Presidents Day Questions

Last month, I received so many emails about Presidents’ Day that I had to offer this quick response. Why is Presidents’ Day so important? It unites us as a people.  And it gives our youth common heroes.  We are divided by class, ethnicity, left and right on the political spectrum, religion and science but we come togetherContinue reading “Presidents Day Questions”



In 2010 the distinguished Sienna Institute determined that Barack Obama was the 15th greatest president of all time and George W. Bush the sixth worst.  The survey reveals much more about the school girl crush academia has on liberal politicians than anything about our last two presidents.  Here is the cold, hard truth. Yes, the election of Barack Obama was a greatContinue reading “HOW WILL BARACK OBAMA BE RANKED IN HISTORY?”

George H. W. Bush, historical ranking

The Historical Ranking of George Herbert Walker Bush By Doug Wead, December, 2010 This week I leave for a speaking tour of Russia that will take me from Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean to Krasnodar near the Black Sea, with a dozen spots in between.  The crowds will vary from 15,000 in Khabarovsk to 5,000Continue reading “George H. W. Bush, historical ranking”