Why Huck Fights On

So why is Mike Huckabee staying in the race for president?  What does he hope to gain?  What is he seeing that the rest of us don’t see? Ahhhh, it is the last question that answers the first two.  Huckabee is reading different numbers on his chances and so far, his numbers are proving theContinue reading “Why Huck Fights On”


The Crucifixtion of Mike Huckabee

He just had his Palm Sunday with his victory in Iowa, now comes the crucifixion part.  He will need more than Chuck Norris covering his back on this one.  He will need Mel Gibson.  Governor Mike Huckabee is about to be pilloried unlike any modern presidential candidate since, well, since Ronald Reagan, who in preContinue reading “The Crucifixtion of Mike Huckabee”