to justify Doug’s actions but no dice.In essence he has done the real world equivalent of breaking Godwins Law. Doug was being paid $8,000 per month ($72,000 of Ron Paul supporters money). http://query.nictusa.com/pres/2012/M6/C00495820/B_PAYEE_C00495820.html
        Now he is out of a job. The gravy train is gone, so he’s lashing out. He’ll never make that kind of money again. Since his penchant for secretly recording peoples conversations has been revealed he is persona non grata in most political circles and has been called “scum” and “he lowest form of debris in the country” by his peers. He was scraping at the bottom of the barrel for the Ron Paul gig, a job which he worked for free for a year before the Paul family finally hired him out of pity.

      2. I know all about “Godwin’s Law”. It cute but it is also meaningless. The fact that he did it for free even for just a year means nothing to you? And are you saying that a more honorable man who took this gig wouldn’t be saying the same things as Doug? No doubt he could have demanded payment sooner and would have if he was that greedy.

      3. keimh3regpeh2umeg Mr. Wead is at the end of his rope. He’s well past the age most Americans retire. No doubt had Paul succeeded in getting the nomination he would have had 3 months more employment and possibly, had Paul won, a cushy cabinet job for at least 4 years. And you think he’s not bitter? Use your head! He’s washed up. Do you think Paul provides medical benefits? Retirement? Think again:


        If Doug Wead were to, Heaven forbid, become terminally ill tomorrow how long do you think that $72,000 will last? Kent Snyder racked up $400,000 in medical bills in a few short weeks.

        Incidentally the Sturmabteilung (Brown shirts) shattered the storefronts of about 7500 Jewish stores and businesses,ransacked Jewish homes, destroyed over 200 synagogues (constituting nearly all Germany had) and many Jewish cemeteries. All the guys Doug refers to as “Brownshirts” did was provide security in the interest of public safety. Was anyone injured during the RNC?

        If Paul had won the nomination, do you think Doug would have written this article or would he have wrote about the major victory?
        Sorry..but this blog is nothing but the angry ranting of a bitter old man unafraid of offending the few Jewish friends he may have made as a member of the Bush administration.

      4. Jim,

        The Republican party doesn’t need to round people up or destroy their property because they did that already. Its called the Civil War and the Indian Wars. Remember Generals Sherman, Sheridan, and Custer? The first two were avowed racists. Sherman was a mass murderer of civilians. They were all guilty of genocide.

        Let’s fast-forward:

        2012 GOP convention. There were armed guards and cordoned-off buildings. No one got hurt. So let’s just ignore it, right? Guess what! No one got hurt when Hitler was elected either. The Reichstag was burnt to the ground, yes, but on some accounts by the people in control. Romney is certainly no Hitler, I grant you. But your standard of “no one got hurt” only begs the question: should we wait for someone to get hurt? Or should we wait for someone we sympathize with to get hurt? Or should we wait for someone we know to get hurt? Or should we say nothing, just as in Niemoller’s classic statement, until they come for us, by which time it will be too late. I wonder why only a few Jews in Warsaw and the forests between Poland and Germany fought back. Probably because most of the German Jews ignored Hitler as well.

        So let’s fast forward even further:

        If you think losing a world war (let’s see…the cards are stacked against us: Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, and Venezuela all hate us, and no one else can afford to save us) and then defaulting on the amount in debt and reparations we would have to pay, on top of the national debt ($16 T) and unfunded liabilities ($100 T) wouldn’t lead to smashed storefronts and other sorts of violence and mayhem, state-sponsored or otherwise, you are daft. I am sure you don’t think that though.

        I know what I would do if a quasi-private entity (the very definition of fascism, my friend) commandeered my downtown and sent in a bunch of public rent-seekers with firearms to keep things in line. I’d petition the county sheriff and city police to forcibly remove them and I’d be right there to help.

      5. So why weren’t you there in Tampa? They have equal security at the Democratic convention…put your money where your mouth is and I’ll be waiting to see you on the news. Or are you just another armchair quarterback?

