Ron Paul Shall Rise Again

Yesterday on Meet the Press they reviewed the declining prospects for the Republican Party.  And the yawning conclusion was that no one can really challenge Barack Obama in 2012 and no one can revive the G.O.P.  They assessed the prospects of all the possible candidates but there was one glaring omission.  Guess who? Mitt RomneyContinue reading “Ron Paul Shall Rise Again”


Hey Mr. Prez, now name a street after Tony Snow !

The interesting thing is that Tony Snow was just as kind, just as brilliant, just as much a champion for the underdog before he got cancer as he was afterwards. It is not the disease that made him. It only made us look at him and see who he was. I first met Tony whenContinue reading “Hey Mr. Prez, now name a street after Tony Snow !”

Obama Will Win

Most will agree with me that Barack Obama is going to get the nomination.  In fact, most would agree with me that he will win the presidency, although the media will milk the suspense right up to the end.  After all, they are in show business.  And yes, there are weird things that happen inContinue reading “Obama Will Win”