Inside the government plans to shutdown the direct sales industry: Vemma is only the begining

September 10, 2015

The Arizona direct sales company Vemma was recently hit by the FTC and virtually shut down without a judge, jury or trial.  The income of thousands, including single mothers, housewives, young businessmen, retirees and disable veterans has been instantly blocked by the government agency.  Nobody will be paid, no matter what they have sold or how many years they have worked.

Ominously, among the reasons the FTC gave for its action, are methods that are employed by almost all other Direct Sales companies.  If Vemma is unable to survive, it could spell the end of a vibrant industry that involves 18 million Americans, 74% of them women.  It may be the last loophole allowing an ordinary person the opportunity to earn extraordinary amounts of money.

What is behind this action?


Shortly after the re-election of Barack Obama a former law enforcement – corporate security specialist called me with some interesting information.  A friend in the Justice Department was asking him for details on Multi Level Marketing companies in Utah.  They were talking names, income, the nature of their compensation plans and any questionable claims about their products.  They would welcome any gossip about lifestyle too.  Mistresses?  Lavish meals?  “Ahh, gonna take out a source of Republican money huh?” my friend joked.

It is no big secret that most entrepreneurs, including the kind who get into MLM’s, tend to be Republicans.  Just as people who believe that government has the solutions for society, tend to get jobs in government.

Rich DeVos, the co-founder of Amway one of the nation’s most successful MLM’s, was a major donors to both the Reagan and Bush presidential campaigns.  Frank VanderSloot, of Melaleuca, was the finance chairman and a $5 million fundraiser for Mitt Romney.

I have been an eyewitness to the political power of these companies and their sprawling networks of independence entrepreneurs.  In 1984, when Ronald Reagan announced his re-election, he did so at an MLM event at the Atlanta Georgia Dome.  Distributors came to the Dome for a weekend of seminars and forfeited the platform to the Reagan Campaign during the afternoon.  In another city at yet another event, I spoke just before Reagan to an audience of 10,000 MLM builders.

During the election campaign of George H.W. Bush I would often get a call from campaign manager, Lee Atwater.  “I need 500 people with signs cheering for Bush outside of Butler aviation in Raleigh Durham.”  Atwater would give me five photo ops with Bush at the foot of the airplane and in return the five MLM leaders would guarantee the crowd as requested.  In 1987, George W. Bush, working his dad’s campaign,  spoke at an MLM event I arranged, helping to funnel distributors into campaign workers.  It is not unlike what the unions do for the Democrats.

I have also been one of the pack who got the message from the top of the network.  In 2008 I was building a network in XanGo when word came down to make a $1,000 donation to Mitt Romney.  I complied.

It was only a matter of time before Obama would shut down this industry, which is a vibrant part of the economy of every other major western nation and flourishes in Russia.

There are many complaints about MLM.  The odds of success are not high, although probably a lot higher than a career in journalism or professional sports or Hollywood or – for that matter – the FTC.  The difference is MLM will take anybody and most other opportunities won’t.

In recent years the culture of MLM has diversified.  Shaklee, for example, the MLM vitamin giant, is owned by a Democrat billionaire who is a friend of Oprah Winfrey.  It will probably be the last one taken down and may even be permitted by the Obama administration to live out its retirement, as long as it remains quiet.

The danger for other MLM’s is the nature of the attack on Vemma.  They have been hit hard on “auto-ship” a policy that has products automatically shipped to a distributor unless he or she opts out in advance.  That, the FTC, contends, makes it a pyramid scheme.  Most former members of the Book of the Month Club or the Literary Guild are familiar with auto-ship.  If you signed up you got a book every month.  You could opt out but if you didn’t you had to pay for the book or send it back.  In our new “victim society” the FTC has determined that this is illegal.

It was also wrong, they say, that Vemma prospected college students.  Universities are now places where beer pong is a sport, abortions are choice, date rape is so rampant that universities refuse to publicly publish the numbers but selling vitamins to your roommate is now a crime.

(Donations to defend the industry should go to the Direct Sellers Defense Fund, Morrie Aaron:



The Mummy returns with a cure for cancer

October 15, 2010

Can cancer be prevented?

There is new evidence today that cancer is a man made disease.  And if so, there is hope that with the right diet and lifestyle we might someday find our way back.  Investigators at the University of Manchester, England have published the results of the first official “historical diagnosis of cancer” and those results are creating a buzz.

It has long been the instincts of historians that cancer was a modern disease.  Casual evidence of ancient Greek and Egyptian records show only minor incidents of cancer while the disease fairly explodes at the coming of the industrial revolution and with a new wrinkle; increased occurrences among children, unheard of in any fossil records.

The medical community has been dubious of so-called “historical diagnosis” but this study comes with mountains of data. Tests were conducted on Egyptian mummies and animal and human remains, including fossils, even into prehistoric times.  Scientists point out that tumors would be even better preserved by the process of mummification than healthy tissue.  None the less, only one of several hundred mummies showed signs of cancer.

