How Nancy Reagan forever changed the job of First Lady

Former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, will be laid to rest today in Simi Valley, California. She was a remarkable woman. Overlooked in discussions of her role as the devoted wife is how she forever changed the role of First Lady. It was a role that was markedly different from any before her but one that willContinue reading “How Nancy Reagan forever changed the job of First Lady”


The Political Genius of Nancy Reagan

I have been planning to write this blog for some time. And then today, sadly, I learned of the passing of the former First Lady. Nancy Reagan was more than a  classy lady, a good dresser, a charming hostess, she was a very politically astute woman. Her husband’s image only grew after his own death andContinue reading “The Political Genius of Nancy Reagan”

Hillary Clinton ranks as greatest first lady

Hillary Clinton ranks as greatest first lady in American history. Okay, let me go ahead and state the obvious, the delay by the Siena survey and other rankings to make such an open declaration only reveals how pompous this process sometimes is.  History will declare Hillary Clinton as the greatest first lady ever.  No oneContinue reading “Hillary Clinton ranks as greatest first lady”