Betsy DeVos is Trump’s Best Cabinet Pick, by Far!

February 4, 2017

The American Left saved most of its fire for Betsy DeVos who is the Republican nominee for Secretary of Education. There is a good reason. She is Donald Trump’s most qualified and powerful cabinet nominee and she can transform American education. Which could transform the nation. Finally, the children and parents of this country have an advocate.

It all comes to a head on Monday.

The numbers are stark. American education continues to sink. We are now 39th in math and 27th in science, having fallen dramatically under the last two presidents, a Republican and a Democrat. And the news only gets worse. Some American students, especially students of color, are now falling hopelessly behind world numbers. New studies show that the top performing countries see fewer than 5% of their 15-year-old youth scoring at the lowest levels of PISA for math, reading and science. Compare that to the United States where the numbers reach 29%

The teachers unions argue that there has been modest improvement in some of the testing and scores but unfortunately the educational improvements in other countries have left us in the dust, leaving us further behind in worldwide comparisons.

It is a vivid contrast to 2009, when newly elected president Barack Obama promised to be the “post partisan,” education president. National politicians united behind his choice for secretary of education, Arne Duncan. Former Republican secretary of education and Senator, Lamar Alexander, called Duncan “the best.” Newt Gingrich and Al Shaprton actually took a national tour together to tout the Obama plan. Jeb Bush openly praised the program.

Obama sounded more like Betsy DeVos in those days. He took on the entrenched teachers’ unions and touted charter schools. But all of that slipped away when the teachers’ lobby brought its power to bear. Barack Obama could send his own kids to private schools, that was okay. But that was the end of it. From then on he would have to say and do what the teachers’ union demanded.

Now, they are demanding that Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Senator Susan Collins of Maine vote against Betsy DeVos and support the status quo and it appears that the two obedient Senators have agreed. This will force the Senate to take on this issue this Monday, with vice president, Mike Pence casting the deciding vote.

The horror stories coming out of American schools are legion. If an American student is lucky, he or she will be subjected to years of propaganda promoting a Leftist socio-political agenda. They will see open drug use in the halls and classrooms and be subjected to violent attacks in front of teachers who will not report it to authorities. While less than 1.9% of them will be Muslim, they will be allowed to wear a Hijab but will be openly ridiculed for manifesting any Christian beliefs. And usually, teachers will not be fired. In Brooklyn a teacher who admitted to sexually abusing a sixth grade female student was kept on the school payroll.

Meanwhile, the American elite send their own children to private Christian schools. This includes the Obama’s and the Clinton’s.  Since 1906 no president of the United States has ever sent their child to a public school with the exception of Jimmy Carter who quickly backed out of the arrangement.

Betsy DeVos, herself, was criticized by Senators for attending a private school as a child. But she is not alone. Most of America’s presidents attended private school, including in recent years, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, George H.W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. The latter attended the New York Military Academy.

Donald Trump’s bold choice of Betsy DeVos sends a clear message that it’s time for the hypocrisy to end. It’s time to fire teachers who are incompetent or even criminal. It’s time to end the socio-cultural experimentation and start teaching our children how to read and to teach them math and science. It’s time to end the government abuse of children and empower parents to find the best schools for their own sons and daughters when those options are available.

Read the story of Donald Trump as a student at the New York Military Academy.


Louisiana Shocker: Ron Paul Wins

April 29, 2012

By Doug Wead

Well, the cat is out of the bag.  Saturday’s district conventions in Louisiana gave the Ron Paul campaign 74% of the delegates heading into the June state convention where the delegation to the Republican National Convention in Tampa will be finally determined.  Another state, another unseen victory for the Texas congressman.  And, it should be noted, another embarrassment for the apparent nominee, former Governor Mitt Romney.  Now, the question is this.  How many other states have their own surprises coming?

Months ago the Ron Paul campaign looked at Louisiana and decided that the best strategy was to concentrate on the caucus.  The rules in Louisiana  apportion 20 of the states delegates from the votes in its statewide primary, which was held last March and 24 delegates from it caucus system which elects delegates at the precinct level to go to district conventions where they elect delegates to go to the state convention where the final delegation will be chosen.