      6. The same reason the United States shouldn’t have invaded Iraq. You do realize that the United States is only a trade zone don’t you? And that the states created the union, not the other way around, right? I suppose patriots in Massachusetts who didn’t want to go down to Georgia, and vice versa, to fight the redcoats were just hypocrites, huh?

      7. keimh3regpeh2umeg Talk is cheap. Let’s see that petition to the Charlotte “county sheriff and city police” to “forcibly remove the quasi-private entity with firearms” from the DNC. Change.org seems to be a favorite of Ron Paul supporters. The convention is almost over. time is running out!

      8. Don’t worry about me keimh3regpeh2umeg thousands of Daily Paul members will sign it…unless that is, you are all talk..

  5. ‘Jim’ — the troll — (previously banned from posting here as “tex2” shill) pollutes this forum again with its vitriol.

    Ignore this PERNICIOUS creature — do not reply to it.

    In case you forgot, this subhuman, like the Bilderberg Gang, wants to see Ron Paul dead:

    (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful. … Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

    1. What about Peter Theil? He’s a huge Paul supporter, yet part of Bilderberg Group. He is also an openly gay Christian Republican. These are themes that you do not usually find hand in hand.

      1. Val. I think all influential billionaires and politicians get invited. Rick Perry went but he’s not really a member. I know if I was invited I would go just to see what’s going on.

  6. Yeah Doug …what do we do now? Hopefully RON PAUL really does have a special announcement tonite on Leno …and hopefully it’s an announcement that he plans to forge ahead. I don’t believe he’s ready to give up …he knows how dire the situation is. We need him to lead the way! R3VOLUTION!!!!!

  7. After all the delegates wasted time, money, enthusiasm, and exhausted themselves, the criminals that run the Republican Party (now One Worlders warmongers/imperialists that care not what happens to Our Republic and its citizens, as they believe it is a Democracy, not a republic, so they can be the 51% that runs and steals from the 49% that they think they have made their inferiors. Hell no we are a republic !

    They are the criminals and traitors to the voters, who have now had their votes STOLEN from them
    illegally, even by Republican rules, but by changing the rules in the end of the “game” they think they win. I certainly hope we can scare the you know what out of them en masse, because these first graders need to grow up if they think they do this . We will get them ! No one plays with children that change the rules of the game; it’s completely nauseating that the power and money obviously has gotten to be the ONLY thing they stand for.
    As they say: what goes around comes around; they will get their due.

    1. Having thought it over, this strikes me as the key. (I heard higher though. Are you counting secret service?) Almost all of that funding was federal money, which is to say, patronage money. All those cops working overtime, lounging on corners, were FL residents and voters… who typically vote dem, as unionized public-sector eeps, but who might make an exception for a moderate like Mitt… or might just work less heartily for his opponent Obama. Remember that FL was *the* crucial state in 2000, and how it all boiled down to a very few ballots in a very few counties.

      Mitt has pretty much always functioned this way. He managed $100M profit for the investors in the 2002 olympics… partly because he got $300M for the security budget, some of it (all of it?) fed 9/11 funds. Romney the governor was also keen to use DHS fed funds to boost his image: newly-elected Romney told the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee that the feds should allocate funds to develop statewide homeland-security plans. In 2004 Romney got 45M in DHS grants; over 4k subway & citybus employees got anti-terror-training. In 2005, he took credit for the Raytheon-contracted intel-fusion-center linking DHS & FBI with cops/fire/ambulance (~40 new jobs), boosting the state cop anti-terror budget from 0.9m to 2.7m, thereby garnering another 5m in fed DHS intel-funds. Later in 2005, the welcome-home-bill awarded iraq & afghanistan vets from the guard & reserve $1000 in cash plus other benefits, but *also* gave $500 to those activated elsewhere [which to my suspicious mind implies that guard & reserve folks who helped the TSA one weekend at the local airport would get the kickback].

