Ron Paul’s Excellent Minnesota Adventure

Now, in case you have missed the Ron Paul story, he is the wiry little, gray haired, congressman, who challenged the big boys in the nationally televised Republican debates earlier this year.  It was quite a show. McCain, Romney and Huckabee would argue over who was the first to be dutifully committed to the troopContinue reading “Ron Paul’s Excellent Minnesota Adventure”


Karl Rove’s Glorious Debut on FOX

 Karl Rove was brought onto the FOX team for last night’s Super Tuesday coverage and stole the show.  Blowing some much needed data into the hot air that has dominated the network for six months, Rove rattled off numbers and names and counties and expected returns, fitting it all within a strategic template that madeContinue reading “Karl Rove’s Glorious Debut on FOX”

Robbed: How the national media denied Mitt Romney of his Wyoming Win

Two years ago, liberal bloggers launched vicious attacks on Governor Mitt Romney’s faith, questioning the sanity of someone who could believe such things and calling for him to repudiate his own heritage. If you still don’t know, he is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints…. a Mormon.  And thenContinue reading “Robbed: How the national media denied Mitt Romney of his Wyoming Win”