Brent Strafford, an American hero

“La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid” “Vengeance is a dish best served cold.” While all the political news yesterday focused on the end of Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign a colorful drama unfolded in faraway St. Charles, Missouri Tuesday night.  This was the scene of the re-scheduled, famous, St. Charles County GOP Convention.Continue reading “Brent Strafford, an American hero”


Showdown in St. Charles, Missouri

Ron Paul rides again. Remember the infamous St. Charles County Republican caucus on March 17, 2012?  (See videos below.) Where the temporary chairman decided that there could be no recording devices?  So his evil deeds could be done in darkness? Where at a prearranged signal the temporary Chairman had local police descend on the caucusContinue reading “Showdown in St. Charles, Missouri”

Behind the vote rigging in St. Charles. “We don’t want people to see.”

In this You Tube feature, Bryan Spencer talks about the rigging of the  votes in St. Charles, Missouri.  Why the media was trusted to have cameras but citizens were not allowed. “We don’t want people to see what actually goes into the caucuses.” And how the police were notified in advance. For those who missed it,Continue reading “Behind the vote rigging in St. Charles. “We don’t want people to see.””