      (( Aside… Romney appointed a DC cop as his SecPubSafety from 2003 through 2006: in charge of cops, fire, jails, natguard, medical examiners, and the state-level emergency management agency. Same guy went on to be Milwaulkee police chief… re-elected there for having reduced crime every year… but it turned out the crime-data was fudged! Gov Scott Walker calling for an audit. http://www.jsonline.com/watchdog/watchdogreports/hundreds-of-assault-cases-misreported-by-milwaukee-police-department-v44ce4p-152862135.html ))

      In Tampa, all those cops and all those pseudo-private security folks, the chopper pilots and the computer-security-software contracts and the fence-builders and the horsed riot control cavalry and those goofy all-terrain golf-carts with anti-kangaroo bumpers… that was not a secret fear, nor even a psychological inadequacy, it was quite simply a bribe. Romney is paying FL for their votes with a natcon in Tampa, in much the way he will bribe Florida voters with his talk about keeping “some parts” of obamacare. (He’s committed to repealing it on day#1, and to passing romneycare version-three-or-whatever-you-wanna-call-it on day#2. Sigh.)

      p.s. Mitt is particularly brazen in his bribery for a repub, but Obama puts him to utterly to shame, with ObamaPhones and FreeCondoms and CashForClunkers and all his other great invest-taxdollars-now-to-boost-re-election-chances-later schemes. Newt was no slouch either: elect me, Florida, and I’ll give you a moonbase as the 51st state with NewCanaveral as the capitol.

      p.p.s. Ron Paul isn’t immune to bribing the electorate either! Vote for me, and I’ll pay you back with individual liberty, personal responsibility, vetoing the anti-PATRIOT act, lowering taxes drastically, inverting the deficit so we can start paying down the debt your children will suffer under, and all his other promises. (No wonder freedom is popular.)

  8. Exactly what were the brownshirts afraid of? Did they think Ron Paul was going to shoot someone? Did they think that having all that “security” was going to help rMoney steal the delegates without interference, which he clearly did? Ron Paul followers aren’t the type to have made much trouble, if any. Did they think those security guys were going to stop people from believing Ron Paul’s message?

    All that happened in Tampa is that we’ve been shown how much military force has been injected into our everyday lives just in the past six months. If anyone votes for either rMoney or Obozo, that will only get worse because I can think of many folks who don’t want either of them in office, so there will definitely be some sort of trouble if people don’t just write in Ron Paul. OR follow George Carlin’s advice and simply don’t vote because you only encourage folks like the current Grand Old Pharts party by voting! Not sure what I’m gonna do yet, but thinking strongly of simply not wasting my time to go vote. I have to close down my business in order to make it to my local polls on time, and this year, without Ron Paul on the ballot, I see no point really.

    $1 million for security they can’t even explain a need for, and Obozo wonders why people can’t stand him?

    1. After all of the stories the RNC made-up about Ron Paul’s supporters, I am sure the GOP of each state believed we were all a bunch of gun-toting nutjobs, ready to go off at a momen’t notice.
      I have been told, by the Mitt side, “wow, and you’re for Ron Paul? You’re NICE!” (I think they meant, sane.)
      After all of the garbage put-forth by the RNC’s Reince Priebus, what else would they do? Surely, they just “knew” someone would take a shot at RMoney– and not miss (cuz we’re all great shots.)
      We were called, “the Ron Paul insurgency”, in the newspapers. Imagine what they were calling us, in private; I’d say, “terrorists” would not be a stretch as far as the GOP is/was concerned.
      And, now they think we should fall inline behind them? This, when they are working to remove ALL supporters of Ron Paul from different seats, including ELECTED posts like Precinct-Chairs. I know Texas is trying to get away with this, and if they do it, we’ll know within about four days. The super-secret non-meeting of the handpicked members of the executive-board, are meeting on the 24th (oh no, I let the cat out of the bag), while the meeting all are invited to, including ALL precinct-chairs, is the 25th. I’d imagine their first point of order would be to remove us.
      On one hand I say, let them; then see what is left of their asinine party. But, then again; I was elected (or not challenged, anyhow), as were MANY others they have a bead on.

