Ron Paul is not OUT! He is UP!

“We are absolutely not dropping out of this race! We are focusing our efforts squarely on winning delegates and party leadership positions at state conventions.” – Jesse Benton, Campaign Chairman Ron Paul announced today he would not be competing in the upcoming primary states, saying that he would focus, instead, on his delegate strategy.  A strategyContinue reading “Ron Paul is not OUT! He is UP!”


An interview with Jesse Benton: It’s not over

By Doug Wead . Talk to me about the Ron Paul campaign, the national media says it’s over.  Is the delegate strategy really working, will Dr. Paul be a player at the convention, are you pleased? . Yes, it’s working.  We are way ahead of anything that anyone would have predicted and we are aheadContinue reading “An interview with Jesse Benton: It’s not over”

Romney gets nasty in Nevada but Ron Paul prevails

For Ron Paul supporters there is good news coming out of Nevada but the price paid to win these victories has been brutal.  Here goes.  A report from people in the trenches. In Carson City, the vast numbers of Ron Paul supporters made no difference.  The chair ignored them.  The Carson City Caucus was soContinue reading “Romney gets nasty in Nevada but Ron Paul prevails”