Not so fast: Trump may still need Rubio to win.

3-14-2016 Anything may happen but as of this moment Donald Trump is headed to victory in Florida tomorrow night and that will go a long way in clinching his position as the Republican nominee for president. It will crush Senator Marco Rubio who will have been beaten in his own home state. But not soContinue reading “Not so fast: Trump may still need Rubio to win.”

George H.W. Bush: The Nicest President in American History

Having worked for the man I can tell you that George H.W. Bush is no pushover.  When Manuel Noriega rattled his swords and waged his drug war against the USA, Bush descended on Panama like a thunderstorm, without warning, bringing the villain back in chains.  When Saddam Hussein invaded his neighbor, Bush organized the entireContinue reading “George H.W. Bush: The Nicest President in American History”

Presidents and their mothers

“All I am or ever hope to be I owe to my angel mother, God bless her.” – Abraham Lincoln There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to confirm that most of America’s presidents are “mama’s boys.” It must make Sigmund Freud smile for one of his most enduring discoveries was how the perceived favorite childContinue reading “Presidents and their mothers”

Obama meets Arizona Governor tomorrow.

The national news media is quite impressed with tomorrow’s White House meeting between President Barack Obama and Arizona governor, Jan Brewer.  A reporter called to ask me about the history of such meetings and if Brewer will be intimidated by the visit, bullied, as Alabama Governor George Wallace had been by President Lyndon Johnson inContinue reading “Obama meets Arizona Governor tomorrow.”