Why I’m going to Minneapolis?

I’m going to be in Minneapolis for Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty, August 31-September 2.  You know why? Because Ron Paul was there for me in the national debates, standing up to the GOP establishment, with their no questions asked – we will define what conservative means – attitude. I’m going to Minneapolis because RonContinue reading “Why I’m going to Minneapolis?”

Smokin’ Some Weed with Ron Paul

  Okay, let’s cut to the chase.    The problem many people have with Congressman Ron Paul is his call for the decriminalization of marijuana.  This is not his cause celebre’, as my friend Roman Godzich points out, just a logical progression of his notion of personal freedom and personal responsibility.   But it is rightContinue reading “Smokin’ Some Weed with Ron Paul”

You’re Next: Ron Paul’s warning

  “If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.” – Cardinal Richelieu This morning Congressman Ron Paul is at his wife’s side at a Houston hospital.  We hope all will go well and she will be releasedContinue reading “You’re Next: Ron Paul’s warning”

Ron Paul: The Prophet

One of the great disappointments of my brief governmental experience, which included a stint at the White House, was the strategic vacuum at the top.  No one was planning or even thinking about the decade ahead let alone the next hundred years.  It was all about the next election.  There were no meetings about whatContinue reading “Ron Paul: The Prophet”

Ron Paul wins the nomination, day two in the fantasy

So where was I? Oh yeah, back from the future in my Time Machine, I was telling you about the Ron Paul convention, or if you prefer the Campaign for Liberty, in Minneapolis, September, 2008. You need to read the previous blog to understand. https://dougwead.wordpress.com/2008/07/21/ron-paul-fantasy-part-one/ Something must have happened during the night because the nextContinue reading “Ron Paul wins the nomination, day two in the fantasy”

Ron Paul Fantasy Part One

   Well, I am back from the future in my Time Machine and I can tell you that the Ron Paul convention, or if you prefer the Campaign for Liberty, in Minneapolis, September, 2008, was a moment in time. If you want to be part of history in the making, you’ve got to go.  ItContinue reading “Ron Paul Fantasy Part One”

Ron Paul’s Excellent Minnesota Adventure

Now, in case you have missed the Ron Paul story, he is the wiry little, gray haired, congressman, who challenged the big boys in the nationally televised Republican debates earlier this year.  It was quite a show. McCain, Romney and Huckabee would argue over who was the first to be dutifully committed to the troopContinue reading “Ron Paul’s Excellent Minnesota Adventure”

McCain camp did not talk to Franklin Graham either!

Well, it just gets richer and richer.  Now, it appears that no one on the McCain team actually talked with Franklin Graham, let alone, sent him a letter.  Apparently they left him a message on his answering machine.  And it was months ago!   According to the Graham people it was during the primaries and itContinue reading “McCain camp did not talk to Franklin Graham either!”

Ron Paul’s Best You Tube Moment

Here it is, the one Ron Paul You Tube that captures it all, Mike Huckabee’s innocence, Mitt Romney’s regret and John McCain’s cynicism.  Here are all the dynamics that have made the Republican nomination process for this 2008 cycle a fascinating exercise in futility. The cast: Of course there is Ron Paul himself, incredulous atContinue reading “Ron Paul’s Best You Tube Moment”

Robespierre wants the names of those conspirators !

Re: Yesterday’s blog. Now I am getting a lot of unwanted  e-mails trying to identify the former governor and senator that I referred to in my last blog.  No, I am not trying to protect elitists in the Republican Party, just being courteous.  If I had thought it would help anyone to mention their namesContinue reading “Robespierre wants the names of those conspirators !”