      1. Anne, you are too kind. This was the most vicious newspaper quote that turned up in my reading, from the letter-to-the-editor section.

        “…Ron Paul’s people are simply domestic terrorists and should be treated as such. …he refuses to endorse Mitt Romney now. In fact, his followers are threatening Ron’s own son, Rand, with violence for daring to endorse Romney. …The fact that [Ron Paul delegates] will not accept the caveat given by [state party chair] that they must commit to the GOP pick [Romney] should be reason enough to not send them to Tampa. They are not part of the GOP, do not represent us and were not legally elected…”

        Considering that the NDAA permits indefinite detention with enhanced interrogation techniques — aka life in prison while tortured — for any person, citizen or not, labelled by some executive branch minion as even *linked* to terrorism, this lady is clearly out for our necks.

        But thankfully, she’s vastly outnumbered by sane mainstream repubs. Most of them are just followers — they go along with whatever the folks in charge tell them. The overwhelming supermajority of repubs are nice folks, that are against socialist-leaning policies, and in favor of fiscal prudence and economic freedom and wise foreign policy. They would be happy to follow a liberty-candidate, in fact. But at present, they are being told to follow Mitt, and that he’s their best shot at firing Obama, so they go along with the herd.

        Some of the leaders are NOT good people: manipulative, lying, rule-benders, and so on. But again, those folks are rare numerically, even if they seem to occupy positions of power far too often for it to be by chance. (It’s not luck… they were particularly selected for their lack of morality!) They take orders, too, from the elites, to be passed along to the rest of the herd.

        We need to start getting elected in place of the local and state-level leadership, so that we can *stop* listening to the elites, and start the gradual process of curving the herd back towards liberty. They *will* follow us there, because liberty is like a cool oasis in a desert. That said, we cannot lead them to water unless they trust us. We must maintain the high moral ground, so that we deserve their trust.

  9. In the caption under the 5th photo, it say the police outnumbered “civilians” five to one. News flash: Police are civilians, too.

  10. Thank you, Mr. Wead, for all you are doing. The photos are very thought-provoking.

    The most “committed” Republicans nationwide were at the convention, if my state is a representative sample. People who have really put out for the machine. Maybe this heavy-handedness will backfire, and their eyes will be opened. Maybe they will reflect on their experience and say, “Gee, that convention experience…that was like going to prison for a while…”

  11. I certainly don’t know everything, and I’m not in the tank for the Republican party, but just a thought here. I believe it’s just possible that the “other” prominent party’s leaders have been so influenced and corrupted by the forces of communism that anyone who opposes them, since they have now grabbed power through the O, will stop at nothing to keep it. This sure does look like major overkill on the security front, but maybe they are that concerned, knowing who they are up against. Either way it is truly sad that this is where we have come to. Too bad we can’t return to the days when George Washington would ride his horse among the crowds. Just praying for the survival of our Republic at this point…

    1. Well, considering the actions of state delegates (at state conventions) and what was done to duly elected delegates, in Tampa, I would have to say both parties are pretty much on an even-playing field as far as liberty is concerned. Neither party cares about American liberty; that much is obvious.

      Our republic is dying and the Republi-cons have as much a hand in this destruction/ death as do the Dems. It’s a sad day in America, the country that goes to war under the premise of, “exporting democracy”, when we have no sort of democratic process left. The world and the US would be better off if we knocked this off, all over.
      No wonder our kids are killing themselves.

  12. Thanks Doug! You were great at the convention. We heard it was bad, but that is worse than I ever imagined. Keep sharing …we are listening.

  13. IGNORE the ‘JIM’ creature!

    ‘Jim’ — the troll — (previously banned from posting here as “tex2” shill) pollutes this forum again with its vitriol.

    Ignore this PERNICIOUS creature — do not reply to it.

    In case you forgot, this subhuman, like the Bilderberg Gang, wants to see Ron Paul dead:

    (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful. … Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

  14. Ron Paul — the Greatest American of the 21st Century!

    Dr. Paul started the peaceful Intellectual Revolution — to save our Nation from a false US Government that has FINALLY declared that We, The People, are NOW considered “their Enemy” (not some rag-tag band of crazy Muslims they want us to think have a chance to cross thousands of miles of oceans in… rowboats… to INVADE US)!