What would you do?  Spend your money trying to win the 20?  Or spend your money trying to win the 24?  Former Pennsylvania Senator, Rick Santorum, former Speaker, Newt Gingrich, and former governor, Mitt Romney, spent their money competing for the publicity of the statewide primary, which Santorum won and which he proudly and tearfully acknowledged before a national television audience last March.  Our hapless New York Times and Associated Press duly reported that the delegates in Louisiana would be awarded 15 to Santorum and 5 to Romney.  Ron Paul was not even a mention.  But as Lee Corso would say, “Not so fast.”

The actual delegates will be chosen at a state convention in June which Ron Paul supporters will now dominate.  Not just by a bare majority but by 74%.   It means what they will not only get their 24 delegates to Santorum’s 15 and Romney’s 5, but they will also decide who the delegates representing Santorum and Romney will be.  Ain’t it sweet?  And it is the brainchild of Jesse Benton – John Tate’s masterful delegate strategy run by our intrepid,  Dimitri Kesari.

Shortly after the Newt Gingrich victory in South Carolina the hope for Louisiana seemed like a long shot.  There was even talk of helping Gingrich there, to blunt Romney and Santorum.  But the campaign surged and the moneybombs came through (thank you) and men and women at the grass roots refused to give up in the face of sometimes hostile party operatives.

Saturday, it all paid off and Ron Paul won majorities in contests in Congressional Districts 1, 2, 5 and 6.  The decision in district 4 was close, with Ron Paul winning almost half.

What does it mean?  It means you should review some of the posts written on this blog and read carefully what was predicted.  As of now, the Ron Paul campaign is ahead of anything anticipated and is doing more with less than any modern presidential campaign in recent memory.  It means that there are more surprises coming.  It means that Ron Paul will be a factor in Tampa.

Onto Texas, where liberty may once again make its last stand on May 29, 2012 in the Texas Primary.  Remember the Alamo.

Notation Update:  It gets better.  This from a member of our Louisiana team.

Doug can you please correct something in your post (even better than you state). Because of the allocation rules of bound delegates in the beauty contest primary – only 15 of the 20 primary delegates were awarded!! The other 5 get awarded at state convention WE now control! :)

So…only 10 delegates are bound to Santorum and 5 delegates bound to Romney (from Primary). No other delegates are bound.

To summarize:

-20 delegates (all can be Paul backers, 5 bound to Paul, 5 bound to Romney and 10 bound to Santorum)
-18 CD Delegates (Paul can easily get 12, could get up to all 18 if we work with Santorum/Gingrich people)
-5 by “executive committee” – no clue if we have supporters on this thing and they go to RNC as uncommitted.
-3 party leaders.

Evangelicals turn to Ron Paul

April 12, 2012

In the wake of Senator Rick Santorum’s departure from the presidential race there are signs that some evangelical leaders are refusing to jump on board the Mitt Romney bandwagon and are turning to Congressman Ron Paul  instead.  The Texas congressman spoke to several thousand people last night at the Will Rogers Auditorium in downtown Fort Worth but met quietly afterward with evangelical leaders.

Why Ron Paul?  And why now, when the race is being declared “done” by the main stream media?

“Because you don’t give away your support without getting something in return,” says a former congressman who has been at the heart of the Christian right movement since its beginning.   The longer that Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich stay in the race, the more likely that Romney will be forced to take a evangelical conservative as his vice presidential nominee.

Why not turn to Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Catholic who is a former Southern Baptist, with views that resonate with evangelicals?

“If we had to do it over again, we should have gone with Gingrich,” one of Santorum’s supporters told me today.  But if we switch to Gingrich now we risk another drop out.”  The former Speaker reportedly has debts of $ 4.2 million and has asked the Romney campaign for help in retiring them.  Romney reportedly declined.

Meanwhile, the Ron Paul campaign, with cash on hand, has begun airing television ads in Texas and launches another moneybomb this weekend.

“I have one question for you,” one of the ministers reportedly said in the private meeting last night with Dr. Ron Paul, “Are you going to drop out?  Or will you stay in all the way to Tampa?”

“I’m in,” the Texan replied.

“That’s all I need to know,” the minister said.

The evangelical community began reaching out to Dr. Paul almost immediately after Senator Rick Santorum dropped out of the presidential race.  Yesterday, Pastor Steven Andrew of USA Christian Ministries announced his support of the congressman, calling for a day of prayer and fasting.  Andrew released a statement saying that, “After Santorum, Ron Paul is the most God-fearing Presidential candidate [and] the Republican party should endorse him.”  Andrew said that “If Republicans don’t give a Christian candidate, Christians should look elsewhere – even to a third party.”

