Evangelicals turn to Ron Paul

In the wake of Senator Rick Santorum’s departure from the presidential race there are signs that some evangelical leaders are refusing to jump on board the Mitt Romney bandwagon and are turning to Congressman Ron Paul  instead.  The Texas congressman spoke to several thousand people last night at the Will Rogers Auditorium in downtown FortContinue reading “Evangelicals turn to Ron Paul”

What Now? Ron Paul’s path to victory

By Doug Wead Okay, Rick Santorum is out.  What does it mean for the race to the GOP nomination?  And what choices does the Ron Paul campaign now face? . You can help us decide.  Here are some options.  And you don’t have to chose just one. . 1.) Make an all out effort toContinue reading “What Now? Ron Paul’s path to victory”

Showdown in St. Charles, Missouri

Ron Paul rides again. Remember the infamous St. Charles County Republican caucus on March 17, 2012?  (See videos below.) Where the temporary chairman decided that there could be no recording devices?  So his evil deeds could be done in darkness? Where at a prearranged signal the temporary Chairman had local police descend on the caucusContinue reading “Showdown in St. Charles, Missouri”

A plea from inside the Santorum camp: Work with Ron Paul

This is from a Rick Santorum coordinator in Washington State.  I edited it down because of length.  In this District they captured 17/18 Santorum/Paul Delegates and 17/18 Santorum/Paul Alternates.  Mitt Romney got zero. The statement of the Rick Santorum coordinator: What was done in Pierce County started the idea of both Paul and Santorum’s campsContinue reading “A plea from inside the Santorum camp: Work with Ron Paul”

Rick Santorum – Ron Paul – Newt Gingrich Unite !

At the upcoming state convention that will select the delegates to the RNC in Tampa, the campaigns of Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich should unite at once.  The math shows a way to a brokered convention and while a brokered convention does not guarantee a different nominee it does guarantee a nominee whoContinue reading “Rick Santorum – Ron Paul – Newt Gingrich Unite !”

In the trenches, more on the establishment fight against Ron Paul

Nevada is one of many state caucuses that is turning out to be quite successful for Ron Paul and for the GOP in general.  Large numbers of youth and Hispanics are participating.  Which bodes well for the future of the GOP.  And the State Convention will be loaded with Ron Paul supporters duly elected atContinue reading “In the trenches, more on the establishment fight against Ron Paul”

Romney will pick Huckabee as VP

     Romney will pick Huckabee as VP      If Mitt Romney does win the GOP nomination, who will he pick as Vice President?  He will float a number of names for political reasons.  His list will surely include Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, Rob Portman, Sara Palin, Newt Gingrich andContinue reading “Romney will pick Huckabee as VP”

Romney gets nasty in Nevada but Ron Paul prevails

For Ron Paul supporters there is good news coming out of Nevada but the price paid to win these victories has been brutal.  Here goes.  A report from people in the trenches. In Carson City, the vast numbers of Ron Paul supporters made no difference.  The chair ignored them.  The Carson City Caucus was soContinue reading “Romney gets nasty in Nevada but Ron Paul prevails”

Romney lawyers rig election in ND: Santorum – Ron Paul cut out

As the GOP nominating process grinds down to its ultimate end, the Romney campaign has turned savage in its efforts to end the process early.  Open conventions and caucuses where people actually get to vote are apparently their worst nightmare.   In some state conventions fake “unity slates” are promoted, with appeals to Santorum and Gingrich delegates to joinContinue reading “Romney lawyers rig election in ND: Santorum – Ron Paul cut out”

A spy’s report from inside the Romney campaign

How the Romney Campaign is using the fear of Ron Paul to defeat Rick Santorum  This fascinating, but anonymous report, published by Ron Paul Forums Liberty Forest, offers an insider look at how the Romney-establishment is trying to beat Rick Santorum and use the fear of Ron Paul to do it. The Report: Tonight IContinue reading “A spy’s report from inside the Romney campaign”