The Young Evangelicals: Their Hearts Belong to Rand Paul

While the other GOP presidential candidates are falling all over themselves trying to win the important evangelical leaders of influence, Senator Rand Paul appears to have won the hearts of their youth. What this will mean for the coming Iowa Caucuses, where the Paul campaign has organized the college campuses, remains to be seen. JerryContinue reading “The Young Evangelicals: Their Hearts Belong to Rand Paul”

Journalism Should be Subject to the Criminal Justice System: Cain Did Flip Flip on Killing Al Awlaki

Fox News spent a whole Sunday segment on the legality of President Obama’s killing of Al Awlaki, an American citizen. Bill Kristol chuckled condescendingly and said that no candidate except for Ron Paul is complaining about it and therefore it is a non-issue. Kristol implied that the killing was legal and morally justified. Everyone elseContinue reading “Journalism Should be Subject to the Criminal Justice System: Cain Did Flip Flip on Killing Al Awlaki”

Who will win the Ames straw poll?

So who will win the cavalcade, the GOP straw poll in Ames, Iowa this Saturday, Aug. 13? And does it matter? Jimmy Carter came into Iowa in 1975 with a 2 percent name recognition, won the Jackson Day straw poll and was eventually elected president. Ever since this event has been the biggest nonbinding contestContinue reading “Who will win the Ames straw poll?”

Wars and Rumors of Wars

As you approach July Fourth, stop and consider the presidential race in the Republican Party. Recognize him? All of the 2012 contenders talk big about wars and our continued role in the world except for the only one who has actually served in uniform and is a veteran of our armed forces. Apparently a littleContinue reading “Wars and Rumors of Wars”