The Christian Wire service ran an article yesterday saying that Christians like the fact that Ron Paul “opposes tyranny, would cut the deficit and is prolife.”

A prominent television evangelist , speaking on the promise of anonymity, says that there was great disappointment in Rick Santorum’s withdrawal from the race.  “No one faults a man for being a good father, and dropping out to take care of a child, but it hurts many of us very deeply.  We were counting on him to lead our cause.”

Foster Freiss, the Wyoming billionaire who financed the Santorum Super Pac, has publicly said he will now help Mitt Romney.

Meanwhile, evangelical leaders are skeptical of any of their brethren who are now pledging to Romney.  “They are trotting out the same old bought and paid for names, Richard Land and Jay Sekulow, and acting like they are new.”  A Gingrich supporter who is quite vocal about his disappointment with the Santorum campaign suspects that evangelical leaders who supported Santorum, did so in return for donations to their nonprofit organizations.  “They will now try to repeat the same thing with Romney and are already in the news laying the foundation for their appeal.  It is appalling.”

But the rank and file evangelicals are not for sale and many seeking an end to the corruption in Washington see Ron Paul, a born again Christian, as their best voice of protest and the best way to force
Romney to deal with them.

Steve Scheffler, president of the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition and a GOP national committeeman, is dumbfounded that the Romney’s campaign had so far made no effort to reach out to evangelicals.

“The presidential race is likely to be truly competitive,” Mr. Scheffler said, “in about a dozen states, including Iowa, and the Republicans will need to motivate people to volunteer at calling centers and put up signs. I don’t think there’s much room for error.”

Meanwhile, the Ron Paul people continue to fill the vacuum.  In Iowa they are helping Scheffler and other Santorum people get re-elected to their positions.  They can afford to be generous, they have everything else.

Says Brian Jacobs, a former consultant to Billy Graham and to evangelical leaders such as Kenneth Copeland, “Ron Paul is a born again Christian who is untainted by this corruption that has engulfed Washington.  It should be no big surprise that evangelicals are discovering him.”

Ron Paul speaks to 3,000 at Will Rogers Auditorium, Ft. Worth, Texas, 4/11/12.

