Ron Paul and Karl Rove don’t mix.

Okay, this is about hiring the right people at the right time and how that is critical for Ron Paul.  But there is no way you will even comprehend what we are talking about unless you get caught up.  So, if you haven’t read the following posts, start with the first one.  If you areContinue reading “Ron Paul and Karl Rove don’t mix.”

How Ron Paul Wins in 2012: Step One

As far fetched as it sounds, Ron Paul can actually win the Republican nomination in 2012 and change history. Step One: Win the Iowa Straw Poll in 2011. Well, this is a multi-post memorandum and some of what I have to say I won’t be saying publicly at all – because it is proprietary.  SoContinue reading “How Ron Paul Wins in 2012: Step One”

Government to Bailout Notre Dame Football !

  The Bush administration in conjunction with the Democratic congress is now calling for a bi-partisan federal bailout of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football program to the tune of $ 14 billion.  Citing its cultural and historical value to the nation, its tradition and it popular fan base, the proponents are warning that failingContinue reading “Government to Bailout Notre Dame Football !”

Caroline Kennedy in the Senate? An historic perspective

  I am getting a ton of calls from journalists wanting some historical context for Caroline Kennedy’s likely appointment to the U. S. Senate.   Even one of the presidential historian – talking heads has checked in, asking for example, if there have been other children of presidents who have served in the Senate.  “Just AdamsContinue reading “Caroline Kennedy in the Senate? An historic perspective”

Russia and Georgia: Ron Paul is right again

This story is a little more complicated than we thought.  And when I got back to the USA and started digesting all that I had seen and heard in Russian and the Ukraine and started looking into our own State Department involvement I was surprised to find Congressman Ron Paul in the middle of it. And IContinue reading “Russia and Georgia: Ron Paul is right again”

Ron Paul for President in 2012

Now, more than ever.  Here’s why. When Ron Paul accepted the idea that, intended by our forefathers or not, we were a nation locked into a two party system and one had better accept that idea or be hopelessly marginalized, he guaranteed that his neo-libertarian ideas would be heard on a national stage.  In 2008Continue reading “Ron Paul for President in 2012”

A list of preteen girls who lived in the White House

Little girl’s in the White House So what will it be like for Malia and Sasha? On inauguration day, Malia Obama would be 10 years old, Sasha Obama would be 7. There have been a lot of famous teenagers like Alice Roosevelt and Susan Ford and a long list of famous little boys, like WillieContinue reading “A list of preteen girls who lived in the White House”

Obama Nation

“Control the coinage and the courts, the rabble can have the rest.” – The Princess Irulan, in Frank Herbert’s Dune Sometime tonight, as I will be flying to Tokyo on the first leg of an around the world speaking tour, the captain will awaken us to the news that Senator Barack Obama has been electedContinue reading “Obama Nation”

Will Sarah Palin run for president?

You betcha! Like many before her, she is caught in a stream that leads inexorably on and running for president, barring some huge personal life and death event, is the pool it dumps into. But can she win?  Ah, that’s another question and frankly, quite beside the point at this stage.  Even if she losesContinue reading “Will Sarah Palin run for president?”