A Government Shutdown but Aid to Egypt Must Go On!

The national television media has made it pretty clear where they stand on the government shutdown.  By reviewing the stories they choose to cover and the stories they repress one can get a feel for the atmosphere inside the executive boardrooms.  We are told that the shutdown penalizes the Center for Disease Control, which hasContinue reading “A Government Shutdown but Aid to Egypt Must Go On!”

A Report From Inside Egypt

A Report From Inside Egypt There seems to be uniformity from many inside Egypt, at least from Cairo.  My information comes from a pharmacist, a doctor, an Egyptologist, shopkeepers and a gentleman who does the internet and bookkeeping for many businesses.  All are saying the same thing, “Mubarak needs to leave now”. They all feelContinue reading “A Report From Inside Egypt”

The Egyptian Crisis: What Would Reagan Do?

President Ronald Reagan was not quick to respond to crowds in the street.  He complained, for example, that we probably made a mistake in abandoning the Shah of Iran. Consider for a moment the morality of this Egyptian Crisis and what the American government is now saying.  We are telling Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, theContinue reading “The Egyptian Crisis: What Would Reagan Do?”