What Now? Ron Paul’s path to victory

April 11, 2012

By Doug Wead

Okay, Rick Santorum is out.  What does it mean for the race to the GOP nomination?  And what choices does the Ron Paul campaign now face?
You can help us decide.  Here are some options.  And you don’t have to chose just one.
1.) Make an all out effort to go for it.
2.) Become the anti-Romney candidate and gather his opponents.
3.) Work with Gingrich to block Romney.
4.) Stay in the race but don’t antagonize the GOP leadership.
5.) Seek a deal with Romney while it still matters.
6.) Prepare for a Third Party run.
Here are some factors to keep in mind.
The widely reported Associated Press delegate tabulation is way off and this is driving all of the television commentary.  For example, the vaunted New York Times has made no effort at a delegate count of their own, they rely fully on the AP.  
Keep in mind, the AP reported 40 people at a Ron Paul event in Hudsonville, Michigan when photographs showed two thousand.  They reported 1,000 people at an event in Missouri while their own AP photograph of the event, which captured only part of the audience, numbered 2,500.  And they make no effort to correct any of this.
As of today, the Associated Press awards Romney with 12 delegates in Iowa, 12 in Maine, 14 in Nevada, 9 in Colorado and 30 in Washington.  Don’t they wish. They also awarded him only 7 in North Dakota where he came in third place behind Rick Santorum and Ron Paul but captured even more at the ND State Convention than they had reported.  In fact, even today, the AP chart reads exactly the same, even though the numbers are dramatically different.  Journalism is dead.  
By the way, I have this reoccurring nightmare that some of the state conventions will retroactively award Romney their delegates and the media will end up being right, like a broken clock is right twice a day.  Then they will say, “See, what was all the fuss about?  We were right all along.  We were better than right.  We were prescient.”
Nevertheless, campaigns are not in the national media entertainment business.  And we don’t have executives from holding companies telling our executives what to do and passing the instructions down to our on air anchors and pundits.  Holding companies that depend on billions of dollars of interest free loans from that elitist piggy bank, the Federal Reserve.  And unlike the media, we don’t have major companies who advertise with us and who coincidentally benefit from the same corruption by getting low interest loans from the banks who are getting interest free loans for the FED.
In fact, we are in the business of taking on that very cycle of corruption.
So, we still have to deal with facts.  
Without revealing too much, and keeping in mind that this changes weekly, you would be wise to calculate that Mitt Romney has about 106 delegates less than what the national media is now showing.  Santorum, even before dropping out, had about 16 less.  This includes adding delegates that the media incorrectly withheld from Santorum and then subtracting its false calculations.   Now add 98 delegates to Ron Paul.  And you have the real picture of where it stands today.
There is something else.  Many of the delegates who have already been selected to go to Tampa and are pledged to vote for Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are actually Ron Paul activists who were chosen as delegates because they showed up and got elected as such, not because they committed to any of the candidates. We don’t yet have a complete count on any of this but it is substantial.  We are in the process of taking over the GOP at many precinct and country levels.  And that is translating into power at the state conventions where the delegations are chosen.  The GOP establishment is trying to block this by telling their people not to vote for anyone under thirty years of age or anyone who is Hispanic.  But our people are filling those delegate slots.  Even we can’t keep up with the numbers.
This means that the convention floor in Tampa will be loaded with Ron Paul supporters. And it means if Santorum releases his delegates many of them will vote for us because they were never Rick Santorum supporters in the first place.
Don’t underestimate the power of money to influence this process.  And don’t underestimate the power of money to corrupt this process. 
The presidential campaign of former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, is $ 4 million in debt.  So far Romney has declined to make a deal. This stalemate is likely to go all the way to convention.  Why should either side back down?
And keep in mind this number. 15%.  Many of the remaining primary states require a candidate to get 15% of the vote before being awarded any of the delegates.  With Santorum out, it is likely that both Gingrich and Paul will qualify for delegates in most, if not all of these remaining states.  Why is that important?  Won’t it take more than 15% to win the nomination?  It is important because it means that Gingrich, without any money, will still be able to drain off a few anti-Romney, anti-Paul delegates that would have stayed home but will now help keep a Romney victory at bay.
Texas is important.  We will get no breaks from the mainstream media.  So Texas will require television advertising of our own.  And that will require money.  Watch the next moneybomb closely.
Oh, by the way.  For those following the drama in St. Charles, Missouri.  We won last night.  We won ALL the delegates.  And the man they had arrested last month was elected the chairman.  They meant it for evil.  God meant it for good.
Okay, let’s see your vote.  I am for making an all out effort to win it all.
You can join the discussion at

Mitt Romney at Ford Field

            Ron Paul speaking in Texas last night.

Rick Santorum – Ron Paul – Newt Gingrich Unite !

April 6, 2012

At the upcoming state convention that will select the delegates to the RNC in Tampa, the campaigns of Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich should unite at once.  The math shows a way to a brokered convention and while a brokered convention does not guarantee a different nominee it does guarantee a nominee who will act differently.  And that could lead to great changes for America.

If events are left to themselves, Romney just might win the nomination as the Goldman Sachs candidate, owned by the special interests.  Obama-lite.  But if the three campaigns unite now, at the State Convention level, there is a path to a brokered convention.

For Santorum this strategy is a no brainer and the delay in arriving at this conclusion has been very costly.  If you are a Santorum caucus delegate understand this, your candidate can only win in a brokered convention.

In fact, your candidate will only be selected as a vice presidential nominee in a brokered convention.  Romney will never pick Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich as a running mate and he doesn’t want to pick Santorum either but he will do anything he has to do to win the nomination.  And if he sees that he will be denied a first ballot victory in Tampa he might end the process by committing to Santorum early.  Every delegate you give to Romney weakens Santorum.  Every delegate you give to anyone else, strengthens Santorum.

For Ron Paul a brokered convention will give his message and his movement credibility and new numbers.  A brokered convention will attract more international press than any other political event in our lifetime.  And the people of many countries see Ron Paul as the only sane American public figure.  His anti-war, mind your own business – message resonates with many around the world who see the USA as a lawless bully, out of control.  Except for some among the West European media, whose executives look to the Federal Reserve as their own personal piggybank, many  international journalists descending on Tampa will be an echo chamber that will shame their American media colleagues into a new appreciation of Ron Paul.

Consider, all three candidates favor auditing the Federal Reserve and making our monetary system transparent and honest.   Not Romney.  But a brokered convention might just loosen the Goldman Sachs stranglehold on Romney and America.  Thus a vote for any of the three will help.

Well, you say, I disagree with Ron Paul’s foreign policy.

