Not so fast: Trump may still need Rubio to win.

3-14-2016 Anything may happen but as of this moment Donald Trump is headed to victory in Florida tomorrow night and that will go a long way in clinching his position as the Republican nominee for president. It will crush Senator Marco Rubio who will have been beaten in his own home state. But not soContinue reading “Not so fast: Trump may still need Rubio to win.”

Where will the Libertarians go? Trump? Cruz? Rubio? Kasich?

My inbox is full of Libertarians who like Donald Trump? Worse. Some like Bernie Sanders. What gives? First Donald Trump. Yes, I know, he is a billionaire who has worked the system for years. He openly admits to giving money to politicians to grease the skids. He says he approves of torture because it works. He would “knockContinue reading “Where will the Libertarians go? Trump? Cruz? Rubio? Kasich?”

How the establishment will now try to steal the nomination from Donald Trump

Warning to the Trumpets. It ain’t over. It is just beginning. Below are a list of tactics that Establishment Republicans may use to block the nomination of Donald Trump.  Yes, I know. If they succeed they will not win the White House but many in the establishment will make just as much money under a DemocratContinue reading “How the establishment will now try to steal the nomination from Donald Trump”

Rubio’s blunder is Trump’s gain in Iowa

  Doug Wead In the closing hours before the Iowa Caucus Senator Marco Rubio has made a significant blunder. It may be crippling his last minute Iowa surge just as it is getting off the ground.  So far, Donald Trump is the big beneficiary. Here’s the story. On January 10, 2016 Senator Rubio brashly announced inContinue reading “Rubio’s blunder is Trump’s gain in Iowa”

Exclusive: Inside the Trump campaign panic!

“Now the trouble with trying to make yourself stupider than you really are is that you very often succeed.”  – C.S. Lewis The national media prides itself in its ignorance of religion but that can sometimes lead to unintentional blackouts, where the news makes no sense to them or anybody else. This past month weContinue reading “Exclusive: Inside the Trump campaign panic!”

Donald Trump? Sorry history says, “Not gonna happen.”

At the moment he is soaring in the stratosphere and I hate to be a kill-joy but if history is any barometer, Donald Trump will soon be falling back down to earth. First, no businessman has ever been elected president.  And there is a very good reason. People in power have always made the lawsContinue reading “Donald Trump? Sorry history says, “Not gonna happen.””

Marco Rubio: A Demographic on Steroids

Senator Marco Rubio spoke for the Council on Foreign Relations yesterday, staking out his position as the GOP super hawk, announcing that he would not be afraid to go to war.  Presumably, he will have to compete with Senator Lindsey Graham for that role.  And they both will have to find a suitable target. RecentContinue reading “Marco Rubio: A Demographic on Steroids”

Romney will pick Huckabee as VP

     Romney will pick Huckabee as VP      If Mitt Romney does win the GOP nomination, who will he pick as Vice President?  He will float a number of names for political reasons.  His list will surely include Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, Rob Portman, Sara Palin, Newt Gingrich andContinue reading “Romney will pick Huckabee as VP”