McCain Camp Says No to Billy Graham

June 9, 2008

Now, it turns out, that the John McCain campaign is so spooked by preachers that it doesn’t want to meet with Dr. Billy Graham.  Which sort of makes his rapprochement with the evangelicals a little difficult, wouldn’t you say?

Remember Brian Jacobs, the George W. Bush activist who helped me put together a meeting between Dr. Billy Graham and George W. Bush the last day of the 2000 election?   Well we tried it again with the McCain Campaign and look what happened?

Here is the letter he got back.  (He was hosting the Billy Graham Association in Ft. Worth when this came in.  He was hosting Will Graham, the evangelist’s grandson this week.)

Go to this link for the full account …. It is an amazing story.

Go to this link to see the actual letter.

Meanwhile, here is the evangelical vote.

The Evangelical Vote from 1976 – 2004.

                      1976     1980     1984      1988     1992     1996    2000    2004      

Republican      50       61          80           81       59        49         57        62          

Democrat        50       34          20           18        21        43        42        38          

Independent                                                       19


Could Joe Lieberman help McCain win evangelicals?

McCain and Able:  How the GOP lost the evangelicals in 2008


Memo to John McCain: Pick Joe Lieberman for Vice President

June 4, 2008


So what can John McCain do?  If evangelicals number 42% of the population (according to Barna,) and if their super churches are the Republican equivalent of the unions in the Democrat Party of the 1950s and 60s, the key to increased voter registration, the machine to turn out the vote; and if these evangelical activists are now demoralized, feeling unimportant, and unenthusiastic about John McCain; and it is too late for him to publicly court them without incurring media and public backlash; then what can he do?


Bring Independent Senator, Joe Lieberman, onto his ticket.

It’s farfetched, it will upset the party regulars, but he needs to take some chances to stop the “Obama Phenoma.”  Joe Lieberman, a Jew and a former Democrat, will energize evangelicals in a way that no evangelical on the ticket could.  Evangelicals are divided over doctrine and practice and even styles of worship.  But there is one thing that unites them and that is their support for the State of Israel. 

Of course the media does not understand this and it does not jive with their version of “agents of intolerance” and most Jews don’t want to believe it but that only makes it all the more rich.  McCain will be seen as bold, even risky, when there is in fact no risk at all with the evangelical base of his party.  He would be using the public and media ignorance of evangelicals to his advantage for a change.

There are three other very big bonuses to a Joe Lieberman candidacy. 

First, the appointment would hasten the Jewish switch to the Republican Party.  It is no secret that there is growing nervousness over Barack Obama within the Jewish community.  The Lieberman appointment would add to their comfort level with John McCain. 

Second, the appointment would clearly separate him from the sinking ship of George W. Bush.  After all, Joe Lieberman was Al Gore’s running mate in 2000.

Third, the media would be absolutely floored.  They would see that this election would guarantee history in the making.  A Black, a Jew, and possibly a woman could be president or vice president.

Oh yeah, I forgot.  What would Rush Limbaugh say?