Keep in mind.  53% of Americans now want to end the war in Afghanistan.  Only 25% want to keep going.  Ron Paul’s foreign policy as well as his philosophy on the war on drugs, is all subordinate to his belief in the American Constitution.  Which means you would not only have to elect Ron Paul as president, you would have to replace most of the entire Senate and House of Representatives to change our foreign policy.  Ron Paul, himself, points this out, saying “I’m not running for dictator, I am just stating my views on some of these issues.  Congress would have to agree.”

You don’t have to worry about Ron Paul’s foreign policy.  A vote for a Ron Paul delegate in some state convention won’t end foreign aid to Pakistan, as we Ron Paul folks advocate, but it might help create a brokered convention that will help all three candidates, including Santorum and Gingrich.

A brokered convention will be a sober warning to Mitt Romney and the establishment GOP insiders.  The corruption must end.  Their little piggy bank at the Federal Reserve must be transparent and accountable.  The destruction of the middle class must stop.  Free markets must return.

Romney gets nasty in Nevada but Ron Paul prevails

April 1, 2012

For Ron Paul supporters there is good news coming out of Nevada but the price paid to win these victories has been brutal.  Here goes.  A report from people in the trenches.

In Carson City, the vast numbers of Ron Paul supporters made no difference.  The chair ignored them.  The Carson City Caucus was so ugly that the insider, GOP, Romney establishment itself splintered under the pressure.  More than one eyewitness compared it to rape.

This from a GOP insider who has been used in the past as a Sergeant of Arms.  “It was disgusting. The whole atmosphere was negative.  The leaders were angry and arrogant.  One fellow had a legitimate question about procedures and was shouted down by the chair. He was then escorted out by the Sgt at Arms to be talked to. This question was answered with one sentence later, during the proceedings!”

Here are some observations from Tom Mangone, a businessman.

“One young man stood in the middle of the group of the candidates he supported. He was very calmly stating that we all came here to become delegates to represent our county. He stood his ground in a polite way to become a delegate. The gal who was ‘running’ our group condescendingly said, ‘Do you want me to call the Sergeant of Arms?’ I was proud of this young man, he calmly responded, ‘For what, wanting to participate?’ I later found out he was on the Nevada State Debate Team.

” A woman, who was pregnant and ready to give birth at any moment, participated in her  precinct meeting and became a delegate to the county convention. However, I do not believe she got the opportunity to become a delegate to state, based solely on the candidate she supports.

“But, a man, from my own precinct, who did not participate in the process and did not attend his precinct meeting, showed up only at the county convention. He stated that he could not even attend the state convention, but he became a delegate because of his candidate of choice. This took a spot from someone that wanted to represent Carson City and would have been at the state convention to do so.”

Jennifer Kruger, a professional businesswoman, wrote a critique of the event, point by point, that will break your heart.  I am trying to get permission to pass it on.

Another observer sent me this in an email: “What sickens me is the fact that most, if not all of those thirty and younger were Ron Paul supporters and they saw just what the good ol Boys and their of ladies had done to them and see how America works now at least in Carson City.

“I am sick of the old country club set, making their decisions behind their luxury doors, establishing ‘rules and techniques’ that enable them to have it ‘their way or the highway’ as declared by them from the podium.

“This country needs the young people and they were raped at the Carson City GOP Convention and it was sad to watch helplessly!”

Concludes Mangone: “You read about these kinds of events happening elsewhere, not thinking that it could happen here. I left wondering if we were still in America. It seems that while attending an event such as this you would think we would all be on the same team.  And even though the front table suggested that we were, they insisted we get divided in four separate groups. I counted on these people to do the ‘right thing’ and I was sadly mistaken.

“I guess I should feel lucky because in other countries if you question how the voting process is ran or decline to share who you voted for, you wind up in jail or a bullet is put in your head. Sadly, this country is heading towards that mentality. Trust is now completely gone for the Carson County Republican Party.

“I saw the faces of several individual voters, (for most this was their first convention experience), and there was disbelief from all arenas. Many could not believe the Republican leaders did this and a few stated that they were no longer interested in politics. More and more of these types of events are happening across the country and it is driving a wedge right through the Republican Party. Many Republican voters have been lost. With the polls showing such a close race this type of behavior is gift wrapping Obama another four years in office.”

