State weighs in on Houston’s war on its churches

The following letter is being circulated in Texas.  It was allegedly written by the Attorney General of Texas and shed’s more light on the controversy mentioned in yesterday’s blog. October 15, 2014 Mr. David Feldman City Attorney City of Houston 900 Bagby, 4th Floor Houston, Texas 77002 Dear Mr. Feldman: Your office has demanded thatContinue reading “State weighs in on Houston’s war on its churches”


Rand Paul defends Houston pastors under attack

“No minister, anywhere, should ever have to submit a sermon to a government censor.” – Senator Rand Paul Only minutes ago, Senator Rand Paul spoke up for the Houston pastors who have become the latest target in what religious leaders say is the city government’s ongoing war against its own churches.  Messaging on Twitter, SenatorContinue reading “Rand Paul defends Houston pastors under attack”