Exposing the corrupt reasons why “the establishment” fears Trump and Sanders?

Why does the GOP establishment fear Donald Trump? And the Democratic establishment fear Bernie Sanders? Money.   Both political parties depend on large donations from banks and corporations. So too do candidates running for office. What do the banks and corporations get in return? Money right back at ya. Big money. Directly and indirectly. Money through theContinue reading “Exposing the corrupt reasons why “the establishment” fears Trump and Sanders?”


Threats against Ron Paul

Yesterday someone tweeted the message that Ron Paul had died and the tweet was soon launched into the stratosphere, rising to number one in the world. It was suspended in mid air, at the top of Twitterdom, for more than forty minutes until enough people Googled the truth and brought it back down to earth.Continue reading “Threats against Ron Paul”

Mitt Romney’s $10,000 bet

Mitt Romney went into last Saturday night’s debate with a number of things on his mind. Yes, he had to take it to Newt Gingrich. He had to be prepared to answer the flip flops. There was the delicate high wire act on religion. And finally, there was the need to keep shaking that imageContinue reading “Mitt Romney’s $10,000 bet”

Ron Paul and the occupy Wall Street protest

Now what are all of those people doing camped out on Wall Street? Are they socialists? Commies? Anarchists? Left, right? For some reason the television news people don’t like them, which makes me sympathize. What’s going on? I’ll explain. Let’s say you are a young couple, newly married, anxious to get your piece of theContinue reading “Ron Paul and the occupy Wall Street protest”

How will they get rid of Ron Paul?

What to do about Ron Paul? Congressman Ron Paul, now third in national polls, passing Michelle Bachman, is throwing a wrench into the whole presidential contest. The insider establishment is divided over just how to respond. At stake are the unlimited treasures of the Federal Reserve. This private piggy bank of the American-Elite has beenContinue reading “How will they get rid of Ron Paul?”