But Carson City corruption aside, statewide, Ron Paul is prevailing.  In Henderson, Nevada he swept all state delegates from Nye County and won a strong majority of state delegates from Douglas County.

Nye County Republican Party leadership had attempted to fill empty precinct delegate slots with people who failed to be elected or even participate in the February 4th caucus precinct meetings.  Ron Paul supporters worked tirelessly to keep the convention running by Republican Party rules.  After a tiring circle of threats from the chair to shut down the proceedings unless attendees turned a blind eye to the cheating, Paul supporters elected a chair determined to conduct the proceedings in a fair manner.

With this blow was dealt to the current Nye County Republican Party leadership, they all departed – forfeiting any intention to represent or lead their county to the state convention.  The end result in Nye County was a fair, compliant election of a slate of delegates and alternate delegates to the state convention, all backing Dr. Paul.

Farther west in Douglas County, Ron Paul supporters locked down more than half of the 108 state delegates and many alternate delegate positions.

Reflecting on the powerful impact the Paul conservative movement is having in Nevada, Ron Paul 2012 Nevada State Chairman Carl Bunce said, “Supporters of Dr. Paul are reshaping Republican politics in Nevada.  They have the stamina and determination to bring the party back to its limited government roots, county by county.”

The Nye and Douglas successes add to a decisive victory in Clark County, the populous county encompassing Las Vegas.  In Clark, Paul secured approximately 60 percent of the delegates heading to the state convention, and won a supermajority of the Clark County Republican Executive Board.

Progress and momentum such as in this is hardly limited to Nevada.  It is happening in Washington, Missouri, Iowa and other states.  There are setbacks.  In North Dakota, where on Super Tuesday Rick Santorum won and Ron Paul came in second, the state convention was hijacked by Mitt Romney lawyers.  Romney, who came in third place in the Super Tuesday voting, nevertheless took 60% of the delegates there, even though outnumbered at the convention.

Says Jesse Benton,  Ron Paul Campaign Chairman, of the battles now raging at state conventions, “Beltway insiders might dismiss it, some in the media may choose to overlook it, and establishment party hacks will at times cheat, but nothing can stop the Ron Paul-influenced reawakening of the conservative movement in America.  Voters are smarter than the representation they’re getting and the empty rhetoric of fake conservatives and serial hypocrites.”

Romney lawyers rig election in ND: Santorum – Ron Paul cut out

March 31, 2012

As the GOP nominating process grinds down to its ultimate end, the Romney campaign has turned savage in its efforts to end the process early.  Open conventions and caucuses where people actually get to vote are apparently their worst nightmare.   In some state conventions fake “unity slates” are promoted, with appeals to Santorum and Gingrich delegates to join them in electing delegates that they promise represent the three campaigns proportionately but will shut out Ron Paul.  The “unity slates” are actually all Romney delegates.

In other states “Romney Rules” help make up for the candidate’s unenthusiastic support.  In Idaho, for example, where Romney has a Mormon base and won  61% of the vote in a statewide beauty contest, it was nevertheless feared that the candidate would not win a single precinct election in the delegate process.  In almost each of the elections, it was feared that Ron Paul supporters would have a plurality.

The solution?  A backwards election.  It goes like this.  The candidate who gets the most votes doesn’t matter, rather the candidate with the fewest is dropped. Voting continues with successive ballots until one is left.  If one candidate gets at least 50% of the counties he then gets the whole statewide delegation.

Sure enough.  In 2012 in most county caucuses, Ron Paul folks appeared and almost always had a plurality.  Newt Gingrich, having the fewest, was dropped after the first ballot.  Santorum was dropped after the second.  Finally, in most counties it came down to Ron Paul and Mitt Romney and even though Ron Paul began with the largest number of delegates, Mitt Romney won as the Santorum people were persuaded to join Romney “for the sake of unity.”

Thus, while Ron Paul turned out the most numbers, Mitt Romney swept the state delegation.

Ron Paul supporters need not despair, however, we have our own share of good news coming soon.  And we will have won with Romney’s own rules.

I can’t resist one more report.  Take a look at how the North Dakota convention was rigged.  Keep in mind, Rick Santorum won North Dakota with 39.7% of the vote.  Ron Paul was second with 28.1% and Mitt Romney was third with 23.7%.  Yet under “Romney Rules” he gets approximately 60% of the delegates from North Dakota to the RNC.  Here’s how he did it.

But the race is not over.  See this interview, Sir David Frost talks to Doug Wead.