    Ron Paul started it — and We, The People, will finish it!

    True Ideas never die — so eventually — Bye, bye, NWO wannabe despots (NOW, We, The People, know WHO YOU ARE…and WILL END YOU)!

    1. Ron Paul-the biggest scam artist of the 21st century. Conned $40 million out of the faithful despite his campaigns own count in late February that had Romney wining the nomination Listen to Doug Wead’s admission around 16 minutes (Wead by the way has been paid a total of $72,000 in the last nine months while the current median American income is $26,364 PER YEAR).

      1. Do yourself a favor, bud; check out what most senior advisors to any presidential campaign takes in. You will see that 8k a month is not a lot of money.

  15. Hey, Doug Wead; I finally have the time to sit down and savor this one. Have to say this: the brown-shirts (as well as the navy-shirts) and what we expected out of them, are exactly what caused me to not especially try and make it to Tamps this year.
    It also proves what we (sane) Paul supporters have said; the Mittiots have this mistaken idea, thanks to Mitt and the more disgusting part of the GOP, that Paul’s voters and even delegates are crazy-mean and would have forced their way onto the convention. Yet, in fact, we saw violence coming out of state conventions, and it was always at the hands and behest of the Romney faction.
    This should tell people a lot about what sort of “support” Mitt has behind him.

    On top of this anger and nastiness perpetrated against Americans for Ron Paul, Mitt and Co. are now attempting to suppress the Libertarian Party’s choice of Gary Johnson. i am not voting for Johnson, nor am I promoting him, but i will promote the rise of a true third party and see what Mitt’s doing as despicable.
    Yet it was and is so very expected.

    Anyone in any party that goes along with the most recent actions taken against the Libertarians should be ashamed of himself.

    1. The Soviet Union collapsed but didn’t die…moved lock, stock and barrel to America.


      2012 — the year when your votes won’t count.

  16. I am sick and tired of their damned pinball games. I am not going to be their pinball. So here is my deal now people, They obviously are never going to grow up. They lost my vote. I am voting for Gary Johnson or someone else now or I just won’t vote.

    1. I feel ya, Valeria. I, however, will be writing-in Ron Paul. If my vote counts for nothing, fine, as long as it does not count for Obamney. I just won’t do anything for either, “side”, because they are both (all) against the side of liberty.

    2. I’ve already decided I’m going to write-in Dr. Paul. GJ is a little shaky on the foriegn wars platform, and that “constitution” party is a freakin’ church!

      Let’s continue to chase the dream, and actually write in Dr. Paul’s name on our ballots! He might not win, but we will send a message, and I, for one at least, will know that I Have Done The Right Thing.

    3. Ron Paul — the Greatest American of the 21st Century!

      Dr. Paul started the peaceful Intellectual Revolution — to save our Nation from a criminal US Government that has FINALLY declared that We, The People, are NOW considered “their Enemy” (not some rag-tag band of crazy Muslims they want us to think have a chance to cross thousands of miles of oceans in… rowboats… to INVADE US)!

      Ron Paul started it — and We, The People, will finish it!

      True Ideas never die — so eventually — Bye, bye, NWO wannabe despots (NOW, We, The People, know WHO YOU ARE…and WILL END YOU)!

      Time to start organizing to win our country back!

      What we need to do!

      First Step:
      Do NOT vote for The Mitt

      Second Step:
      Do NOT vote for The BO

      Third Step:
      Vote your Conscience (NEVER vote for what you consider the lesser of two Evils)!

      Forth Step:
      Get Harry Reid removed from US Senate!

      That’s just the beginning!

  17. The Mitt, orchestrated the takeover of the GOP to assure his nomination without a glitch!

    Thus, his atrocious actions will assure not only his demise as Pres.Candidate, but also the demise of the NOW rotten-to-the-core Republican Establishment.

