Exposing the corrupt reasons why “the establishment” fears Trump and Sanders?

Why does the GOP establishment fear Donald Trump? And the Democratic establishment fear Bernie Sanders? Money.   Both political parties depend on large donations from banks and corporations. So too do candidates running for office. What do the banks and corporations get in return? Money right back at ya. Big money. Directly and indirectly. Money through theContinue reading “Exposing the corrupt reasons why “the establishment” fears Trump and Sanders?”

GOP corruption in Missouri: An update

Last week this blog carried videos of arrests in St. Charles and near riots in other counties.  The GOP contest, which seems done to the national media, in fact, resembles the Russo-German front in World War II. Read this report from Pamela Grow: Every one of Missouri’s 8 Congressional Districts has at least one countyContinue reading “GOP corruption in Missouri: An update”

An Update on the Georgia Caucus Scandal

  For the original story see “Corruption in Georgia”   Here is an updated analysis from Frankie Brown A list of rules that we know were violated: – Delegates of the convention attempted to nominate people from the floor yet were summarily ignored without vote by the chairman. – The Athens Clarke County precinct delegatesContinue reading “An Update on the Georgia Caucus Scandal”