Ron Paul’s Iowa success and the media cover-up

     Ron Paul does his job in Iowa, the media cover-up begins. Out of 16,892 votes cast in the Iowa Straw Poll last Saturday, Texas congressman, Ron Paul, came within 152 votes of upsetting Congresswoman Michelle Bachman in her own home state.  The close call was ignored by the national media.  On Sunday, Bachman, who wasContinue reading “Ron Paul’s Iowa success and the media cover-up”

How will the Evangelicals vote in 2008?

  A history of the born again vote and where it will go in 2008.   An upcoming issue of Newsmax Magazine will offer a comprehensive account of the crucial Evangelical Christian vote and where it is likely to go in the upcoming showdown between John McCain and Barack Obama.    A chart, prepared byContinue reading “How will the Evangelicals vote in 2008?”