George H. W. Bush, historical ranking

The Historical Ranking of George Herbert Walker Bush By Doug Wead, December, 2010 This week I leave for a speaking tour of Russia that will take me from Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean to Krasnodar near the Black Sea, with a dozen spots in between.  The crowds will vary from 15,000 in Khabarovsk to 5,000Continue reading “George H. W. Bush, historical ranking”


The historical ranking of George W. Bush

“W” for Mt. Rushmore?  How will history judge our 43rd President? He is the ultimate cowboy diplomat. He is the essence of bravado and arrogance.  Opponents called him a bully and he only turned that into a joke.  He started a war with an easy opponent and made it look like a great victory.  ButContinue reading “The historical ranking of George W. Bush”