Why was James Foley left to die?

Gretchen Carlson is one of the best of the Fox News anchors and she just nailed it with her comment about the gruesome  murder of James Foley by ISIS thugs.  She quoted a State Department spokesman, who explained why we had not negotiated for the release of the journalist. “The United States does not negotiateContinue reading “Why was James Foley left to die?”

Hands on Diplomacy: the foreign policy failure of America

American presidents can’t keep their hands off of other heads of state.  It has become embarrassing.  They touch their shoulders, their backs and hold their arms as they guide them to places to stand or sit.  It is as if their guests were little children or blind men who need the assistance of the almightyContinue reading “Hands on Diplomacy: the foreign policy failure of America”

Mandela and George H.W. Bush – The forgotten story

In 1990, only days after his release from a South African prison, Nelson Mandela was a hero to blacks worldwide but a question mark for many statesmen and world leaders.  Would he use his newfound popularity to take power and revenge? One American president broke the ice and made his opinion clear.  In 1990, Mandela was invitedContinue reading “Mandela and George H.W. Bush – The forgotten story”

Ken Walsh writes about the isolation of the presidents

Kenneth T.  Walsh, Chief White House correspondent for U.S. News, has written yet another important book on the American presidency.  Prisoners of the White House: The Isolation of America’s Presidents and the Crisis of Leadership. (Paradigm Publishers, Boulder – London. ) Walsh may be this nation’s greatest authority on the modern American presidency.  His careerContinue reading “Ken Walsh writes about the isolation of the presidents”

George H.W. Bush: Tweets before Twitter, his personal notes

. The Forty First president, George H. W. Bush, has reissued his book All the Best.  And with the new publication come another trove of personal notes and observations.  These were tweets before twitter.  Here is my take. . What do you think of the notes and personal letters of GHWB? I think the presidents’ notes and lettersContinue reading “George H.W. Bush: Tweets before Twitter, his personal notes”

Michael Jackson’s White House visit

Sometimes what seems important isn’t.  And what seems so ordinary is really special. In 1990, I was serving as a special assistant to the president in the George H. W. Bush White House.  One day a staffer named Joe Watkins brought Michael Jackson in for a visit.  Joe was a floater who reported to severalContinue reading “Michael Jackson’s White House visit”

Noah’s Ark? Inside story revealed

This week’s story of an evangelical Christian group claiming to have found Noah’s Ark triggered memories of a bizarre, never before published, moment in the White House of George Herbert Walker Bush. It was 1989.  The Cold War was still on.  I was serving as special assistant to the president, with a focus on “coalitions.” Continue reading “Noah’s Ark? Inside story revealed”

George H. W. Bush, historical ranking

The Historical Ranking of George Herbert Walker Bush By Doug Wead, December, 2010 This week I leave for a speaking tour of Russia that will take me from Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean to Krasnodar near the Black Sea, with a dozen spots in between.  The crowds will vary from 15,000 in Khabarovsk to 5,000Continue reading “George H. W. Bush, historical ranking”

Can McCain still win with a crashing stock market?

Can McCain win in spite of the stock market crash? Presidential elections are as complicated and nuanced as the stock market so trying to tie the two together is sometimes elusive.  There is so much data and so many variables that one can almost prove any bias.  There is one thing clear.  Most markets areContinue reading “Can McCain still win with a crashing stock market?”

Hey Mr. Prez, now name a street after Tony Snow !

The interesting thing is that Tony Snow was just as kind, just as brilliant, just as much a champion for the underdog before he got cancer as he was afterwards. It is not the disease that made him. It only made us look at him and see who he was. I first met Tony whenContinue reading “Hey Mr. Prez, now name a street after Tony Snow !”