The subject has been filled with controversy some suggesting that the media coverage of the information is influenced by millions of dollars in advertising from major drug companies.  Perhaps in anticipation of the reaction, Professor Rosalie David, at Manchester University’s Faculty of Life Sciences, peppered his statement with apologetics.  “We have looked at millennia,” David points out, “not one hundred years.”

Professor Michael Zimmerman, who found the first histological diagnosis of cancer in an Egyptian mummy is not arguing with the findings.  “In an ancient society lacking surgical intervention, evidence of cancer should remain in all cases. The virtual absence of malignancies in mummies must be interpreted as indicating their rarity in antiquity, indicating that cancer causing factors are limited to societies affected by modern industrialization.”

References to cancer like symptoms in ancient Egyptian texts are now viewed as more likely the cause of varicose veins or leprosy.

What is striking is that while cancer is almost nonexistent in ancient Greek and Egyptian societies other diseases of age, Paget’s disease, arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis, are prolific.  This seems to contradict the assertion of many in the medical community who argue that cancer was only rare because people didn’t live long enough for it to develop.

So the mummies are back, alive, talking to us again.  Watch out! And telling us that if we have not yet found a way to cure cancer, we might be able to find ways to prevent it.  They did.

Astana: World’s most beautiful city

December 28, 2009

Astana: The most beautiful city in the world

Not since 1703, when Peter the Great raised up his glorious re-incarnation of Venice on the cold Baltic Sea of the Russian north has a more magnificent city ever appeared by the will or inspiration of one man.  President Nursultan Nazarbayev, of Kazakhstan, commissioned and directed much of the work of this city, Astana, now the capital of his country, and it is more than impressive.

Astana has taken great risks and the result is breathtaking.  There is a diversity of office buildings with startling, modern Japanese architecture.  There are parks with magnificent monuments, fabulous restaurants with a variety of the world’s dishes, and wide boulevards and tree lined avenues, yes, you heard me right, tree lined avenues in Kazakhstan.

Some may call it Dubai North.  And it does have its similarities.  Both are cities that show the wealth of oil riches.  And if Dubai has its inside winter-wonderland with snow skiing in the desert, Astana is building its mammoth inside tropic tent, a world of swaying palms, heated beaches and the world’s grandest water park, while outside the people freeze.

Others may call it the Second City of Lights.  Like Paris, the lights make this city.  And then there are the wide Baron Haussmann Boulevards, but otherwise the comparison ends.  The lights of Paris are 19th Century and ornate.  The lights of Astana are Las Vegas modern.

In fact, Las Vegas is the city that most think of when they drive through the streets of Astana.  But that too is an absurd comparison for Astana has dignity something that no amount of money can do for Las Vegas.

I was there to speak at a XanGo convention.  The crowd was excited and positive and we had a great feast afterwards.  The Kazaks are generous hosts.  I posted a YouTube on Astana New Years.

In the center of town, one can take an elevator to the top of the sphere of the Bayterek.  And there one will find a bronze cast of the president’s hand.  The tourists wait in line to put their hand in his and look out over the city and set their own goals for President Nazarbayev has once again proven that if one can dream it, one can do it.

As in the case of St. Petersburg, the Kazaks wanted to name their city after their leader, their president, but he rejected it, saying that only future generations could make such a decision.  But there is little doubt that one day they will do just that.  And the world will long celebrate Nazarbayev, the city of lights, a monument to the idea that dreams do indeed come true.

Даг Вид

Russian scientists close in on Fountain of Youth

June 15, 2009
Now, this is interesting.  An international group of scientists have embarked on the ultimate quest.   To find the fountain of youth.  Not since Ponce de Leon has the world been this hopeful. This time we should all expect a little more due diligence.The goal of the project is “to extend the period of human youth.”  And – get this – a biochemical laboratory of Russia’s Southern Federal University has joined the project.  This is getting serious.  And they are testing the affects of various stimuli on the DNA of lab animals.

Vladimir Chistyakov is the senior scientist at the lab.  Apparently, in the 1970s, an academician named Skulachev “dissipated the energy of a living organism on the molecular level.”  This according to Pravda. Human cells produce a toxic by product which speeds up the aging process and Skulachev developed nano-constructions to neutralize the toxins.  Sound likes XanGo’s new secret product x51.

Anyway, Skulachev’s experiments worked on rats, (which means it should be immediately effective for most politicians.)  The rats remained vigorous throughout their lives but it did not extend their average life spans.   It translates into a life of longer youth but not of longer years.

Meanwhile, a group of English doctors have compiled a list of everyday, ordinary things that have already proven to extend life.  And what is the one, single, biggest thing that most people don’t do that has been proven to extend life?


Now, when the Russians figure out how to extend a youthful life without flossing we will be getting someplace.