    How idiotic (does the Mitt even have an INDEPENDENTLY functioning brain…?) was Romoney’s UGLINESS in achieving this (to alienate ALL free thinkers by his PERFIDY, thus assuring his own political demise, and DRAGGING what’s left of the GOP down the drain with him)!

    Democrooks should congratulate the Mitt: “Great job there sport, killing two birds with your own stoned stupidity”.

    Write Ron Paul in — JUST vote your conscience — DO NOT reward Rmoney for his crookedness!

  18. *Logical Repercussions After the 2012 Presidential Selection*

    (listed by the most likely outcome — note: ‘Selection’ since no longer can our votes be termed ‘Election’)

    1) The BO wins — and further tries to plunge our Nation under its Socialist Programs aimed to completely destroy our Economy and Liberties. However, most of its teeth have been pulled by the Republicon wins in 2010, and some more of the same in 2012 — so, it is nearly toothless, if it wins the Selection.

    [[Remotely possible worst case scenario — it, the BO, declares Marshall Law in the near future (under some pre-planned “catastrophe” already home-cooked by it, and its sycophantic staff), thus trying to emerge as the “Benevolent” Dictator of USA to “save US all”.]]

    2) The Rmoney wins — this creature has stated it will support whatever its Money Donors tell it to do! Expect the International Jewish owned Central Banks and Federal Reserve to instruct IT to attack Iran IMMEDIATELY (in order to protect Israel…from a possible, in maybe 10 years, manufacturing a single crude “atomic” bomb).

    [[Viable worst case scenario — a Rmoney win, along with the expected Republicon wins in Congress and Senate, will give the Mitt a sure boost to attack not only Iran, but Syria, and any other nation IT, the Mitt, wants, to please its Masters that Selected this creature!]]

    So, for ALL of you that think voting for the Lesser of Two Evils is OK — make sure you figure out which one is “LESS EVIL”!

    JUST VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE — and do not reward these creatures by acknowledging their existence!

    1. Write in Ron Paul is finally online!

      Vote and spread it like wildfire!


      partial powerful info (read all):

      “…This is a WIN-WIN strategy for all voters. It is the way to address the issues of electronic election fraud. All people desire that their votes be counted. Write-in Elections achieves this by assuring a permanent, verifiable paper trail, which is lacking in the current voting system. This is through the emphasis on the use of absentee ballots, which are photocopied, along with affidavits….”

    2. “Marshall Law”

      That would be “Martial Law.”

      If you’re going to lecture, at least go beyond the spell checker and find the “is this even the right word” checker inside your own head.

      Thank you very much.

  19. Write in Ron Paul for 2012 President is online!

    Vote and spread it like wildfire!



    A vote on principles is much better than a No Vote — and a trillion times better than voting for what one perceives as the “lesser of two evils”!

    My take:

    This election has been reduced again to voting for the “lesser of two evils” (but which one is the “lesser”?).

    All indicators point that Rmoney is the CHOSEN ONE by the NY and London Banks (the International Banksters that control the Federal Reserve) and by Israel.

    Since their goals are directly opposite to the well-being of our Nation, by deduction this Bought-And-Paid-For-Mitt-Mutton-Puppet MUST NOT win!

    [[Should Rmoney win — expect the US to start an all out war against Iran to protect Israel from a possible single atomic bomb being developed in…10 years from now…? (certainly not to protect the US from such silly and nonthreatening remote eventuality) within a week of this creature taking office.

    What’s even more worrisome, is this Creature’s Control of the GOP (forcing a fraudulent “Aye” vote at the RNC convention), thus assuring It won’t be opposed to win a 2nd term!

    Eight years of Mutton-Mitt will mean a COMPLETE AND TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF THE USA — when wars will be started at a drop of an Israeli Hat (sorry, meant to say: yamaka), when the US Constitution will become null-and-void, when the US Dollar will finally become utterly worthless, by a phone call from his Banker Masters (who’ll call in their chips).]]

    On the other-hand — the BO Creature will have 4 more years to further plunge us into Socialism and suck us dry through more taxation and further devaluation of the US Dollar and the attempted destruction of our Constitutional Rights.

