Chris Christie must now pay the butcher’s bill

“I am no bully,” said Governor Chris Christie at his January 9, 2014 press conference.  And then he proceeded to pummel to death his best friends and closest political advisers.  Now some of those advisers are coming back to haunt him. Christie insisted that he knew nothing about the hardball, political pay back machinations ofContinue reading “Chris Christie must now pay the butcher’s bill”

The Innocence of Governor Blagojevitch

Perhaps the Illinois governor is not innocent of crimes, although that remains to be seen.  But he is certainly innocent.  Consider the fictitious transcript below, it happens every day.  It is the essence of quid pro quo which is as old as the cave man.  “This for that.” Gov. Blagojevitch: Okay, what else? Toady Kiss:Continue reading “The Innocence of Governor Blagojevitch”