Why Bernie won’t quit?

Okay, those who read my blogs already know the answer to this question.  It is the answer to almost any other question.  Altogether now… in chorus, please…


That’s right. Money.

You will hear the most nonsensical, idiotic discussions on television coming from pundits who have never met a payroll. They will tell you why Bernie Sanders is still in the race.

He wants to get his message out, they will say. Okay, that’s a little bit true. But what is the key to getting your message out?


They say that Bernie Sanders is in denial. He wants something from Hillary. He has a big ego, okay but what is the ultimate ego booster?


Anyone who has run a company, an NGO, a charity, a think tank, a newsletter, a political campaign can tell you a very simple fact. 30% of all donors or subscribers come from California.

For Democrats it means $100 million a year, first in the nation. And while it is 10th in percentage of states population, the total is ginormous, far and away, the biggest part of the annual budget of the DNC.

This means that if Bernie Sanders can keep his campaign going, for any excuse, just a few weeks more, he can get to California where thousands of innocent young people will crowd into his rallies and sign his petitions and give up their email addresses.

This is about California.

Pardon me for sounding cynical.  .

But facts are facts. And if Bernie gets to California he pads his mailing list by tens of thousands and these names will be the little oil wells that will fund all of his projects and his grandchildren’s projects for years to come.

Hillary doesn’t want that.  She wants to stop him.  She is hysterical about it.  Because she thinks that every dollar for Bernie is coming right out of her own pocket. Got it?

So Bernie must get to California. Win or lose.  Doesn’t matter.  Just get there.

Ignore all the idiots on television.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

7 thoughts on “Why Bernie won’t quit?

  1. I love your candor and humor on this one Doug. Great post. I can’t find any of these 5 remaining that excite me, much like a lot of Ron and Rand supporters I would imagine.

    That being said, I’m laughing my butt off at Bernie on debates.

    One more please. One more.

  2. This reminds me of that time when me and my son donated to the Ron Paul campaign and then our email address were sold to a billion other conservative organizations.

  3. I agree, Elijah, And then Ron Paul, whose campaign turned out to be a big disappointment, thought we would still continue to contribute to his forum, even if it was fruitless. .

  4. Through all this politic business I have gone back to where I know there were real leaders. For instance Teddy Roosevelt, I am reading Jon Knokey’s Theodore Roosevelt the Making of American Leadership. He was a true leader, he didn’t have to make himself seem to be one, he just was. I would love to see that again.

  5. Doug, it looks like you were (partially) scooped by a day.


    The folks at bloomberg didn’t explain the underlying reason why Bernie needs to make it to California (the donorsssssz); instead, with a straight face they passed along his official campaign-strategy of treading water in most of the remaining states and then pulling out an unexpected blockbuster of a last-day win: California.

    Your explanation makes a bunch more sense. 😉 Seems to correlate well with the staffing-levels, outlined in the bloomberg piece, as well. Bernie is intending to pull Hillary to the left, as a messaging-candidate, whilst simultaneously deploying just enough staffers in states where he has yet to harvest all the donor-contact-info, and jettisoning paid staffers in the places he has already harvested. A socialist-leaning democrat voter and their donor-dollars are soon parted, I guess.

    Now that the serious phase of the Republican battle has ended, I expect Hillary will begin to demand that Obama and the DNC forcibly remove Sanders from his senate seat, if he refuses to get out. (Constitution? what Constitution???) Since he beat her in the Hoosier state, and has California megadonors on his mind, it seems unlikely The Bern will go quietly.


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