Why Jeb Bush is Running For President? Is it really for George P.?

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. You don’t really believe that the American people are going to elect three out of the last five presidents from the same immediate family do you?  Ain’t gonna happen.  The American people are in a somnolent trance right now.  It hasn’t registered. Yes, it’s true that thereContinue reading “Why Jeb Bush is Running For President? Is it really for George P.?”

Why Rand Paul can beat Hillary Clinton

March 9, 2014 Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky may be the only Republican who can beat Hillary Clinton for president in 2016.  He is the only Republican who beats her head to head in battleground states. Paul decisively won last Saturday’s CPAC straw poll with 31%, his neo-Libertarian sidekick, Senator Ted Cruz, was second at 11%.Continue reading “Why Rand Paul can beat Hillary Clinton”

Rand Paul out front in Iowa and nobody’s laughing now!

He won the CPAC straw poll, he is second in the latest national poll, he leads in New Hampshire, the first in the nation primary and now he is the favorite among likely voters in the first in the nation Iowa Caucus. Senator Rand Paul must be doing something right. There are still a fewContinue reading “Rand Paul out front in Iowa and nobody’s laughing now!”

Post Paul: What now?

Consider this, if Ron Paul were the Libertarian candidate right now, some polls have him winning 17%, which would land him in the national debates and change the course of the country.

In the trenches of the Washington State battle

In the last few months I have been inundated with emails and memos and got to this one late but I kept it for months and read it and re-read it.  This is from Peter Chiou in the Tacoma, Washington area and it was written in March when the Ron Paul and Rick Santorum peopleContinue reading “In the trenches of the Washington State battle”

Shocker: Ron Paul and rule 40, the new Romney nightmare

Shocker: Ron Paul and rule 40, the new Romney nightmare At least one of the cats is out of the bag.  The story is now public that an obscure, overlooked GOP rule, passed in January, 2008, has opened the way for Ron Paul delegates to place his name in nomination for vice president at theContinue reading “Shocker: Ron Paul and rule 40, the new Romney nightmare”

So who needs Romney?

Establishment Republicans and the main stream media are having a difficult time understanding why Ron Paul supporters aren’t just falling into line behind Mitt Romney.  Don’t we want the GOP to win?  And don’t we want our own candidate to win the nomination someday?  And if so, don’t we realize that we have to beContinue reading “So who needs Romney?”

Insider Secrets Behind Arkansas Win.

. Here is a message for those of you still laboring in the GOP machine, working to get delegates.  This comes from another soldier in the Ron Paul Arkansas Constitutional team. . Keep in mind that we did not win the whole state,  so it doesn’t count as one of the five, this because under Arkansas GOPContinue reading “Insider Secrets Behind Arkansas Win.”

Ron Paul: How Many Delegates Now?

Speculation about the size of the Ron Paul presence at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August has some Mitt Romney operatives in a panic.  What is worrisome are the additional numbers of “stealth delegates” now winning positions in state conventions and going to Tampa as Mitt Romney delegates.  The question is this, howContinue reading “Ron Paul: How Many Delegates Now?”

Rick Santorum – Ron Paul – Newt Gingrich Unite !

At the upcoming state convention that will select the delegates to the RNC in Tampa, the campaigns of Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich should unite at once.  The math shows a way to a brokered convention and while a brokered convention does not guarantee a different nominee it does guarantee a nominee whoContinue reading “Rick Santorum – Ron Paul – Newt Gingrich Unite !”