Malia and Sasha Obama have it right, let’s ax the turkey event.

Watch Doug Wead talk about this tomorrow on CBS Morning News at 7:30 AM. Here he responds to the recent criticism of Malia and Sasha at the White House Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning Ceremony.   Whatever criticism one might have for the President and First Lady no one can really lay a finger on them asContinue reading “Malia and Sasha Obama have it right, let’s ax the turkey event.”


Is Obama too big too fail? Why is he acting so strangely?

President Barack Obama’s shameless fundraising tours in the midst of a world in chaos have brought immediate comparisons to Ronald Reagan.   Led by his erstwhile advisers, such as Michael Deaver, who understood imagery, Reagan would have been back in the Oval Office, looking presidential and sounding like the statesman he was.  Reagan would likelyContinue reading “Is Obama too big too fail? Why is he acting so strangely?”

Barbara Bush wants Hillary Clinton to run for president.

Barbara Bush, not the former First Lady, but the daughter of former president, George W. Bush, has said that Hillary Clinton is “unbelievably accomplished” and hopes she will run for president in 2016.  It’s about as close to an endorsement as a Bush could give a Clinton and surely qualifies as news.  Former First LadyContinue reading “Barbara Bush wants Hillary Clinton to run for president.”

Obama and his girls

The planned release of President Obama’s new book, Of Thee I Sing, a Letter to my Daughters, represents a seismic change in the conventional presidential parenting philosophy.    Recent White House families, including political dynasties such as the Bushes, the Clinton’s and the Kennedy’s have all held to the idea that the less the First ChildrenContinue reading “Obama and his girls”

The Obama’s: A functional family on the move

Some journalists are making a big deal out of how the Obamas are traveling to foreign ports together as a family unit. After the dysfunctional Clintons, Reagans and Roosevelts and even the Bushes, with their arcane rules of one at a time in the limelight, which meant a former president could not even be toldContinue reading “The Obama’s: A functional family on the move”

Malia Obama, born on the third of July

Malia Obama had a birthday yesterday. White House kids seem to have it all. Every toy and gadget comes over the transom. The most famous people of their day are on hand. But the one thing that is often missing are the parents. When Tad Lincoln celebrated his 12th birthday on April 4, 1865, hisContinue reading “Malia Obama, born on the third of July”

A list of preteen girls who lived in the White House

Little girl’s in the White House So what will it be like for Malia and Sasha? On inauguration day, Malia Obama would be 10 years old, Sasha Obama would be 7. There have been a lot of famous teenagers like Alice Roosevelt and Susan Ford and a long list of famous little boys, like WillieContinue reading “A list of preteen girls who lived in the White House”

Obama Nation

“Control the coinage and the courts, the rabble can have the rest.” – The Princess Irulan, in Frank Herbert’s Dune Sometime tonight, as I will be flying to Tokyo on the first leg of an around the world speaking tour, the captain will awaken us to the news that Senator Barack Obama has been electedContinue reading “Obama Nation”

Obama’s Convention Fails

In my humble opinion, the Democratic National Convention was a political disaster, a wasted opportunity to present Obama and his case for the presidency.  And I have been very impressed with Obama, he is a superb politician, even a great one, and he and McCain are two amazing pros, duking it out, but that said, this DNCContinue reading “Obama’s Convention Fails”

The Problem With Obama

Okay, sure, I would love to see America beloved by the world again.  I would thrill to see immigrants openly weeping as President Obama’s motorcade swept along the Champs Elysees.  And three million people gathered to welcome him to his father’s homeland of Kenya.  And the fourth largest nation in the world, Indonesia, virtually shutContinue reading “The Problem With Obama”