    This creature will, however, be hampered by some republican wins in both Houses, thus having most of its venomous teeth pulled during its 2nd term.

    [[However, should the BO see itself not as a clear winner, it will assure its reelection by attacking Iran with two weeks to go (mid-to-late October) — since a “patriotic” War always guarantees the “Commander-and-Chief” a sure win!]]


    Either subhuman will get us into never ending wars and ever closer to loss of All Liberty, All Prosperity and the eventual Total End of Our Nation as Free People!

    For which “lesser evil” will you vote, now?

    I, for one (and my family and friends) will not be party to such infamy! If either of these Horrible Creatures wins, at least we’ll have a clear conscience that we did not compromise our principles by acknowledging their existence in the voting booths!

    We will vote our Conscience — Writing In Dr. Ron Paul!

    1. I’ve planned on writing him in ever since he announced. Now, the problem is the Johnsonites. Can we get them to flip-flop to writer-inners, or should we all go rally behind him? I’ve got qualms about both of them, framkly, but at least Dr. Paul has stated that he wants to end the wars forthwith, protect our borders, and not make abortion a federal issue (it’s actually a Personal Liberty issue, you know.)

      1. You and me, both, Rich. I’ve always thought I’d probably have to write-in Dr Paul, especially since Iowa- when it was apparent that something strange was happening with votes there (how does one go from 42-percent of votes to third place? Well, we all know he was not in third, but was in first, when all was said and done.) After what I witnessed myself, in Austin, I was sure there would be no actual vote-count in Texas, either, and if he could not get votes counted in his OWN state, the write-in would be necessary.
        And, I do NOT appreciate the Johnson-heads butting in, esp on the DailyPaul (I just quit my subscription there, due to the massive amount of Johnson-posts and irritating commentary by idiots who have been taken in by the fact that GJ switched from Rep to Lib, in order to take Paul votes- after 08, it was expected they would not count Paul’s votes, so what did Johnson have to lose?). I cannot and will not vote for anyone who’s not willing to close military bases and bring our kids HOME. And, Johnson is not planning on doing this. Obama has proven he’s happy to not only create more non-wars, by bombing at least seven nations, but he’s now installed American bases in PALESTINE. That’s the last straw and I hope Dems against these wars will not vote for him, based on this.
        Regarding write-ins, I hope everyone will get themselves PAPER ballots. The only paper-ballot i can get and legitimately use would be a mail-in ballot (and who knows if it will count, at all?) But, that I will fill it out outside of the polling booth, I can photograph and video my vote and I would suggest everyone do the same..
        I will, if you’re interested, set-up a youtube channel specifically for posting vote-videos. They don’t have to be long. 30 seconds or even less is sufficient, as long as your ballot is legible– and of course your choice of Ron Paul.
        If Paul cannot get any votes any other way, and even if the votes do not count, I will certainly NOT have my vote going to any of the others “in the running”. Mittens is still trying to get Johnson off of the ballot in many states (what a jerk), but if he does succeed in this, we may have even more write-ins for Paul.
        There’s something about Johnson I do not trust. Perhaps it is that he’s been a NeoCON for so long, and suddenly did a bit of a turn-around, yet has not turned-around in any areas that really count to most liberty-minded folk. And, still, people aren’t getting it? Are they voting for the L after his name or for the man? I think the former is the case, sadly, and ridiculously.

      1. “Debates” or Debasement…?!

        Who’s Afraid of an Open Debate? The Truth About the Commission on Presidential “Debates”!


        Superb exposé on yet another FRAUD perpetrated against the American People:

  20. The BO wants to destroy our Freedoms and our Nation!

    But, If Mitt gets into the White House — expect An American Tragedy!

    Mormon Mitt won’t allow Catholic Ryan to be anything but his doormat (to be disposed of when the time comes).

    His 5 Mormon Sons are getting groomed to take over…and create a Dynasty of little Mormon Mitts for decades to come!

    Now, that is truly scary!


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